It's All Over for My Sister

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Having no money, I was stuck going on vacation with my parents and my younger sister. It only got interesting when I took my sister out on the lake and she wanted to improve her tan. Hence, the title of this tale.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

My freshman year of college was over and the main thing I learned was how little money I had.

So, it was looking like I was stuck one last time going with my parents on vacation. I really wanted to go with a couple of guys from college as they went west for the summer but the funds just weren't there.

This being the case, it was off to my parent's cabin on the mountain lake that they liked so much. It was a beautiful place, just not some place a college guy would want to be instead of being with some buddies and maybe having a bit more interesting time, maybe even with girls. The only girl I'd see this vacation time was my little sister, Kara, who would be a junior in my old high school next fall.

I mostly liked to take out our rowboat on the lake, it was peaceful and the lake itself was really quite beautiful. The only problem with it was that my sister was always wanting me to take her out with me, believe me, there were times, after nagging me all afternoon, that I really wanted to 'take her out.'

She always asked me when our parents were around and they usually badgered me into it.

So, here it was, again, I got the oars out and she started and the parents began their spiel and I told her to get in. Anything to keep the peace.

It was hot this particular day, really warmer than usual, the lake was large, the temperature usually was a little cooler as you went out from shore. As I was getting ready to cast off, Kara came running out in a new swimsuit, one I hadn't seen before, a bikini.

Well, I did have to say that she looked more like some of the girls I went to college with than my little sister. She has really developed a figure and filled out the bikini quite nicely. But I wondered if she needed any more sun, she was rather red already. My sister loved to tan but rarely used any lotion or sunscreen, usually only when our Mom gave her an ultimatum.

She got in the boat and took her usual place as I began rowing us out from shore.

"You're gonna burn, you know, Kara. And, you've got stripes where your old bathing suit covered you."

"Yeah, well, don't worry about it," as she looked back toward our cabin. So, I kept rowing and in a while we were quite a way out and around the cove from our cabin. It had been hot work getting us out this far from shore and I stretched out in one end of the boat, my sis in the other.

"You will burn, you know, Kara. I've got some lotion if you want it."

"No, I want an all-over tan."

"Well, you're not going to get one that way. You have stripes all over you. It's just going to get worse."

"Really, it's that bad?"

"That bad."

And, my sister reached up behind her neck, pulled the string and off came her top.

My little sister had perfect breasts. Small, perfectly round melons, dark red nipples about the size of a quarter, actually pointing up a little. They were stunning.

My head swiveled to make sure we were out of sight, especially of our cabin, as Kara pulled the bottom of her bikini off and kicked it toward me.

"I'll take some of that suntan lotion now. Would you?" she asked as she put her towel on one of the bench seats and lay down on her stomach.

My sister! My little sister. Naked. Beautiful breasts. A glimpse of her middle with a covering of curly, light brown hair. Now on her stomach, legs slightly apart, just a bit of her pussy lips showing, then she shifted slightly and more of her pussy appeared, now her outer lips spread showing the light pink inner lips. Her butt, white, untanned.

"Well, Kurt?"

I moved toward her as the boat rocked and I squirted some lotion on her back and shoulders and began spreading it around. My dick was strained inside my shorts as my hands slid all over my naked sister's back, arms and shoulders.

"Mmm, that feels nice when you touch me, Kurt," she murmured as I dripped some lotion on her butt and began smoothing it in.

I moved down to her feet and spread the lotion up her legs, finally getting back up toward her middle as I rubbed the lotion between her thighs. Looking between her legs at the moisture glinting in the sunshine from my sister's most intimate place, I decided to let my fingers graze across her labia.

"Oh, Kurt, that feels so good, really good."

I knew then that my sister wanted this to happen so I ran my hand down between her legs as she opened further. I ran two of my fingers up and down her damp lips as she shivered and sucked in a deep breath.

"Can I touch you, Kurt?" she asked softly.

"I need to finish putting this on," as I continued spreading the suntan lotion over her as she turned over on her back.

We both knew what was happening as I spread the lotion over her front, on her breasts, down her stomach and abdomen, then her thighs as she widened a bit more as I dipped down her downy bush and rubbed her wetness around. Then I quickly did the front of her legs as she glistened in the late morning sunlight, all beautiful and naked.

"Will you take off your trunks, Kurt?" she murmured as she looked up at me. Sister or not, I pulled them down as I squatted next to her, my hard dick between my legs.

"Can I touch that?" and I nodded as I put my hand between her legs and slid a finger into her.

She moaned as her fingers wrapped around me and she felt my excitement.

"You're really hard, Kurt. It's really nice, nice and thick," as she rubbed it slowly up and down.

"This is nice, Kurt. You're really sexy when you're naked."

"So, are you, Kara, you've really become a beautiful young woman."

"Are you attracted to me, like you want me?"

Her hand felt so good and my finger was so happy being inside her but I just didn't know how to answer her question. So, I decided on the truth.

"Yes, I want you, I want to fuck you, Kara, you are so sexy and beautiful."

She leaned over with her head between my knees and slid her mouth over the tip of my cock and began sucking me.

My sister. I had grown up with her being around me and, now, she's sucking me off. Unbelievable. I was rubbing my hand along her breast as she sucked and it was feeling better and better.

"Mmm, oh, Kara, that is so good, you're really making me feel good."

Her eyes turned up to me as she sucked on. The tingly feelings began to spread out from my cock as I knew I was just moments from cumming.

"I'm gonna cum, Kara, real soon," so, if she wanted to, she could finish me by hand or whatever, but she just sucked on and, as I knew would happen, the flash of ecstasy ripped across my body as I froze and cummed over and over into Kara's mouth. She sucked me for another minute or two, then raised up, smiled, and said, "Happy you took me out in the boat, today?"

"Oh, am I."

"Good, now you can lick me, big brother," as she opened her legs. I crept down between her legs, the boat slowly rocking as I moved, and as I took the first few licks, she raised her legs up over my shoulders and widened her knees even further.

I swept my tongue up and down, then flicked it over and over, alternating every once in a while. Then, I would run my tongue up to her clit and flick it back and forth over and over.

"Oh, oh, Kurt, that's so hot. Oh, you're gonna make me cum."

I kept licking her pussy and taking some sucks on her clit as she moaned and said, "I love that, Kurt, I just love it. Mmm."

Then, she trembled and clamped her legs around me and shook her hips against me.

"UUH, UUH, UUH, oh, oh, it's so good, it feels wonderful. Mmm."

The boat was rocking a bit, I don't blame Kara, orgasms are hard to sit still for. We were looking at each other's naked bodies, when she said, "You have a great body, Kurt."

"Your's is great, too, even with stripes on it," I replied with a smile.

"I'll bet that after a summer of sitting out here in the middle of the lake sucking each other will give us both a nice, over-all tan."

We sat there as the sun just began to pass overhead, looking at each other, my cock was still hard, when Kara said, "Think we'd tip over the boat if we fucked?"

"You really want to?"

She didn't say a word but reached over and took my cock in her hand and began stroking me up and down until I was good and hard. Then, she got up and moved over to me, the boat rocking from back and forth as she straddled me, facing me lowering herself into my lap as she guided my cock up into her.

My hands were on her breasts as she slowly raised up and down, not wanting to tip the boat. She was flexing her pelvic muscles as she raised and lowered and I knew that she would have me cumming in just a few minutes of this.

"Maybe, I should not cum, Kara. You can finish me by hand."

"I'm on the pill, Kurt, sorry, but you're not my first. So, it's okay to cum. It'll be nice out here on the water."

My pubic hair was soaked from my sister's juices and when she came down, she pushed hard and twisted back and forth.

"Oh, oh, Kurt, oh, I love you, Kurt, you make me so happy, so happy," and she drooped forward into my arms as my cum was released deep inside her.

"Mmm, cum in me, Kurt, oh, cum deep in me."

We quietly stayed coupled together, each of us just moving a bit now and then and, finally, she slowly rose up. As she lifted off me, a strand of cum dripped out of her as she reached for the towel to wipe herself with.

"Messy, but fun," she said as she leaned forward and kissed me.

"Well, this has been rather unexpected," I said as I put the oars back in the water.

"Maybe to you, Kurt, but I've been thinking about this for a while. I've been wanting to fuck you and today was my chance to do it. You seemed to like it."

"Oh, Kara, I loved it. You are one beautiful girl and you sure know how to use that body of yours."

As I was rowing, my sister sat opposite me, slowly rubbing her pussy. She's a horny thing, my sis. And, yes, it was having an effect on her brother.

"We've got to get back, Kara," I said as I reached for my trunks to put them on.

"Look at you, Karl. You're hard again. Hold on," and she gingerly climbed toward me and lowered her head over my crotch and began sucking me. I put the oars in the boat and lay back as my sister sucked my cock. What a day.

I lay there as she pleasured me, thinking about how it was going to be once we got home. It didn't seem likely that this would just suddenly stop. It was looking like my sister and I were headed toward a lot of sex around the house. Just the thought made me harder.

But, Kara was intent on making me softer and she was magical. I wondered just how experienced my sister was. She sure knew how to give head. And, she sure wasn't a virgin when we screwed, she admitted to that. She also seemed very comfortable being naked, pretty casual about it, really. More so than me.

One of her hands is rubbing along my inner thigh as she sucked me, our boat slowly drifting in the lake, my breathing and pulse headed ever upward. I just closed my eyes and tilted my head back savoring the wonderful feelings my sister was giving me as we so calmly floated on the serene, cool, dark water.

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