Coworkers' Revenge

by Wayac

Copyright© 2010 by Wayac

Sex Story: Nicole's recent encounters with her coworkers have left Kim and Stacey looking for some payback.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

Kim sighed as she looked at all the paperwork she still had to do. She had had plans to go out tonight and relax, but those were quickly evaporating as she estimated she still had a couple more hours to go. Still, the temp couldn't say she hadn't enjoyed the reason for her delay. Ever since her boss Martin had started what he called "open office relations" a few weeks back, Nichole the beautiful brunette secretary would stop whatever she was doing and give the closest person a good fuck whenever she was in the mood. And she was in the mood a lot!

Today had been Kim's turn and all the work she'd been doing this morning had been shoved off her desk before Nichole slammed her down on it and fucked her with a massive strap-on. The secretary was a great lover, and Kim was usually excited for a chance to be with the stunning brunette, but today was possibly the worst timing for it.

Kim was about to start sorting out the papers she'd neatly filed hours before when Stacy, the accountant approached her desk. Stacy was also very lovely, her long blonde hair always in a state of sexy perfection. Kim also enjoyed fucking her as well, but they always both agreed to it beforehand. Today she looked pretty frustrated.

"I can't believe her!" she ranted, not waiting for a greeting from Kim. "Don't get me wrong, I love sex as much as anyone else here, but we still have work to do!"

Kim's eyes widened. "She fucked you today too?"

"Yes! I was trying to make some copies when she came up behind me. Before I knew it my panties were off and she already had her strap-on buried in my pussy! I told her I had some important documents to get copied, but she just kept fucking me over and over. She fucked me for a good half hour before she ripped open my blouse and photocopied my breasts then sat me on the copier and got a shot of my dripping cunt!"

Despite her earlier activity, Kim was getting aroused by the accountant's lurid descriptions. Something caught Stacy's attention and she turned her gaze to Kim.

"What did you mean when you said too? Did she fuck you today as well?"

With a sheepish smile, Kim gave a quick nod.

Stacy's mouth hung open with shock. "This is outrageous! We've got the company's biggest deal in development and she practically rapes both of us just because she feels like it!" She paced back and forth for a while. "We can't let her get away with this."

"But what can we do?"

A slow wicked smile spread across Stacy's lips. "We give her a taste of her own medicine."

Nichole closed her eyes and smiled as she took a sip of her coffee. She could still taste both Kim and Stacy's pussy juices from earlier in the day and she was already getting turned on again. She couldn't believe how horny she was today! Maybe she'd pay a visit to Martin's office...

"Hi Nichole," Kim said, walking up to the secretary's desk. She still was glowing a little from the good fucking she'd received just a few minutes ago. "There's a plumbing problem in the bathroom and I need you to take a look at it so we can get the OK to call maitenance."

"Sure thing," responded Nichole. She eagerly followed the strawberry-blonde to the office bathroom, maybe she'd get another shot of that sweet pussy! When she entered the bathroom, she looked around for some sign of trouble, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She was about to turn and ask Kim what the problem was, when she was grabbed from behind, her arms pulled against her back.

Before she knew it, her wrists were handcuffed together and she was pushed roughly onto a folding chair that Kim pulled out of one of the stalls. She then felt tight material strapping both of her ankles to the chair's legs, spreading her legs wide. Nichole quickly realized what was going on when Stacy stepped into her view, taking her side by her co-conspirator.

"What's this about?" she demanded, sounding angry but in reality trying to hide how aroused she was.

"It's time for some payback," replied the accountant, stepping forward with another strip of material in her hands. The last thing Nichole saw was a very nice look at Stacy's cleavage as she bent in front of her to blindfold her. "You've had your way with both of us today, so now we're going to have our way with you!"

With that she grabbed Nichole's blouse and ripped it open. The secretary's breasts bounced uniformly in her bra, her nipples beginning to harden instantly. Both Stacy and Kim knelt down on either side of her, pushed the lacy covering down and began sucking her nipples. Nichole tilted her head back and began to moan. She tried to spread her legs more, desperately needing some pressure on her crotch, but helpless to do anything about it as she struggled against her bindings.

Once Nichole's tits were nice and stiff, the two captors gave each a quick bite and then moved down to the secretary's legs. Nichole continued to moan as she felt the two women's tongues and fingers caressing her smooth skin, slowly working from her calves, to her knees, and then higher still. They slowly pushed her skirt up as they got higher and higher, leaving faint trails of saliva on her now trembling thighs. Reflexively, the secretary lifted herself off the chair to let her skirt be pushed even higher. Both women took this opportunity to grab her ass cheeks and fondle them as they continued licking her oh-so-close to her now burning pussy.

Stacy extended a finger and began to rub Nichole through her panties. The silky material got more and more damp with each stroke. Bringing her head up, the accountant whispered sofly into Nichole's ear, her lips so close they tickled the secretary's lobe. "Why don't you cum for us Nichole?"

As commanded, Nichole flooded her panties, her mouth opened wide as she gasped in pleasure. Stacy continued rubbing the now soaked material, getting her finger nice and wet. Then she brought it up to the secretary's lips, teasing them as she coated her with her own cum. The brunette licked her lips, revelling in her own taste before sucking fiercely on the finger Stacy popped in her mouth.

The next thing Nichole felt was a set of lips at her other ear. Kim gave her a quick lick, then whispered just as close as Stacy had done moments before. "Mmmm ... you smell so nice Nichole, I think I'm going to drink you up!"

A wave of excited anticipation caused te secretary to shudder. Kim knelt between her legs, her hands resting on either side of her glistening pussy. Nichole could feel how close she was to her throbbing mound and heard her inhale her scent deeply. Slowly, the temp pushed the thin strip guarding the secretary's entrance to the side, causing a slight squishing sound from the cum she'd just released.

Kim poked her tongue out, barely touching the wet flesh for a second before retreating back into her mouth. Nichole's whole body jumped at the sensation. Pleased, Kim continued doing this, causing the secretary to squirm and tremble at each touch. Finally unable to resist any longer, Kim clamped her mouth down on Nichole's pussy, lapping up as much of her cum as she could. Nichole shrieked in ecstasy and climaxed for the second time, producing more liquids to be lapped up.

Stacy was now standing behind the writhing secretary, fondling the brunette's full breasts. Nichole's body continued shaking as she rode out her intense orgasm. When her spasms finally subsided, Kim withdrew her mouth, then stuck a finger in her still tight pussy.

"I guess I didn't get it all," she said, swirling her finger around in Nichole's cum. "There's still some left over."

"Well, we can't let it go to waste," Stacy responded, a mischevious tone in her voice.

Nichole felt hands grab her hips and lift her up and forward a little. The next thing she felt was Kim's finger probing then entrance of her ass. She cried out and tried to struggle in her bonds, but it didn't do any good. Kim inserted her finger up to her second knuckle, lubricating the tight hole with the secretary's cum. She then went back to licking the brunnette pussy which was getting aroused again!

Before too long, Nichole was cumming hard once more. This time, Kim kept her mouth glued to the secretary's cunt and her finger shoved up her ass. Nichole screamed as she climaxed again and again, slowly filling up the temp's eager mouth with her juices. When her mouth was full, Kim pulled her head away and extracted her finger with a loud 'pop'. Tilting the secretary's head back, the temp kissed her deeply, letting all the cum in her mouth dump into Nichole's. Unable to lap it all up, the brunette could feel her own cum dribbling down her chin and onto her full breasts.

Stacy took the temp's spot between Nichole's legs. After lubing up one of her fingers in the secretary's drenched cunt, she shoved it up her already stretched ass. The accountant then began licking the sweet brunette pussy in front of her, collecting her juices in her mouth as Kim had done moments before. Once she had a full load, she too deposited the lot of it into Nichole's waiting mouth. By now cum was smeared all over the secretary's face and chest, little droplets hanging off her rock-hard tits.

"Look at you, you're an absolute mess," Stacy cooed.

"We should clean you up, love" Kim added.

And with that the two women began licking Nichole's body all over, each inserting a finger into her throbbing pussy. The secretary's breath quickened. Even though she had just had countless orgasms, her body was heating up again! Just as she was reaching her climax, both fingers and tongues left her squirming body. Nichole groaned in protest, but she was left unsatisfied.

"Hmmm, I don't think we were able to get it all off."

"You're right, guess we'll have to use this!"

Nichole screamed as the water hit her. The shower relentlessly drenched her with cold water until she was totally soaked. When the water turned off she was shivering violently, her body now washed clean from all of her cum. The damp remains of her clothes were peeled from her flesh, leaving her totally naked. She then felt soft towels rubbing all over her, drying her off. Special attention was given to her breasts and crotch and soon she was shaking from more than just the cold.

"Poor thing's still cold. Let's warm her up!"

The secretary waited with breathless anticipation as she heard the other two women rummaging around with something.

"We found all sorts of interesting things stored in your desk Nichole," Stacy said in a sexy voice. "I wonder if you'll enjoy them being used on you as much as you enjoyed using them on us."

Nichole screamed as a massive dildo was rammed up her cunt. She flailed her limbs against her bindings as the plastic cock pounded her again and again. She raced up to climax and stayed there as she climaxed again and again. Finally the ramming stopped and the secretary was allowed to catch her breath a little.

Her gasps caught in her throat when she felt something else entering her ass. A smaller plastic rod pushed further and further into her, and she began to shake at the feeling of penetration. She heard a small 'click' and then bucked her hips as the vibrator turned on. The dildo in her pussy began pumping into her again and soon Nichole didn't feel cold at all. On the contrary, beads of sweat began forming all over her body as the heat from the sexual pulses racing through her took their toll.

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