The Jeremy Bentham Charter School

by Rod O'Steele

Copyright© 2010 by Rod O'Steele

Erotica Sex Story: How sex education should be taught, real world application

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

California, ever desiring to be in advance of everyone else, no matter the costs or consequences, decided to offer local schools a new idea called charters. Each school could write its own charter on how the school would operate. They would be released from all other state requirements as long as they followed their charter. The idea being that experimental schools would discover methods that worked best in educating kids and those ideas would gain acceptance and be integrated into the normal public schools. It also meant that some ideas wouldn't work, but there is that cost to being on the 'bleeding' edge of advances.

The only real opposition came from the teacher's union. Teacher's unions are quite interesting. They oppose any real advancement in teaching except higher pay raises for teachers. It's as if the only way to educate students is to put every dime in the pockets of the teachers. Who needs school lunches, books, janitors, grounds keepers, or administrators to keep the whole thing running? Put all of the money in teachers' pockets.

Unions also fight against getting rid of bad teachers, no matter how bad they are. So the unions fought against charters, rightly fearing that the advances would show that some of the current problems come down to bad teachers doing a bad job.

Ninety percent of all teachers work hard to educate kids. It's that other 10% that the unions spend all of their time keeping on the payroll, and consequently, paying union dues. As a side benefit, the politicians hoped that charters would help eliminate these bad teachers by exposing them, since the politicians couldn't and wouldn't take on the unions directly.

That's enough background.

I was tired of my job. I had graduated with an MBA and went to work for a Wall Street firm making good money. In my twenty years there, I had managed to sock away a good deal of cash in tax deferred retirement funds as well as other investments.

Several years earlier, while working on a big client I happened to come across a little scheme that the partners were running. It was also, to put it gingerly, slightly illegal, as well as cheating the clients. If information on this little scheme got out, the firm could have been ruined and the partners involved might have been raking golf courses in some Federal, um, summer camp.

When I spoke to my senior partner, I happened to mention my own desire to retire early. He gave me an appraising look and dropped all pretenses and offered to let me in on the scheme. So, after twenty years on the street, I had plenty of money to retire and did. Yeah, I ought to feel badly about the scheme, but I don't. Caveat Emptor, buddy. If you don't want to make sure your broker is honest, good luck to you. To save fools from their folly is to fill the world with fools. Just look at Congress and that voters won't kick them out to know we have already filled the world with fools.

I moved home to California, happy to be out of the snowy humid east. Unfortunately, I wasn't really old enough to sit on my ass all day and quickly grew bored. That's when a neighbor told me about this new school that was going to open. I didn't even need a teaching credential; my master's degree was enough. The school was going to be based on the teachings of Jeremy Bentham, the libertarian philosopher. The emphasis of the school was real world application of knowledge and the school needed teachers who knew actual business rather than just academic subjects. It fit me like a glove, so I applied.

The first year the school was small, only 300 kids. All of the teachers wound up teaching all sorts of subjects, with emphasis on practical application to the real world. For instance, when teaching Trig the students had to go out and measure the height of the buildings using shadow lengths rather than just read about it in a stuffy classroom. We also didn't have grade levels. If a 12-year-old wanted to take Econ, he or she could.

All students had to master certain disciplines and take a specified number of classes to graduate, but what those were, were up to the students and their parents. So, it wasn't unusual to have classes with students that ranged in age from eleven to eighteen. All were held to the same standards.

Enrollment took off in the next two years and we began adding more subjects, always with an emphasis on real life application. I was able to spend more time with the older students teaching real business courses. I was having a blast, since a libertarian foundation went through the whole curriculum, these students wouldn't take crap and demanded to know how things worked and how they worked to make everyone better off, not just robbing Peter to pay Paul, the way most Government programs work. The one thing about Government programs is the politicians know they'll always have Paul's support.

It was at the beginning of the third year that the Headmaster, Judy Nichols, pulled me aside in the first planning session and told me that she wanted me to teach a new course. They were asking me because I was single and she felt that being single would make it easier to take on this new class. I wondered what in the hell could make being single an advantage but just asked her, "What class?"

She smiled, "Sex Ed."

I laughed. "What's the big deal, Judy?"

She smiled and said, "You're forgetting the basic principle of practical application of all of our classes."

That rocked me. In a flash I understood why they wanted a single teacher. But they couldn't really be thinking that? "You're kidding?"

She shook her head. "The class will have an age limit, fourteen and above, but students under that can be admitted with parental permission, on a case by case basis, if they are physically and emotionally mature enough. You know how girls, especially, are growing up early these days. It doesn't do any good to teach them Sex Ed two years after they start having sex. Will you take the class?"

I nodded, unable to trust my voice. I might as well admit, that like any male teacher, and from the news reports, many female teachers as well, I have fantasies about some of my students. I had managed to keep my dick in my pants, despite provocation from flirting girls who knew exactly how to arouse a man, by frequently resorting to beating peter into submission. Sometimes, I had to use my lunch break to beat it back into submission after one of the little tarts would bend over in front of my desk and display her assets. So, this class didn't exactly strike me as a horrible idea.

"And the curriculum?" I asked.

"Our usual. Start with theory and then show how to apply the theory to the real world. That's why the students have to be old enough to apply the theory," she said.

That was plain enough. I nodded acceptance. "Thanks, Mike. I could see it being a problem for a married instructor."

"Yeah." That was a classic understatement.

First day of school is always hectic and this one was no exception. I was even more nervous than usual, however. I taught two sections of business in the morning and two sections of history, my undergraduate minor. After lunch, I taught a section of music appreciation, quite a different course for me, since I don't read music, but I love nearly everything except hip hop. On the other hand, hip hop is just like real music, except for the profoundly stupid lyrics, so I guess it isn't a problem that I skip that.

My last class was Sex Education. As I sat in the classroom waiting for students, my stomach was filled with butterflies, big lead butterflies. The students started filing in. They had all signed up for the course and their parents had approved it. As the bell rang I looked around the class. It was about even, male and female. It was also younger than I expected. Most of the students looked to be about fourteen. I had expected the students taking the course to be older.

I stood up and welcomed the students. I recognized many of the students from other classes. But some of them were new to me so I had them all tell me their names, their ages, and why they were taking the course. Pretty standard first day for me in any course.

Several of the girls were fourteen and one girl, Lisa Hernandez, was thirteen, though she did look older. Most of the students were fifteen with several sixteen. None of the students were older than sixteen. None of the boys were under fourteen.

After they had introduced themselves, I did the same. Then I started the real class. The first thing I did was ask them a question. "Why do you think there aren't any older students?"

Several people raised their hands. I pointed to one girl, Jenna, "They already know about sex. They've been having sex for several years."

I was surprised, but she was probably right. "Is that why you are all taking the class, to learn how to have sex?" The heads all nodded. "Good, let's do it."

One way Bentham is different is that every student is issued a laptop. Every desk has a port right on the desk that connects to the school network and the Internet. When I ask for homework the students download it right then into my computer. When I pass out assignments, bang, they download. No paper.

I hit a key and downloaded the 'book' into every computer. Once I knew I was going to teach this class, I looked at several standard Human Sexuality texts. They were all boring beyond endurance. It was as if the authors tried their damndest to take all of the sex out of sexuality and make it as boring as possible. Most teachers at Bentham didn't use standard textbooks because textbook authors are bad writers; they remove the context and controversies, and write down to their audience. I almost never used a standard text for the same reasons.

So I went on the internet and researched. I found that the latest research was finding that our current social rules, straight monogamy, no sex till marriage, was the exception historically. Most societies have had polygamy in some form or another. And the idea of virginity until eighteen has never been the real behavior of any society. So I had chosen Joy of Sex as my basic text, with various Internet sources to fill in the background theory and history. When I hit download, a pdf version of the book downloaded along with http address to all the Internet sources.

The students were already opening the pdf files and eagerly looking at the pictures by the time I had finished downloading them. "Hey, everybody."

They looked up, startled.

"I don't want you to read this whole book tonight. You can look at all of the pictures, because I know you will anyway." I said to giggles in the class. "But we aren't going front to back so you don't need to read ahead. Okay, close the books." Slowly, the students pulled their attention from the computers and closed them.

I spent the rest of the class talking about grading, mostly based on practical applications, and other administrative items. When the last bell rang, I sent them out. I collapsed in my chair. It had just been like a regular class. Whew!

At lunch the next day I had a call from a parent, Lisa's mom. 'It's already started, ' I thought. I called her back on my lunch. I introduced myself and we went through the pleasantries. Then she shocked me. "I'm so glad you chose Joy for the class," she said.

"Um yes," I said completely bowled over. This was not what I expected.

"When I went to school we didn't have any Sex Ed and I was clueless. I remember picking up a copy of the Joy of Sex and finding out all that I had been missing. But I was already twenty-four. I was mad as hell that no one had ever taught me any of this. I'm glad that Lisa won't grow up ignorant as I was," she finished.

"Thank you, Mrs. Hernandez," I said.

"Miss," she corrected emphatically. "I'm divorced."

And available, I heard in her voice. "I'm glad you approve of my choice. I'm sure Lisa will learn a lot in the class."

"I'm sure she will too. She asked me a thousand questions last night. I just kept telling her, wait for class. She was so eager," Miss Hernandez said.

We made the appropriate statements and hung up. I sat looking at the phone. I have to admit I was worried when I started this class. I knew we had a pretty socially liberal group of parents. However, I really thought I'd get flack about the choice of texts for the class. To be thanked for it by a parent, well, I was surprised to say the least.

The class that afternoon went smoothly. I started talking about the history of sex research, pointing out various Internet resources and what the latest research had shown. As I mentioned one, I'd call it up on my computer and it would display on the front screen. It would also display on every computer in the class since they were slaved to mine. In other words, I was giving them the theory that would support the later practicum. Frankly, it was not any different than a typical class. I tried to keep it interesting, but there's not a lot you can do sometimes.

I had the first two weeks laid out for the theory and facts including STDs, pregnancy, and prevention of both, all of the dry stuff that most classes concentrate on. I had the class read the last part of Joy of Sex called Problems and the first section Starters that dealt with these subjects. On the Monday of the third week, I called up the Joy of Sex. "On to the good stuff," I said. The interest level went from ho hum to oh yeah in seconds. Most students were staring at their screens.

"Okay, boys and girls," I started out. "Here's the plan. We are going to start with relatively usual sexual activities and work through until we get to the more unusual types in the book. You'll notice that much of the book is laid out alpha so I won't be following it that way. I have listed the readings and definitions I want you to read before each class." I sent a file to each computer. "Stay on track or you'll get lost, and won't that be embarrassing, lost in sex," I said to general giggles.

"First topic, foreplay." All eyes were riveted on me. I had them open the pdf book on their computers to the section on foreplay and had one boy read the definition.

"Why is foreplay important?" I asked the class. No answer. "Okay, don't go to sleep on me. We talked about this before. Hint, timing differences."

Alicia, one of the older girls, raised her hand, "Mr. O'Hara, it takes men and women different amounts of time to reach climax. Men on average reach climax two minutes after beginning stimulation and women take an average of ten minutes of stimulation. Foreplay can even this difference out if the man takes the opportunity to arouse the woman so that she is close to climax when they begin intercourse."

"Excellent," I said. "And there is one other thing. Foreplay feels good. Don't think of it as a necessary prelude. Foreplay can be just as much fun as any other part of sex."

I went to the board, "Okay, what things can be foreplay?" I pointed to Kyle.

He quickly looked at his computer. "Kissing," he said.

"Kyle, do you really need your book to know about kissing?" I asked. The class broke into laughter as Kyle turned red. "One more type without your book."

"Touching," he said.

"Touching?" I asked

"Touching her tits," he blurted out to giggles.

"Good," I said and wrote that on the white board to a few suppressed gasps and giggles.

I quickly filled up the board with various types of foreplay. I had to be the first one to say fellatio and cunnilingus since the class was inhibited, but that was the purpose of the class--to get them over that inhibition about what should be a perfectly normal activity.

"Okay, now for the next thing we need to break into study groups. Everyone needs a study partner, one girl, and one boy." The class started looking around knowing what this meant. The older girls quickly staked claims to the older boys. As always, the girl controls sex. Then the younger girls quickly took the leftovers until everyone was paired up except Lisa, the youngest. I thought it funny how many men would have leapt at he chance to have lovely Lisa as a sex study partner, but the boys all wanted the oldest girl they could get.

Lisa looked like she was about to cry. "We have an extra girl. That's good for me. Can I be your study partner, Lisa?"

Her face went through several emotions in a split second ending with a bright smile. "Really?" I nodded. "Yes, Mr. O'Hara."

Jenna raised her hand, "I can be your partner." Several other girls immediately raised their hands.

"Whoa. We all have partners now. We'll stay with the partners we all selected," I said, partially as a learning experience for the class and mostly because the thought of being partners with Lisa was turning me on.

"Lab time," I said to confused looks. I opened a connecting door to the room next to ours. It had been converted into a Sex Ed lab. All around the room there were soft divans that could double as sitting or lounging areas. The windows were shaded, the floors carpeted, the lighting soft, and it had a stereo playing soft music. The general color scheme was dark reds to help the passion along.

The students all stared as they followed me into the lab. "Choose a divan with your partner." There was some hesitation as it sunk in. They were really going to learn about sex, not just from a dry sterile computer but from actually doing it. Finally, all of the students were seated on a divan with their partner. I had Lisa sitting next to me.

"As you know, the foundation of this school is applying in the real world the theory we learn. Now is the time to start applying what we've learned. I want you to start with things like kissing. We don't have a full lab period so don't worry about trying to do everything today. Get comfortable with your partner. Get to know them because you have to get to like each other. Talk if you want, but also get in some practice."

I watched for a few minutes to make sure they we starting the assignment. Some were talking. Some couples leaned forward immediately and started kissing. Soon, all were kissing.

I sat next to Lisa. Her face was flushed whether with embarrassment or desire, I didn't know. I held her chin and brought her lips to mine. She purred as my tongue chased hers. I laid her back on the divan, still kissing. Lisa was moaning now as my hand found the small rounded bumps that were her tits and gently massaged them. I broke the kiss and glanced around the room. No one was talking anymore. They were all kissing, some lying down, others still sitting.

I looked back to Lisa, a smile played on her lips. "I'm glad you're my lab partner."

"Me too," I said. I quickly undid the buttons on her blouse, opening it to gaze at her chest. Her breathing quickened as I unsnapped her small bra exposing her tits. Her nipples were hard and erect already and that was about all there was to her tits yet. I took one in between my lips, squeezing it before licking around it. Lisa pressed up against me. I licked and lapped at both of her little tits.

Lisa's weren't the only moans I was hearing now. My hand cupped her pussy which was hot. Her cotton panties were wet. I pulled them down and off her feet. Her skirt was short and loose so I pulled it up exposing her pussy, still hairless and gaping open in arousal. Cunnilingus was on the list of subjects and her pussy looked delightfully ready to eat.

I settled between her legs, she looking down with her eyes glued to me. I bent forward and inhaled the aroma of aroused woman. My tongue traced between her lips, licking from the bottom to the top of her cleft. She shuddered as it traced over her clit. I heard a couple voices saying, "Wow, look at that," but was too busy to remind them that this was lab time and they should be practicing, not watching.

The taste of her sweet pussy was driving me crazy. I attacked her with tongue and lips, sucking her sweet juices from her pussy. Lisa's hips began to bounce on the divan. Her fingers curled and scratched at the plush fabric. Her legs went down my back and I felt her heels digging in as her hips rose up off the divan. I pressed back, driving my tongue deep into her. Her thighs closed on my head, trapping me as her pussy spasmed, gushing her girl juices onto my tongue.

Lisa relaxed, every muscle in her body going limp. She was breathing hard as she came back from her climax. I took the time to explore her pussy. It was beautiful, the outer lips plump and red, the inner lips glistening with her juice, her clit distended out of its sheath but slowly receding, and finally her vagina. It still had a small cruciform hymen so I knew there wouldn't be much pain when I entered her for the first time. I could hardly wait for the next section of lab work.

The preliminary buzzer rang in the lab. It was set to ring ten minutes before the class bell to give people a chance to get ready to leave. "Okay, class. Get cleaned up and dressed, if you need to." I saw many girls adjusting bras and blouses and a few of the more intrepid pulling on panties and even a few boys trying to stuff enlarged cocks back in their pants. There would be more than a few cases of blue balls that night.

Mine was one of those cases. I had jacked off to the image of Lisa, covering my belly with my cum as I dreamed of the next class and fucking Lisa. As class started the next afternoon, I asked, "Who masturbated last night?" Dead silence. I smiled, "I did." Dead silence with shocked expressions. "Kyle?" His face turned red. "Raise your hand. Your face gives you away." At that, a bunch more faces turned red. "You, you, you," I started pointing as more and more faces turned red, girls and boys. Finally, every hand was raised.

"Hands down. That is the point I wanted to make. Everybody masturbates. Everybody. You don't need to be embarrassed about it. It's like breathing, we all do it." I could see the expressions change as they began to get it.

I sent out a form with two columns, boy - girl. Each column had certain items that needed to be checked off. At the top were simple things for this lab sections like kissing, French kissing. At the bottom was the advanced, oral sex. "Lab partners are responsible for getting their partner through all of the steps. Everyone needs to check off all of the items, one form for each partnership. When you are done one partner needs to send the form back to me. Check off the things you did yesterday. Don't rush today. We still have several days of lab work for this section. Take your time and do it right. How do you know if you are doing it right?"

I looked at the class. "Anna?"

"Because it feels good?" she said.

"And how will you know if it feels good to your partner?"

"Ask them?" she said.

It was a point I had made several times, communication is the secret to good sex. "Right." I headed for the lab door, "Lab time."

The class followed me in, quickly going to the same divans they had been at before. Lisa sat next to me. "What would you like to do today?" I asked her. She blushed and looked away. "None of that," I chided her. "Remember, this is all perfectly normal. Nothing to blush about."

She steeled herself and looked up at me. "I'd like to try fellatio."

Sproing. I had an instant erection. "Okay," I said happily. "Let's both get undressed." The soft lighting made it less challenging to get naked. I quickly took off my clothes and piled them neatly on the little table by the divan. Lisa did the same. She looked even hotter completely naked, her skin perfect and body just at that stage when a girl becomes a woman, hips filling out, tits just starting to grow, and her pussy red and already engorging with arousal.

"Did you read about it in the book?" I asked.

She nodded. "I read it last night, several times," she said.

"Good." I laid back on the divan, my cock sticking up, bouncing in time with my pulse.

Lisa looked up at me. I smiled and nodded. Her hand crossed the space between us, hesitated, then she wrapped her hand around my cock. It was ecstasy feeling her small feminine hand wrap around my cock. "Gosh, it's hard," she said.

"Because of you," I told her. She smiled at the compliment. "Try some hand play at first."

Diligently, Lisa applied herself to the lesson. Her hand stroked my cock, feeling the skin move around the hard inner shaft. She played with my balls gently as it said in the materials. The precum started burbling from the tip.

"You know what that is?" I asked. She nodded. "Go ahead and taste it."

All of the materials I had in class stressed that the tastes and smells of sex are essential to the complete experience. I didn't even make it an option that girls wouldn't swallow or the boys wouldn't lick and suck a girl's juices.

Lisa bent forward and licked the tip of my cock. "It's slippery."

"To provide lubrication," I said.

She nodded, then bent forward again to lick my cock. Sweet Jesus, thank you for sex. Her hand continued stroking my cock as she licked and sucked at the tip. Pretty soon, she was taking more and more of it.

I felt the tightening in my balls and let it come, trying to cum quickly rather than hold back, to make it easy for Lisa on her first blowjob. Her hand was sliding easily now that my shaft was soaked with her spit and my precum. Her tongue rolled around the head of my cock right at the most sensitive place as she sucked ... and that was enough. "I'm cumming..." I told her as the first gush of cream rushed up my cock. Lisa held her head still, just over the end of my cock but her hand continued, just like in the book. She gulped as my cum splashed into her waiting mouth, then another and another. A trickle of white came from the corner of her mouth but she managed to swallow all the rest. I had to reach out and stop her hand as my cock had become over sensitive.

She looked up at me, "How did I do?"

"A plus," I said meaning it.

She smiled shyly.

My cock quickly wilted from that most satisfying experience. I was able to put some attention back on the room. I noticed Anna sitting on her divan with Jason and they were just sitting. Both were naked which made the inactivity inexplicable. If I had been sitting naked with a hottie like Anna we'd have been doing something. I patted Lisa, "Sorry, but I have to be the teacher too."

I went over to their couch and knelt. Anna stared at my cock while Jason looked down at his hands. "What's going on?"

"Jason won't do it," Anna said.

"Do what?"

"Cunnilingus," she said.

I looked at Jason who finally looked up at me, "I don't want to eat pussy," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"It's dirty," he responded.

"Jason, you read our materials?" He nodded. "Then why do you think it's dirty?" He hemmed and hawed for a bit. I probed and finally it came out. His uncle had said it. "You like your uncle?" He nodded. "Well, Jason, you can like someone and they can be a good person and they can still have some wrong ideas especially about sex. People have the weirdest ideas about sex. That's why we have this class. Nothing in sex is dirty." I paused to let that sink in. "Also, if you won't do the assignments you'll have to leave the class."

"No," he nearly shouted. I waited. "I want to have sex."

"Jason, this is sex. It's not just about poking. And it most certainly isn't all about the guy getting pleased and the girls getting nothing. Learn how to get laid. Learn to eat pussy. Learn to like it. Anna is a beautiful woman and she isn't dirty. Look at her."

He looked at the naked girl beside him. "She is hot," he said, which made Anna smile.

"Good. Show her you think she's hot. Eat her nice scrumptious pussy," I said. They both giggled. Anna lay back on the couch and Jason crawled between her legs. She had a beautiful pussy and I had to leave before I pushed Jason aside and jumped her myself.

I looked around the room and saw that most of the couples were doing some sort of oral sex. One couple was in the classic 69 position, the girl bobbing on his cock as his face was buried in her pussy.

The sight of all of the teens having sex restored the vigor in my cock. By the time I made it back to Lisa I was half-hard again. "Your turn," I said as I lay down beside her. I kissed her, running my hand over her small tits. Then I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth sucking and licking it until it was hard. Lisa was moaning again. My hand found her pussy, wet already. This was one of the items on the checklist so I began playing with her pussy. My finger slid inside her easily as the heel of my hand pressed against her clit.

I began finger fucking little Lisa while alternately kissing then bending down to suck her nipples. Lisa's eyes closed as her mouth hung open as her breathing became deep and ragged. I felt her pussy juicing up as she climbed higher and higher. I picked up the pace and held it as Lisa came, her hips bouncing around on the divan. She went limp as I pulled my finger from her pussy and licked it clean. She smiled up at me. I bent down and kissed her. She pulled my head down and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Mr. O'Hara."

I kissed her gently, "That's lust, Lisa. But it's nice too."

The buzzer sounded and we got cleaned up. I clapped my hands right before the last bell. "Okay everyone. If you haven't completed all of the items on your checklist you'll have to get together outside of class. Everything needs to be checked off. Tonight, start reading the Entrée section of the book. Class dismissed."

Entrées is mostly intercourse in all of its marvelous variety. We met in the classroom and discussed the readings. Near the end of class I started on the lab rules. "As you know, all of the students in class were tested for communicable disease before class started. Also, all of the girls started on birth control pills. We have reduced the risk as much as possible for this class. Boys will wear condoms for intercourse."

Jenna's hand went up. "Mr. O'Hara, what if the girl thinks it is okay for the boy not to wear a condom?"

I answered, "If you want to not use them on homework, okay. But school policy is students must wear them while involved in school activities. Period, no exceptions for students. Sorry, Jenna."

The other students laughed and Jenna joined in. "I was just thinking of Alex." This caused Alex to blush and brought even more laughter.

I went on about the lab rules, "Guys, make sure your partner is ready, lots of foreplay, okay? No painful insertions because she is nervous and dry. If her pussy isn't sloshing you better get down there and make sure she's ready. Pain gets you an F, not her. Understood?" There were a lot of nods. I saw guys glancing at the clock hoping they were starting today. The students were suddenly eager beavers.

"Tomorrow we start the lab section," I said to a few suppressed groans. "Class dismissed." The students filed out, the boys with a bounce to their step.

At the start of class the next day I sent out the lab work steps to be completed. It included everything from missionary to cowgirl and rear entry, non-anal. The extras would be in the next module.

We went into the lab and everyone paired up. The boys were practically cumming in their jeans in anticipation. "Guys," I started. "You need to take it slow and easy this first time. Our society has made it a big deal for the girls when they lose their virginity. There are all sorts of social taboos. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. Girls, remember Voltaire, 'It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge.' That's all we are doing today is dispelling ignorance. Relax and enjoy."

Soon, clothes were flying off and couples were kissing and boys were making sure the girl was ready. I threw off my clothes and Lisa was already naked and lying back on the divan. She looked eager and nervous. I kissed her and fondled her cute little tits. I began eating Lisa, getting her ready for her first cock. She was hunching her hips trying for more sensation when I rose up and moved between her legs.

She had been on the pill for several months now. The policy about condoms specifically mentioned students and said nothing about teachers. Put these two facts together, as I did, and Lisa was going to get her first fuck the right way. While the boys were wrapping their cocks in rubber, I pressed my cock into Lisa. Her eyes flashed open as she felt my cock sinking into her pussy. "Oh," she moaned. As the head of my cock stretched her open it tore her cherry and she yipped.

"Okay?" I asked, holding still with just the head of my cock buried in her tight pussy.

She nodded. "It just surprised me. I feel so full."

'You ain't felt nothing yet, ' I said to myself as I gently rocked my hips spreading her natural lube on my cock and sinking slowly into her grasping pussy.

Lisa's eyes opened wide as my cock slipped further and further into her until I bottomed out mashing against her distended clit. "Oh God," she moaned as I rubbed hard against her.

"You like it?" I asked.

"Yessss..." she moaned, her eyes closed.

I took a look around the room while Lisa got used to having a cock buried in her. I could see many a little bare ass pumping away as the girls moaned. The lab session appeared to be going well. I saw several of the boys stiffen then relax, already done. I knew they'd be ready in no time and had coached the girls to not ridicule them when they came fast, but to encourage them to get ready again and give the girls a nice slow fuck the second time. I noticed that Zack had already filled one condom and was sliding the second on as he got back between Kristine's legs and easily sank into her again.

Lisa was now moving on my cock, rubbing back against me. I lifted until I was almost out then plunged back into her bringing another gasping moan to her lips. I set up a nice easy pace, sliding my cock in and out of her tight pussy.

Because she was only thirteen, and a little small for her age, she was almost like a little doll. Holding her to me as I fucked her, her head was tucked under my chin. Her legs were wrapped around my ass just like any woman's and her pussy was juicy and hot and tighter than most. I was quite pleased to be lancing into Lisa.

I could tell she was getting close, having watched her through several climaxes already. I picked up the pace and quit holding back myself. Her fingers gripped my shoulders and her nails dug in as she crested her own peak, moaning and thrashing about under me. I let go and felt the cum boiling in my balls, then the first gout of cum burst through my cock and exploded into the girl under me. Blast after blast, I filled her with my cum as she cried out in her own cum filled pleasure, "Godddd..." This died away into a keening wail as waves of pleasure surged through Lisa in small shuddering climaxes.

My cock was awash in our cum as I lay on Lisa. I pulled out and saw her pussy gaping open from our sex and white trickles of cum running out and down the crack of her ass. I couldn't help but be thankful all of the divans were washable and treated for stain resistance.

I lay back next to Lisa and cuddled her. I looked around the room. Half of the students were in various states of contentment, having tried sex. Half were engaged, whether the first time or the fifth I couldn't tell, except I did see quite a few used condoms in the trash. Oh, to be young again. I kissed Lisa and stroked her.

"Thank you, Mr. O'Hara," she said. "I just knew it would be wonderful."

"Believe me, Lisa. It was my pleasure. You are a wonderful lover."

"Really?" she asked. I nodded a big smile filling my face. She smiled back. I kissed her again before getting up and grabbing some towels so that we could clean up.

The warning buzzer went off. Most of the students finished and started getting cleaned up. Daniel and Kendra didn't stop. I looked over and saw that they didn't look like they were in any hurry either. "Okay everybody! Time to clean up."

They were in another world and didn't pay the least attention. I went over to their divan and slapped Daniel on his bare ass. Kendra opened her eyes and saw what had happened. "Do that again," she said.

So I did, driving his hips hard into her, "Again," she shouted. I figured this was supposed to be the next module, but what the hell. So I started slapping Daniel's ass on each stroke sending his hips slamming into Kendra each time. She screamed out as her climax burst on her and Daniel tensed up and lunged again and again as his climax filled him.

Most of the rest of the students had been watching, drawn to the excitement, and started clapping as the couple came to rest. Daniel and Kendra blushed as I said, "Show's over. You two hurry up and the rest of you get ready for class end," as they all burst into hurried activity.

The students began filing out, Kendra was one of the last. "Um, thanks Mr. O'Hara. That was different."

"And fun?" I asked.

"And fun," she allowed.

"Good. I hope you and Daniel will share that with the class tomorrow. The point of the class is that there are many ways to have fun."

She blushed and nodded before running from class.

Part II

On Friday, Jenna stayed after class. I had seen her and Alex and they seemed to be working their way through the exercises, missionary, face to face, rear entry, without any problems, so I was surprised when she stayed.

"Hi, Jenna," I said.

"Mr. O'Hara," she started and I could tell from the voice it was a good one. "It's Alex."

"What about Alex?" I asked.

"He's not very good," she said.

"Jenna, none of the boys are very good yet. And none of the girls are either, you know. It takes practice to become good at sex, for both genders."

"But you're good and Lisa is the only one who gets to..." she hesitated.

"Have sex with me?"

"Be lab partners with you," Jenna huffed, trying to hide the real issue.

"I see. You did choose your own partner, and as I remember you staked out Alex right quick," I said.

"But I didn't know you'd be someone's partner," she whined.

"There's a good lesson to learn," I said. "I think it's the right thing to stick with our current partners in class."

"In class?" she asked hopefully. "How about extra credit?"

"I hadn't thought about it since everyone has been working so diligently extra credit seems unnecessary."

"Maybe not for credit but how about real learning?" Jenna asked.

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