An Incestuous Episode: Cruz Control

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: After her father accidentally caught her masturbating, it was only a matter of time until they had their incestuous encounter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Realistically, it could be called the most traumatic episode in each of their lives.

D'Anelo Cruz came home from work a few hours earlier than usual.

His 15-year-old daughter Maria was at home alone, after school, in her bed. She had begun her daily masturbating routine when her father walked in the front door. Her mind was concentrating on her body and she never heard him enter the house.

By the time that her father had reached the top of the stairs and was standing outside of her bedroom door, Maria's mind was in total disarray and her fingers were pushing her into a sexual pleasure zone. D'Anelo heard strange noises from behind her door and almost as an act of protection for his daughter he entered into her room.

Maria's room wasn't that big so that when he entered he was immediately confronted with the foot of the bed. He stopped. He looked down, in complete shock, at his daughter. She was lying on her back, completely naked, and while her right hand worked between her spread legs, her left hand was squeezing at the nipple of her well-formed breast. Her eyes were tightly closed and guttural sounds were coming from deep down within the child's throat.

At first D.A. was too dumbfounded to react. Then, when he came to his senses, he was still too fascinated to put a stop to her actions. He couldn't help himself. His eyes were racing from his daughter's hand on her pussy to her hand that was rubbing her breast to her quivering lips; and then back down again.

Unable to control his body's reactions he realized that his cock had become fully enlarged within his jeans.

As Maria felt her climax nearing, she happened to open her eyes. Suddenly, her whole body tensed and her hands froze in place as she realized that her father was standing at the foot of her bed, looking down at her. Their eyes finally met and then held a grip on each other's.

Both father and daughter were in a state of quiet panic, albeit not for the same reason. Maria was ashamed that her father had caught her and she was afraid of what he was going to do about it. D.A. was in a panic because of his own reaction. He couldn't believe that he was actually hot from watching his own child masturbate. He was even more upset with himself that he had not been able to take his eyes away from the young girl's body.

Over the years, he had seen her in various stages of undress at all ages and he had never taken any undue notice. As recently as six months ago, when she was completely undressed and trying on a new dress for her mother, he had walked in on them and never even flinched. He just apologized and walked back out; never even thinking of his daughter as a female. She had been just his daughter.

This was different. Perhaps it was what she was doing to herself that caused his arousal or perhaps it was her body's wanton reaction to her driving fingers. Whatever the case was, the fact was that D.A. had been turned on by his own daughter. Their eyes continued to hold and both could see the fear written on each other's face.

Maria lay motionless while the scene unfolded. She saw her father's eyes leave hers and she watched them move slowly over her body. She was tensed and her breathing was uneven as she saw his gaze linger at her chest, moving from one breast to the other, before moving down to her crotch, where her hand was still frozen in place.

She watched her father take a deep breath and soon his eyes seemed to be transfixed on her pussy area. Maria didn't try to analyze it; however, she felt a strange feeling in her body upon seeing her father's eyes absorbing the nakedness of her body. She sensed a look of guilt on his face.

Then, to Maria's total surprise, her father lowered his eyes, turned, and left the room without uttering a word, closing the door behind him on the way out. She quickly jumped up from the bed and got dressed. All of her passion had dissipated from this encounter.

She was beside herself with apprehension. What was he going to do to her? Would he beat her? Throw her out of the house? Tell her mother, who might be the worst of the two to deal with? All of these things and maybe more? Maria knew that she would have to confront him, to apologize and to try to explain.

D.A., as friends called him, was down in the living room trying to relax and to let his nerves calm down. His hands were still shaking. His hard-on had at last begun to subside. He was chastising himself for his reaction. At first, he was angry with his daughter. After thinking further about it, he knew that most kids her age did that. There wasn't any real reason to punish her. What was worse was his own reaction at the sight of his daughter's body.

"Dad?" Sitting on the couch, he heard his daughter's voice. He looked up at her standing there in front of him. "Can ... Can we talk... ?" she asked softly.

He motioned her to the other end of the couch. "Sit here."

The 15-year-old girl sat down uneasily and, after a few moments, she got up the courage to speak. "I ... I'm sorry ... I ... I won't do it again ... I..." She was stammering.

D.A. cut her short, "Don't even say it, Maria. It's not true, so don't say it. You will do it again!"

"No ... I ... I promise you ... I..."

Again, he cut her off. "Stop hon. You ... er ... you don't have to apologize or say you're not gonna do it again because you will. Because that's what kids your age do."

His daughter was silent. This wasn't a comment that she expected to hear from her father. When was the shoe about to drop?

D.A. continued speaking, almost absent-mindedly, "You're 15, sweetheart. I can't expect you to, er, be perfect. You'll do it again ... because you're human. Girls do those things. I know that. Boys do too. You can't help it. I understand, baby."

Maria was flabbergasted. She had expected that he would go wild, but even if he didn't, her mother would. Seeing that her father was being a realist, she began to hope that maybe she could talk him out of telling her mother. Finally she spoke.

"What, er, I er what about Mama?" she asked, softly.

D.A. sensed his daughter's fear and wanted to ease her mind. After all, what she did was perfectly normal. It was he that should have felt ashamed.

"It's okay hon. Don't worry about it. I promise. It's okay. I'm not gonna tell her."

"Y-you ... you sure?"

"I promise. But you better make sure that you don't say anything to her either because then she'll be mad at me for not telling her."

Maria felt the tremendous sudden pressure of apprehension slowly ease up in her. "Thanks, Dad," she said, genuinely relieved. "And I'm ... serious ... I ... I'll try not to do it again. It's wrong. I know."

D.A. stared silently at his daughter. She was so innocent. He felt his shame return. "No, honey. It's not wrong. Maybe we've taught you that it's wrong but it's not. It's something we've all done and many of us still do. Just ... er don't ... do anything worse. But believe me, you don't have anything to be sorry for..."

Maria was about to say something when her father added, " ... not like me," almost in a whisper. She looked at him and saw the shame in his face but didn't understand what he was talking about or why he said what he did.

She stood up, and as she started to leave, she said, "Thanks, Dad."

"Okay hon ... And Maria?" he called softly to her. "I'm er, I'm sorry, honey."

She stopped at the door and looked back at him for a long moment, and then she asked inquisitively, "For what?"

"For looking at you. I er, I shouldn't have, baby. I'm sorry."

She stood silently, looking back at her father. He looked so sad. She remembered how his eyes had devoured her while she had been masturbating. Slowly, she walked back and stood in front of him as he sat on the couch. She looked down into his saddened eyes.

"And you have nothing -- you couldn't help it Dad. What could you... ? You don't have anything to be sorry for, you had no choice. I was the one who..."

"No sweetums," he said, softly. "I'm - I was wrong. I-I could have, I should have ... Forget it. It's just -- I'm sorry, that's all. I shouldn't have looked and I ... I couldn't help myself. I-I ... Aw, forget it, Maria."

She wasn't sure why he was apologizing. After all, it was she that had been naked, he didn't do anything. About the only thing that he did was look at her. Then she remembered. Yes, he had looked at her -- really looked. She now recalled the look on his face when he found her masturbating. Thinking back, she wondered if that look was what she now thought that it might have been, a look of lust?

Reality began to slowly sink into Maria's brain as she looked down at him sitting on the couch with his eyes on the floor. He was probably ashamed because -- he had enjoyed looking at her??? The youngster felt a sudden flush moving through her body. She quickly turned and left the room, her mind a mumbo-jumbo of unanswered thoughts.

When his wife came home, D.A. gave her the news. He had been laid-off from work. That was the dominant theme of the conversation for the family that night. No mention of the day's incident occurred.

Later that night when Maria went to bed, her mind replayed the afternoon's episode, recalling more and more, her father's reaction. She now realized that he had gotten aroused and the thought both frightened her and intrigued her.

D'Anelo tossed about for most of the night. His wife thought that he was restless because he had lost his job, but the truth was that he kept remembering the hot look on his daughter's face and the exciting look of flesh upon her young body.

An hour later, still restless in the darkness of his bedroom, his hand gently squeezed his cock as he thought of his daughter's body. Thinking of the short hairs that he remembered between her long slender legs, he gently pulled his prick and, while his wife slept next to him, he came all over himself and the bed, as his mind thought of and pictured his daughter. When he finished cumming he lay back, totally ashamed.

Maria awoke early the next morning. Lying in bed she remembered all that had happened on the prior day. She made a mental note that she would have to be more careful in the future, especially now that her father would be home most of the day until he got a new job. She would not be able to go through what had become her daily ritual of masturbating as soon as she came home from school each day. She would probably have to do it after she went to bed at night, if at all; or maybe in the morning when she woke up, like now.

Her hand crept into her panties and she closed her eyes. Soon the youngster was fingering away at herself as she mentally fantasized her boyfriend Hector's cock inside of her. She climaxed amidst a splash of inner excitement.

She then hurriedly pulled her panties back on and got up to get ready for school. Pulling a robe over her, she went into the bathroom. Then she removed the robe and slid her panties down her legs. She deftly picked up her foot into the air so that she could pluck the garment off her ankle and foot and put it into the hamper. She then showered and quickly dressed for school.

Within a half-hour, both Maria and her mother had left the house, for school and work, respectively.

D.A. remained home. His head was still jumping from thought to thought. He had hardly slept during the night as his thoughts kept returning to the scene with Maria from the day before. He kept replaying in his head the beauty of her naked body and the lustful look on her excited face.

He decided to try to keep himself busy, hoping that he could drive these mental pictures out of his brain. Thinking that his wife would appreciate his help, he decided to clean up. He cleaned up the dishes that had just been left hastily in the sink. He vacuumed the living room and then it was on to the laundry. He opened up the hamper. Right on top was a pair of nylon panties.

D.A. froze as a strange tenseness gripped him. He knew immediately that they belonged to his daughter and not his wife because Anna's were full-sized and these were more bikini-like. He had stopped because his eyes immediately had noticed a damp looking spot at the crotch. He felt his mouth go dry and he swallowed. He couldn't believe how he was acting. Why was he feeling this nervous?

His hand slowly reached into the hamper and his fingers gingerly touched the spot. Sure enough, D.A. felt dampness in the crotch of his daughter's panties. Almost immediately, as if he had no control, his hand clutched at the silk-like material, and then hesitated. He felt a strong reaction of guilt. What am I going to do? Am I crazy?

Then, almost robot-like, his hand was bringing the panties out of the hamper and slowly up to his face. What was the dampness? Piss? Cum? His mind was again picturing the shorthaired cunt with his daughter's finger buried inside. His cock was quickly becoming hard.

Unable to control himself, he finally pushed the panties into his face and his nose desperately attacked the crotch, sniffing in the most wonderful smell that he had ever encountered ... his own daughter's cunt! He didn't care if the dampness was piss or cum anymore, he was too excited.

His hand whipped out his inflamed cock and began jerking off while his lips, mouth, tongue and nose sucked, tasted and sniffed. At the same time his mind pictured his hot looking daughter fingering herself. He came all over the floor.

For the remainder of the day D'Anelo was overcome with shame. He continued chastising himself to no avail. He finally began trying to convince himself that it wasn't really wrong what he had done. After all, he told himself, it was only a fantasy. Men jerked off and fantasized all of the time. So what if he was mentally picturing his own daughter? He didn't do anything to her. It was only a mental thing. Really, thinking back to the day before, if he really wanted to do something with Maria he would have done so then. His 'rational' thinking began to ease his guilt.

D.A.'s problems began anew as soon as his daughter came home from school. No doubt, what had transpired the day before was in the forefront of their minds, and their words and actions were almost tentative when talking to each other. Maria didn't dare stay up in her room. She slipped out of her bra, which she hated to wear, and then, as soon as she put her books and school things away she came right back downstairs to the living room, put on the TV, and flopped in the easy chair.

The next few hours only served to make a potentially incendiary situation worse. Unconsciously, D.A. began looking at his daughter's body. She had on jeans and he couldn't avoid looking at her well-formed ass and legs in the tight fitting denim. She had the lines and figure of a classic Spanish beauty. He tried not to look but his eyes kept returning to her. He was becoming fully aware of the female being into which this 15-year-old was quickly developing.

Maria had on a sweater that was somewhat low-cut. She enjoyed wearing it because she enjoyed the attention that the boys in school gave to her chest. She was more developed than most of the girls in her class and was by far the prettiest, so it was almost natural that they bestowed their attention on her.

Her father's eyes were like those of a thief; nervously looking to and away from her. She knew that he was looking at her and she felt that same flush of thrill-laced fright that she had felt the day before. She was somewhat scared and yet she found a real sense of excitement because her father was ogling her body. He was obviously trying not to let her notice his attention but she could not help but see.

She had enough presence of mind to realize that his curiosity had been piqued by the prior day's incident. After all, he had caught her totally nude, with her fingers inside of her making her buck up and down, while she had moaned and twisted about with her eyes closed. She realized what such a scene would do to any man. As she thought back, she remembered how her father's eyes had frantically run over her naked body.

Although she was only speculating, she sensed that he now must be seeing her fully clothed while trying to picture her naked, again. She supposed that she should have been repulsed at him for doing that, but instead, the thought only invoked fascination in the girl; that her own father would actually think of her that way. She wondered if he was just trying to remember what she looked like or did he really want to see her naked?

The youngster had heard about incest and she knew that it actually existed. In fact, her girlfriend Lisa claimed that their friend Pamela had been raped by her own father. However, that was nothing like this, she thought. Her father had never laid a hand on her, other that with tender caring. He had never even given a hint that he realized she was a young woman until now. Even though she kept sensing him somehow sneaking peaks at her fully clothed body, she knew that his curiosity had only begun yesterday; only after seeing her naked.

A fear was flowing through her, but she also felt proud that her father was looking. She felt a strange pang of enjoyment that he actually appreciated her looks.

Things continued along this same path right into the following week. At night in bed, D.A. often found himself thinking of his daughter, getting himself hard and worked up, but afraid to relieve himself with Anna sleeping right there. During the day, he would dig out Maria's latest pair of panties from the hamper and masturbate while savoring the aroma of her young pussy.

When she came home from school he would sneak looks at her body whenever he thought that she wasn't paying attention to him. However the girl couldn't help but feel her father's eyes on her, and soon she began to soften in her thinking. She didn't fear his ogling anymore. She rationalized that, after all, her father was only a man and she knew how weak most men were. After all, she told herself, he did see her totally naked and fully aroused. That had to have an affect on him, father or not.

Besides, even though he was now eyeing her, he wasn't trying to touch her or anything. She knew that he wouldn't, but ... what if he did, she asked herself? What if he tried to touch her or grab her? She didn't know what she would do. At first, she told herself that she would fight him to the end, but as the days went by and she continued to catch him looking at her, she became increasingly intrigued.

'What if he touched me and I liked it? What if I let him touch me? What would happen?'

It was a little more than a week later when a new incident occurred. Her father was still out of work. It was after school and D.A. and Marie were home alone together, as usual. Maria was wearing a blouse, which buttoned up over a naked chest, as she had removed her bra when she got home, as she always did. The upper two buttons of her blouse were open.

By this time Maria was well aware of her father's probing eyes and was careful so as not to show him anything. However, on this day as she sat on the couch with her father in the adjacent chair, Maria accidentally dropped her magazine to the floor. Without thinking, she bent down to retrieve it, and in so doing her blouse dropped away from her chest; and Maria, while bent over, looked up into her father's face.

D'Anelo's eyes were riveted on his daughter's chest, looking at the twin mounds of young flesh beneath her blouse, and his cock involuntarily hardened. He sucked in and held his breath.

Maria should have jumped back in panic but instead, in her confused state of embarrassment, she held in place. When her brain started to re-function, she wanted to straighten up and run away from her father's ogling but something in her thinking also wanted him to see everything that he wanted. As they stayed like that as if frozen in time, the young girl felt a guilty thrill.

D.A.'s mind was running wild. The young flesh of his daughter looked so inviting. Something caught Maria's eyes and they were drawn to her father's crotch area. She couldn't believe that her father's pants were pointing up. She had actually given him a hard-on!

Nervously D.A. tore his eyes from the inside of her blouse and he looked up at her face. Her eyes were frozen on his crotch, which caused his prick to twitch involuntarily.

Finally, Maria was able to function. She moved her face and looked into his eyes as she slowly lifted herself to an upright position. They continued to stare into each other's eyes as each of them acknowledged by their stares that they were both aware of what had just transpired.

D.A. stood and whispered sadly as he walked from the room, "I'm ... I'm sorry babe."

She didn't see him reappear until after her mother came home at 7 p.m. In the meantime, her mind focused entirely on the latest incident. It had already been obvious that her father wanted to look at her but it was now confirmed that she was even arousing him. She knew that she should be scared. She should be mad. She was not. If anything, the 15-year-old was secretly excited seeing him look at her in that wild manner.

She was guessing that he was now wishing that he could catch her masturbating again. She became excited at that thought. She wondered if it was true. If he really did want that and would keep his hands to himself, it might be exciting ... really exciting. Thinking this thought, Maria felt a rush of heat fill her loins.

From that day forward, Maria began thinking of her father in a pleasant way. Obviously, he was hurting and wanted to see her, but he had enough self-control to not lay a hand on her. Although she didn't know it, she was no longer an obstacle. If truth were told, deep down inside, she wanted her father to do more that look. Now when she masturbated, she imagined her father watching her do it, and her climaxes were much more powerful when thinking of this.

Another week passed and, after school, the situation returned to its status quo. However, during the nights there was a change. Now both of them were allowing their thoughts to wander to the other.

Maria was now realizing how much her father was suffering and she also now realized that she was absolutely safe around him; that he would never do anything. As her awareness increased and her own nightly thoughts evolved, she was convinced that she could help relieve her father's frustrations. She was sure that if she could arrange it, that he would be more than happy to see her naked.

She came up with a plan.

On this day, Maria wore a skirt and blouse to school. When she came home, she went up to her room and removed her bra, and then went back downstairs, as was her usual custom. A half-hour later, she was on the couch across from her father. While watching the TV, she brought her legs up and then stretched them out down the length, over the cushions, as she sat sideways. When she lifted her legs, she made sure that her skirt rode up. The hem was about 8 inches above her knees.

Pretending not to notice her father, Maria felt his eyes continuously looking over at the exposed flesh of her thighs. Her heart was beating from her excitement. Her next move would be her most dangerous. She didn't know how he would react. Would he be mad? Would he holler... ? She was sure that he would not but she was still afraid.

She felt the urgency in his eyes. Gathering all of her courage Maria moved her hand down to her knee, acting as if she were doing it absent-mindedly. Knowing that her father's eyes were on her she slowly moved her hand up and down her skirt over her inner thighs. Then, after swallowing a gulp of courage she moved it slowly to the hem of her skirt, then slowly beneath and finally, slowly up inside, to the warmth of her crotch.

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