Don't Cross Me, Little Girl

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2010 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: The only thing worse than a woman who knows her husband has strayed is one who thinks he may have strayed. The babysitter is the prime target and revenge is a dish best served in bed as she shows her young challenger just how far she will go to come out on top.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Coercion   Lesbian   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Rough   Sex Toys   .

I first met Kasey when we moved here six years ago. She was a precocious, pigtailed, braces and glasses wearing eleven year old. The past six years has seen her grow and develop until now she is an attractive young woman, still a bit geeky, but I'd make a pass at her if I were a guy.

When I was pregnant with my son, Kasey was always over fussing about every detail and so in the months after the birth, when I decided to get back into shape and become a yummy mummy, Kasey was there to jog along with me.

I got a first person view of her long slim legs and her tight arse as she'd run along a few paces ahead of me pointing out possible hazards on the path, as we'd jog. In the beginning, she wore knee length running tights, which became shorter as the weather got warmer.

I remember one day she had on a pair of short grey shorts that hugged every curve and clearly tucked into her butt crack to shape her arse into two globes of bouncing flesh. Eventually from the sweat line I could tell she was running panty-less. That piqued my attention and I knew my husband would be keen for a piece of that butt.

When we stopped for a stretching break, I casually glanced towards her crotch to check out the camel toe and noticed it was well-pronounced and equally as damp and sweaty as the back side. Mmmm!!

Now I had a few liaisons with other woman while at college but they had not always ended on the best of terms, as I liked to dish out a bit of rough sex on my partners just to prove that I could be as bad as any future husband they might marry.

I'm now 29 and a dozen years older than Kasey so I tried to block out those thoughts as we ran back home. While waiting for the traffic lights to change, I checked myself out in a shop window and noticed my sweat line showed that I was wearing a thong under my shorts so for the next block or two I took the lead so Kasey could get a look at some mature booty.

My husband is on the road for three months per week so when he gets home he is just a horny stallion and fills me with cum every chance he gets. In between, I have a collection of toys I use on myself to get rid of my sexual frustrations.

I have joined a number of local community groups so I can meet other people with similar interests, so I regularly use Kasey as a baby sitter. Sometimes I come home and I get the feeling that stuff has been moved, just a little, but enough to know. I have never been able to point the finger at Kasey and I have never caught her doing anything other than sitting and reading when I have come into the house. Just once I'd like to catch her on the sofa with a boy behaving like a proper babysitter should.

Kasey, now 17 +, still baby-sits for me on my nights out. I am currently doing a belly dancing course at the community centre hoping to put a bit of shimmy into my love life for when my husband is home.

This particular evening a friend who just joined the course offered to drive me as well. Unfortunately the power had gone off at the hall so after sitting in a nearby cafe for 30 minutes the class was cancelled and we headed home. I had my friend drop me off at the end of the block so she didn't have to do a u-turn in our narrow street.

As I walked towards the house I could clearly see my bedroom light on and thought that was strange as I was positive I had turned all the lights off on that side of the house before I left. I quietly let myself in and could hear music from my room. I crept softly down the hall until I could peek into my room.

OK, at this moment I was mentally prepared for Kasey to be doing something she shouldn't but dancing around and singing while dressed in my lingerie was not one of the things I had imagined.

And of course it was my expensive stuff, burgundy with gold lace trim. Sheer panties, thigh high stockings and half-cup bra. I was trapped by indecision, did I burst in and shout about her wearing my stuff or did I slide up behind her unannounced and wrap my arms around her.

Hey, I purchased this outfit with the idea of getting it stained so I suppose some girl on girl action would be better than nothing.

I listened to her singing, planning the correct moment to move in when I heard this.

"Grab my tits, squeeze my boobs

Feel my mound it's oh so smooth

Do me in my mouth

Do me in my crack

I don't care, just fuck me Jack".

Now Jack is my husband; which is why I went from caring adult to pissed off wife in a heart beat so I stormed in grabbed her by her arm and swung her onto my bed before she knew what was going on.

I sat on top of her and she struggled to throw me off but I wrestle, with Jack, and Kasey wasn't close to his weight class. I told her to take off the bra and as she did her best from her position to take it off I slid a hand under my pillow and as Kasey held her arms up to pull the bra free I snapped a pair of "love cuffs" onto her wrist and then clipped the other end to the wrought iron bed head, purchased by us for exactly this type of sexual situation.

All right, normally it's me cuffed but I knew the drill.

While Kasey looked oddly at the cuffs I repeated the treatment to her other arm and soon she was trapped on the bed leaving me free to get undressed and retrieve my box of tricks from my wardrobe. I gave the box a shake and then looking at Kasey I said "Didn't know about this did you?"

As I said earlier Jack is away most of the month so I have to amuse myself and to this end I have gathered a collection of vibes, dildo's, beads and other sex toys to satisfy my every carnal desire. My little black box was unknown even to Jack.

I sat on the bed and Kasey watched as I took my toys out of the box and laid them neatly side by side so she could see what I had planned. Next to last was a tube of lube to make sure everything slid in smoothly and the ultimate piece was a leather harness with a flesh toned phallus that I could strap it on and pretend to be Jack.

I picked up a slim, gold coloured vibrator turned it on so Kasey could hear the buzz and then I ran the tip of it along her leg. She tried to kick me and started asking why I was doing this to her. I grabbed the panties and pulled them off her dragging her legs into the air as I did so I could also give her butt a slap.

"Kasey, stay quiet we are just going to have some girl fun. Like when we did the whole hair and makeup night a few weeks back. This will be just the same only that it's for big girls."

I took the panties and as soon as she went to say something I stuffed them in her mouth.

She tried another kick with her long legs so I got a couple of Jack's ties and secured Kasey's ankles to the end of the bed.

Now I went back to running the vibe along the inside of her thighs, stopping short of her pussy. I moved my face in close closed my eyes and breathed in deep. I could smell her fear and her anticipation.

Unlike her song her mound was not exactly smooth but covered in a fine down of dark pubic hair. It appeared as if Kasey did trim it regularly and I could see her little pink clit. Despite her protests it was telling me Kasey was excited about the whole situation so I gave it a gentle flick with my tongue and the almost inaudible moan and the sucking in of her mid section let me know I was on the right track.

I let Kasey see as I applied some lube to the vibe and her eyes were wide open, like a deer caught by the car headlights. I also liked one finger to get it slick as well. I used that slippery finger to gently spread her lips and find her vaginal opening.

Now Kasey and I had had a girls night a few weeks back and did the hair, make up, truth or dare stuff and she told me she was not a virgin having popped her own cherry with a peeled cucumber when she had been 15. Silly girl had taken it from the fridge and had not bothered to let it warm up to room temperature. As well she had had sex with a few boys in the hope of losing her geeky girl status and joining the cool kids.

Sorry Kasey you never JOIN the cool kids you have to be invited and you have to be already cool.

Ah yes, finger in hole wiggle it around a bit just to see her squirm and then the vibe.

It was only six inches long and less than an inch in diameter but I could feel some resistance to it sliding in. I got back in close and licked her clit and soon her own bodily fluids combined with the lube to let the vibe slide in.

Jack watches a lot of porn and always complains about how the girls have these long huge dildos and then only put a fraction of the length in their holes.

This being reality I pushed it in until only the speed control/battery cap was left hanging out. Kasey's butt was off the bed and she was straining against the restraints.

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