Uncle Devon Takes Advantage

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: Kristina is growing up. The 14-year-old girl, who has a crush on her uncle, is home alone watching erotica on her computer and touching herself when her uncle suddenly appears alongside her. Do either of them have the willpower to walk away from this explosive situation? If they did, we wouldn't have this little incestuous episode. Just another stroke story with no redeeming value.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Pregnancy   .

When Kristina was only twelve, my sister teased, "It seems as though your little niece has a crush on her handsome Uncle Dev."

From then forward, whenever I was around the youngster and no one was paying attention, I purposely encouraged that 'puppy love' she held for me. She tried not to be obvious in her flirting, but it was pretty obvious how much she liked me, although I must say that my niece did manage not to show her feelings when others were around. Of course her mom knew, but Kristina managed to keep it away from everyone else. However, when she and I were alone, she wasn't as successful. Often, I'd find her cuddling up against me on the couch, sometimes sitting on my lap, always giving me those eyes, and even seemingly showing her little body, as if hoping I'd notice. In short, I think she had a premature sex problem, but as it turned out, I didn't really have any scruples.

During the next couple of years, her maturing was pretty obvious to me and she seemed to know it. Worse, by the time she was thirteen, I actually began to fantasize sometimes about her, even jerking off every once in a while with a picture of her in my head.

Still, I was always careful not to try letting my fantasies become a reality; at least until that day in May, shortly after Kristina's fourteenth birthday.

I had gone over to their house to visit. Not noticing that the family car wasn't in the driveway, I automatically entered the house, quietly, as is normal for me.

My little niece was on the couch, across from the computer, with a blanket covering her lower body. Having the house to herself, Kristina had set up a slide show of porno pics that she probably accumulated somehow from the internet, and it was now flashing across the 22 inch flat screen. As I entered the room, I saw movements beneath the blanket and after glancing over to the computer screen, I realized that my niece was probably playing with herself.

As she sensed my presence, Kristina at first paused; then when she realized I was there, she gasped and reacted. First pulling her hand from under the blanket, she then tossed it to the floor and hurried over to stop the computer display. I was a bit surprised to see that she was totally dressed; I suppose that I had interrupted her early in her masturbation process and that she was probably rubbing herself over her shorts, or possibly she had her hand inside them.

After stuttering amid her fluster, Kristina explained that she was alone, that her mom had gone shopping, and that she was just 'chilling out'. I smiled. She didn't apologize or acknowledge what we both knew she had been doing, but her face was flushed, either from the act itself, or from her embarrassment at being caught.

Stepping over the blanket, I sat on the couch, telling my niece that I had just come for a visit.

"C-can I get you a soda or something," she meekly asked, and started for the kitchen.

"No, I'm fine," I called to her.

Within a few seconds she was back and standing across from me, holding a Sprite for herself.

"Mom won't be home for a while," she informed me.

"That's okay," I told her, and then added with a grin, "You're here -- and you're more important. Come sit down."

She took a swig from the can and nervously smiled at me. I purposely moved my eyes to her crotch area, somewhat surprised when I thought I detected a discolored spot indicating wetness. She walked over and then sat down next to me.

"Good," I replied as I moved myself closer to her.

Kristina didn't move away or resist me. We were sitting close enough together that our bodies were actually touching; my left leg pressing against the side of her right leg. She continued to sip her glass of Sprite. She was wearing a pretty outfit that consisted of a short pair of shorts and a T-Shirt and her legs were close together at the knees. She had a great pair of legs for a 14-year-old. They were nicely shaped and very sexy.

I was excited at the thoughts passing through my head. My hands wanted to touch her so bad but I was too scared to make a move; I certainly didn't want to frighten her off. Still, I suspected that if I was ever going to try to do anything with my little niece, other than in my masturbating fantasies, I'd never have such an opportunity to take advantage of again.

I knew that she had a crush on me. I knew that she had just been touching herself. I knew that she had pics of nude guys on her computer. What with her maturing into a budding teenager, and from the many looks that passed between us these last couple of years, I felt that she just might be willing if I did this right. I knew that at that moment, I had a tremendous advantage; if I played my cards right. Even though it was my deck, I just didn't know what cards to play. This was an unknown potential for me so I decided to approach it slowly, trying to figure her out while I did so.

It was a bit awkward but the only way I could think of breaking the ice was with a question. "Kristina, I thought you had a boyfriend?" I asked her, hoping she'd relate my question to my finding her playing with herself.

"Uh uh, no more. I had one last summer; Bobby Bender; but he moved away a few months ago and I don't see him no more," she replied softly.

I was happy that she willingly answered something personal. It gave me encouragement that she'd answer more.

"I guess you miss him?"

"Sometimes," she replied. As she turned to look at me, her eyes focused on mine for a few seconds, and then moved down my body, almost as if she was checking me out. Surprisingly, I began to feel a flush of heat.

"Did he ever kiss you or make out with you or anything?" I gently asked.

With that she actually blushed and lowered her eyes. She took a while looking at the floor. Then as if gathering her courage, she replied, "Yeah we, er, kissed once, but it wasn't very nice."

I was suddenly aware that my heart was beating harder. How far was I willing to probe with my 14-year-old niece? I decided to pursue it a little further.

"How come?"

She looked confused and asked, "What'dya mean?"

"I mean, why wasn't it very nice, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked her.

With her face still looking down, she nervously licked out at her lips. Then, I saw her take a determined breath and she replied, "Well, he made me kiss him; I didn't ask him to; and his breath was really yucky."

"Knowing you, I'm guessing that he was a bit too young for you -- if you don't mind me saying," I commented, trying to make her feel as if I thought of her as more mature than others her age.

"Yeah, I guess he was. But he was nice in other ways," she said.

My mind was racing. This was my own niece here. This was as wrong as wrong could be. Still, for a couple of years now, I'd been fantasizing about her. I'd been watching her fill out and was truly enamored by the youngster's beauty. Plus, I knew that she had a crush on me, and that knowledge always seemed to trigger off ideas in my head.

I couldn't help myself; I had to ask. "If you, like, had another chance to do it with another guy, would you?"

She momentarily stiffened, as if she suddenly realized what might be happening, where this might be heading.

"What? Kiss, you mean?"

"Um hmm, yeah."

For a good 30 seconds she sat there pondering the question, sipping her Sprite. The seconds rolled over and the room was silent; so quiet she probably could have heard my heart if she had tried to listen.

Thinking that she wasn't going to answer, I was about to end the questions when she said, "Well yeah, but it all depends on who the guy was."

My cock was hard and suddenly twitched within my pants.

I thought very hard about my next comment. This could move things either way; I couldn't guess what was going through my little niece's mind right now. I swallowed, knowing that I was treading on real dangerous ground. Still, I couldn't help myself from plunging forward.

"Well okay I don't know, like someone older, someone who, er, knows all about kissing," I said with a half-laugh. My cock was in control of my brain by then. It demanded the next question. "What if it were someone like say, me for example?"

Kristina sat there quietly, without answering, just staring across the room at the computer. I was frozen in place; my heart was pounding. My God, what had I said? I swallowed hard, hoping that I hadn't gone too far. I knew that I could get out of this if she started freaking out, but if she did, this would all end.

I was half expecting her to bolt for the door and was happily surprised when she opened her mouth and said in a soft voice, "Uncle Dev, are you asking me to kiss you?"

Our eyes met. She smiled nervously.

Nervously, I said, "Would that be so bad?"

She shrugged, and then murmured, "No ... I er ... maybe I'll like it."

"I know I'd like it, sweetheart, but only if you want to kiss me back," I said with a soft smile; adding quickly, in case she had something negative to say, "But you don't have to if you don't want to."

"I — I do want to Uncle Dev," was all she said and took another sip of her Sprite.

"Sure?" I replied.

"Uh huh, yeah. You won't tell my mom, right?"

I didn't know if she was asking my complicity for my catching her when I came in, or for allowing me to kiss her now.

I nervously shook my head in response to her question. I was shaking. This was my own 14-year-old niece that I was about to make a move on. Moving my hand slowly, so as not to spook her, I reached across and took the soda can away from her and put it on the end table. I then turned back to her and took her hand and held it in mine. It was warm and soft to the touch.

My mind was racing at a thousand miles per hour and I guessed that Kristie's was too. I'm not sure if she realized how close we were to totally crossing the line, but even if she was just thinking about us kissing, that was huge enough of a deal.

"I promise you Kris -- you will enjoy it a lot better than your boyfriend. Your Uncle Dev's a great kisser," I smiled.

"I — I believe you," Kristina said nervously and smiled as she looked down at the floor. Suddenly, she looked up as if she had just remembered something.

"What time is your mom coming back?" I asked, looking directly into my little niece's eyes, trying to see if she really understood where I wanted this to go. I could see she was very shy and perhaps a little embarrassed at the whole situation. Her cheeks were glowing red from blushing.

"She's off getting her nails done and shopping. She won't be back for a couple of hours yet."

I rubbed her trembling hand with my fingers and pulled her slowly towards me. To my delight, she moved willingly. I placed my hand under her chin and then raised it. Her eyes were shut and her lips were tightly closed. I noticed a slight shaking in her body. I could see the fear starting to take hold of her as she became very nervous of the situation.

"Hey, don't be scared Hon. I'm not gonna harm you; I promise," I assured her as I pulled her face to within a few inches of mine. "You're a beautiful girl and I love you, you know."

Her eyes opened. Our lips were just inches apart. I could smell the faint smell of Sprite on her suddenly laboring breath. Our eyes met and locked.

"Relax, okay?" I said softy.

Taking a deep breath, she then let it out slowly.

"Good girl," I said.

I moved my hand around the back of the child's neck, caressing her soft warm skin. She bunched her shoulders with her neck slightly at my touch and smiled.

"That t-tickles," she said with a whisper.

I pulled my little niece gently towards me. Her eyes closed, and then we made contact. Our lips touched. At first, we stayed frozen like that for a few seconds, our mouths barely touching. Then I felt her arms coming up and she put her hands on my shoulders and squeezed them gently. With my mouth against hers, eyes closed, the passion between us was suddenly released. Her arms reached further around me and I moved my hands tightly around her. When I parted my lips, she got the hint and her mouth opened slightly too.

After about forty seconds I stopped the kiss and pulled away slowly and opened my eyes. It was the most incredible kiss ever.

"Wow that was so cool," I said.

Kristina smiled and parted her ruby red lips and sensing her vulnerability, I moved back in before she could answer. As our lips met for the second time, I opened my mouth from the start and this time my tongue slipped into her mouth. Kristina responded brilliantly, by touching my tongue with her own. I was actually French kissing this little High School freshman. We carried on like this for quite a few more seconds, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. I could hardly believe that I was doing this with a 14-year-old; my own niece, no less! And to my surprise she was good at it.

I slid my hands down Kristina's back and moved them around her waist, pulling her even closer, and the youngster responded by moving eagerly into me, dropping her arms to embrace me.

Our mouths finally parted and we gasped for breath as she dropped her forehead against my chest. I kept my arms tight around her, caressing her with my hands.

"How was that, sweetheart? Did you enjoy it?" I asked softly.

"It was nice, much better than Bobby," she said speaking into my chest.

"That's because he was a boy and you're so grown up, you know?"

"I-I guess..."

"Do you want to do it again?" I asked nervously. Kristina just nodded her head.

My niece didn't move as I brought her head back up again. Her eyes were closed and she had her lips slightly parted, waiting for me to initiate the next kiss. I glanced down at her body for a brief moment. I could see her small nipples pressing through the T-shirt slightly, and my hard-on seemed to get harder. Kristina was nicely developed for her age and her breasts were each about the size of half-an-orange. I longed to touch them.

I sensed if I did this and if she didn't object, I'd be unstoppable. I know this was uncharted territory for both of us and I was worried that my little niece might freak out if I touched her and she didn't want to. All these thoughts buzzed in my brain. Still, I just had to find out what her reaction would be. I was nervous as hell but my male instincts and manly lust urged me to carry on. I was not only molesting my niece, but I wanted this to end up with me fucking her.

I leaned toward her again and resumed the French kiss. This time Kristina was more determined. Her hot mouth opened to allow my tongue in. Then she was moaning in my mouth.

I moved my hand slowly -- inch by agonizing inch -- over her right shoulder and down the front of her shirt. Happily, she didn't flinch; instead she just held tightly onto me and openly worked her heated mouth on our kiss, her hot breath gasping into my mouth. My hand continued to move down towards her right breast, slowly, giving her time to protest. When she didn't, my palm covered her shirt over the mound of flesh.


I touched her through the soft cotton material of her T-shirt and felt a slight shudder from her heated little body as my fingers made contact on the outside. Kristina was wearing a thin bra under her shirt and the feeling of my hand on her breast through it was enough to cause her let out a tiny whimper and squirm into me, as she continued to kiss me back.

By then, I just HAD to put my hand inside her bra and touch the flesh of her youthful breasts. Almost without thinking, I let my hand slip down her side. Hoping that she wouldn't object, I wrenched at the bottom of the shirt, so that it pulled out from inside her shorts where it had been neatly tucked. Once the shirt was completely free of her shorts, I quickly and eagerly slipped my hand underneath it. Kristina stiffened slightly as my hand touched her baby soft skin just above her belly button. After waiting just a moment, I slid my hand upward and quickly found her thin bra, tucking my fingers beneath the edge seam.

Awkwardly I pushed upwards and then felt the hot flesh mound of her hardened breast. She gasped as I captured the taut round flesh. I was actually holding my own little niece's bare tit! My fingers caressed blindly and I found her nipple and started rubbing it gently. Kristina caught her breath and her body tightened. Her nipple was already quite hard and her breast had become firm and well rounded from my touches. Her breathing increased as my hand slowly massaged the 14-year-olds tit.

I pushed a little more and managed to get my whole hand under the cup of her bra. She was whimpering; her breathing was erratic. I squeezed her nipple gently between my fingers; as I did this the youngster gasped into my mouth.

Our lips parted as I pulled away to look at her and her head fell forward against my shoulder and she hugged me. I didn't know what to do or say at that moment. This was my own flesh and blood. A mere child. Should I continue? What should I say?

"Do you like this sweetheart?" I asked softly. I had one arm around her, hugging her against me; and the other, my right arm, was hidden inside her shirt.

Obviously nervous, she said nothing but nodded her head slightly against my shoulder in reply. Preferring to stay as she was, I guessed Kristina was very shy about what was happening. Yet I suspected that she was also very curious, too, and I was hoping that she wanted more of what I was doing with her. I told myself that if that wasn't so, she would have stopped me.

With the way she lay tightly against me, hugging me, I suspected that she too was thinking about what was going on. She had to be totally at sea at the way her body was reacting. At 14, she may have been innocent, but she was well aware of right and wrong, and the forbidden taboos. This would be incest; so very wrong in society's eyes.

Should I just keep going, trying to take advantage of my hot little niece? How far were we going to take this, I wondered. Kristina and I were in an isolated time and place which neither of us had ever experienced. Thus, there were no rules, no guidelines on what to do; we just relied on our natural feelings, letting my lust and her innocence be the driving force.

When no verbal protest or objections came from her, I allowed my sexual hunger for this child to guide me. No longer thinking rationally, I decided to continue. By now my whole body was beginning to tremble. My heart pounded in my chest and my manhood ached.

My hand was encumbered within the steamy confines of her enclosed bra and I was finding it difficult to play with her warm breasts. Although I was afraid that I might spook her by removing her bra, I needed the freedom to caress her.

Almost as a distraction, I whispered, "You're so grown up, Krissie honey." At the same time, I pulled my sweaty hand out from inside her bra. Then, without speaking, I gently guided her to turn around.

When Kristina realized what I was trying to do, she silently but quickly turned her back to me so that I could take off her T-shirt. She allowed me to pull the shirt up and off over her head completely, and I tossed it onto the chair next to the sofa.

Then, with shaking fingers, I fumbled with her bra strap, eager to free the little mounds of joy. Any man who ever had a girl so young for the first time has to know the trepidation I was feeling.

Either because she could feel my trembling fingers and took pity, or else it was that she too wanted to free her boobs for me, Kristina reached her hand behind her back and took over from me, unsnapping the clasp in a split second. Next, she shook her hair out of the way and the bra fell forward. She then pushed the straps over her shoulders and took her bra off, dropping it next to where the shirt had fallen. Finally, she turned back to face me and managed a tiny smile.

My eyes swallowed up the awesome sight before me. I could see goose bumps starting to rise on Kristina's smooth, youthful skin. Her breasts were now fully exposed to me and they were the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. My god, she was so beautiful! A woman is a woman, but a teen is a perpetual hard on.

I gazed at her for a few more seconds, taking in this picture of beauty. Her eyes were wide open and nervously watching me, her face a myriad of emotions, including excitement, fear, anxiousness, and lust. Her chest was noticeably rising up and down, and her breathing had increased.

I could sense that my little niece was very much aroused and longed for the touch of my hand against her skin again. I eagerly obliged, putting my hand back onto her breast. She stiffened and pushed forward, and I continued playing with the youngster's nipples with the tips of my fingers.

Her mouth parted and we kissed, allowing our tongues to do the dance of joy. Kristina slowly closed her eyes and she began moaning in my mouth. I gently kissed her on the mouth as my hand continued to work on her taut little breasts. I felt her breathing increase even more as I squeezed her nipples between my fingers. She seemed to enjoy that immensely. Her moaning continued.

I slowly moved my head downwards, lightly kissing her chin, and then licking gently at her neck. As she squirmed about, I started to teasingly kiss her chest in-between her warm breasts. The scent of her youthful body was electrifying, a mixture of perfume and body sweat that sent my senses reeling.

As my mouth worked eagerly about her wondrous breasts, my hand slid away and moved down the right side of her body. I opened my mouth and my tongue took over from my hands, softly darting across the tips of her nipples.

"Ufffffffffsss <she sucked in her breath> Mmmmm..." Kristina moaned ever so quietly and her body shifted slightly against mine as my hot tongue made contact with her nipple. The youngster was obviously enjoying the feelings now churning inside of her, hopefully exciting and confusing her. Her hands pulled my head in tightly against her chest in a greedy hug. I felt my niece trembling slightly as she squeezed me.

Her body was her guide now. Kristina was undoubtedly as aroused as I. We were approaching the point of no return and neither of us showed any signs of wanting to stop. I know I certainly didn't.

I had never made love to such a young teen. I had never sexually touched a family member. To do anything further with my own niece was as wrong as wrong could be. Yet there was no longer the slightest doubt in my mind what I wanted to do. My only self-doubt was whether or not I would actually do it. That would be decided on by Kristina.

Although she was much too young to fully understand the dangers of sex, I'm sure that she was well aware that to do so with a grown up, her own uncle, was wrong and considered taboo.

She was quietly moaning, her pleasures obvious. She was reacting as a girl in heat and I just knew that she felt the same way I did ... the moment was all that mattered. I decided this was it and I wanted to go all the way.

Our bodies pressed together, just our hands were moving, caressing each other. We continued kissing and caressing. Only an occasional moan and/or a whimper came from either of us. Neither of us spoke. I teased her breasts with my mouth and tongue. She moaned in pleasure and squirmed involuntarily. The taste of my little niece's skin was unbelievable to my senses.

Moving my head away, I eventually pulled back and looked into her pretty face. Her eyes were semi-open now, her quivering lips slightly parted and she forced a nervous smile for me. She seemed as if she was in a daze and totally confused as to what was happening inside of her. Kristina's mind was obviously not in control and it was best that she say nothing and enjoy the feelings that flowed through her young body. The youngster was as horny as if she'd been drugged!

"Kristina if you want to stop, just say so and I will end it at any time, okay?" I said softly, knowing that she was too far gone to reject sex now.

She nodded and pulled me toward her eagerly. I held her close for a few seconds, rubbing her naked back with my hand and then, after making my final decision, I moved my hand down to her waist.

My hand slid around the front of my niece's shorts. As I kissed and sucked her nipple, I eagerly felt for her zipper, and when my fingers located it, I quickly pulled downwards. We were both conscious of the metal zipper making a buzzing noise as it slid all the way down as far as it would go. With trembling fingers, I felt for the button at the top of her shorts and managed to undo that. They fell open. Kristina's breathing was erratic as I worked to rid the youngster of her shorts. I pulled one side down completely until it passed over her butt. She lifted herself slightly to allow them to slide off of her completely. In two quick pulls I had them off and she kicked them onto the floor.

Except for her soft yellow panties, my 14-year-old niece was now totally naked, lying next to me on the sofa.

Goose bumps on the child's naked skin indicated that she was either feeling the cold in the room or else she was embarrassed by her near nudity. Not wanting her to be uncomfortable, I leaned over and grabbed the blanket that was still lying on the floor. I pulled it over us. Kristina reached up and pulled it close to her as if to snuggle into it, thankfully. She smiled her approval and again moved her hot little body into me.

I let her get used to the feeling of my right hand moving up and down her naked body, rubbing her soft skin from her waist to her knee. Sometimes I moved it to the inner side of her legs to see what the reaction would be. There was no frightened response; Kristina kept her legs firmly together.

Sensing the 14-year-old's discomfit, I decided that this was a good time to get rid of my clothes. I wasn't sure whether this would scare her or make her more comfortable. It really didn't matter, because they had to come off.

"I think it only fair that I get like you," I said.

I suspect that she immediately knew what I was about to do as she turned to watch me sit up. Temporarily moving out from under the blanket, I pulled off my shirt and then unbuttoned my fly, pulling my jeans down over my butt and letting them drop to the floor.

Now Kristina was in her panties and I was left only in my boxers. I quickly re-joined the youngster back under the blanket.

Once more, I began feeling her all over. I caressed her entire body with my right hand as I left small kisses on her lips and forehead. Kristina's response was the occasional hug as she pushed herself even closer to me. Our bodies were in full contact and she had to be feeling my erection pressing against her hips. I felt the tight elastic of her panties each time I passed my hand up over her thighs and onto her hips.

After a few minutes of caressing her with my hand, I pushed the upper part of the blanket aside and lowered my face to her chest again. Kristina groaned as I began kissing her breasts again. As my tongue made contact with her nipple she let out a soft sound that imitated a cross between a wheeze and a whistle. I could feel her chest moving up and down more frequently now as her breathing increased. My niece was getting really turned on now and so was I. This was it, no turning back, we were about to do what males and females do naturally, but which no related couple was supposed to do. We were about to make love together for the first time; uncle and niece; incest; and not caring about the morals.

As my mouth and tongue worked on Kristina's delightful little hard nipples, I moved my fingers under the elastic of her panties and began to pull them downwards. She suddenly froze, hesitated for a second, and then reacted instinctively; grabbing my hand and pulling it away from her panties. In the same swift motions, she placed my hand back on her leg where it was before. Then she returned her hand onto my shoulder.

By then I was totally aroused. If she was now going to reject my advances, I don't know what I would have done. I felt a sense of frustration. It seemed as if my little niece had suddenly become so alarmed at what was happening that she was about to hit the panic button. Damn. My heart was pounding and I was afraid it was over and that this was as far as we were going to go. What was my next move?

Tentatively, I started stroking her again. Anxiously, I once again moved my lips and tongue about her breasts. Once again a moan came from her as I laved her little tits. I was so horny; I just had to try again!

This time I pushed my hand in between her legs just above the knees. Again she stiffened and I paused. Then, slowly, gently, I tried to push them open. At first, I felt her leg muscles resist a little, but then she appeared to cautiously relax, allowing my hand to slip up towards her crotch. The closer I got to her honey pot, the heavier her breathing became. The closer I got to her honey pot, the hotter it felt. My arousal increased. My hand continued up. My niece's legs began to part without my help.

When I eventually reached her mound and touched her from the outside of her silk panties with the side of my forefinger, Kristina stopped breathing for a fraction of a second; seemingly frozen in time as I touched her.

I stayed in place, trying not to move, hoping that Kristina would relax some more. My hand remained resting against her panties, my finger moving very slowly, almost imperceptibly, in a tiny rubbing motion, along the indentation of her little slit.

After a short while, a wet patch began to develop within the crotch of her panties, which I could feel with my finger. It felt sticky between my fingers and I took this as an indication that Kristina was ready for sex. I suspect that her mind and her body were in conflict for she suddenly squeezed her legs tighter against my hand, trying to stop me from gaining further ground, while at the same time she seemed to be pushing her breasts to my mouth.

Not wanting to lose what I'd gained, I relaxed my hand and stopped my finger's rubbing her mons. After a few seconds, the tightness of her inner thighs eased on my hand as she too relaxed somewhat.

At the same time, I continued laving her protruding nipples, careful not to be rough, simply kissing and licking the little morsels. This continued for a few minutes with my little niece simply relaxing with her eyes closed. However, each time I made the slightest movement with my hand, she immediately tightened.

I had to do something but didn't know what. Finally, I pulled my hand out from between her legs and reached up to my shoulder, where her left hand was perched. Gently, I enclosed the back of her hand and pulled slightly to indicate I wanted to lead it. As I was bringing it down, I parted my legs a little in exactly the same way that Kristina had done. For a brief moment, when she realized where this was heading she seemed to tighten, but then the youngster allowed me to draw her hand down between my legs, about six inches below my aching scrotum.

My dick by this time was extremely hard and like Kristina's little girl-hood, it begged to be touched by her. We stayed like that for a little while longer and I noticed her breathing had become more relaxed again, so I decided to break the ice and speak to her.

"You can touch me there too if you want, Hon. I don't mind, in fact I would really like it if you did," I said in a whisper.

Kristina just tucked her head deeper into my chest and we lay together in silence, not moving for what seemed like an eternity. I was about to give up completely when suddenly I felt a small twitch as her fingers moved and pushed upwards between my legs. I instinctively parted them and my niece moved her hand up slowly, inch-by-agonizing-inch, until she was at the base of my groin. I reached down and took her hand and placed it gently on the lump in my boxers that was my shaft.

"Nnnggggg," I groaned.

Kristina squeezed the lump gently with her hand as if to get a feel of what it was. I tingled at her touch, and even though it was through the material of my boxers it still sent shockwaves throughout my body. I couldn't take much more of this and nervously grabbed my boxers from behind and pulled them down over my butt whilst my niece still had a hold of my shaft in the front. She let go for an instant and assisted me in pulling my boxers down. She wanted them off! With shaking hands, I pulled them off completely and tossed them onto the floor.

I was now completely naked lying against my own niece's body. My shaft pressed against the soft skin of her hips. Kristina's eyes were wide open, her mouth slightly parted. She was breathing as heavily as was I, obviously feeling the heat of my shaft against her skin. She looked confused as to what she should do next.

I took her hand and guided it back to my exposed shaft again. The youngster's fingers curled around it and she held it like before, unmoving.

"Ohhh my god. That feels so nice. Your hand is so soft," I said.

Kristina shyly smiled and kept quiet. She just held onto my shaft like her life depended on it. I pulled her chin up and gazed into her deep blue eyes.

"I love you Kristina, very much," I said in a shaky voice, my mind reeling as bolts of electricity charged through me.

I pulled the youngster close, kissing her on the forehead. I moved my hand down and grabbed hers and started moving it in an up-and-down motion and then I let her hand go. At first she didn't respond but a few seconds later she began to pump me slowly up and down. Her fingers were wrapped tightly around my shaft. I was in ecstasy.

Of course, I'd jerked off many times in my life; I'd also had my share of girls and women. However, for some reason I had never had a girl do this to me before. Let me tell you, having a 14-year-old girl giving you a hand job is to die for.

Soon enough I felt a tingling deep within my groin that told me something was about to happen and I did everything possible to stop myself from coming. I took my mind off Kristina's hand on my organ and I moved my right hand down to her panties again and pulled them downwards. This time the panties slid over her butt easily without her stopping me, but then stopped as they were hinged in between her legs which were still clasped tightly together.

Kristina finally gave in and her mind joined her body and she relaxed the muscles in her legs and her panties were freed, allowing them to slide all the way down to her feet. I leaned down and pulled them off her completely, dropping them onto the floor next to my clothes.

We were now side by side, totally naked under the blanket. I rolled her gently onto her back and leaned over her, kissing and rubbing her gently as she continued to hand pump my organ slowly with her left hand, almost stopping at times.

I brought my hand back up in between the youngster's legs stopping just short of her hot spot. This time she didn't resist and her legs even parted slightly, allowing my hand access to the most private area of her body. My niece's body shuddered as I gently covered her mound with my right hand and my fingers stretched out and touched her hot wet pussy lips for the first time. My fingers moved apart slightly and my middle finger dipped into her slippery groove. Kristina had obviously never been touched there before by another person and this new experience made her body jerk.

"Nnnnmmmmmmmm..." She let out a soft moan as my hand gently fondled her. She pulled harder at my shaft as my fingers moved up and down over her sticky wet mound. I sensed from her actions and movements, her mind was obviously reeling and the instincts of love-making had begun to take over.

Her head arched back slightly and her legs parted even further to allow me access to her inner body. I moved my finger upwards inside of her slit until I found the little lump of her erect clitoris.

She gasped, then whispered excitedly, "Oh! My! God!"

Knowing how sensitive the bud to be, I started rubbing it gently and Kristina began breathing harder with her mouth wide open. Touching her there really fired the youngster up and she started to visibly shake. I kissed her passionately and shot my tongue into her mouth.

This was getting too much for my niece to handle, she stopped masturbating me and let go of my shaft, wrapping her arms tightly around me. My fingers continued to massage her clitoris and then I slid them up and down her slit.

"Oh ahmmmmmmmmm," she moaned. I could feel her hot love juice between my fingers. This had an unbelievable effect on me and all I wanted to do was make love to her. I wanted my cock inside her.

I could feel a slight rhythm starting in Kristina's hips as she pushed slowly against my hand each time I rubbed her clitoris. I stopped for a second and held my hand still for a moment and let her continue the work. She pushed some more and my fingers slid up and down inside her slit. This was driving her crazy. The 14-year-old was as ready as she ever would be.

Kristina suddenly spoke in a raspy shaken voice. "Put it inside me please, Uncle Dev," she panted in my ear as she pushed my hand hard against her mound trying to get my finger inside of her.

Not needing a second invitation I moved my middle finger down until I found the entrance to her moist folds. I pushed softly with care so that I could penetrate her hole. I moved it slowly in and out, an inch at a time. Kristina wiggled her little body and grunted a bit but allowed me to continue. She instinctively parted her legs as wide as she could to accommodate my probing finger. I now had my finger completely buried in my 14-year-old niece's cunt and I felt the muscles of her vagina squeeze against my finger each time I pulled it out of her as she swung her head from side to side, enjoying this new sensation inside of her. At the tip of my finger, deep inside her vagina, I felt her hymen, the guardian of her innocence. Each time my finger pushed deeper inside of her, it stopped at this thin membrane. I just continued to finger the child.

I penetrated her with one and then two fingers. As her vagina expanded to accommodate me, she responded by kissing me feverishly and burying her tongue deep into my mouth. I pulled my fingers out of her and went back to rubbing her clitoris. After continuing this pattern for about five minutes the youngster was on the edge of her first orgasm. She bucked gently against my hand as my fingers moved in and out of her pussy. Her breathing was erratic and fast. I didn't want her to cum yet, as I was now about to fuck her. I wanted this to be a memorable experience for both of us so I pulled my hand away and hugged her tight.

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