Was It a Dream?

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: After his wife is killed by an intruder, Walter's feelings for his daughter increase from just looking, to outright lust, to...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Mystery   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

His internal conflicts were at war. This was his daughter, his own flesh and blood. To try anything with her was against everything that he had been taught and everything that he and his wife had taught her. Yet, he could no longer control his urges. This had been building up over the last three years; ever since his wife, Christine's mother, had been murdered, when an intruder had entered the house and stabbed her to death with their own kitchen knife.

Since that time his daughter slowly took on more and more of the responsibilities of the house. Instead of going out like other girls, on most nights and weekends Chris stayed at home, doing the house chores.

Walter watched her mature from a gangly 12-year-old to a well-built blonde beauty. Spending so much time together, Walter began to notice some of the feminine, almost sexual things about her. At first, he retreated in horror at his own reaction, but slowly this horror started to turn to curiosity, and then finally to desire. As much as he tried, he could not help himself.

At first, he found his eyes roaming the length of her bare legs. Then he started noticing her shapely hips. He was most appalled with himself when he then not only began to notice those parts of her body, but he actually began to look at the round beauty of the cheeks of Christine's buttocks too. This really shook him up. It was only a small step after that to the road to depravity. He then began letting his eyes wander over his daughter's maturing chest. He hated doing it but he soon found that he could not control himself anymore.

In Christine's innocence, she initially partially bared herself around her father without the slightest realization of what was happening. Often she would bend in front of him, giving him an open view down her blouse at her budding breasts (she rarely wore her bra around the house).

However, her female instincts soon took over and she slowly became aware that her father was looking at her body. At first she recoiled from the fear of the unknown, but then she began to accept what she believed was an innocent interest in her on his part, although she was not completely ignorant in the ways of men. Between what she had learned from sex-ex in school, coupled with what she had heard from her friends, Chris was aware that when guys looked at girls there could be something more behind the look than mere curiosity.

Christine knew that her father had not been going out with any women since her mother's death and, when she thought about it, she rather suspected that he must have been suffering from a lack of 'female companionship'. She was sure that her father must have been feeling male urges that she knew existed.

After her initial reaction, Christine soon found that she was actually enjoying her father's attention. For sure, he was trying not to be obvious, but she sometimes caught him looking and other times she just sensed that his eyes were on her. During the next two years this interest in her continued and, to a certain extent, it actually increased.

By the time she was 14 years old she had begun to fill out quite nicely. Then things began to become more complicated. She had begun to feel that if she allowed her father to look at her that maybe it would somehow help him.

Nervously at first, she purposely would bend in front of him, allowing him a good view at her breasts. In addition, Christine wore shorts much more often around the house. Sometimes, if she was wearing a skirt, she would allow it to slide up past her knees as she sat across from him watching TV, and she would feel his gaze upon her.

It was only after she met George Boland that she began to realize that she was probably making life harder on her father by allowing him the 'sneak peeks'. As a matter of fact, Chris became totally aware of the male animal after an unpleasant sexual encounter with her boyfriend, George, whom she had 'been in love with' until that episode. She refused to 'date' any boys after that.

Yet, by then, she herself had somehow become a curious participant in her father's voyeurism. She was secretly enjoying his admiring, nervous looks and hungry eyes. Indeed, by then she would sometimes allow their eyes to meet after one of his sinful gazes. Over the next year, when their eyes did meet on such moments, their stares at each other became longer.

It was around this same time that Walter found himself becoming aroused from looking down at Christine's tits. The first time was the worst for him; realizing that he couldn't control his sexual feelings for his 14-year-old daughter. He rushed away and hurried to his room where he laid on his bed, his body shaking while his mind raced.

After that, the arousals came more and more frequently and finally, he came to accept them. Indeed, he would occasionally take himself up to his room and beat his hard-on into submission. In the beginning his sexual fantasies were of his dead wife but the visions soon changed to his daughter. By then, he knew that he wanted to fuck her, but he was also sure that he had enough will power never to force her.

It was only after their eyes began to meet with regularity that Walter became afraid that his fantasizing might become a reality. He was now sure that Christine was aware that he was looking at her. Over the next year, he slowly became convinced that his daughter was secretly allowing his hungry eyes access to her hot body. By the time she had reached 15-years-old, he had no doubt that she too was experiencing these terrible urges of illicit desire that he was feeling.

Each night seemed to bring father and daughter closer and closer to contact. Many were the nights that Christine would allow him a view and she would notice him becoming hard. She knew that she was the cause and by now, she was not only aware but she was excited that she could get him like that. At least once a week he would rush away and hurry to his room after becoming hard. That excited her.

A few times during the last two months, when he did that, Christine waited a couple of minutes and then quietly moved to outside of his door. The noises that she heard from behind the door told her everything. She felt both guilty and exhilarated that she could get her father so worked up that he would 'play with himself'.

She herself began to touch herself and fantasize. She too at first was scared at her thoughts, but soon began to accept the fact that it was her own father that she was thinking about. After all, she loved him very much. In addition, he obviously desired her.

Although deep down inside Chris knew that what she was thinking was sinful, she had nevertheless convinced herself that it really was not wrong. It would have truly been sinful if her mother were still alive, she told herself, but her father had needs. In fact, he was still being faithful to her mother's memory and Christine was sure that if her mother were looking down at them that she would want them to 'do it'.

It was an episode from the night before that convinced the young girl that she had to get her father to make love to her. She had awoken during the night to go to the bathroom. Passing her father's partially opened door, she thought that she heard voices. She stopped and moved closer to the door and strained to listen. It was then that she heard him murmuring her name in his sleep. Christine heard his whimpering and soft moaning and was sure that her father was making love to her in his sleep.

It was then that she made her decision. She told herself that he would not have to dream anymore.

Now, on this night she prepared for the eventuality. Christine was afraid but determined. She allowed her father's eyes more access down her blouse than usual and when their eyes met it was almost as if they were talking to each other and telling of their mutual desires for each other.

Not allowing her father to get so hot that he would have to rush away to jerk-off, Christine straightened up. Usually, at this point she broke the gaze between them. This time she kept her eyes glued to his and began backing away almost as if inviting him to follow. Finally, giving him one last gaze, she turned and flitted away hurriedly, heading straight for her room.

When she was gone, Walter sat in contemplation. Did he read his daughter right? Was she really inviting him? If so, could he do it? God knows that he wanted her badly.

He rose. His legs were actually wobbly as he, as if in a daze, headed upstairs.

Christine's door was open and, as he looked inside, he saw her. He caught his breath upon seeing her standing in the room; her back was to him. She was nude from the waist up, looking into the full-length mirror. Her long blonde hair fell softly, touching the top of her shoulders. She had heard the sound behind her and she knew now that he was here; that her fantasy was about to become a reality.

With her back to him, she waited nervously, her little heart pounding. Almost as if in a trance, her father advanced into the room. As he approached her from behind, his legs were somewhat shaky. His heart was beating hard, causing a tremendous pounding in his chest and a fierce throbbing in his temples.

Then he was standing right behind his daughter. He looked at her face in the mirror. Their eyes again held. Father and daughter now both knew that the other knew and wanted this. Neither spoke, as each of them was afraid that words would interfere with what was happening.

Then Christine felt her father's breath on her neck, causing an exciting chill throughout her body. He placed his hands on her shoulders, slowly, almost tentatively, caressing her. Gently, he pushed her hair to one side, almost smelling the lust on her neck. He knew his daughter was Taboo but he could not stop. He began to softly kiss her neck. She sucked in her breath, and her legs began to tremble too. His tongue slid all over the base of her neck to her ear.

His eyes moved to the mirror. Ever so gently, his hands moved down her front and found their way to her breasts. There was something highly erotic in watching his own hands as they squeezed and fondled the exciting flesh, while he watched his daughter's face contort in pleasure.

She was moaning now. His crotch pushed ever so gently into the cheeks of her ass. Christine gasped and her eyes shot up to his in the mirror. She could feel the powerfully hard bone at the center of her butt. She was both excited and frightened at the thought of what was about to be.

He gently squeezed the child's nipples between his fingers, causing them to harden. She moved back into him, her blonde hair resting against her daddy's chest. Then Christine reached back moving her hands up through his hair. With her back to him, she turned her head around to the side, seeking her father's lips.

Finally, their lips met and they were no longer father and daughter. Christine had learned from George just how much that kissing excited men and, at that time, she purposely practiced to become good at it.

Now she desperately wanted to please her father. She twisted her whole body and turned to meet him face-to-face, front-to-front, and her eager tongue passed through their parted lips and began probing his. Hungrily, she pulled him closer; suddenly wanting to devour him.

Unable to control his lust any longer, Walter's hands now moved over his daughter's bare stomach to her waist, at the top of her jeans. She was breathing heavily from the excitement. With trembling hands, he undid the button and then the zipper of her jeans. They fell open like a flower and he guided them down past her hips as their mouths continued working on each other.

Christine let them fall from her body. Walter gasped at the feel of his lovely child. He expected to feel her panties. Instead, she pressed her completely nude body into his. His prick was as hard as it had ever been, twitching of its own accord.

Their mouths were sucking and tasting each other with the passion of desperate lovers. Moans and grunts emanated from deep within both of them.

Walter nervously, but with frenetic purpose, moved his hands back on her body, to the soft baby hairs that were beginning to grow on her mound. His fingers began lightly caressing her. Soft moans continued to escape her lips, as her father's fingers gently parted her labia and slipped in to caress her clitoris.

He urgently pulled his mouth from hers and looked into her eyes. He was shocked at the transformation in his daughter. There was almost an animalistic look on her face now.

"Do you trust me sweetheart?" he asked nervously, his voice raspy with passion.

"Yes," she whispered hotly. 'God daddy, ' she thought, 'I want you so badly.' "Yes!"

"You do know I'd never hurt you, don't you?" he asked as he continued to stroke her clit.

"I-I kn-know daddy ... I know."

"Are you sure hon?" he asked giving her one last chance to quit.

Christine moved her hands downward on him, and to Walter's amazement she began to undo his jeans. There was no stopping them now. He suddenly pulled his shirt off his body as his daughter released his jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor along with his shorts. Now they were both naked.

He began steering her backward toward the bed. When Christine felt the back of her knees touching the mattress she lowered her body back down onto the bed, guiding her father to follow.

Once they both lay on the bed, they eagerly moved into each other, their naked bodies pressing together. First, his tongue flicked against his daughter's ear, and then she felt his hot breath and heavy breathing on her neck. His hand moved down over her young soft skin and caressed her breast, while his tongue roamed excitingly along her neck.

Once more she gasped.

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