The Harvestors

by Icemaiden

Copyright© 2010 by Icemaiden

Science Fiction Sex Story: Aliens are harvesting human females to produce a new weapon for themselves and earth's governments. Scifi in nature with elements of abduction,impregnation,facehuggers, milking, slavery and breeding. The story of one woman's adventures and struggles in an alien breeding hive.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Fiction   Science Fiction   Robot   Horror   Zoophilia   Space   Paranormal   BDSM   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Harem   Masturbation   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Needles   .

Most have seen the movie "Alien" and the scary face huggers. Like in most of nature there are more than one species of an animal. The huggers in this story are cousins to the ones shown in the movie and work a little different. They are even more terrifying as their reproductive cycle doesn't kill the host, which allows the terror to go on and on. It is said, "movies reflect reality" there is a chance that the following story may reflect a alternate reality, we can only hope not, especially for those of us that are female.

Captured -1

I was a college sophomore at an eastern state college. I had just finished studying when I head a commotion down the hall. Looking out my dorm door and down the hall I saw several of my friends running from what for a better description one might call some kind of large insects. The insects were the size of a large man and walked up right. I shot like a bullet down the hall and to several others and mine dismay we found that there was some kind of force field surrounding our dorm floor. It had sealed us in, cutting off all communications. The doors wouldn't open and the windows would open or break and light no longer passed through them. There was a lot of screaming as the insects went from room to room capturing the terrified coeds. One of the monsters cornered me in a room I tried to hide in. As I looked, at him in terror I turned to run he flicked his wrist and a quill like dart shot from his wrist. The thing hit me in my left butt cheek. It felt like extreme cold spreading out from the impact point. Reaching back I pulled it out, looking at it I found it's tip was dripping a purple liquid. I started finding it harder to run as the drug was fucking me up. The insect seemed in no hurry to catch me as I guess he was waiting for the drug to take its toll. As I was stumbling he scooped me up throwing me over his shoulder and calmly walked down the hall. I was trying to fight back, but the drug in the dart had ma me so very weak. There were about two dozen of us on the dorm floor and about four of them. There was one behind me that had captured Connie.At the end of the hall the wall looked like a pool of water. The insect with me just walked through it and suddenly we were in a white room.

Processed -2

In this room there was a silver grid along the ceiling that was some kind of track. From this track were what looked like twin black metal loops that were open on the top side. The monster took each of my wrists and put them through the openings at the top, they were curved funny where they fit tightly around my wrist at the bottom. he swung a metal piece across the opening. He suddenly let me o and I found my self painfully hanging by wrist, my feet a good twenty inches from the floor. I was very weak but tried to free myself, but my own weight held me captive. The device was quite simple that held me and could easily be opened if I had a free hand. But no matter how I twisted I couldn't get a hand free. Connie was to my left, also hanging by her wrist. The Insect had gone through the portable to capture more of us. Soon another Insect brought Susan had hung her to my right. There were many women already hanging to Connie's left. Soon all 24 of us hung captive, some crying some still screaming. I just hung there to weak from the drug to move much. My wrist and shoulders hurt as I tried to ease the paint. The insects went down the line and shot a quill into each of us. The second one paralyzed us, but didn't render us unconscious. They let the drug seep in good before they jerked the quills out. The track started to move with us hanging from it totally unable to move or make the slightest sound. As we entered the next area mechanical arms cut out cloths off of us. Our cloths fell to the floor and the shredded remains were sucked into a hole in the floor below our feet. To my terror I was now hanging naked still moving to the next area. In this area jets from many different angles sprayed my body with a cold green spray. The liquid quickly turned hot as in ate every hair from my body perfectly removing all my hair. My body being rinsed with water followed this. The green liquid was washed away along with my hair. I was still paralyzed and couldn't move even a little. As I moved along a yellow light scanned my body and I could see a monitor that showed my sexual tract. In the next area rods with silver hypodermic needles injected my breast and my belly just below my naval with something, it hurt but I couldn't even scream. This caused my breast to feel very strange, tight and sensitive. For a shot time transport line stopped and metal disk clamped on each side of my bald head, as well as my lower belly and the small of my back. There was a popping sound as ink was shot into my skin tattooing me. There was now a evil looking crest marking my lower belly and tramp stamping my lower back. It was made up of an interwoven image pattern of spider like creatures. On the sides of my head was a alien script which was a number and a image of a spider like creature ... The script looked something oriental and was about three inches high ... Of course it would be later before I knew what had been done. I was in total shock and my arms and wrist were aching as we left the processing area and traveled down a long corridor still hanging from the track. We were about five feet apart. We passed several cross-corridors before we turned right. The corridor was dark but on each side there were small brightly lit rooms that had what looked like glass walls facing the corridor. The corridor went on far as far as I could see in both directions.

Cells -3

The moving tract stopped with all twenty-four of us hanging by our wrist like sides of beef stopped. Then one at a time we were lifted off of the traps that our wrists were in. by one of the grasshopper creatures. The glass wall slid up so he could walk into the room with me over his shoulder. He laid me on a white metal bed He snapped silver bands on my wrist and ankles. Then he took a silver choker and placed it around my neck. Then he left the cell, the glass wall sliding back down trapping me in the cell ... Very slowly the drug wore off and I was able to regain my muscle control. Exploring the cell I found it to be about 10 feet wide and 14 feet long. The walls, floor and ceiling were a bright white metal. There was no light but the walls seemed to give off a bright glow. There appeared to be a camera in a red glass bubble in the middle of the ceiling. There were hundreds of small holes in the ceiling and a drain in the middle of the floor. There was the square metal bed to the left. At the foot of the bed was a solid round table that was maybe three foot across and high. The table as well as the bed seemed to be attached to the floor. To the right there was a curious looking chair like thing. In the back there was what appeared to be a small toilet. One whole wall was made of clear glass several inches thick. It was counter sunk into the sides, top and floor. There was no visible control for opening it. Looking out the glass I could see the cells across the corridor, each held a captive like me. Naked and tattooed with the same tramp stamp, but the alien number on the side of their heads was different than mine. We were all in shock and didn't know what to do next.

A female voice came on a speaker in the ceiling of the room. Welcome Breed 91952. You have been recruited by the Empire to serve as vessels to produce physical bio weapons. You are the property of the empire. There is no escape from here, when directions are given you will follow them quickly and to the point. The collar around your neck is a tool to facilitate your compliance. Should you fail in these duties you will be encouraged by your collar to comply. There are 12 compliance levels to insure your corporation. The voice told me "this is Level 5. Without warning my collar buzzed and a bolt of electricity was shot through my neck to the other side of the choker. It felt like a metal rod had been driven through my neck. I screamed and fell to the floor pulling at the collar.

Life as a Captive -4

Life in the cell was very boring for the most part. The strange chair to one side I was instructed by the female voice to sit astride of and to lean forward and take the black rubber looking prod in my mouth to eat. I did and the silver bands on my wrist and ankles were suddenly pulled magnetically to the sides of the chair. A metal hook went behind my neck and closed holding me to the feeder. A metal breast plate swung up that had for a better description appeared to be a metal bra like thing. It went right over my breast. There was a suctioning feeling on my nipples. It dawned on me that I was being milked. After getting the shot in my breast in possessing, my breast had felt heavy and my nipples had been sore. The fucking aliens had caused me to start to lactate like some kind of human cow. Through the rubber prod in my mouth a gooey substance was pumped into my mouth. It had little taste but was clearly food. So while I ate I was held and milked. After about a half an hour I was released from the chair. My nipples were red and tender and slightly wet. About every four hours I was fed and milked. If I did not comply with instructions to mount the machine, I would start to receive shocks from my collar. Light at first and then they would increase in the level of pain till I complied. It was so demeaning to be milked like a cow. I had no idea how much time passed, time dragged on as all I had to do was wait to be fed and milked.

Breeding Terror -5

Out side of my cell appeared one of the grasshopper creatures along with three humans. Two of the men were dressed in military uniforms and the third in a business suite. They were obviously human and American. I tried to get them to respond but they just stood their looking at me. Behind me I heard a noise and as I turned around I saw that out of the round table at the head of my bed the top had opened and what looked like a ugly brown leathery looking egg arose. This isn't good I thought. The thing was evil looking with a veined outer surface. The pointed top had a cross seam that suddenly peeled back into four pieces making an opening in the top. Out of the opening cane a boney spider looking thing. The body was about the size of football. There was six boney fingers, or legs that were about seven or eight inches long. There were three down each side and two in the front The thing had a long tail that was about four feet long that was also boney looking which was made up of many joints that gave if great flexibility. The tail was pointed on the end and it was coiled around the top of the egg. It hissed at me and I screamed. Like a blur of it sprang towards my face. I tried to move out of the way but it was like everything was in slow motion. The things underside was pointing at me with the legs spread wide. The underside was bright pink with what looked like a female vulva in the middle. There were fleshy lips and a small opening in the middle. The underside appeared to be wet. The thing looked like the creature from the movie "Alien" It hit me directly in the face, the boney fingers wrapping around my head in a vise like grip. The tail wrapped around my neck like a coiling snake. I desperately tried to pull it off, but it was stuck on me. The part against my face felt warm, wet and spongy. My mouth and nose was covered tightly like a mask. I tried to gasp for breath as it's tail tightened around my neck. Something that was pointed and felt like bone was forced between my lips, splitting and hooking behind my upper and lower teeth. The thing pried my mouth open. It worked like dental gag spreading my mouth open. A penis like thing, the diameter of a foot long hotdog sprayed something down my throat paralyzed my gag reflexes. Then it started pushing down my throat. A bulge on the shaft bloated into a knot the size of a baseball filling my mouth. Two small tubes were pushed up my nose as I struggled to breath and started to breath drug laced air into me. My head was light and I was feeling strange as the drug weakened me further. Too weak to stand I fell to the floor, the things tail whipped down my back. It's tail curved trough my pussy lips and it hooked the tip of it in my vagina. From the tip emerged a penis like thing that had a knot similar to the one in my mouth. This knot swelled to the size of a softball locking it's self in me ... The shaft extending deeper into my pussy till it found the opening to my womb followed this. The tip was painfully pushed into the mouth of my uterus. There it opened like a flower stretching the opening. I could feel the huge knot pulsating in my pussy. I could see through the gaps between the creatures fingers as I laid on the floor. I was now too weak to struggle, the creature giving me just enough of the hormone laced air to stay conscious, but not enough to put up much of a fight.

The door of my cell slid up and the alien and the three humans entered. On one wall a holographic image appeared. It was an X-rays of me and I could see what the things were doing inside me. The alien explained that these things were weapons that could be used for securing an area. The ones produced her were to be sterilized where they couldn't breed. That way they would just capture victims and hold them for several hours. They completely incapacitated a victim and were all but impossible, even with help to remove once locked on for about four hours. Once they did release the victim would be paralyzed for another three or four hours. I picked up that the mating cycle was about a month from implantation till harvest. There was another week incubation, which would be followed by a week till the cycle was restarted. The alien told the man in the suit that was from a a large multi national company that marketed a expensive product called " Mothers milk" It appeared that the aliens were milking us like cows and supplying that company. I was shocked to realize that the government and industry were in bed with the aliens who were harvesting earth women to use to breed to these horrid things. They only referred to me like I was some machine and not by my name but by the reference Breed 91952. I was angry at being sold out by other humans. I could see in the image projected that the face hugger's penis like thing was down my throat to my stomach. The tail had a fleshy pointed like penis like thing that protruded from the tip and the head was locked into the mouth of my womb. Just behind my pelvis bone there was a huge knot locking the thing in me. This was followed by some kind of small stinger injecting something into the base of my clitoris; it felt like liquid heat spreading along my internal clitoral nerve.

Then I saw what looked like a brown balloon being inflated in my womb. The alien explained that the creature would soon send a strong hormone loaded gas into my air that would cause me to start to climax from all the friction in my reproductive tract. It seemed that this would cause my uterus to contract and relax. This started a cycle that I would climax hard then relax where the balloon could be expanded a little each time. That way the balloon like egg could be inflated stretching my belly. I didn't want to climax but once the cycle started I couldn't keep it from happening. I moved weakly about as the waves of orgasms swept over me. My belly felt tighter and tighter as the egg sack expanded in my womb. The creature then started to move four eggs the size of golf balls down the tube in my throat and the one in my pussy. I knew that I could not allow that to happen, but I had no choice. The eggs moved very slowly into my body. I could feel the tightness in my throat and chest as the eggs were forced into me. I arched my back at the discomfort. The first ones to be planted were the ones that went into my belly. Then I felt a painful cramping as the hen egg sized orbs were forced through my cervix and planted the sack that was already in my womb. I was able to watch the whole event on the hologram display that I could see through the boney fingers clutching my face. I tried in vain to prevent it from happening, but it was hopeless. Once the creatures had fucked their eggs into me they pumped in a large amount of a whitish fluid into both my belly and the sack in my womb.

I could hear the men and alien talking; the creature explained " We have adapted the Breedits where they're mating so the host don't die during birth. In the past the babies would explode from the host belly and womb when they reached term. This of course killed the host, but now they are born through her birth canal allowing the host to be mated and bred multiple times."

The creature's work being done started to withdraw, but before they did the one attached to my crotch shoved it's tail up my rear and sprayed a mist into me that temporarily paralyzed me. Then withdrew from my body, but as it did my vagina was filled with a sticky mucus that formed a plug to insure the egg stayed in me till it was ripe. It had paralyzed me so that the plug could solidify before I regained motor function. At last it released my head, the penis like tube was pulled from my throat like a slimy snake. I could do nothing but lay there with white slime running out of my mouth as the creatures returned to the egg.

Realization -6

It was some time before I regained motor ability. The alien and the humans had left as well as the egg had been lowered back down. I figured that the egg must be moving from cell to cell allowing the little fuckers to attack each captive female. Out of the ceiling hundreds of tiny openings allowed a warm spray to wash down the room and me. I moaned as my hands ran over my once flat tummy feeling how it had swollen and was now round very firm. I received a shock from my collar and I was instructed to mount the feeding and milking machine. I was crying as I took the feeding shaft into my mouth and the metal loop closed behind my neck. Pulling me forward. My breast went into the cold cups, instantly started milking my aching breast, firmly sucking on my tender nipples. The metal bands on my wrist and ankles snapped in place. As I was trapped there a computer scanned my swollen belly and made sure that the huggers had been successfully planted their terrifying seeds in me. Something new happened, the padded bench I was straddling started to vibrate which quickly caused me to climax. The terrible part was that it kept causing me to climax. This caused my womb to contract and expand allowing the football-sized egg in me to grow a bit. After an extended period I was released. I moved away from the hated milking machine and accessed my situation. I discovered there was some kind of rubbery like plugs in my pussy that seemed to be stuck to my pussy walls. I tried to pull it out, but there was simply no way to get a hold on it. When I did get a small hold on it any pulling caused a sharp pain. It was evident that this was some kind of reproduction strategy to insure that the female didn't attempt to rid herself of her forced impregnation.

It seemed that the sting I had felt at the base on my clitoris had caused it to swell several times its normal size. My clitoris was also super sensitive, throbbing with need. I rubbed it trying to relieve the sexual terrible itch, but this only made things worst. The climaxes aided the expansion of the growing egg of terror in me. I tried to stop, but just couldn't. The aliens had shortened the time between milking and feeding on the machine, attempting to extract more mil from tender swollen breast. The amount of food increased also and I suspected that it was laced with hormones to increase milk production and to increase my sexual need. This would help make sure that I kept masturbating. The whole thing made me feel like some kind of breeder, milk cow. The whole setup was so demeaning.

I had a clear view of the cells across from me as the egg moving to from one cell to the next. The captives fought the attacks, but the results were always the same. As for me I was on a forced regiment of forced millings and feedings. I tried to start a hunger strike, but when I refused to mount the hated feeding/milking machine a voice came over the speaker telling me that my noncompliance was not an option. My pain collar started a sequence of increasing punishments. When I attempted to stop masturbating the terrible choker around my neck assured my compliance. The egg in me at times would swing between being super cold and very hot. Sometimes I thought I would freeze solid and other times I felt like my insides were boiling.

Terrifying Labor -7

The egg grew in me at a stead rate till my time came. The birth pains didn't start out light, but in a massive blow. As the pain struck me I let loose a horrific, blood curdling scream. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. The contraction was long hard and painful before a lessened for a moment. Then another wave hit me. The mucus plug in my vagina let loose as I leaked a whitish slime from the mouth of my vagina. I place my hands on my swollen belly trying to help push the large football shaped egg out of my womb. The torture went on and on as the leathery egg worked it's self out of me. This hurt beyond words; I flopped around on the floor screaming in pain. I pushed in a desperate effort to birth the egg. The egg was pliable like it was made of leather and this made it possible to birth it. At last the egg came free of my body, I could just try to recover. My belly wasn't as small as it should be, unknown to me there were more to come. The eggs that had been deposited in my belly was still there and had grown to the size of softballs. The birth of the egg triggered the orbs in my belly to rupture. Suddenly I felt vey sick at my stomach. I started to vomit and to my surprise out came thousands of what for a better word looked like maggots. I wretched; vomiting the squirming little things out of my mouth. The wiggling mass poured onto the floor. They were also coming out of my nose. This was so gross, I could feel them squirming all in my mouth, nose and throat. The things started to wiggle towards the egg. It occurred to me that these were not maggots but sperm. The huggers had planted the female egg in my womb and sperm in my belly. This was part of its reproductive cycle and the sperm was trying to fertilize the egg. There was no way to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg, there was just too many of them. The wiggling in my mouth and nose caused me to vomit more and harder. There was a small hole on top of the egg that the sperm were trying to reach. The sperm wiggled up the sides of the egg and when two entered the hole closed. I laid covered in dying sperm on the floor exhausted.

The Hen Cycle -8

I felt warm water spraying out of hundreds of small openings in the ceiling washing the room and me down. The dead sperm were washed down a drain in the middle of the slightly sloping floor. This cleaned me nicely. The egg that I had birthed was still in my cell. a voice came over the speaker telling me that I would be required to act as a hen to the egg which would advance it's development. A hologram image showed me what was required. I was to hold the egg close to my body with widest part of the egg against my belly and pointed top between my breasts. My body heat would aid its development. I was slow to respond and received a sharp painful jolt from my compliance collar. Somehow I had to try and get this fucking thing off from around my neck. There was no real way to resist it, as the punishments for non-compliance were terrible. I cried as I hugged the egg to my body feeling movement inside it. This feeling all the worst knowing that the egg contained two of those horrid huggers. The only time I was allowed away from the egg was when I was trapped on the feeding and milking machine. At least the vibrating had stopped that had forced the unwanted orgasms on me. The milking was horrid, the pumps draining every drop. At the end my nipples would hurt from the machine trying to get the last drop out of my bloated breast. I was trapped in this cell being treated like some kind of cow and being forced to play hen to that dreadful alien egg. I was at last released from the milking machine and quickly moved back to the egg to avoid my collar from punishing me. As I hugged the leathery like egg between my swollen aching breasts I just wished I would wakeup from this nightmare.

Finally I was instructed to place the egg on the box at the foot of the bed and the egg was lowered out of my cell. I knew that the egg from the top of the bed would return and start the whole thing over again.

Cow Hunt -9

To my surprise there was a break in the rapes and impregnations by a new terror. For the first time sense my incarceration the glass door opened. The collar didn't shock me as I walked out into the corridor. About fifty doors had opened allowing the captives out. We looked at each other in confusion. We looked weird, hairless, alien numbers tattooed on the sides of our heads. We all had the strange tramp stamps on our bellies and lower backs. It was real evident that all of us were being milked on a regular bases. All of us had bloated tits and swollen, puffy nipples that looked like pencil erasers. Chillingly to our left was a group of a dozen human solders in battle gear holding what we would soon find out are pain rifles. Over a speaker a voice told us "Run Cows". There was a lot of screaming as we started to run to our left down the cell-lined hall. It became evident that the place was a maze of cell-lined halls. We franticly tried to find a way out as the solders shot their guns at us. The guns shot laser blue bolts of energy that hurt like hell when they hit you. Once hit your motor skills would be messed up for a bout five min. depending on if the hit was direct or glancing the effects ranged from total penalizations to loss of some mobility. I was hit in the side of my leg as I rounded a corner. I almost made it around the corner, but not quite. There was a stabbing pain that spread out from the impact point. This paralyzed my left leg partially, causing be to drag it. The gal right behind me wasn't as lucky as she took a direct hit fight at the base of her spine in her rump that caused her to shriek in pain.

I was sprayed by milk from her breast as she shook in convulsions before she hit the floor temporary paralyzed. I ran on fighting through the pain. I turned into a dead end corridor and came back to the hall I had turned out of. Another woman ran by with a solider baring down on her. She turned to face him trapped on the opposite wall. He couldn't see me, as I was tight against the wall Right at the corner. My heart skipped a beat as his raised gun came into View. He had it pointed at her and didn't snow I was right around the corner. He was close to the wall of the hall. In a sec he would see me. I moved like lightning, in one smooth motion I spun around the corner grabbing the barrel of the gun pushing it aside as I used one of my best cheerleader kicks and landed a savage kick right in his crotch. He grunted in pain as I jerked the rifle from his hands turning it on him shooting him right in the privates. He went down like a rock. I motioned to the other woman and we dragged him around the corner. We then set up a trap where she would act like she was unable to stand and she would beg for mercy and as the soldiers approached to shot her again I would nail them from the side. In short order we had trapped eight of the twelve and had their weapons that we gave to other women. The solders never imagined that the cows might fight back, and no clue that we might win. We now had them out numbered and had two weapons to there one. We put several shots into the fallen males to be sure that they stayed down and attacked the remaining four. Two went down quickly, the third took down several of our number before he went down. The last took a shot between his shoulder blades as he pulled a lever opening a crate. To the left I saw the human Generals, the corporate guys and three aliens watching behind some kind of energy wall. Out of the crate came huggers charging us. We let them have it with the pain guns and to our dismay the weapons had no effect on them. Not even a little. The woman to my left had one stop right in front of her. The thing had it's tail curled over it's back. Like lightning its tail whipped forward wrapping around her left ankle. She was jerked off of her feet. As she feel back wards the hugger launched forward releasing her foot. I saw it all like it was in slow motion. The hugger did a 360 in air and its tail whipped around her throat pulling the rest of its body onto her face. The creature's boney fingers were wrapped around her head, almost meeting in the back. The thing was securely attached to her head before she hit the ground. I didn't stick around knowing it was too late to help her get the thing off. I ran like the wind. I could hear the spider like things nails on the end of their evil looking fingers clicking of the floor behind me as they chased me. The little bustards were super quick and didn't seem to tire in their pursuit of their target, me.

Defeat -10

I did manage to get ahead of them, but I was running blindly past hundreds of glass doors, some holding watching captives, some empty. If I could find one of these cages that was open I might hide in it, but all seemed to be secure? Behind me I heard a hugger spring at me, I lunged left and I thought It had missed me as it flew past my head. But the thing had hooked its trailing tail, which caught the back of my neck. The tail wrapped around my neck and the main body swung back at my face. I got my hand up just in time to catch two of the boney fingers stopping it just before it secured my head. We were in a intense struggle as I tried to pull it free and it tried to attach its self to me. I could see the spongy underside with the breathing mask like thing. I could also see the tip of the things penis like ovipositor that it wanted to stick down my throat. I thought I might get it off when a second one jumped up wrappings its boney fingers around my waist. It instantly whipped its tail down and drove the bone like point in to my rectum. The bone like joints hurt as the creature forced its tail into me. From the tip it sprayed something into me that burned like liquid fire. Was a nerve agent that would me up my muscle control? I swung my other hand back in a desperate attempt to pull the thing off of my waist and rump. This caused me to loose my grip on the boney fingers allowing the creature to tightly clamp all of it's fingers around my head like a vise. I didn't have to wait long for the thing to ram its pointed jaw spreader between my teeth hooking its self behind my teeth in both my upper and lower jaw. I was powerless to keep my mouth from being pried open. I tried to use my tongue to block the things penis like ovipositor from getting into my mouth, but failed quickly. The area around my mouth and nose were sealed from fresh air now by the creature's rubber like underside. The creature was trying to force my submission as it tightened its tail around my neck.

The one clutching my waist let go pulling its tail at of my rear and scampered after another woman that ran by. The nerve agent that it had shot into me made walking hard. I had to find a place to hide and I didn't have much time. Two min top with no air before I collapsed. I would see between the boney fingers that that gripped my head like a vise. I was trying to pull the thing loose but it wouldn't budge. I finally fell to the ground rolling onto my back. I was too weak to struggle. The hugger allowed enough air in to keep me conscious, but very weak. The nerve agent had further weakened me. The rubbery sack in my mouth had been steadily inflating till my mouth cavity was tightly packed. Then the worst part started, as the hotdog like ovipositor started pushing down my throat. I started to gag but the tip sprayed a nerve agent that paralyzed my gag reflexes. It was still awful as the penis like thing was shoved a good foot and half down my throat. I could feel it very tight in my chest and I could feel it inching down my throat towards my stomach very slowly. My body went into convulsions as the creature patiently did it's work. The flaps on its side pulsating, pumping a measured amount of drug loaded air into me as it forced more and more of the awful ovipositor down my throat. All I could do was lay there and stair through the fingers at the ceiling. What movements I was making were pretty much involuntary. I didn't want what was coming next, the planting of the two-hen egg sized orbs of sperm into me. I knew they would stay in my belly till they grew to the size of grapefruits. Then matured they would rupture and I would puke out the maggot like sperm. At least the leather egg wasn't being planted in my womb this time.

Soon the solders had recovered and found the others and me. I was totally under control of the hugger. The solders picked me up and hung me by the wrist from the loops on the overhead track. The metal loops were cunning as they were easy to trap the wrist in and all but impossible for a captive to get free by herself. The solider that I had kicked in the nuts approached me. I could see him around the fingers clamping my head. He took what looked like one of those black metal paper clamps that had silver handles and snapped it onto my swollen clit. The pain was terrible. He then grabbed my tender nipples and twisted them telling me " Your nothing more than a fucking breeder cow" The twisting of my nipples hurt like hell. My wrist hurt as hung about a foot off of the floor with the capture hugger still clamped to my head. After what seemed like hours the tract started to move. It soon became clear that the huggers had captured all of the females. I understood now that we were being forcibly impregnated in the cells by the huggers to produce some kind of weapon. Movement stopped in front of my cell and I was lifted off of the hanging hooks and carried into the cell and laid on the metal bed. One of the solders used some kind of metal device that he clamped on the back of the hugger and paralyzed it. The rubbery sack in my mouth deflated and the hugger relaxed its grip on my head. He then pulled it off of me; the long ovipositor was pulled out of my throat like some kind of slimy worm. I laid there still paralyzed, with hugger semen leaking out of my mouth and nose as the solders left locking back in my cell. The clamp on clitoris was still punishing me with pulsating pain. After about an hour I was able to move again. I was able to remove the clamp and ease the pain. The sting that the hugger had stung my clitoris with had caused my clitoris and the surrounding area to become super sensitive.

Hell goes on and on -11

In a few days I vomited up the male eggs as they had sensed that I didn't have a egg in my womb. Shortly after that to my dismay I heard a sound behind me and turning a egg was raise dup into my cell from the end table. I looked at it in terror as the top opened and I was soon under attack again. The creatures were ruthlessly efficient in their breeding, In a very short time I found myself with a swollen belly. They had moved up my forced milking and feedings. There would be a buzz and I would only have a short time to mount the machine or my collar would start shocking me. Grimacing I would sit astride the machine placing my swollen breast into the waiting milking cups. The loop would pass behind my neck pulling my face forward tightly into the feeding mask. A penis like protrusion was forced into my mouth and a food liquid was sprayed down my throat. The metal bands on my wrist and ankles were pulled down trapping me tightly on the machine. The worst part was the hard leather pad between my legs. It was like a curved metal pipe covered in padded leather. The leather was covered with short stubs. It would vibrate like crazy. Even though I didn't want to, I soon found my self-rubbing the mouth of my vagina and my swollen clitoris against the vibrating stub covered surface. The machine would really work me over, relentlessly sucking on m tender nipples till they ached.

The cycle of rape, milking, and birth went on and on. After each birth The machine tattooed a small egg, about the size of a pea inside my thighs close to the opening to my sex for each birth. Each time I fought the alien face huggers, each time I lost and was forcibly impregnated. I was trapped in this alien breeding hive hell.

Cross Breeding — 12 Link to pic-

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