Three Naughty Girls

by Mister Wilson

Copyright© 2010 by Mister Wilson

: When I saw what the girls were doing at their slumber party I was shocked. As their babysitter I had the authority to give their bare bottoms the spankings they deserved.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Heterosexual   Spanking   .

I was shocked. The girls were misbehaving. They were having a pillow fight, while wearing absolutely nothing at all! Their most private areas were completely bare to my disapproving eyes.

I am a single, abstemious, middle aged man of bookish and quiet habits. Because I am between jobs, my friends often hire me to baby sit for their children when they are out for the evening. Because they trust me without reservations, I am allowed to punish their children if they misbehave. Fortunately, it was never necessary until now.

This evening I was babysitting for the Stevenson's, who had been friends of mine for years. Their thirteen year old daughter, Nancy, had invited two friends, Susan, and Kelley, over for a slumber party. I had been reading until 10:00 pm, when I decided it was time for the girls to go to bed. They had been making a lot of noise, but it seemed to be innocent fun.

When I opened the door to Nancy's bed room I was at first too startled to say anything. "Girls!" I finally said, "What do you think you are doing?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson," Nancy replied, as the embarrassed girls covered their developing womanhood with their pillows.

"Don't hide your shame," I ordered, while trying to control my anger. "Drop your pillows, and hold your hands by your side." They mutely obeyed. "I'm disappointed in each of you. Whose idea was this?"

"Mine sir," Kelley confessed.

"Kelley, you are the oldest girl here," I said with obvious disapproval. "You should have taken more responsibility."

"Yes, sir," Kelley said sheepishly.

"Actually, this is my fault," I admitted. "Nancy, your parents hired me to baby sit for you not only to protect you from an outside danger, but to keep you from misbehaving like this. I have let down your parents, and I have let down you and your friends. I wish I could let this go, but in order to make amends for my previous negligence, I really have no choice but to give each of you girls ten spanks each. Put your hands by your side, and wait for your deserved punishment."

The girls obeyed. Even now, I am embarrassed to admit that I was moved by what I saw. The three girls were slender, shapely, and developing into the beautiful women they would become. But they had child like minds. That is why they needed to be protected by consent laws, and why I needed to correct them. "Kelley, because this unfortunate episode is your fault, you must go first." As I sat in a chair, Kelley obediently lay over my lap, and touched the floor with her hands. I held her waist, and noticed an unwelcome stirring in me as I felt her young and taut body. "With every slap of my hand, I want you to count the slap, and say, 'Thank you sir.' Do you understand, Kelley?"

"Yes, Mr. Wilson," she said quietly.

Before I delivered my first spank, I ran my hand over Kelley's beautiful, bottom, and said, "I wish I didn't have to do this. This will hurt me more than you. You know that don't you Kelley?"

"Yes sir." I really was reluctant to begin. Finally, I gave Kelley's bare bottom a powerful slap. "One," she said. "Thank you sir."

Because I really did not want to hurt her, I rubbed her bottom, to work out the sting before spanking her again. "Two. Thank you sir."

"I really wish this wasn't necessary, Kelley," I said as I rubbed my fingers over the silky smoothness of her hinder part, "But I really need to correct you."

"I understand, sir." I spanked her a third time. "Three. Thank you sir."

I looked at Nancy and Susan. They stood shyly at attention, showing me everything they had, and everything I wanted to train them not to show the lustful boys in their school. I delivered my fourth spank, a little harder this time. "Four. Thank you sir."

I would be dishonest not to acknowledge that to my embarrassment and guilt I was actually enjoying this. I projected my self reproach by spanking even harder. "Five. Thank you sir." I was afraid that Kelley would start crying, so to ease her pain I gently ran my hand over her beautiful buttocks, noticing that what had been pearly white at the beginning of her punishment was turning into the most delicious shade of light pink.

Reluctantly, and gently this time, I spanked again. "Six. Thank you sir."

Kelley was beginning to squirm, so I held her firmly, and said with a tone of voice more harsh than I intended, "Kelley, stop moving like that. Unless you stop I will have no choice but to double the number of your spanks."

"I'm sorry, sir. I'll try to stop." I spanked really hard this time. "Seven. Thank you sir."

"You only have three spanks to go," I told the naked girl on my lap, as I fondled the cheeks of her beautiful bottom. "I know this hurts, but years from now you will thank me."

"I know, Mr. Wilson." I spanked again. "Eight. Thank you sir."

Kelley only had two more spanks to go. I delivered them forcefully. When I was finished she was crying softly. "Go back and join your friends," I commanded. I could not help but enjoy admiring the pink handiwork of my spanking, even though I felt guilty about my enjoyment. When she stood looking at me, she tried to hold her hands in front of her vulva, so I ordered her to place her hands by her side like the other girls were required to do. She obeyed.

While I looked at Nancy and Susan, wondering who next to spank, Nancy raised her hand, as if in class. "Yes, Nancy," I said.

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