Favorite Bath House Adventure

by nokyguyup

Copyright© 2010 by nokyguyup

True Sex Story: An afternoon visit to a bath house turns from a time of relaxation to a wild sexual adventure

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Gay   True Story   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   .

It was a weekday afternoon and I had finished up my work early and with some free time I decided to visit the bath house which happened to be a favorite of mine in Columbus, Ohio. After the check-in, locker room change, and quick rinse off in the shower I went into the steam room for a nice relaxing time. The parking lot was pretty empty when I had gone in so I knew there wouldn't be many men there which was ok with me as I also enjoyed spending time in the steam room. Anyway, I went and stood by the entrance to get used to the amount of steam, temperature, and low light in there and then went over to the two tier seating area, adjusted my towel and sat down near the wall on the lower bench area. A quick glance around confirmed that I was the only one in there at that time, so I closed my eyes, sat back, and just relaxed.

I'm not sure how long I had been sitting there, but I heard the door open and saw out of the corner of my eye a shadow come in and take a seat on the second bench seat behind me. After a brief amount of time, curiosity got the better of me and I glanced over my shoulder to see who this new visitor was. It turned out to be black gentleman, somewhere in his 40's I guess, with a decent body from what I could see. He must have been watching me because as soon as I turned around to look at him, he spread his legs wider and pulled up the towel he had wrapped around his waist showing his currently flacid cock. Not needing another invitation, I turned completely around, got up on my knees, wrapped my hand around the base of his dick and started licking it. He instantly got hard, growing to a nice size, not too long or thick, just perfect for sucking. I started going at his cock more and more, stroking the base with my one hand while licking up and down the shaft and then stuffing as much as I could in my mouth. My new friend would let out the occasional moan and as I continued to suck his black pole he started talking dirty to me. Saying things like, "Yeah suck that black dick" or "Take my cock" or "Damn that feels good", "You black meat don;t you". Just saying stuff like that. Now, for some reason, steam rooms make me horny and so do black men. So here I was on my knees in a steam room sucking a black cock with raging hard-on.

I had lost all track of time and failed to notice the steam room had been filling up with other men who were now watching the sex show I was putting on. Sometime after I saw the other men in the room, I felt a couple pairs of hands running over my body, squeezing my ass, and stroking my hard cock. My towel had been removed and dropped on the floor and one set of hands concentrated on massaging my ass and a finger started probing my hole. All this attention pushed me over the edge and while still bent over, and sucking that black cock, I stood up and spread my legs some, inviting more attention to my ass. This move was not lost on the stranger who had been feeling me as he spread my cheeks apart with his one and started rubbing my hole with the other. Then I felt something warm and wet against my hole and realized this guy was licking my ass while I continued to suck the black mans cock.

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