Dog Sex Aftermath

by Diane O'Dwyer

Copyright© 2010 by Diane O'Dwyer

Erotica Sex Story: The Morning after being talked into Dog sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   .

A Swingers Aftermath (The morning after a dog had fucked me)

I sat in the kitchen, feeling so bad at 9am, nursing a hangover and sipping coffee, Carol then quietly came in too, pouring herself a coffee from the pot and she sat down. She didn't speak for ages, but then, looking closely at my face, she looked around theatrically, touched my hand gently and asked in a low confidential tone something on the lines of, 'How I was feeling about it now, the next day.'

When I started to mention my hangover but she hushed me, then after turning again said quietly, "No, not that silly, I meant about you and me and all that fun last night with our Kim."

(I realised with an inward groan that she was referring to both our sex antics with her dog Kim, the night before. I stared down into my coffee cup, now blushing and almost dying of embarrassment.)

After a long swinging party in which we had, (as usual) swapped our husbands and Carol and I had also played some Bi-sexual and foursomes well into the night. But all this was just as our usual sexy weekends entertainment with Carol and Mick. We had met many times before, we often stayed over at their house on the weekends Carols children were with her first husband. Occasionally they came over to us too. We were all used to swinging with each other now but last night had been different.

Mick had, for the first time in a year of our dating suddenly introduced their Labrador dog into our sexual party. A few drinks and a lot of foreplay later we had all of us finally watched it lick Carol, then, (at the boys excited encouragement for her go further) we had all watched her go and lie over the couch and Mick then help Kim to jump up onto her back and mount her like a bitch. She had happily and (more than willingly) let the dog fuck her all the way. From her moans she had clearly enjoyed it as he thrust into her and really gave her what for a furious pace. It was amazing and quite obviously to us that it not the first time Kim had fucked Carol, she had wantonly slammed her butt back hard onto his cock, fucking him with the same excited thrusts he give to her, he really get it into her. She was quite obviously enjoying it a lot, as he grunted and came, she did too, noisily.

I must admit watching it all had all been a very sexy experience and I would have no problems with that, if that's all I had done. I'd been mortified since earlier that morning, when I'd become fully awake and my mind cleared I'd remembered with horror that after more drinks and some teasing and encouragement I too had joined in with the dog sex games. I'd finally relented to let myself be licked by the dog for ages, then, as I got more and more excited and they all egged me on to do it I'd gone the whole way, up onto my hands and knees while Mick guided Kim's cock up into me. I'd also been fucked by Kim too, worse, I remembered that once he had got in me I'd been like a bitch on heat banging back at his cock as they'd all encouraged me by telling me he was nearly coming, all watching me too climax noisily with an animals cock wedged deep in my cunt, just as Carol had.

Oh my God, I'd let myself be fucked by a bloody dog, worse, as my mind cleared further I realised with totally horror that far from hating it I was recalling more just how much I'd obviously enjoyed the experience, I remembered Kim's cock had made me come intensely. (Or else the sheer thought of what a dirty bitch I was being, fucking a dog in front of three people had.) I vividly remembered climaxing as I pushed myself back hard onto the dog's swollen cock! I was now mortified with guilt.

Jesus, I now just wanted to curl up and die. Oh my God, a dog has actually fucked me in front of three other people and I had loved it ... Please, let the floor just open up and swallow me, Please.

I mumbled in embarrassment and pretended that I had been so drunk I couldn't even remember.

"You should," she countered, "He made the pair of us come quite a few times, unless you are a bloody good actress, you could at least just remember Kim is actually quite a lover."

Oddly I was far more troubled at the obvious fact that I had clearly "enjoyed" the feel of their dog thrusting up inside me, than the recollection of what I had consented to "let" it do while drunk. I'd remembered this with horror as soon as I'd woke up that morning, this was really the thought that was "haunting" me, it wasn't the thought of what I'd actually done with a dog, I could have found a mental "get out" for that in my mind after a drunken party but it went further home much than that I knew the bloody dog had made me climax as I'd felt his come spurting hot inside me. This is what was hard to take mentally, the sheer knowledge that an animal had come up me and excited me to an orgasm At this point I did he had seemed totally stuck up inside me but I couldn't understand how or why it had excited me so wildly as I'd felt him coming. Shame facedly I could now vividly remember the extent of my enthusiasm in pushing myself onto Kim's swollen cock as he ejaculated in me and the extent of my own climax as he did so. I was still literally in shock that next morning.

It was oddly reassuring to know Carol had liked it as much too, sort of relaxing the tension a little. I admitted shyly Kim had been very enthusiastic, agreeing was just like a 'Safety in numbers' club.

I shushed her reply as Mike and Paddy were walking back and forth putting their Golf clubs in Mike's pickup for their usual Sunday morning "Golf" outing. They came over and after a rather anxious look to Carol Mike asked her sheepishly if I was 'alright". When I snapped back a little too quickly, "Of course I was" They quickly kissed us both goodbye and left, no doubt to share their mutual horny recollections of their nympho wives debauched antics the night before. It would have been a class act for professional Porn stars let alone two ordinary housewives and mothers having a sexy weekend with no kids. Apart from our sexy lesbian show for them we had finally finished off the sexy evening by fucking ourselves senseless on the receiving end of their horny dog's thick red cock. They had both been zapped by it all, tossing themselves off frantically as they watched their tipsy wives go down on each other while they each got fucked frantically to an orgasm in turn by Mike's randy Labrador dog, some wild sex show for two amateur housewives!

Clearly they had plenty to talk about as they walked the Golf course. They were probably both imagining we were now getting second helpings as they played. Nothing was further from the truth.

When the boys had driven off to the Golf Club I suddenly decided I needed to come clean with her.

"Jesus, I'll admit it all Carol," I said, "I felt so bad about it all this morning but I'll admit that I wasn't really all that drunk. Screwing with Kim was incredibly sexy last night. I was thinking about it in the shower this morning, I almost started playing with myself over it. It was amazing when I felt him start to swell up inside me. I just let myself go and relaxed, I forgot who or WHAT was fucking me and pushed back hard on a lovely cock. It's just incredible how thick he got at the end! I had two intense orgasms one after the other! I've honestly never had a man's penis feel anything near that thick inside me before."

She looked relieved at what I'd said and she interrupted me eagerly, "I know, he doesn't start off that way, it really feels quite thin in your vagina as he first gets it in you but when he starts swelling up, Jesus, look out, he goes frantic once he gets it up into you. Hell Di, don't a Dog's hard balls feel weird slapping up against you? They feel absolutely nothing like a mans would do, they're much harder, like little stones."

I agreed with her, whatever my guilt I still couldn't deny their dog had given me the fuck of my life so I really did try to give her an honest answer.

"I think is was the way his cock swelled up when he came Carol, it seemed jammed solid inside me, I couldn't have pull away from it if I'd wanted to get it out. At first I thought I had dreamed it all when I woke up this morning, until Paddy tried to fuck me that is and I couldn't. I'm still really sore down there, I just wondered how the Hell Kim could have possibly become so huge up inside me? He filled me up so much that he even tore me pulling it out when I first panicked to get him off. It actually felt really small when he first slid it up inside me, but after he stopped thrusting and lay still over my back it felt bloody enormous, bigger than a man and still spurting away in me really hot. That's when he made me come as I pushed back at him. It felt just like a tennis ball wedged up inside me and stuck. I thought I couldn't get it down out of me again, I was starting to panic."

What I told Carol was true, when Kim had first got sexy and started jumping up on my back his hard little cock had been stabbing away at my pussy for a while and he eventually manage to push it up hard into me. Despite it being so deliciously "dirty" (knowing it was a dog's cock inside me, not a man's) it still felt well, little, more like a hard wooden pencil pushing into my pussy than a real cock. I just wondered what all the fuss was about. The next thing he had been in a frenzy and thrusting up into me hard, his solid little balls banging against my clitoris and his cock was swelling up feeling more the size of a coke bottle than a pencil. From there on I was totally Gaga. I couldn't believe Kim had swelled up so big. He was bloody huge. He had fucked me hard and fast for a few minutes, so hard that I came too, pushing myself back onto this swollen cock ramming into me. Suddenly he had laid still, collapsed across my back and as I felt his cock throbbing and twitching as he spurted again and again into me, this was even sexier, feeling his hot sperm pumping deep inside me and it triggered another intense climaxed as I squirmed on the swollen cock wedged hard and seemingly locked into me. I ground myself hard onto it as the dog ejaculated hard inside me.

When I had come down after my second climax I'd suddenly realized the dog was actually stuck fast inside me and I couldn't pull him away from me. I panicked and the boys came over and pulled him off, it hurt as the dog finally pulled out and got down from me and I managed to turn and lay back against the chair Pete keep looking at me, amazed at how much I was gaping wide open and I was actually bleeding a little cut in my lower labia. Pete was touching my open pussy where the dog had actually made the little tear getting his cock out of me and reassuring me that I wasn't ripped but he kept looking and wondering at how much of Kim's come was still literally running out of me!. I has seen it too, how much my gaping pussy was leaking Kim's come. It had run out of me onto a towel that Carol had put under me last night, I remembered she had helped me to clean up with it.

"I can't believe how much your randy dog came inside me too" I murmured to Carol, still more than a little embarrassed admitting it. "It was incredibly hot. It just felt so bloody sexy."

"That's the way the dogs behave when they mate, Diane" she said in a low tone, almost whispering, "Once the dog gets inside you, his dick continues to grow and get bigger. A dog fucks you with hard and deep thrusts and humps at a rapid pace, far faster than a man can. I have had sex with about four in the last five years, I think dogs are fantastic lovers, every single one I've fucked with made me climax, they excite me so much."

"But do they always come as much as that?" I started to ask but she hushed me and went on.

"When a dog starts humping you a big knot forms at the base of his cock. He then tries to insert this knot inside you too, if he does manage to get all that lump inside you he then gets tied and then just collapses across your back. From then on he comes constantly. He has also higher body temperature than humans have, that's why his sperm feels so hot pumping up into your womb. Hey why am I telling you? You know first hand how warm dog's cum is and how much it turns you on, didn't you feel how much hotter Kim's felt?"

'Well yes" I murmured, "To be honest I did wonder at it, but I admit you are right, it did feel really sexy, bizarre really, almost like he was peeing into me, nothing like a man coming in you, and he just keeps on and on doing it and yes, it does feel so bloody hot!"

"I know, but don't forget a dog also comes much more than a man does, spurting his seed into you in long waves for a long time, in more and more culminating orgasms. He comes himself for about ten minutes. This makes dogs amazing lovers, far better than human males in that they deliver exactly what a woman expects and even better, they throb and twitch inside you for a full ten minutes as you come too. Even more bonus is they are capable of doing it again within ten minutes if they think you are still "on heat". I'll prove it for you if you want."

I panicked as she stood up and seemed to be going outside to the yard for the dog to prove it!

"No, err not right at this minute", I ventured hastily, "I still feel a bit sore down there, to say nothing of more than a little sheepish, Hell, what's on next week? A bloody Donkey?"

"I'm really sorry Di," she went on looking near to tears, "I do feel awful about all this, its my fault, I encouraged you and the boys by doing it first. It's just taken me over, it excites me so much now doing it with Kim, I want it, perhaps I do need to see a physiatrist. That Bastard says I do, he started it off as his stimulus yet now it's my vice because I liked it."

I hastily assured her that I didn't blame her in any way and I added that I had enjoyed the actual sex too, but it was taking getting a bit to get my head around the fact. It seemed to reassure her.

"I felt bad too after the first time and didn't want to repeat it but it kept cropping up in my mind when I felt sexy, the sheer sexy thought of what I'd done with Kim. After a few weeks deliberating and still wanting to do it, I finally did. I enjoyed it even more, I came again. Now? Well I'd only admit this to you now Diane but I'll admit I do Kim regularly"

I must have looked startled, or surprised as her face looked guilty again but I hastily reassured her, "Look Carol, why feel guilty talking to me, I have just admitted I liked it too, remember?"

"Yes, but would you ever consider doing it again with a dog?" Carol asked, curious now.

"Certainly not " I joked, but as she looked crestfallen I quickly realised just how guilty she did feel, I tired to lighten the mood and added, "Why, is Kim for sale?"

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