An Incestuous Episode: Evy and Simon

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: Father finds out his 14-year-old daughter was molested by her uncle and decides to add to the abuse. Most of my stories have an unprotected male cumming inside the female. When that is the case I usually code 'preg'. Those who are offended shouldn't bother to read the story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   Pregnancy   .

The author would like to thank Jex57 for all of her excellent work in editing this piece of dung.

Simon sipped his drink. It was the end of a long, frustrating day, probably the worst day of his life. He had found that his 14-year-old daughter was no longer a virgin, and that it was Simon's own brother who did it. His daughter's virginity was taken by her Uncle Paul.

He was furious with Paul, calling him up and threatening to kill him. It was only because of their past that he didn't call the cops and have his brother arrested.

Simon's nightmarish day began with an 11 AM phone call from his cousin Cynthia, who also happened to be their family doctor. His daughter Evy had fallen off of a pommel horse in Gym class and as a precaution, the school nurse sent her to her doctor.

It was during the physical examination that it was discovered that Evy wasn't a virgin. Chances are that Cynthia would not have told Simon except upon questioning the youngster she had found out about Paul, and felt that Simon should be told.

He went and got his daughter and brought her home, and for the next two hours he questioned her. Evy was steadfast in her refusal to implicate her uncle. Simon tried coaxing and when that didn't work, he switched tactics and began screaming. When neither of those devices worked, he began threatening.

Finally, his daughter broke down.

The youngster told her father that her Uncle Paul began touching her about three months ago, shortly after her mother died. At the time, Simon was working the 3 PM to 11 PM shift and felt that he needed someone to keep an eye on his 14-year-old daughter after school. His brother Paul was the logical choice.

Evy claimed that her uncle only touched her a few times and that he didn't do anything else. Crying violently while telling her father, she said that it was her uncle's finger that did it, nothing else.

Because Simon had to get to work he told his daughter that they'd talk about it in the morning. It was then that he called and threatened his brother.

Finally he was off to work.

That night he had a hard time concentrating on work as his mind kept returning to his daughter. Simon soon began to alter his thinking. The more he thought about everything, the more that he realized that he was as guilty as Paul was.

Simon's thoughts wandered back to his childhood. First of all, he came from a family familiar with incest. Hadn't their mother thrown their father out because he had sex with his daughter (their sister)? And hadn't he and Paul compared notes and found that they both were pilfering panties from the dirty wash so that they could jerk-off while smelling the crotches? The panties could have belonged to either their sister or their mother; it didn't matter to them which one they belonged to. And hadn't both he and Paul snuck into their sister's room and had an awesome threesome? After that the brothers each had their sister sexually on and off, until she became pregnant. Even worse, Simon himself ended up balling his own mother (although he never told Paul about that).

In hindsight, considering that background, Simon felt that he should have had enough sense not to leave his daughter regularly with Paul.

Now at home, as he sipped his drink, he realized that he had almost been asking for something to happen. After all, as far as Simon knew, Paul was still as perverted as ever (for that matter, so was Simon himself). So was it any wonder that Paul went after Evy? Although she was only fourteen, her beauty surely would have overcome any mental reservations that there might have been.

While he was on his third drink Simon decided that he couldn't wait to talk to Evy. He went up to his daughter's room, not bothering to knock on her door, knowing that she'd be asleep. He walked into the quiet of the room. There was a lamp in the corner, which she had turned down to its lowest level. The room was in a pleasant shadow, permeated with the perfumed, sweet, young-girl aromas. Walking softly, he reached his daughter's bed and looked down upon her. Evy was sound asleep, lying on her side with the blanket pulled up to her neck.

Three different times Simon called her name, softly, and she failed to stir. Finally, on the fourth call, he reached out his hand and gently nudged the youngster's shoulder. As Evy awoke, her eyes at first widened in fright, but upon seeing that it was her father, she relaxed.

Once she was semi-conscious Simon started again asking her the same probing questions. She'd been dreading this interrogation and for a fleeting moment she thought of asking her father to wait until the morning, but she realized that he would refuse. Besides, she thought, this conversation was inevitable anyway, so she might as well get it over with.

And so she opened up, telling him everything. It had started innocently enough, she told him. Uncle Paul would occasionally tickle her. Then he started getting more and more touchy. Then the tickling became an occasional game. Then the touches strayed and sporadically began to touch her breasts and her butt. Evy lowered her eyes as she confessed to her father that by now she knew that her uncle was purposely touching and feeling her, and she didn't try to discourage him because of the feelings that he was creating in her.

Soon Paul was bringing her onto his lap and, shortly thereafter, he was touching her more deliberately while she was sitting on him. This further progressed to the point where her uncle would make her get naked and his fingers would probe her body. However, she still insisted to Simon that was how she lost her virginity, and that her uncle didn't do 'the sex thing' as she called it.

How long had this been going on? It was only in the last two weeks that it advanced to the finger stage. How often? "Just about every day," she murmured shyly.

Simon never really asked the indignant type questions (such as, 'Why didn't you tell me?') and instead he asked, "Did you like him touching you?"

After a long pregnant silence, she nodded.

"Did he show you his thing?"

Once more her eyes looked to the floor and she nodded.

"Did he put his thing in you?"

"No Daddy. I ... I told you that this afternoon!" she said.

"I know Ev, but what I mean is, did he have you touch his thing, his cock?" he spoke softly.

She nodded and whispered, "Yeah, b-but only once ... that was yesterday."

"Then he did put it in you?"

"No, no daddy!" she whined.

"Did he put it in your ass then?"

"NO!!!" she cried out in shock.

"Did you kiss it for him, sweetheart?"

Again she looked wide-eyed and shook her head.

"Did he kiss your thingy hon ... your pussy?"

Evy sucked in her breath in surprise and shook her head rapidly from side to side.

"Only touching... ?" he asked suspiciously.

She nodded.

"Did you, er, like it -- Uncle Paulie's touching you?" he asked.

The 14-year-old looked nervously at her father. So far he had kept his cool. Would he still be calm if she told him the truth? She decided to find out.

"Uh huh, y-yeah - yes Daddy ... I, er, I did Dad ... I ... I'm sorry," she whispered, her voice barely audible.

She awaited his reaction.

Simon surprised her, "That's something that you can't be sorry about, sweetheart. You can't control your body's feelings. How much did you enjoy it?" he asked. He was breathing heavier now.

"A lot, a-a whole lot except ... especially ... after that time last week ... it was good after that, real good," she said.

"You didn't mind Uncle Paul seeing you naked?" he asked as he felt his swollen prick twitching within his pants.

"No ... Unh, unh."

Simon realized his cock had become rock hard from this conversation. His mind was racing. As long as his brother didn't go any further than touching Evy, it wasn't that bad. After all, she had enjoyed it too. He felt his hands sweating.

He looked into his daughter's eyes, "Would you mind if I see you naked, sweetheart?" he whispered hoarsely.

Evy's heart suddenly began pounding within her chest. She had always known that she could keep her uncle from going all the way because of the threat of her father. It was probably because of that potential threat that she allowed their situation to advance to the touching stage. This was different. This was her father. Surely he too would want to touch her if she became naked. Would she allow it? Would she welcome it? And what if he tried to go to the final step? Would she be able to stop him?

"Y-you want to?" she whispered.

He nodded, "And I'd like you to see my thingy like you looked at Uncle Paul's ... Okay?"

"It ... It's not right to do, is it Dad?"

"I want to see you badly, baby. When you told me about Uncle Paul looking at you and touching you, I ... I'd really like to see you, sweetie."

In the semi-darkness she looked at him for about ten seconds. Then she sat upright. She held the blanket up to her neck. Her mind raced, her chest pounded. Finally she made her decision.

She nodded and dropped the blanket.

She was in her PJ's. With her eyes burning into her father's, she reached down, grabbed the bottom of the PJ top portion, and lifted it slowly up and off of her body.

She dropped it alongside of her.

Simon gasped at the sight of his daughter's bare breasts. Although they were barely as large as oranges, they stood out proudly as only breasts can do on a girl so young. Her nipples were not full-sized yet either, he was sure, but they looked so hard ... exciting! His temples were throbbing and his cock was twitching. Then Evy tossed the blanket aside. Without any further urging, her fingers went into the elastic at the top of her PJ panties, pushing them down her legs.

As she was doing this, her father stood momentarily and stripped his shorts off of his body. Her eyes widened as a myriad of feelings ran through her; feelings such as amazement, excitement and fright. Totally naked, her daddy climbed back onto the bed.

Father and daughter were both totally naked now and neither could take their eyes from the other. At this point they both realized that neither of them would be satisfied with anything short of total incest.

[Once her uncle started touching her, Evy had begun to reevaluate what she had previously thought of as taboo. Alone in her bed after a night with her uncle's hands exciting her she would masturbate and fantasize that that touching would lead to the real thing. Those thoughts and feelings seemed to erase her prior thoughts that sex with a family member was evil.]

[For his part, if he ever had such scruples, Simon lost them years ago.]

Evy didn't know what it all entailed but she was now completely caught up in the excitement. Her father's cock was rock hard and she realized that she was the cause. The look on his face told her that he not only hungered for her but that the hunger for her was stronger than her uncle's or anyone else's. Indeed, her father had a wild animal look about him. And inwardly she knew that she felt the same way. She had never been fucked but she desperately wanted to be... by her own father! She wanted to feel what that thing would feel like inside her throbbing pussy.

Simon's eyes devoured the young girl's body. Evy was in the middle of her bed, sitting straight up with her knees under her, almost as if she were posing. With her long blonde hair flowing halfway down her back, she looked to him like a goddess in the shadowy room.

He sat at the side of the bed, looking over at her. His mouth was dry and his whole body was tense. He was afraid to make a move for fear that he would spook his little girl away.

Evy's eyes watched her father's hungry face as she felt his trembling fingers begin to move of their own accord on her body.

Simon's body was still sitting but was by now leaned over and laying right against his naked daughter. As his fingers rubbed at the upper mound of flesh at the top of her breasts he dared to move his mouth to his daughter's ear.

"NNNNmmmmmmmmm," she murmured.

Just as his hand moved lower over the child's orange-sized breast, his hot mouth worked gently on her ear and he whispered hotly, "Do you think you could touch me too, sweetie?"

His hand enclosed on the youngster's mound of tit-flesh and squeezed the hardened nipples teasingly between his thumb and his forefinger. She moaned very quietly. Her nipples never felt so tight and her father's fingers were causing excruciating pleasurable feelings. His mouth was open about her ear and Evy could actually feel his lips quivering from fear and excitement. That quivering created wild sensations within her body. She nervously moved her hand toward him.

Sensing that his daughter was going to touch him, Simon's cock began to twitch wildly of its own volition. Then, with one sudden motion, she reached out and clasped the flesh in her hand and closed her fingers around the throbbing mass.

"Nnnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!" he groaned through clenched teeth, "Oh yeah, sweetheart that feels so good."

"Does it, Daddy?" she whispered, hotly.

He groaned his approval.

"Is this what you wanted?" she coaxed.

"Mmmmmmmm," he answered.

"Uncle Paul touched me below, too, you know," she whispered in almost a plea, as her hand began to gently squeeze and release her father's shaft.

Simon moved his mouth about on her ear, then over to her neck and back to her ear, while his hands moved down over his daughter's exciting slender body, over her quivering belly and down to her nearly hairless pussy. All the while he never stopped licking and kissing her ear and neck.

She spread her legs apart to allow her father's probing hands to freely explore her wild body. Suddenly his right hand reached her clitoris and he gently took it and rolled his fingers upon the excitable piece of flesh. Her body began trembling.

"Nnnnnggggg," she groaned loudly, while at the same time her fingers squeezed tightly around her father's shaft.

Her daddy was playing expertly on her pussy and she began to involuntarily push her hips against his hand. She then pulled her neck away from his mouth and turned her face to his. For long hot seconds their eyes stared hotly into each others and then he moved to her and her mouth opened somewhat. Their lips pecked as if in a starting exploration.

"Why'd ... Why'd you ask if Uncle Paul kissed me down there? D-do people do that?"

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