Hunting Delights
Chapter 12: Purchase

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 12: Purchase - One of the sporting diversions in Kobekistan is hunting in full English style - but there are no foxes, so they use slaves as prey, and the hounds are a bit different. Some of the quarry are more interesting than others. Another sport is breeding from selected females, and the Emir experiments using his mother and a group of his close associates as 'donors', making their donations at wild parties!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Historical   Sports   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Caution   Violent  

Zubeydeh was to be sold through an auction house which Ramzy El-Najjar had used a number of times, so the staff were not surprised when he asked for a viewing of the slaves for sale on this occasion. They were a little surprised when he asked for a private viewing.

"Certainly not," said Old Saud the auctioneer, "He is a customer who has purchased here several times, but he has never had much money to spend and if he thinks he is going to get a private visit, and the free trial of the slaves for sale, he has another think coming; that is for rich customers only."

The credit rating of each customer was carefully noted, but it was not always known who had arranged what their spending limit was to be. The Royal Kobekistani Bank would issue tokens to bidders with a credit limit listed by token number, and a copy of the list was sent to the auctioneer. Thus until the bidder made known his token number, these were not identified personally to the auction house. Ramzy El-Najjar had never before had more than two thousand Kobesti arranged, and often eunuchs bid with the tokens on behalf of the richer men. Some even had unlimited credit, but it was very well known who these were. The Emir, may he live for ever, for instance, had never had a limit, because if he chose he could just take one of the slaves offered for sale and pay nothing. His Magnificence, the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah had never exercised that right and his Chief Eunuch usually bid for him. Occasionally some other eunuch would arrive with token number one and it was then known that he was bidding for the Emir.

On this occasion Ramzy El-Najjar's Head Eunuch would be bidding for him but had not declared a token number so nobody thought it even vaguely possible that the 'no limit' token number sixteen was Ramzy El-Najjar. Accordingly Ramzy El-Najjar went to the public viewing, at which any slave for sale would be paraded for anyone who happened to be present, but on a strictly 'hands off' basis.

He went in to the viewing area which consisted of a huge room which was divided into a number of small cells by bars, each of which had a lot number attached. Most of the cells contained a woman, naked, and they were usually in varying degrees unhappy. Some of the larger cells contained low couches to be used by valued customers who were accorded the privilege of trying out the merchandise before the sale. Each cell contained a shower-head above a hole in the ground and there was no attempt to provide the slaves with privacy at all, even for the most intimate functions.

A chain on the floor of each cell ended in a padded cuff which was attached to the left ankle of the slave to prevent the slightest chance of escape. Obviously the privilege of trying the merchandise was one which the staff of the auction house used to varying degrees when the buyers were not there, the more senior of them being allowed to use most of the merchandise, while the auctioneer himself used any he fancied. The lower ranked staff were only allowed to fuck or sodomise the lowest grade of merchandise. Because of the layout and the lack of privacy, dozens of pairs of eyes watched the edifying spectacle of others being used, or tried by rich customers, and this provided them with the only respite from the unutterable boredom of sitting doing nothing all day.

On the appointed open viewing day the bidders walked through examining the merchandise soon afterwards. None of these men were permitted to touch the merchandise, but if a buyer was particularly interested in a woman, the eunuchs would enter her cage and display her by taking hold of her arms and twisting her about, raising and lowering her arms, bending her over and spreading her nether lips or arse cheeks or emphasising whatever other particular feature the buyer requested. While a woman was not being examined and tried herself, they were at liberty to look around and watch while the other girls were exhibited. One very dark-skinned girl refused to cooperate with the eunuch showing her off, and was beaten to make her submit.

Later, when all these buyers had been shooed out of the holding area, the important buyers and were permitted into the cages to examine the merchandise for themselves, and sometimes to try one or two out. The value of slaves, and the expected price, could then be discussed with the auctioneer.

Next morning the holding pens for the auction room were again barred to buyers while the women were being prepared for the auction. At such times only the auctioneer was allowed to use the women, and he did so to emphasise his superior position.

The activity of preparing the merchandise had resolved itself into a well-practised pattern. Several women at a time would be led off to be titivated ready for display on the auction block. The preparation was very thorough, almost as thorough as the preparation for the Emir's bed, in that each woman was given an enema, shaved, bathed, perfumed, and oiled front and rear. Her nipples were then rouged, as were her labia.

Then the sale started and each woman was put into an abaya and led out in turn to the actual auction room to be displayed to the prospective purchasers; there they were stripped naked to be displayed as the bidding progressed. The less attractive ones were taken out first, and some of them did look fairly old and hag-like. Some went willingly and some led the way as though being sold could only be a great improvement on their previous lives. Others had to be dragged out, unwilling slaves to be sold off in real dread of what lay in store for them.

The previous evening there had been some discussion among the women as to the relative merits of being bought for a private harem or for a brothel. In general a brothel seemed to be the preferred option for most of them, because in a private harem you didn't get much sex, it was very boring, and you could get stuck with a man you didn't like. In a brothel you got lots of sex and the bad men were interspersed with good ones. All had agreed that being a field slave or bath slave would be the pits; after a clitorectomy, a hysterectomy, and with the vulva sewn up so that no man could use you in the normal way, you would get no pleasure even from being sodomised.

Then, last of all, it was Zubeydeh's turn. As she was led to the Auction Block with an abaya covering her from head to toe, the auctioneer announced her lot number in his usual bored fashion. Eager hands hoisted her on to the Auction Block and lifted the veil from her body, displaying her on a small stage some five feet above the crowd of buyers. Elevated as she was, they could see that her pussy lips were not just oiled, but were thoroughly wet with her own excitement, and ready for her purchaser. The auctioneer was on a small rostrum beside and to the rear of the stage and one of the black eunuchs was on the stage with her.

Then the auctioneer, the burly brutal man who had thoroughly and clinically felt every part of her, fondled and molested her with all the emotional involvement of a butcher examining a side of beef when she arrived, and raped and sodomised her several times in the three days she had been in his care including that very morning, lifted his arm, introducing her to the crowd from his position behind and a little to one side of the display platform.

"This is the most important lot ever to be sold in this room. This is the most unique opportunity for some lucky purchaser to take to his harem a priceless woman. By the order of the Emir himself, may he live for ever, she is to be sold today to the highest bidder. A priceless prize to be won by laying out a little money. No matter what you pay for this one it will be a bargain. You have heard the rumours; they are indeed true. The next lot for sale, in the catalogue as Zubeydeh, is indeed the Dowager Princess Zubeydeh, wife of the late Prince Abdullah, mother to His Magnificence the Emir Mahmoud Abdullah, may he live for ever. Never in the history of auctions has such a one been offered for sale. Her pedigree is excellent, she was born English, she was trained in the harem of the Emerald Palace, she was for a while in the harem of the Golden Palace when our late lamented Emir, His Magnificence Ibrahim was alive, and has lately been in the harem of the Golden Palace again."

After a pause for breath he continued, "She has lain with Princes and Emirs, she has mothered an Emir, may he live for ever, she has delighted the crowned heads of Europe. Such a one can be in your bed this night. See, she has beautiful full breasts as creamy as the milk of a young ass, the sand dune mounds of her buttocks are a heaven themselves for a man to die in. When a brave man reaches paradise he will ignore the virgins that are his due if he can sink himself into an arse such as this. No ruler of a nation has ever been known to offer such a woman for sale."

Nobody felt it appropriate to remind him that many despots, from the Roman Emperors onwards had been known to sell their wives, mothers and daughters when it suited them. None of them had ever seen such a sale and they were the material of myths and legends. History was being made here; a large piece of history for Kobekistan, if less important from a more distant perspective.

As her attributes were being described in these glowing terms, Zubeydeh displayed herself thoroughly, to the delight of the assembled throng. Rising on one toe she did a pirouette, and when that seemed to go down well she did another. She opened her legs wide and lifted her arms high, showing off her still firm breasts and shaven glistening cunt clearly to all present. Then she turned her back on the bidders, touched her toes, reached back while still bending over and pulled her arse cheeks wide apart to show the other, darker rosebud entrance. Finally she stood up and lifted her arms high in the air and clasping them behind her head, she turned slowly right round to show off her breasts again to their best advantage. There could be nobody in the audience who thought for one instant that she was unwilling to be sold, or that she would be reticent in his bed. Finally, she knelt and pressed her forehead to the floor, but facing towards the auctioneer and with her hips high so that the audience had an unobstructed view of her private parts.

"Now, after you have seen that display, who can doubt that this is the finest woman I have ever sold, even without the wonderful pedigree. Who can doubt that she is ready and willing to enter a rich man's bed this very day. Remember your prick could follow where those of Emirs and Princes have been. She still bleeds and may yet produce another son. You could be the man to father the half-brother to our beloved Emir, may he live for ever. Now who will start me at a thousand Kobesti?"

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