It's Ok to Be Different

by Isley

Copyright© 2010 by Isley

: In a world where hermaphrodites are the girl stands first adult story...hope you like

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   First   .

Kristine knew for as long as she could remember that she was different and this made her ashamed. The doctor and her parents all thought she was a strange anomaly that shouldn't be. But still her parents never kept this from her and raised her as a normal child. They let her know of her "special condition" as soon as she was old enough to understand. But now she is reaching an age where she is exploring sexually and is about to discover just how special she is.

Kristine is a shy, well built teenager who doesn't have too many friends. She is a cute 13 year old girl that is 5'2" and about 85 pounds. She has a curvy body, nice hips and size 36 D breasts. But what makes her different is what most people can't see. Whereas most people are hermaphrodites Kristine was only born with a pussey.

This has all lead to Kristine not having many friends but those that knew her knew she was different, heck what high schooler isn't. They didn't know just how different she truly was. There has been many times where she has wanted to make friends or more but her "abnormality" keeps her from doing so. This has caused her to cry herself to sleep many times until one day someone new comes along.

Our story begins as Kristine is sitting down watching cartoons one day just trying to forget the tragedy she believes her young life to be when suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Normally Kristine would just holler for her parents but of course she's home alone so she gets up to go answer the door. She opens the door and she sees one of the cutest people she's ever met. The girl at the door is wearing a Girl Scout uniform, bout her height, not quite as big breasts and a cute little pigtail hairstyle. "Um ... Hello." Kristine says "Hi I'm Melanie and I'm with the local girl scouts." Said the stranger. "I was wondering if your parents might like to buy some cookies." Kristine replied, "I'm sorry my parents aren't home, I'm by myself." "Oh ok maybe I can check back later." Thinking that she can't just let this cute girl leave she says "Hey why don't you come in for a bit, it is hot out." Slightly embarrassed for she usually isn't this forward. "My parents won't care if you come in and rest for a bit." "Thanks, your right it is hot and I've been out selling cookies all morning." Melanie comes in and Kristine closes the door behind her. "Hmmm ... are you new around here, I've never seen you before." "Oh yeah my parents didn't like the last neighborhood we lived in so we recently moved a few blocks away from here." Says Melanie as she sits down on the sofa. "Nice house." The two girls sat and talked for a bit and before long they were talking and giggling like old friends and Kristine realized that unlike usually she could actually talk to this girl.

Before long Kristine realized it was almost time for her parents to come home so they decided it might be best if Melanie went home but they decided to hang out again some other time.

Over the following weeks whenever Melanie wasn't busy the girls were together. And Kristine was slowly becoming more and more attracted to Melanie but didn't know what to do because of her secret.

One day Melanie's Girl Scout meeting got cancelled so she decided she was going to go surprise Kristine. She went to Kristine's house and noticed her parents' weren't home but the house was unlocked. So Melanie tiptoed in. She heard the shower going upstairs so she figured she'd go give Kristine a little scare Melanie went into the bathroom and saw Kristine with her back to her so she crept up to the shower and tapped her on the shoulder. Kristine yelped and spun around. As soon as she realized who it was she yanked down a towel to try to cover hersself up but the damage was done.

Melanie stood there with a dumbfounded look and Kristine, without thinking about how wet she was ran to her room crying. Melanie got over the shock and took off after her.

As soon as Melanie reached the room she saw that Kristine was sobbing into a pillow. "Go away ... You saw that I'm a freak." Melanie didn't know what to do so she went up to her friend and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Hey you're not a freak ... you're just different, and if I say so myself different isn't always bad." Kristine looked up sniffling. "Yeah right of course you'd say that ... you don't have to live like th..." before she could finish Melanie reached down and kissed her very passionately.

"Hey you're not a freak. And I'm gonna prove it to you." "You ... don't think I'm a freak???" "If you're a freak then you're the most beautiful freak I've ever seen." She says as she wipes away a tear. "See even my dick says so." As her dick starts slowly lifting up her girl scout skirt.

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