Those Darn Kids

by Losgud

Copyright© 2010 by Losgud

Incest Sex Story: Your sister dumps her two young teen kids on you, so she and her dumbass husband can go screw on a Love Boat cruise. The kids are great, and you're their favorite aunt. What could possibly go wrong? Except--per losgudian logic--everything. I'll warn all in advance, this is a pretty weird story. I really like the writing, and I did mark up a printed draft first. Plus, it's fiction funny. But the storyline probably has something for everybody to hate. Lash me lightly, if you please.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   .

My sister Diane called me, and started talking about how she and Stu were planning this 10-day second honeymoon. Puttering around the Caribbean on one of those boats so huge you see a picture and immediately think How the hell doesn't that just sink?!! She actually called it a marriage rejuvenation cruise. "That means were gonna fuck like bunnies," she tittered.

"Really? With the kids in the next berth over?"

"Well, actually, that was why I was calling..."

"Well, actually," I sort of snorted, "I'd already figured out that part. I'd be delighted to have Jimmy and Tiffany stay over with me. The kennel costs will run a hundred dollars a day for the pair, and we're only open 'til noon on Sundays."

"Shut up! And thanks. They'll be perfect angels; I'll fill your pantry, and their pockets will be stuffed with money for sundries and pizzas. And again, thanks"

I had great relations with the pair. Since their births I'd been their favorite aunt. A pretty easy sash to earn, considering I was their only aunt. They had uncles galore on their father's side, but not a one was femme enough to compete. But I did earn the title. For birthdays and such, my presents were always excellent and completely unexpected.

Kids of course grow up. Tiffany had just turned 14; three months earlier, nearly to the day--ahem!--Jimmy had hit fifteen. That was my sister; she loved to fuck. She'd always lived to fuck. As if that made her unique. But still, me, I might've connived a way to not be pregnant again before my first milk had barely let down. In fact, I'd managed my life so that I never got knocked up in the first place.

But even as they got older, they still loved coming over to my house. They called me Aunt Cooly. Clever kids: if you rearranged the sounds of Cooly, it did speak Lucy, my name. Unlike my sister, I lived alone. I had art on my walls. My shelves were filled with books, not figurines. This is not a slight on my sister. Diane shared my love of books, but Stu was a dominant male who thought his love of figurines was much more important, shelf space-wise.

I know this makes Stu sound sort of sissified, so let me stress we're not talking about porcelain shepherdesses as curly-haired as their lambly charges. It was a modern man's collection: all plastic, all NFL bobble-heads.

They arrived, as planned, bearing lunch. A couple big bags of drive-thru. Being such a nice day, we took it out on the back deck, and all ate and chatted for an hour. Then Diane and Stu had to go catch a plane to get to the Love Boat. After that departure, the three of us returned to the deck, lazing in the sun. I actually dozed off for about ten minutes. The kids were in the same state.

Once roused and refreshed, I remarked, "Remember the new fish? Spotty? You should see him now. C'mon, you lazy bones, let's go see him."

It was a touchstone from when they were first able to walk. Towards the back of my backyard stood a shade tree, a stone bench, and a koi pond. I bought the house that way. The sale was a divorcing couple, and neither parties wanted custody of the fish. I thought to learn enough to keep them alive ... nay, flourishing. Their whole lives, they've gone down to Aunt Cooly's pool, where the fish will kiss your fingertips if you dare stick them in the water.

They'd been over a few months ago right after I'd added new blood to the pond. Tiff had been the one to name him Spotty. Like she was almost four instead of nearing fourteen. Because the little gold feller was dotted with black spots.

"He was the size of a pill bottle last time you saw him. Now he's like a soda can."

We collected and walked down there. Spotty, the food whore, seemed to be waiting for us. We tossed some bits of leaves and shit in the water, and laughed at the stupid fish darting around with its mouth wide open. I wasn't the only one to get a bit teary.

"It seems like all my life I've sat on this bench," Tiffany started sort of weeping. "It's the most beautiful place in all the world."

Even Jimmy was sniffling. "It's like Monet's gardens, except without the creepy lily pads."

Then Jimmy laughed. "I thought you said Spotty was the size of a soda can?--looks more like a Pringle's canister to me!"

We went back inside, lining the couch in the livingroom. We chatted a bit, then turned on the t.v. There was nothing but stupid shit on, so we watched and laughed at it.

It got to be that time, so I stood and stretched, then looked down on them. "Okay. So what sounds good for dinner?"

They jumped in unison, bounding up and down on their sides of the sofa. I'd laid in the appropriate supplies. Everyone eats better these days, so it's good to be rewarded now and then. My signature meal, from years past, involved a pair of 12-inch cast-iron skillets on the stove. One fried the bacon, then was used to make grilled Swiss & bacon on rye. The other was filled with oil, heated, and then used to deep fry the fresh cut strips of potatoes.

I wandered off into the kitchen to start the preparations. I had the French fries all cut, the first pan of bacon done and draining, when I decided to drop back in the livingroom to ask about making salads or fruit cups.

Jimmy was still sitting on the sofa, though he'd slid down some. His eyes were sort of unfocused ... probably because his pants and underwear were shoved way down his thighs and his sister was jacking his naked cock.

"Tiffany! What are you doing?!!!"

She looked over with the sweetest little smile. "Making Jimmy feel good. Why, is dinner ready?"

"You can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Because you're his sister! that's why!!!"

"So what? What's wrong? Mom and Dad are on vacation, doing sexy things. And so are we!"

She bent down and sucked her brother, slowly taking his engorged head in her mouth. Showing me what wasn't wrong. She moved her hands away; indeed, she lowered her arms entirely, dropping them behind her back, her wrists crossing at her waist, looking almost like they were bound.

Something about that submissive posture made my inner feminist flare. "What's wrong is that girls shouldn't just give pleasure, they should get it as well." Boy did that sound stupid even as I was saying it. Not the sentiment, but under the circumstance. "I mean, what's wrong is that he's your brother."

Tiff moved her hands back up to Jimmy's cock so she could talk. "I'm just making him feel good. Isn't that what family is all about--being nice to those you love? Jimmy likes it, a lot, and I really like doing it."

"Just watch, Aunt Juicy," Jimmy slipped and moaned, "it's really cool."

They secretly called me that?!!

"Tiffany, you need to stop that right now!"

"Don't worry, Aunt Lucy, I'll be done in a couple seconds." I swear the little vixen winked at me. Then she was jacking the shaft like a pro, one-handed; the other hand reached under and cupped her brother's entire scrotum. I recognized the technique, but before I could react Jimmy jerked and groaned. Like a double-barreled shotgun, two thick ropes of jism jetted out of him nearly simultaneously. Tiffany squealed as they struck her cheeks. There were impressive loads to follow, but they mostly fell short and landed on her shirt.

"See," she scolded her brother, "I told you I should've taken off my shirt." Then she bent down and sucked his softening cock clean, getting the last tiny dribbles. "Okay," Tiff looked at me, "I stopped like you asked."

I looked my young niece in the face, astonished. "Young woman, you need a washcloth!"

"No I don't," she giggled sweetly, running fingers to sweep her cheeks clean into her mouth.

"You ... you need to go change shirts!"

"That I certainly do," she admitted, rising from her knees. She stood there for a moment, all saucy-eyed and sticking out her young tits, showing me how her shirt was all stained with boy. My shirt, I could hang it over the back of a chair to air overnight, and safely wear it tomorrow. Then Tiffany went skipping down the hallway, humming as she headed to the guestroom and her luggage.

To his credit, Jimmy was afraid. If he too had been cocky, I would've been afraid. During his sister's final scene, he'd surreptitiously managed to get dressed, pants pulled back up and shirt tucked back in, his cock back in its Jockey pouch. After Tiffany sashayed into the guestroom was when I turned my eyes back on him. He sat there on the sofa the way I'd left him when I'd gone into the kitchen to prep for dinner. As though nothing had happened in the interim. As though I hadn't just watched him shoot all over his sister.

"You," I declared, "need to just stay seated right where you are. Because I'm calling your parents." Jimmy's face got a little ashen. And sullen.

I had to call twice before Diane would pick up. They'd just gotten off the airplanes and onto the ship. She immediately yammered on and on about the amenities--the damn ship hadn't even shoved off yet! When finally I got a word in edgewise, hinting at what'd happened in my livingroom, she just brushed it off. "Oh, c'mon, Lucy! They're just kids, for heaven's sake. What do you expect? They're maybe just, you know, satisfying some natural curiosities. That's what kids do, you know, like, experiment. You need to loosen up on the matter."

"She reached down and rubbed his balls! That's no experiment, that's rank experience."

Wandering around with the phone, I turned back from the kitchen towards the livingroom. Jimmy wasn't on the couch. The room was empty. "Hold on a minute," I hollered into the phone while racing down the hall. The door to the guestroom wasn't even closed. I burst in, astonished at what I saw. I looked at my niece and nephew, and they looked back, not missing a beat with what they were doing.

"Diane? Fucking hello?!!!" I shouted in the phone. "Your daughter is lying naked atop the guest bed, while your son fingers in and out of her you-know-what. And now, oh my god, now he's leaning and licking her down there while he keeps his magic hand in play, if you get what I'm saying, what I'm fucking describing as it unfolds."

"Well, like you always say, girls should get pleasure, too. Speaking of which, Stu is starting to look a little pouty, so I'll talk to you later!"

The line went dead, so I killed the phone. My niece, in contrast to my sister, was very much alive. She was starting to buck and groan, moan and grimace.

I ... I turned away and went back to the kitchen, to continue making the special dinner. By the time things started finishing up, my helper angels were back, freshly showered and setting the table. Dinner was chatty and nice, like normal, like before, as if the hour before hadn't really happened.

Dinner had thus been late; it was nice to have all three of us do the cleaning up. We slacked out in the livingroom until the cable got boring on every channel. I was ready to go get started getting ready for bed, and announced as such. I had to first make the assignations. "Jimmy, there's the small closet at the end of the hall. There are sheets and blankets and pillows, so go grab them and we'll get the couch made up into your bed. Tiff, you of course get the guestroom."

"But Jimmy's suitcase is also in there," she countered, "so he should sleep in that room, too."

"No," I settled the dissension, "wrong."

Jimmy was on his feet to get to the closet of his despair when Tiffany stopped him with a tap. "Don't worry," she told him well loud enough for me to hear, "if you don't wind up in the bed, I'll come hunt you down on the sofa."

I grabbed Jimmy's elbow. "Cancel the closet--you get the guestroom. Tiff will sleep in my big bed."

There was grumbling after that, but not as much as from me after lights went out. I really wanted to go asleep, but Tiffany kept shifting and twitching. Finally I hissed, "God, Tiff, just do what you need to do to settle down. Girls do it all the time."

I could feel her relax. "Thanks, Aunt Lucy," she whispered. But then she got out of the bed and started moving to the door.

"What do you think you're doing?" I said in a lot more than a whisper.

Tiff got her girly voice going. "Just what you told me to do. Visiting Jimmy will surely help me settle down."

I made her get back in bed. And stay in bed. Finally she got around to doing what she needed to do to simmer down into sleep. Though she went about it rather loudly.

Maybe there was something in the air, but I was aware of my own growing wetness. While my niece flailed around in her youth, I provided the counterpoint of the discretion of a few years. My fingers wound up touching my cunt, directing me in the same direction, but internalizing all the luscious drama. Tiff came like a cow, and then did settle down. I started getting a little more active myself, slowing when she murmured, "Hurry up. You're keeping me awake."

As her breathing drifted into sleep, I made myself orgasm like a top-secret superhero. I internalized all my usual explosions of noises, channeling that energy, that releasing of energy, back into my tumultuous depths. I came like a volcano blowing apart its very mountain. I'd kept myself from crying out, but in the flight back to earth I lay there panting like a dog, panting with the loudness of the biggest dog to ever know the planet. Tiffany started shifting a lot, so I tried to quiet myself down. There was the natural winding down. I was giddy for a bit, lying still in my bed; then I dove deep into sleep. I twisted in my sleep, trying to avoid the generous wet spot I'd left on the bottom sheet.

I was confused when I woke up. I was sound asleep and had no pressing need to wake up. Except for the rocking motions of the mattress. I was dreaming that I was on an air raft in my koi pond, which'd become a swimming pool, though the fish were still swimming around like normal. They'd been kissing my dangling toes, until the kids started doing cannonballs. The fish fled and my air mattress started pitching like my koi pond had become the high seas. My eyes fluttered open; it was still very much night. I peered, taking in what a street light illuminated in my otherwise darkened room.

Tiffany was still beside me, lying on her back, a bit away from me so that the nearest of her spread legs barely tapped against mine. It was like Morse code, her ankle against my shin. While Jimmy loomed large in the darkness, on my bed, settled between her thighs, giving her the fucking she wanted.

I woke enough to try and break it up. "No!" she grunted, trying to push me away, "I'm almost there, and so is Jimmy." I managed to pull them apart, but then Tiffany rolled over to sit on my chest and pin me down. Her knees held my arms as she gazed down on me. Jimmy held me down at the waist, while his strong legs parted my thighs rather rudely.

"We were just trying to make each other feel good," she hissed, "but then you had to break into and break up our private moment. So now, you're going to have to make both of us feel good."

I could've easily shaken her, and started doing that, but then Jimmy pushed my panties aside and plunged all the way inside of me, rather distracting me. Raping me, basically, except my cunt was being a wet slut the whole time. Having pinned me like that at the waist, his hands were free to gain further leverage, roaming upward under my sleep tee to hold me down by the boobs. Leaving Tiff free to lower her cunt to my face. I twisted and resisted at first, not that I was averse to doing girl things, just not with actual girls, and certainly not my own little niece.

My inner objection was with being so forced, though there was an undeniable excitement with that element. My nephew was raping me, but it felt really great ... despite his youth, he was doing me right. As though he'd had lots of practice.

My niece tasted delicious, even as I squirmed away. She used her skinny but strong arms to turn my head back up. She was happy to grind herself against my face even if I didn't choose to cooperate.

And really, there was no escaping being buried alive but to use your tongue as a shovel. Eventually I emerged, but then I about drowned. Tiffany came like turning on a faucet. The tap was from the sweetest well-water ever, but still! But then I stopped thinking as I watched. Tiffany rolled off me so I could see Jimmy's face as it shattered, the thick lump of him stuffed inside me giving forth like a hidden revelation.

Though it was all so wrong, I added my cry as I exploded into a will-you-please-marry-me? sort of orgasm.

We all lay there, sort of groaning, but then the kids recovered and scampered off. "Don't want to keep you awake," Jimmy murmured in a low sexy voice he'd learned from television.

"If you need us," Tiffany flipped her hand, "we'll be in the guestroom."

Confused, I was thoroughly content with that. As well as being completely done, quite ready for sleep to sweep over my stinky, absolutely sated body.

I got up in the morning, generously late, and the first thing I did was hop and skip into the kitchen to get the coffee going. Then I went back to my room, and stood for hours under the nozzle of the master bath.

I was dry and dressed and on my second cup, and the kids were still not showing. I took my fresh mug and the phone out onto the back deck. I dialed Diane; when she answered, I didn't let her start talking. Instead I told her what had happened.

There was barely a beat of silence.

"Really?" my sister exclaimed brightly. "They ganged up on you? I love it when they do that."

"Diane, are you listening to me? Last night, your son raped me. While your daughter committed sodomy."

"Yea, but you came like a cow, didn't you? So it doesn't count."

That stuck my tongue.

"Just go with the flow, Lucy, let nature take its sweet course. Like I'm doing as we speak, so I really need to hang up right now."

Which she did indeed do!

Eventually I went back into the kitchen, sitting down at the table with freshened coffee, watching as my house guests finally arose and stumbled down the hall, walking into the kitchen wearing no shame. They smelled freshly laundered. And looked so freshly fucked they must've done it again in the shower.

The day began as the day before had. With not a nod at how yesterday had ended. The kids were hungry, and still sort of sleepy, but they knew where the bowls and boxes of cereal were. They worked it as a seasoned team, Jimmy filling the bowls and pouring in the milk, while Tiff got the napkins and utensils and glasses of orange juice going. They stole mugs from my pot of coffee. That got my hackles up, but then Jimmy made fresh.

We all three went our different ways for an hour. Finally totally caffeinated, I went and gathered them. It wasn't an easy task. Tiff was sacked out in her clothes atop the covers of the neatly made bed in the guestroom. Jimmy was less elegantly sprawled on the livingroom sofa; t.v. on but eyes shut off, mouth agape.

I got Jimmy to go up a ladder, with a trowel, and clean out all my gutters. My neighbor had this beautifully huge old maple tree in his backyard that gave great shade to my house. The price was every spring about a million whirligigs washed and sank into my gutters. Clogging into decomposition, while also really wanting to become trees.

Tiffany and I with our own trowels combined were an army to weed the beds in the backyard. By lunch the pond area looked so fantastic we were both quietly weeping. Tiff gave me a quick hug. "As far back as I can remember ... promise me please that you'll leave me your house in your will, so I can make sure this never changes."

"Well," I guffawed, "I'm nowhere near dead yet I hope, but sure, I'll add a codicil to my will. It is a very pretty--and very special--corner of our fine planet."

Lunch was very slapdash. Open the deli drawer in the fridge and figure out what you want your sandwich to become. Chips are in that cabinet, as if the two of them needed that map. Eat an apple.

By the end of lunch, I could tell by their darting eyes what the kids wanted for dessert. I decided to go shopping and leave 'em to it. Jimmy had told me I needed a tube or two of silicon to seal some leaks in my gutters. As well, with three in the house instead of one, it was already time to get back to the grocery. Just to stay away, I could probably find a reason to go and get lost in a third store. Maybe I'd return and retire to my room with a brand new book.

At any rate, I told them maybe I'd stop and rent some DVDs, but definitely I'd be bringing home a pizza. The one place in town that did it so right, so the cheers rang out.

But then the weird thing was that they didn't want to be left alone; they wanted to come with me. They would not desist. They were determined to become my partners in shopping. At the Depot, Jimmy picked up a couple other things to improve my house's drainage, while lecturing me about gutter guard. Tiffany followed wordlessly, lusting after her manly brother. Come the grocery, she came alive. They were active together in gathering up food they liked for the cart. The shocker was how little of it was junk food. They discussed whether to buy a head of cauliflower, or florets of broccoli.

The groceries got put away the fastest ever, at least the perishables. The great gooey stench of the pizza was driving us all crazy. We left the cans and cartons for later, tearing into the round masterpiece while it was still fairly warm. We sated ourselves, standing around the kitchen with paper plates, smiling like satisfied retards.

We retired to the sofa, and that nearly put me to sleep. Everything on t.v. was even duller than us, and that was saying a lot. We were stuffed to the gills on perfect pizza; t.v. didn't have that excuse. I snapped out of my drift when the t.v. suddenly shut up.

The kids were standing as one. Tiff gave me a big warm smile, looking at my sleepy face. "We're going down to the pond--want to come?" I gave my head a tiny shake, even as I sought to open my eyes and get to my feet.

They went out the back door, and I waited for a couple of minutes, collecting myself. Then I went and hunted down the phone. I kept calling my sister's cell until she finally picked up to make the ring-tone shut the fuck up. I wanted to continue the conversation about the behavior she'd sort of side-stepped. Like, maybe, about how her daughter had held me down, while her son proceeded to inject his seed deep into my flower.

We hammered back and forth on the subject. Diane was strict in contending that an orgasm made everything right. End of story. End of story, so better quit yer bitchin'.

I tried to say more, but she cut me short.

"Listen, Lucy, I'm like trying to have my second honeymoon here, so just deal with it, okay? Stu's pulling down my panties as we speak, and looking like he really wants to lick me... mmm ... time for this gal to receive some of that oral pleasure, if you catch my drift. We'll talk when I get back. Bye!"

I felt like 911 had hung up on me. And then it was like I was suddenly cast in a horror movie. Back from the pond, Jimmy and Tiffany slowly moved into the livingroom, giving off creepy smiles. They were as naked as the times I'd bathed them as toddlers. As naked as when they'd overpowered and abused me the night before.

Tiff entered first, pulling Jimmy along behind her, by the handhold of his vivid erection. "Jimmy wants you to make him feel good again like last night," she announced. As an exclamation mark, she started jacking her brother's cock like crazy. I waited for the further exclamation mark, but then she slowed down, remarking, "We fucked fast on the bench while you were on the phone to Mom, so you know from last night how he'll last with this one."

Tiffany dropped to her knees beside Jimmy, who stood pointing at me from waist level. She took it into her mouth like a pro, backing off and standing up once she'd gotten her brother super excited. She left him gasping, begging for just a little bit more.

My niece walked up to me slowly, flaunting her little teen girl titties. She grabbed at the hem of my t-shirt, declaring, "Stop wearing so many clothes." She tried to pull my shirt up, while I fought back. "Stop it," she shrieked, "we wanna see your boobs. We didn't get to see them last night."

I was winning until Jimmy joined in. "Yea, we wanna suck on 'em this time."

The shirt got shoved up high enough I regretted not wearing a bra. As if that would've afforded me more than another minute of modesty. My sister's kids were like locusts. My boobs were out, and they both latched on. As my shirt went all the way away, Tiff squinted and nuzzled her nose on mine. "We were fucking while you were on the phone, but we got back in time to listen in on the extension. You're stuck with us. And it's two-against-one ... we're ganging up on you ... so you might as well just surrender."

They pushed me down onto the couch. Tiffany clambered over me to be between my hip and the back cushions. From that vantage, it was easy for her to yank my running shorts past my knees. I knew my panties were next, and I did just surrender.

"God, Jimmy, look," as her finger sunk in and traced open my cunt. "I was looking forward to licking her to get her ready for you, but sure looks like she's already been thinking about you."

I was embarrassed how wet I was. My pussy positively drooling for my nephew's nice cock. He joined us on the couch, naked on his knees, between the spread of my legs.

Tiff gave a little giggle in my ear like girl-talk. "You get him again, but now it's also time for you to taste him." I didn't get to see the moment Jimmy moved up and began penetrating me; his sister was blocking the view, rising up and turning to sit on my face again.

This time my arms easily escaped her pressing knees. Flung free, my hands found her round little ass. While her brother started fucking me silly, I pulled her down to my face. I tasted my niece's juices first, but then a big dollop of my nephew slithered down my tongue. I knew how to get this ordeal over with fast.

I was drowning in pleasure, and couldn't imagine the talk I'd be having with my sister, eventually. We lay on the sofa like some dead fish lapped up on shore. But then the kids started flopping around some more. I waved and adjourned to bed.

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