by Rod O'Steele

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Erotica Sex Story: In Japan, it is called compensated dating, in America it would be called heaven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

Japan has long had a belief that there is nothing wrong with women supplying favors, sometimes even sexual, to men. It goes back to the Samurai class and the concept that the people should supply them whatever they wanted. Geisha girls did not always or even usually supply sexual favors. They weren't prostitutes; they were companions for hire. The companionship included singing, jokes, stories, massaging shoulders, in all being the perfect date. For all that, they were compensated. The special clients did receive their favors however. Japan has never abhorred sex the way we have in post-Victorian England and America.

So it wasn't all that different when women in Japan started offering these same services again. Maybe you have heard of it: Enjo Kosai, compensated dating, shortened in usage to Enko. It is similar to dating in the West. The difference is the Western woman considers a man 'cheap' if he doesn't spend money, a lot of money to 'impress' her. But to get money directly, handed to her in compensation would be insulting; she would feel sullied. The Japanese girls are simply honest unlike their Western sisters.

But let's be truthful, there is sex involved on both sides of the Pacific. We even have 'rules' telling a girl how much the guy has to invest before it is 'okay' to have sex. In the West the same trade, money for sex, is present. The difference is the money goes straight from man to merchant; the girl isn't sullied with the money. How very noble these American girls are. How very hypocritical. Enko, compensated dating involving sex, is simply more honest.

Eventually, it spread from Japan. As it spread to Korea and elsewhere in Asia, the fiction told in Japan that sex wasn't the purpose faded and Enko became what it really is: women selling sex easily and men paying for sex, something that has been going on for as long as males have been dominated sexually by females; that is about twenty-five million years. It is, of course, the most natural thing in the world.

Had it stayed in Asia where they have those weird ideas about sex not being a sin, it would have been just a weird phenomenon those 'others' do. But it leaped the ocean. The first place it landed was the birthplace of much weirdness, Los Angeles. At a high school in the valley, a girl made a presentation in her social studies class about Enko. The teacher, instead of stopping her, allowed her to continue and let the class discuss it. The guys objected to the idea of having to pay, instead wanting sex for free, as if there were such a thing, the poor guys not realizing that they would pay much more by having all of those regular dates before the rules allowed the girl to justify 'surrendering' herself. The girls split down the middle, half sure the very idea of selling sex was disgusting, slutty, and evil, and the other half captivated by the idea of having fun and making money at the same time.

This second half saw just how much the guys objected and realized the control they would have over guys, social and economic. Much like the seventeen girls at Gloucester High School who got pregnant together, no one knows how, or who, or even why, suddenly half the girls in the class at San Fernando High were actively practicing Enko. It quickly spread through the school then over the valley. Girls had special places to be. The parking lot of the Richie Valens pool, just down the street from the high school next to the Ronald Reagan freeway was one such place. Guys would drive up and would park. If a girl was interested in the guy or his car, she would come over and jump in. The negotiation was quick and they were off.

Chrissie was one of the original girls in the social studies class to try Enko. She was the first to hang out in the parking lot and the first to realize older guys had more money that their peers in high school. Chrissie sat with her friends on the wooden benches outside the pool building. A silver Benz pulled into the lot. She sized the driver up, grey hair adorning his temples, wearing a business suit, a big gold watch flashing on his wrist, all indicators that he had plenty of money. Chrissie wandered over to the car.

Guy Francini looked at the girl walking to his car. It looked just like one of his daughter's friends, one he had lusted over for years. No, it couldn't be Stacy. As she came closer, he realized it wasn't her, but she could be her sister. His lust went through the roof; a chance to fuck one of the teeny boppers that hung around his house was a fantasy come true. This girl was wearing her hair in a pony tail; she wore pink stockings and a plaid skirt which made her look about twelve.

The passenger window came down. Chrissie leaned in and asked, "You looking for a date?" Her starched blouse hung open, unbuttoned half way to show off her firm teen boobs, jiggling slightly despite being bound by her bra.

The man smiled, "Yeah."

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Guy," he answered.

Chrissie opened the door and slid into the soft leather seat. 'Totally cool seats, ' she thought. "I'm Chrissie. What do you want to do?" she asked.

"I thought we might get something to eat," Guy said.

Like most valley girls Chrissie was obsessive about her weight and was always on a diet. A greasy burger or whatever he had in mind didn't fit her diet. "I'm not hungry," she said.

"Okay, what would you like to do?" he asked.

"How about a movie," she chirped. She almost giggled at the stupid look on his face. Men were so easy to con. "Oh, you don't look like a movie appeals. What do you want to do?" she asked her in her best innocent voice.

His voice cracking a bit, he answered, "I have a room."

"A room," she answered. "Where?"

"The Plaza," he said hopefully.

Chrissie let that hang in the air, then asked, "Do you want to show it to me?"

"I'd love to," he answered; glad to finally get this thing on the rails, still unaware that the teen fox in her pink stockings had been playing him like a bass on a fisherman's line.

With the hook already set, Chrissie wanted to play one last time, "As if I'd go to a room with a stranger." Guy's face really fell. She couldn't stop herself and giggled this time. "Okay Guy, I'll see the room. Guy, like just a guy. That's funny, huh?"

Totally confused, all he could come up with in response was, "Yeah, I guess."

On the way to the Plaza, Chrissie grilled him, what he did, (owned his own insurance firm ... price went up;) where he lived, (Chatsworth, boring;) A's or Dodgers, (Dodgers, good.) Guy was feeling much more comfortable by the time they got to the hotel.

He parked and led Chrissie to the elevators. It stopped at the lobby and two middle aged women got in. They gave him a look after seeing Chrissie. He led Chrissie off the elevator at their floor and took her to the room. Once inside, he relaxed. No one he knew had recognized him or seen him with her.

Now alone in the ritzy hotel room, Chrissie, experienced with the scene, asked, "You know how this works?"

Guy, a little unsure, but not wanting to appear a novice, responded, "Oh sure."

Chrissie sat down in a high back chair allowing her skirt to ride up her shapely legs almost all the way so that the pink bows at the top of her stocking were showing, a view which threw poor Guy for a loop, and asked him, "So Guy, what am I worth as a date?"

Guy had several business acquaintances who had 'dated' one of the high school girls and had told him, it wasn't cheap. After all, the girls were special, not pros, and were major fantasy babes. Guy's own fantasy was fucking one of his daughter's teen friends and Chrissie was her. Guy didn't want to overbid. but he had heard about one fellow who tried to go cheap and the girl walked out. "Um, eight hundred," he said.

That was a bit lower than usual for Chrissie but she considered him attractive, he had taken her to a nice place not some sleazy dump, and he wasn't acting all weirded out. She smiled, "Make it a thousand and I'll make sure you never forget our date," her voice low and erotic.

Guy nearly came in his shorts at that promise. "Sure," he said practically panting. He grabbed his wallet, stuffed with Benjamin's, and counted out ten. Chrissie took them and filed them in her purse, her thoughts about that Versace leather coat at the mall. With this money, it was hers. God, wait till she walked into school tomorrow wearing it. Chrissie could see her face now. Maybe she could get Guy to drop her off at the mall. Heather would be, like seriously jealous...

Chrissie, knowing how much the middle-aged male fantasy of young girls played into this game, walked over to Guy and put her hands on his chest. She said "I can be whoever you want me to be. What would you like my name to be?".

Guy couldn't believe this was happening. He wasn't sure he wanted Chrissie to think he was a perv, but... "Stacy," he said quietly.

Chrissie kissed his chest, "Does she look like me?"

"Yes," Guy croaked as Chrissie's hands had slid down over his bulge and cupped his rigid cock. The first time a date had asked to be someone else, Chrissie had nearly walked out. But she had read more and more about male fantasies. Now she was used to all sorts of roll playing, even calling her dates Daddy or Uncle. For her, it was all acting anyway.

Chrissie kissed his lower lip then said huskily, "Guy, I've wanted this for so long. Please take off your clothes so I can see what I've been dreaming about." Chrissie, like all the girls, knew exactly how to create those male fantasies.

Guy threw off his coat, tearing off his tie and shirt, as Chrissie unbuttoned and dropped her skirt and blouse, then undid and dropped her bra and pushed off her panties, leaning back against one of the desks in the suite. Guy stopped dead when he saw this little nymph naked for him. She was perfect.

Chrissie played her role as he pushed off the last of his clothes. "Oh Guy, when I come over to your house, I dream sometimes that you'll ask me into your bedroom and I'll get to see you naked. You are soooo handsome."

It WAS his fantasy. He stepped towards Chrissie to have her drop to her knees, "Oh Stacy."

She reached out to grab his bouncing hard on. She looked up, "Please, Guy. Please let me suck it." She didn't need to wait for an answer, her head dipping down and taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Immediately her lips and tongue went to work. Guy thought his knees would buckle. It had been a decade since he had gotten a blowjob. His watched 'Stacy' suck his cock and he felt the buildup coming.

Oh God! His mind screamed in pleasure. 'I don't want it to end so fast.' "Stacy, please stop."

Chrissie pulled back, "You don't like it?"

"No, no, I love it. But I want to..."

"Fuck?" she asked innocently.

"Yes," he answered.

She bounced up throwing her arms around his neck. "Me too. Guy, you can't tell anyone, 'cuz you know who would like totally hate me for having sex with her dad."

Guy smiled, "I know. She'd kill me for having sex with her best friend."

They fell onto the massive bed. Guy fell between her legs and kissed his way down until he was looking at her pussy, the brunette triangle freshly trimmed for him, her labia bare to make licking easier. Guy didn't waste a moment but dove straight in to her redolent pussy. She was so fresh and tasty as he attacked her pussy. Chrissie moaned, 'This is why older guys are better, ' she thought. 'And they have money.'

"Oh Guy, fuck me. Please! I've been waiting so long," she moaned.

Guy moved up between her thighs as Chrissie reached out to take his cock in her hands. She had palmed a condom from her purse as they undressed. As Guy moved forward to her slit Chrissie slipped it over the head and unrolled it as his cock penetrated her pussy. Poor Guy, he didn't even realize his cock was slipping into a condom as he slid into her pussy. Chrissie let go and fell back as the last of the condom unfurled around the shaft. She moaned as he filled her with his cock.

Guy had his head buried in her hair, his mind filled with Stacy, little Stacy whom he had lusted after since she had first gotten tits, lusted after when she slept over with his daughter in her tiny little nightie and lusted after when she came over to used their pool barely covered with the smallest thong imaginable. He finally was fucking her. And he let all of his lust burst out. He started slamming faster and faster. Chrissie liked a nice hard screw but she wanted to be led up to it. She dug her nails into his ass, slowing him down until his pace was more as she wanted. "Oh yes, Guy, like that," she moaned to encourage him.

Chrissie was feeling good now and she used more tricks from her bag. "Oh Guy, I've waited so long dreaming about this. I want your baby. I want you to come and fill me up with your baby juice." Chrissie remembered the first time she had said that and had broken into a giggle she couldn't stop. With a couple of practice sessions, she could easily say these things she knew were big male fantasies. "Oh yes, baby. Give it to me, please cum in me." His hips jerked forward and Chrissie could tell he was so close.

Guy was going crazy. Little Stacy, innocent little Stacy was a slut just as he knew she had to be. And he was going to give it to her ... Another slam forward and it came; it felt like his balls were being shot out his cock as it shot more and more of his cum into the girl below.

Chrissie felt him shudder and his cock pulse, "Oh God, Guy, give me your baby." As his cock pulsed inside her pussy, it pushed Chrissie into a small climax herself, "Hmmm, yes, yes," she moaned. It was one of the reasons Chrissie was so well liked, she enjoyed her job as compensated date, and it showed.

Guy collapsed on top of her, drained by his fantasy fulfillment. Chrissie rolled him off and turned on her side. She gentled him and gave him a small kiss. His cock had shrunk and she took the condom off, tied it up and tossed it in the bathroom. She quickly cleaned up and brought a hot towel to wash him. Guy luxuriated in the attention. He watched the beautiful naked teen as she cleaned him and went back to the bath.

She came out and started to dress. Guy stretched got out of bed and also dressed. Before they left, Chrissie gave him a kiss and thanked him. As they went down, she asked him if he could give her a lift to the mall. He smiled and said, "Sure."

On the way to the mall, Chrissie leaned over and lightly put her hand on his arm, "You know, Guy. I don't know Stacy but she would be one lucky girl if you two would ... well you know. I'd even be happy to give her a call and give her a push."

Guy stumbled and couldn't think of anything to say. Would that work? Stacy?

"I liked this afternoon," she continued. "If you'd like me to be Stacy again or someone else, like your daughter ... I would love that."

That set Guy back. My daughter. No way, that would be creepy. The mall was next exit and Guy took her to the main entrance. As Chrissie got out, Guy said, "I'll think about what you said."

"Give me a call and we can talk about it," she said as she turned and ran off to get her leather jacket.

It was later that week; Chrissie was sitting in the pool parking lot when she saw the silver Benz pull in. She got up and walked over, grabbing the door handle as the car stopped and climbing in before the driver even knew she was there. She laughed when she saw the surprise on his face. "What? You want a different girl? I'll get out."

"No," Guy answered, then he too laughed.

"The plaza?" she asked.

Guy didn't even answer. He put the car in gear and pulled out into traffic. Chrissie settled back on the leather seats and relaxed. This would be a fun date. Guy escorted her up to the room. Chrissie went in and was taking off her clothes as she crossed the room to the giant bed. She lay back, naked, and waited for Guy. He had watched her little dance across the room and followed, dropping his shirt on hers, his shoes lined up with hers, carefully dropping his pants on top of her jeans, and his shorts mating with her wispy panties. Chrissie giggled as she watched him carefully mating their clothes.

"Guy, you are a funny pervert. I like that in a man," she said smiling. Guy lay down on the bed. Their date was much like the first except Guy lasted longer this time and gave Chrissie a series of climaxes. As they lay back basking in the post orgasmic glow, Guy asked her, "Were you serious about calling Stacy?"

It took Chrissie a second before she remembered. Then she answered, "Oh yes. In fact, I now have even better reasons to recommend you. That was a wicked series of cums." Guy pulled a small post-it note from his pants pocket off the floor and gave it to Chrissie. She put it in her purse, then went into the bath to clean up. Guy dropped her off at the mall, again. Chrissie shopped first, then decided to call Stacy. If Guy hadn't been so thoroughly bewitched by Chrissie and his horn dog fantasies, he would never have had the courage to give Stacy's number to Chrissie. He would have been sure nothing good could come of it.

At first, Stacy thought she was being hoaxed. When she finally caught on that this was a real conversation, she listened to Chrissie tell her a friend's father had a real thing for her. Stacy asked Chrissie about what she did and what was it like. Stacy had heard of this new thing and like all the girls in the valley, wondered about it, both terrified and curious at the same time. In point of fact, Stacy was so intrigued she didn't even remember to get mad about an old guy lusting after her like she knew she should have. Chrissie finally told Stacy to meet her after school the next day. Over Jamba Juice at the mall, paid for by Stacy, Chrissie told Stacy all about Enko, the real lowdown, not what Stacy had heard through the grapevine. Chrissie urged Stacy to at least try it once with this Guy, Chrissie laughed at her pun, Stacy being clueless at this point.

Stacy pretended shock at first, as she knew was expected, but the more Chrissie described how totally cool it was to have good sex and get money for a date, the more intrigued Stacy became. "Who?" Stacy finally asked. She had avoided asking as she knew somehow knowing who would be a commitment.

"Your best friend's dad," Chrissie said.

"Mr. Francini? Guy?" Stacy blurted out. "But he's so nice."

"Stacy, most of the guys I date are nice. It's not sleazy men, its nice men," Chrissie explained. "Nice men like sex too, you know. Doctors, lawyers, priests ... I even recognized one guy from my mom's favorite soap opera. God, would she be jealous if she knew."

"But how would I... ?" Stacy started.

Chrissie smiled and told her how to do it, despite Stacy's interruptions of 'I couldn't, ' and 'No way.'

That weekend his daughter had a pool party. Guy was going crazy surrounded by all that feminine beauty in the tiny bikinis. He was sitting in the den watching the golf channel when Stacy came in, "Hi, Mister Francini."

"Hi Stacy," he glanced up and nearly choked from the shock of seeing her thong bikini. It barely covered anything.

"What are you watching?" she asked.

Guy noted the strain in her voice and wondered what was up. He answered, "The golf channel."

He kept his eyes on the TV to avoid staring and getting an erection.

Stacy took a deep breath and remembering what Chrissie said about being bold, took her advice. She tugged two strings and her bra and bottoms fell off. She walked over towards the TV until Guy noticed the naked girl.

"Oh, my God," he blurted out.

"I saw Chrissie," Stacy said not knowing what else to say.

Guy froze. "You did?"

"She said you liked me," Stacy said.

Guy locked his eyes on the naked teen. Her hair was disheveled and damp from the pool, and her skin glistened from being in the pool. "Stacy, I think you are so incredibly sexy. I hope you don't mind an old guy like me thinks you are sexy."

Stacy smiled and relaxed a little, difficult as she was standing naked in her best friend's house, and decided to tease him, "Don't you feel awful wanting to have sex with a girl half your age?"

Guy felt the world spinning. 'Christ, she thinks I'm a pervert.' "Stacy, I, I, just think that you are very beautiful. And I would never do anything to make you feel badly."

"No, that's totally cool. Mr. F, I'm, like messing with you. Chrissie said I should, like try a date with you. She said that I would totally love it. Do you want to date me, like now?"

"But the girls..." Guy said now on his guard.

Stacy smiled, "They're totally busy. I snuck out and they won't miss me. Do you want to?"

Guy took another serious look at the sexy nymph and his cock swelled. This WAS his fantasy, not a substitute like Chrissie. "Yes," he croaked.

Stacy remembered the instructions from Chrissie, 'Talk money first thing.' "So, Mr. F, what would a date with me be worth?"

Guy was taken aback, then immediately realized Chrissie had talked her into this. She was sounding just like the girl. "Whatever you want Stacy."

"Chrissie said a thousand..."

Guy still had money left from his dates. He went over to his jacket, pulling out the billfold, counting ten bills and his hand shaking, gave them to Stacy. She held them in her hand looking at them like she couldn't quite believe it. She almost gave them back to him, but remembered all that Chrissie had said, looked up at Guy and said, "Okay."

Guy held out his hand and Stacy took it as Guy led her down the hallway to his room. He closed the door. Stacy jumped the sound of the closing door, a finality to the sound. She was committed now. Guy dropped his aloha shirt, stepped out of his swim trunks, and kicked off his sandals, standing naked by the bed, his cock already fully erect, bouncing in tune with his rapid heartbeat.

Stacy stared at his erect cock pointing at her like a threatening spear. The angry red head's menacing appearance shouted, 'I am going to fuck you and you have taken money; you have no choice now.' Stacy felt her stomach clench. 'Shit, ' her mind recoiled, having done it now, committing herself to paid sex, looking up, tearing eyes torn from the threatening pole of flesh to see Guy smiling, his eyes glittering, seeming to say, 'Yes, I want you and its going to be wonderful.' In that moment, a fragment of understanding flashing between two people, Stacy felt all the worry vanish and was filled with desire to experience making love with him, her best friend's father. 'How kinky is that?' she laughed to herself.

Thinking that, Stacy walked across the room and up to Guy. She put her arms around his neck pulling her lips up to his lips. They kissed, which energized Guy. His arms went round the girl, pulling her against him, his cock trapped between them pressing hard against her belly. She ground up against the hard flesh wanting it to fill her, wanting sex as sex with no pretences about anything except pleasure, sex for fun.

They fell onto his bed, still kissing. Guy, his mind filled with four years of desire, four years of fantasies, knew exactly what he wanted to do; after all, he had done it over and over in his mind. He latched onto those lovely teen tits; kissing, sucking and teasing them as Stacy felt the electricity radiate away and through her body, energizing her loins, causing her pussy to prepare.

Guy kissed across her flat teen belly, the belly he had loved to watch in her swim suits, admiring every inch of it until he ran out of belly and was kissing pubis. Stacy spread her legs as Guy settled between them, his face pressed against her. Now, he was in heaven, his tongue penetrating her slit, finding the sweetness of her juices, the odor of excited woman filling his sense and driving him crazy with lust. He lapped at her pussy, finally living his dreams. Stacy's loins erupted in sensations of delight and lust. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her. Guy followed his body covering hers until his rigid staff was up against her. He swabbed it up and down, coating it until it slipped easily between her lips, seating against her opening, which flowered in greeting, his staff sinking into her, filling her. Stacy gasped as he filled her as never before. "Oh God," she moaned.

Guy smiled and pressed further until he was in her completely. He paused as her body adjusted to this invader. When he felt her press back against him, he pulled back and thrust forward.

"Yes!" Stacy cried out. This was sex as she had always dreamed it but never experienced. A man, a real man was filling her, pleasing her giving her sensations that she had not experienced before.

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