Avuncular Pentameter

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2010 by Stepdaddy

Poem Sex Story: A ballad, an ode really, a lengthy and rhymed poem, full of sexy and descriptive detail, very readable, in which an uncle proceeds to seduce and deflower his fourteen-year old niece.

Caution: This Poem Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Humor   Incest   Uncle   Niece   First   .

Whenever upon my niece I have looked
And noted with lust how her bottom juts
With consuming urge, I've always been hooked:
Have to get up to my nuts in her guts!

Normal attention, from her other kin;
A pinch on the cheek, a "My how you've grown"
But driven, I am, to provoke young sin:
Compel her first-ever cock-stuffed teen groan

My sister's third date, a chance to go partyin'
Leaving her daughter with me for the night
Well-rounded chick, fox for a guardian
Can't hide her contours 'neath blue jeans so tight

My ward, so tender, at fourteen years old,
Sporting, despite that, an impressive pair;
Displays them proudly, in tight tops so bold,
Too often, she's caught my mouth-breathing stare.

Clearly aware that Uncle's fixated
It's obvious, too, that she doesn't mind
Unconcerned her admirer's related
Attention she values, of any kind

In fact, she's often a young shameless flirt
Pretends at naïve, she actually taunts
Just now she gave me a look down her shirt
Deep teen girl cleavage she openly flaunts

Say I directly: "You've really grown up!"
And op'ning the wine, I pour her a glass,
My plan for any defenses thrown up,
Wine in the tummy brings swish to her ass.

She drinks it down, then flutters her lashes,
"You're naughty Uncle, what would my Mom say?"
Chuckling, I refill both of our glasses
Her third and her fourth drinks cause her to sway

After these drinks my teen niece gets dizzy
And led to the couch, the young girl lies down
Though handling her boobs leads to no tizzy,
Unzipping her jeans sure brings forth a frown!

"Oh Uncle! Please stop, what are you doing?
We cannot go further, it just isn't right!"
I continue -- there's no misconstruing:
A body so lush is its own invite.

Despite her words of feeble protesting,
In a physical sense, she fails to resist
She interferes not with my molesting
Until her navel gets lewdly French- kissed

To half-hearted struggle rouses the child;
Whose slender limbs try to push me away.
Defensive squirming no cause to get riled:
Tussling, I re-move her jeans all the way!

I plant my face in her still-pantied crotch,
At which she emits surrendering sighs
Inhaling deeply, my nose finds her notch
Accedence she marks by spreading her thighs

By fragrance baited, I yank cloth aside,
And nothing can keep my tongue from her groove
Delighted to taste her pussy untried
A flavor her youth can only improve

I lick her slick clit, a glistening pearl
Perched just beneath her wee sparse tufted hair
This draws a gasp of surprise from the girl
As though she'd not known her clitty was there!

Cooperative now, she lifts up her hips,
I pull her undies off over her calves
Leaning back into those fat hairless lips,
I tongue-split her peach's juicy twin halves

Unhindered access, no cloth in the way,
I go to town in unbridled mouth-love
Her own thighs she spreads, instinctual splay,
And coos at the pelvic pleasures thereof

I'm pleased to teach her, barely a teen
An angelic schoolgirl, usually a saint
In devoted worship, I lick her clean
She moans in joy 'til I think she might faint

While she's bedazzled I climb o'er her form
And fish out my by-now too-eager rod
Fully engorged to size more than the norm,
With it her cuntmouth I begin to prod

As a diversion, I lift up her shirt
And push up her bra to bare each young tit
Despite their full size, they're still firm and pert
So both are manhandled, suckled and bit

Meanwhile below my fat cockhead spelunks
Explores with pleasure her opening slot
And once within her wet hole it dunks
Her girl-grip confirms I've found the right spot

In sudden alarm, her eyes go all wide
Just as I sense there's a cherry to bust
Coming this far, I will not be denied
Doing the deed in one merciless thrust!

She cries out in pain, for her hymen plundered
And outraged her fists both drum at my chest
I tell you now if I live to a hundred
The memory of that will still be my best!

She soon settles down, as passes the pain,
Seems to decide, "Let Nature be trusted."
While giving my couch a virgin-blood stain,
Vagina has to purpose adjusted

Indeed her quim quivers, in primal flutter
As to her Uncle's intrusion it warms
Her slickening sheath, oily as butter,
Heavenly mold 'round my penis conforms

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