Our Project After School

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Four of us were working on a Science Project together when we got sidetracked into that wonderful area so many teens get sidetracked into. The project got an Honorable Mention but we gave each other Blue Ribbons for our other endeavors.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Four of us were working on a Science Project together when we got sidetracked into that wonderful area so many teens get sidetracked into. The project got an Honorable Mention but we gave each other Blue Ribbons for our other endeavors.

We were mid-way through our last year of middle school, eighth grade, working on a science project. There was myself, my girlfriend, Sue, my best friend, Lee, and his girlfriend, Eva. Our teacher had allowed everyone to choose their own team of four and here we were in my room with stuff spread out all over my bed.

It may not seem surprising to you if you know teenagers, but the project soon became rather boring and the subject turned, as it often does in our age group, to sex.

We were all four virgins and the conversation revolved around what it was that each of us wanted to do the first time we had sex, just hypothetical, we were not aiming on actually doing anything, just talking. Just so you understand, none of us had ever done anything more than get our girl's top and bra off and kiss and suck their nipples. Nothing, so far, below the belt, anyone's belt.

So, we were each telling what we wanted for our first time.

Sue, my girlfriend, started off, "I think I'd like to be given oral sex first, all the way until I have an orgasm, then, I'd get up on top and ride John until we both get off."

I went next with, "I've always wanted to do it doggie-style and maybe that way the first time would be just right for it."

Eve went next and said, "I want us to do sixty-nine, doing it slowly until we are so hot that they were about ready to cum, then lay down and finish it off missionary style."

When it was Lee's turn, he said, "All I want to do right now is jack-off, I'm so horny from talking about it."

"Yeah, I could use a good pull, myself," I said and the girls laughed.

"Go right ahead, guys, we'll just watch," Eva said and Lee and I looked at each other and both pulled our shorts and briefs down and kicked them away, standing there, dicks straight out.

"Omigod, they're going to do it," Eva squealed as Sue continued laughing.

Lee and I started stroking in the accepted manner, though I did note that my friend, though right-handed, did his self-pleasuring with the left.

"Stop a minute and let us see your equipment, guys, let us see what you've got, we hardly saw at all," Sue pleaded, "We wanna see 'em."

So, we took our hands away and each moved right up to our girlfriends who were sitting together on my bed as they gazed at the revelation before them.

"Can we, um, touch them? Kind of see what they're like?" Eva asked.

Lee looked at me and we both said, "Sure," at the same time.

Each girl reached her hand out and took her boyfriend's penis in her hand and hefted it and felt around on it.

"It's so warm," said Sue as Eva offered, "it is hard, but feel the end, it's really soft like velvet. Even softer."

"Should we let them feel the other's dick? Girl's? What do you want to do? Sue, you wanna feel mine and Eva can feel John's?" Lee asked.

They were looking at each other, raising their eyebrows, when Sue said, "Well, it's just a feel, not really more than that, what do you think, Eva?"

Eva answered by reaching over and taking my cock in her hand and feeling and playing with it as Sue took Lee's and did the same.

"Okay, now, go back to masturbating, we wanna watch," Sue said.

Lee and I got a grip again and began stroking when he said, "It'd be lots more fun if you girls did it for us," and they both looked at each other, then kind of snickered and took our cocks and began jacking us off as we both stood there in front of them.

This went on for a few minutes when I had a brilliant idea, "My brother has some condoms in his room, you girls want to live out your fantasies right now?"

They both said, "Yes," and I ran down the hall and was soon back with a handful of condoms and tossed them on my bed.

"All those? My god, John," said Sue, there must have been twenty or thirty condoms in all.

"No, no, I just grabbed a bunch. But we can try to use them all," which brought a good laugh.

"I think we should have a competition between the two couples," Lee said. "Start with the first girl to get her boyfriend off with a blowjob, then the first girl to get off from oral sex from her guy, then the first girl to cum from sex with her boyfriend, and no faking it, either. Whoever wins two out of three."

As silly as it seemed, everyone agreed.

"We start by all getting naked, okay, girls," I said expecting a bit of resistance but both girls simply stood up and stripped to bare skin in under a minute.

There they were. Oh, there they were. Naked. No clothes on. Nude, bare-assed.

Both girls stood there in front of us looking rather proud of how they looked and they looked wonderful.

My girlfriend, Sue, was five-four, a blue-eyed blond with the most beautiful breasts. Her nipples were light pink and small but stuck out some. Lower down, she had light blond wisps of hair but I could see the slit of her pussy. Wow, her pussy. Right there.

Eva, was part Italian with dark, black hair, and her skin looked like she had a tan year round. Her breasts looked a bit larger than Sue's and she had dark brown nipples that were about the size of quarters. Her pussy was bare except for a small black strip above the slit between her legs. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy. Or off Sue's pussy.

"Wow you are both beautiful," I said and Lee agreed, "you're both really pretty, oh, yeah."

"So, Eva and I do you guys first, right. First one to cum, wins?" asked Sue.

"That's the deal," Lee said as he and I both lay down on the bed, our dick's at maximum hardness.

Both girls crawled up and bent over to hold our cocks and Eva put her mouth right over Lee and began sucking up and down while Sue gripped me and began licking around the tip.

I had never had oral before. Oh, my. This was amazing. Sue took the tip of my dick into her mouth and began sucking as she swirled her tongue around and around the tip end.

Oh, I was already pretty sexed-up with all that had already happened and this was sending me right up to the sky.

Sue continued sucking around the end of my dick as she jacked me up and down with her thumb and forefinger. The sucking felt wonderful but it was her tongue circling around rubbing my glans that really got me going. If she kept that up, we were sure to win the first round.

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