Mental Leap - Jenny

by Perdition

Copyright© 2010 by Perdition

Science Fiction Story: I created the Mental Leap machine, and I tried it out. I woke up in Jenny's body and, I hope, changed her life for the better. I know it certainly made me feel better doing it. Not much sex in this one, but more in future stories.

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

I was a big fan of the show "Quantum Leap." The thought of being able to travel through time and make things right appealed to me. The string analogy they had in the show was simplistic, but it seemed to make sense to me. I got a doctorate in quantum physics before I was thirty. Along my journey, however, it became obvious that the time travel in the show was impossible. I was depressed for almost a month when I realized that, but when I came up with my own variation on the theme, it renewed my enthusiasm. You can't jump into people from the past, but I thought it might be possible to send your mind into someone else's body in the present. Once I had the idea, the construction of an apparatus to test the theory went pretty quickly.

When it was complete, I was faced with a dilemma. I couldn't figure out a way to direct or aim it. I had no idea if it would work or if the test subject's mind would just fly off into the ether and never return. Speaking of return, I had no way to bring the mind back to its original body, and seeing as how I work alone, and wouldn't think of risking someone other than myself, I might be jumping from mind to mind for the rest of my life.

"Well, they always say, 'no guts, no glory.'"

I strapped myself in to the chair, attached the wires to my head, and looked at the switch.

"They also say, 'curiosity killed the cat.'" But I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and flipped the switch.

My head hurt. It felt like the mother of all hangover headaches. I sat upon the bed, rubbed my eyes, and let out a groan. My voice sounded strange to me, but everything was strange, and the pain pretty much blocked out any other thought. I opened one eye then snapped the other one open. Pink! A pink room, with posters on the wall! Posters of actors and singers, all of them young men! The experiment! Holy shit, it worked! I'm alive, and it worked! My elation chased away the headache, but it was short lived. I felt a sinking in my stomach; the pink, the posters.

I stood up and stumbled to the mirror over the dresser. My balance was off; my legs weren't the right length. Nothing felt right. I sort of crashed into the dresser then forced myself to look into the mirror. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pouty mouth. I'm a girl! A teenage one, at that! I didn't understand teenage girls when I was a teenage boy, and as I've gotten older, they've only seemed stranger and stranger. How the hell am I going to convince everyone that I'm still Jennifer?

Now, I admit I took a better look at myself and realized I wasn't just a teenage girl; I was a hot teenage girl! Almost without thinking, my hand raised and cupped my breast. It felt firm, very nice. I glanced at the clock, then at the bed. Did I have time to explore this body a little bit before school?

"Jennifer! Come on, breakfast is ready!"

"I'm coming, mom!" I stripped off my clothes, perfect B-cup breasts, thin waist, firm ass. Then I got into her school uniform, and took one more look in the mirror. My mouth fell open. I was a very hot girl, the girl every boy in school wanted. That made me wonder, do I have a boyfriend? Am I going to find myself in an intimate moment with a guy?

I bounced downstairs and saw Jenny's brother, Ricky, eating pancakes and reading a comic book.

"Hey, skazzoid." Ricky didn't even take notice, he just kept reading his comic.

"Here you go, dear," Jenny's mother dropped off a plate of pancakes. When I looked at her, I saw where Jennifer got her looks from. Her mom, 42, was very slim, even after having two kids. Her breasts were still nice, her ass was almost a mirror image of Jenny's.

"Is something wrong, dear?"


"You're looking at me strange."

"Oh, I just never noticed, you're beautiful, mom."

"Thank you. You're quite lovely yourself," she smiled and bent over to kiss my forehead.

"She's right, you know," Jenny's father swung into the room and wrapped his arms around her mother.

"Aww, gross!" Ricky scrunched up his nose and left the room.

I dug into the pancakes on my plate. They were great. These were special ones, she didn't usually put blueberries in the mix. Then it hit me, I was able to access Jennifer's memory. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. On the other hand, that means she's still in here with me. Is she watching me move her body, freaked out or terrified? Does it feel like a dream to her? Is she unable to sense anything because I'm in control? Well, if she starts talking to me, like a second voice in my head, I'll ask her.

I searched through her memory, and almost groaned out loud again. She had a boyfriend. Her parents didn't like him, and I could see why. He was the prototypical "bad boy." He rode a motorcycle at seventeen, smoked, and had wavy black hair that just kept falling in his face. In other words, he was the type of guy I hated in high school. The kind that would chase a girl single mindedly until she agreed to sleep with him then, once they did, almost as soon as he came, he was off looking for the next girl, leaving a broken hearted young lady in his wake.

I finished my pancakes, grabbed my backpack and darted out the door. I knew James, yes he went by James, would be on his motorcycle about two blocks down. Jenny wasn't allowed to ride on his motorcycle, especially without a helmet, but helmets ruined her hair, so they met out of sight.

Two blocks down, there he was. The engine running, a cigarette in his mouth, and not a single glance back my way to see if I was coming. He just knew Jenny would come, climb on, and off they'd go. When I did so, he didn't say anything, just revved, released the clutch, and shot off down the street. I was forced to wrap my arms around him, but I felt strange doing it.

When we got to school, he grabbed my arm as I was about to run off.

"Have you thought about what I said?"

What had he said? I searched Jenny's memory. Ahh, just as I thought. He'd asked her to let him fuck her. He said there were a lot of girls that wanted him, but he only wanted her. It was a load of bullshit.

"Yes, I have, and I'm still not sure. I'll let you know later."

"Soon, babe. Let me know soon. I'm not sure I can hold out much longer."

I wanted to tell him to just go jack off, but that wasn't something Jenny would say. Instead, I walked into the school.

"Oh my god. You're still with James?"

"Did you do him yet?"

"I'd let him do me."

I looked around, three more hot girls. These were Jenny's friends; Sarah, Jessica and Lexi.

"Not yet. I'm going to make him wait. I want him to feel lucky to get me, not just another conquest."

"You're strange." Lexi was tall, thin and brunette. Her skin was darker than ours, and in her uniform, she was just breathtaking.

Jessie and Sarah were twins. They both had black hair, they were short, tiny even, and looked very innocent. I, or rather Jenny, knew they were anything but. They'd been having sex since they were 14, sometimes together with a guy or two. They never said whether they ever played around together without anyone else, but it seemed Jenny assumed they did, and I like to think she'd know.

The first class of the day was gym. It alternated with art class every day, so tomorrow, Friday, would be art. We went into the locker room, the mythical girls' locker room, and I was slightly disappointed. There were no pillows, no feathers, and no giggling girls. It was, in fact, rather like the boys' locker room. Rows of lockers, low benches, and girls changing as quickly as possible. A flash of leg, a glimpse of a bra or panties, and then shorts and a T-shirt. I changed just as quickly, and off we went. We were playing lacrosse, it seemed. I'd never played it before, but Jenny was amazing at it. I let her body take over, and reflexively, she helped our team win, scoring the last three points on her own.

Mr. Mitser blew his whistle, told us we did a great job, and that we had to head back into the school so we had time for our showers before our next class. That's right, he said showers. I was the first one through the doors; I didn't want to miss a single lithe, teenage girl.

The next 10 minutes were the best 10 minutes of my life. Firm young bodies, streaming water, soap — you've heard of phantom limb syndrome? I had phantom dick syndrome, I swear I could feel it getting hard.

"Jenny! What's wrong?" Jessie was looking at me, worry plain on her face.

"She looks turned on, look at those nips," Sarah was as close to leering as I've ever seen a cute teenage girl get.

"You're right! Is that why you don't do it with James?"

"I was thinking about James, jeez!" I spun around and finished toweling off and getting dressed.

As we were walking down the hallway, Jessie leaned in next to me. "It's ok, you know, if you like girls, and stuff. In fact, if, um, you wanted o, you know, try anything," she blushed a bit and closed her mouth.

The possibilities flashed through my mind and I actually stumbled as I was walking. The look on Jessie's face was just so worried. I knew she was worried about killing our friendship, about making Jenny so uncomfortable she'd never look at her again. I smiled, "Thanks, really. I'm curious, I admit, but I'm with James right now. Maybe if we break up or something." I trailed off, too. The look of relief, and yes, lust, on Jessie's face was beautiful. I wanted to grab her, give her a huge kiss, tell her I'd changed my mind, and pull her into some store room or something, but I didn't start this experiment to ruin some innocent girl's life. If anything, I wanted to help her.

The next class I had was science. This was more like it. I was really getting into the experiment we were doing. It brought back so many good memories. I even ran it a second time, to the surprise of the teacher, but my excuse of wanting to verify the result seemed to please him.

"See, this is what I like. Class, you could all benefit by the example of Miss Kinnson, here."

The boy who was sharing my lab bench smiled at me, shyly. "How'd you get done fast enough to rerun the experiment?" His voice was so quiet, I almost couldn't hear him. I couldn't even come up with a name, searching all through Jenny's memories. She'd shared the lab bench with him all year, and didn't even know his name. That was the only time I felt a little disgusted at Jenny. Normally, she seemed to be a good girl just trying to figure out what it means to be an adult, but I saw some of myself in the boy next to her, and for her to not even know his name, it brought me back to all the beautiful girls in high school who had ignored me. We weren't nerds, we were just smart and shy, and completely under the radar of the "good looking crowd."

"What's your name, I'm sorry."


"I'm Jenny."

"I know," he looked away. Oh, he had it bad. I felt sorry for him.

"I like the name Walter, it's nice." His face lit up like the 4th of July.

"I really like the name Jenny, too." Then the bell rang.

"What were you and puppy dog talking about?" This time it was Lexi.

"His name is Walter."

"Oh, sorry to offend your new best friend."

"He's not my best friend, he's just a nice guy."

"A nice guy? Since when do you like nice guys?"

"I don't know, but he's nice and we're lab partners, so it seemed to make sense to at least learn his name."

"You're acting weird today, Jenny. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine."

I made it through the rest of the day without doing anything weird, but Sarah was definitely looking at me differently. I still had to stop myself from taking her up on her offer, the more it was obvious she was interested in Jenny, the more images of the potential experience kept jumping into my mind. When school let out, I started walking home, and notice Walter a bit ahead of me.

"Hey, Walter!" I jogged a bit to catch up to me.

"Yeah?" He turned around, and when he saw me his mouth just hung open.

"You walk home this way? Mind if I walk with you?"

"Um, yeah, uh, no, I mean, sure, I mean, I don't mind"

It turned out he lived just a couple houses away from Jenny. He'd only lived there since the beginning of the school year, but still, it seemed awful that Jenny hadn't even known his name. We talked as we walked, and after Walter got over his shock at walking and talking with his dream girl, he was pretty funny. About half way home, I heard a familiar sound behind me. With a sinking stomach, I turned around.

James pulled his motorcycle over next to us. "Did you forget? We were going to ride out to the lake today."

The lake? Oh man, Jenny and James were going to ride out to Shady Lake, and James was obviously expecting to get Jenny to fuck him out there.

"Sorry, yeah, I forgot. I'm not feeling very well."

"Well, let me take you home, I know your parents won't be home for a couple hours yet, so I could stay to make you feel better." His smile made me want to throw up. How could Jenny not see what this guy was all about?

"Actually, Walter said he'd walk me home and keep me company, right?" I looked at Walter, and the deer-in-the-headlights look was perfectly named for his expression.

"Um, y-yeah. She s-said she wasn't, um, feeling well, so I, uh, offered to make her some soup, or something..."

"You? Who are you?"

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