F.B.I. Case File

by Stepdaddy

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Erotica Sex Story: The diary of a young teen (13) is entered into an FBI case file, as it sheds light on the activities of an at-large con-man and serial statutory rapist. She doesn't see it that way, though.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Humor   First   Pregnancy   .

TAB 20090521: Dairy of Wendy Albertson

Compiling Agent's Affidavit:

The following diary entries were culled from the victim's journal. The entries are sequentially listed, and include dates over the last ten months. Wendy Albertson is apparently a very conscientious and prolific journal writer. She wrote extensively, almost every day. However, only those entries considered relevant to the conception, execution, or methods of the crime are included here. Miss Albertson was thirteen at the time of the first entry, and is fourteen years old now, at the time of this entry. Here are her words — no grammatical corrections have been made, although punctuation has been parsimoniously been introduced for clarity in some instances. Some irrelevant matters in given entries have been elided.

11 June 08

Mom brought home the guy she's been seeing today. His name is Roger, he's about forty I think. Anyway, he's about Mom's age, but boy is he handsome! Not like some of her other boyfriends I could mention, like Tom (yuck). He looks like a movie star. I mean Roger looks like a movie star, not Tom!

I don't know what he sees in her; actually, she's not too good looking any more. I wish she'd lose some weight! When I look at picture of her when she was my age, or even in high school and college, she looks HOT, but ever since I was born (I can tell from pictures), and especially since Dad died four years ago, she's really been putting on the pounds.

At least for once I'm not afraid he's after Mom's money. Lots of guys seem to be more interested in her bank account than her, but I doubt it with him. Roger must be rich! He drives a big BMW, and was wearing a fancy suit tonight, so I guess he just really likes Mom, not her money. That would be cool - maybe he'll make her happy and she won't be such a bitch!

15 June 08

Today is Sunday. I don't believe it, Roger stayed over here last night! I guess they've dated for a few weeks, even though I just met him on Wednesday, but still, Mom has only had a guy stay over a couple of times, and then it was after MONTHS, not weeks! I guess maybe the fat cow thought she better lock this dreamboat in before he came to his senses!

I take that back. I shouldn't say so many mean things about Mom. She just drives me crazy sometimes!

Anyway, I didn't even know he was here. This morning I was walking down the hall to the bathroom when I practically ran into him. I guess he was bringing Mom breakfast in bed or something. He was carrying a tray and was only wearing boxer shorts!

The worst thing is, I was wearing panties. Just panties! God, it was so embarrassing! I didn't have a T-shirt on or anything. And he looked right at my practically non-existent breasts and got a little smile on his face.

Just my luck. I'm literally almost naked in front of a hunky guy who I hardly know (even if he is really old) and he's looking at my Double-A cups. I think I turned totally red, and then I acted SOOOOO immature - I turned around and ran back to my room. When I turned to slam my door shut, he was still there at the end of the hall, watching me with that smile on his face! I could have died.

I snuck out of the house and spent the day at Jenny's. I don't know if I can ever look him in the face him again!

18 June 08

Roger stayed over again last night, on a weeknight! I ran into him in the hallway again this morning, this time he was leaving Mom's room. Thank God I had a T-shirt on this time. He looked me up and down, and I felt kind of funny. Then he said something like "I liked your outfit the other day better!" And then he smiled, and kept looking me over. I didn't know what to say, so I just turned into the bathroom and shut the door. When I looked in the mirror, my face was red with blushing!

Afterwards, I felt kind of good and kind of wierded-out at the same time. Was he making fun of me? There was something in the way he looked at me that made me think he wasn't, but I'm still just a kid. I have no breasts, not like Jenny with her B-cups. Jenny thinks he was serious. She says even adult men can think a young girl is cute, you know, not like he wants to go out with her, or have sex with her or anything, just like a work of art or something.

I think I am cute. The boys are always flirting with me. But I'm such a twig. Hardly any tits, hardly any hips, and about two real hairs between my legs. When will I fill out, so older boys will be interested in me? I'm SOOO not interested in the immature kids my age. I'm going to be in eighth grade this fall. If I could just get a growth spurt or something this summer, maybe I could get a high school boyfriend!

Jenny says high school boys expect a lot though. Not just French kissing. Touching. And they want you to touch them, too. Well, that might be kind of fun!

27 June 08

A bunch of us went to the beach today. Jenny's mom took us - Jenny, me, Tonya, and Millie. She was cool — she dropped us off and we were on our own. Which was kind of a good thing, since Jimmy Wilkerson and Brett Howard were there. I think Brett likes me.

Jenny is CRAZY! We were splashing around in the shallow water and she de-pants-ed Brett! I saw his thing and everything. It was so little, like maybe two inches. To hear boys talk about themselves, you'd thing penises were bigger than that! I did kind of like seeing it though.

4 July 08

Roger has a cool motorcycle. He brought it over today, we were having a little Fourth of July party in the back yard. Actually, Mom was having a party, it was just her friends, not mine. Anyway, he took me for a ride on it. I had to hold on real tight to him, he was driving real fast. The motorcycle was vibrating, and it felt really good "down there" when I was riding it behind him. It felt like it does when you let the water jet in the pool or a hot-tub (like the one at Tonya's house) run against your sex area.

Roger kept offering me rides, and I kept accepting. He probably thinks I like to go fast or something, but mostly I did it for the good feelings between my legs. I'm sure grownups don't even think about stuff like that. They don't have to, of course, they can have sex, which is supposed to feel really good. I wonder what that feels like.

1 August 08

Brett and I are "going together". He asked me and I said yes. We were all at the beach together, and he asked me when we were alone. We kissed a couple of times after that, and right before Jenny's mom picked us up, he touched my breast (over my swimsuit, of course)!

When I got home, Roger was there with Mom. He's sure been spending a lot of time at our house lately. Anyway, he kept looking at me funny, like he knew about Brett and me. It made me feel so immature, and it made me think that Brett is such a little kid.

2 August 08

Last night in bed I started thinking about Brett and me at the beach. I started feeling funny "down there", and before I knew it, I was playing with my pussy — there, I wrote it — PUSSY. It felt really good, and after a few minutes this strange feeling came over me, like all my blood was going a hundred miles an hour!

The weirdest thing is that when this happened, I couldn't keep thinking about Brett. I was thinking about Roger, my Mom's boyfriend, instead! Am I sick, or what? I can't help myself, I keep wondering what his penis looks like. I suppose grown-up penises are bigger, right?

25 August 08

I hate the first day back at school! There's the teachers, and the schoolwork, and worst of all, I'm going to lose the tan I worked on all summer! At least this weekend is Labor Day, and Roger is taking me and mom up to a cabin on a lake. My last chance for serious tanning!

1 September 08

We just got back from the lake. I forgot to take my journal, that's why I missed writing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Anyway, what a weekend! I mentioned during the ride up that I wanted to get my final tanning in. Roger said there was a beach just for our cabin, real close. And there was. Saturday, I went down in my bathing suit in the morning.

It's a cute suit - blue boyshorts and a white and blue narrow tube-top like thing to cover my breasts (what there is of them!). There's a little anchor embroidered on the blue and white top, so it's sort of a little "sailor outfit". I thought maybe it was too childish for me, but Roger was with Mom and me when I tried it on at the store, and he said he liked it a lot. Hey, he ought to know what looks good to guys, right?

No one else was around at the beach. Actually, no one else came by the whole weekend. It was really just about twenty yards of sand, out of sight of the house. There were no other houses on our little cove, so I guess it really was a private beach!

About an hour later, Roger showed up in his trunks. He wanted to get in some final tanning, too. He was pretty tan. I don't know how he gets so tan if he works every day, but maybe he has long lunch breaks or something. He never really explains his job or anything. I wonder why not?

Anyway, he kept looking at me, and I got the first part of my answer, you know, about the size of adult penises. I could see by the bump in his trunks that it was LOTS bigger than Brett's. It's funny that I've never noticed the bump before, even though I'd seen Roger in boxers a couple of times.

After lunch, Mom decided to lie down. She didn't feel too well. Roger and I went back down to the beach. I couldn't believe what he did! He said he doesn't like tan lines, so he took his trunks right off! I saw his thing, his penis! It was LOTS bigger than Brett's, and he had a lot of dark hair around it. Compared to Brett, his balls were gigantic! It was like we read about in health class. Also, Brett's just kind of hung down, like a dead worm (at least that's what I know from that day at the beach when Jenny de-pants-ed him — Brett and me are a LONG way from getting naked together!).

Anyway, Roger's kind of stuck out, and moved around all by itself! When I decided to take off my suit, too, it got even bigger and stuck out more! (I'm not weird, or anything, I just took off the suit so my last tan of the year could be more total, which I think was a pretty smart suggestion on Roger's part).

Roger said that we could only do this 'cause it was a private beach, and that we shouldn't tell Mom. He knew she'd say I was too young to nude sunbathe, but he thought I was plenty old enough. Roger sure is cool sometimes.

He made sure I put plenty of sunscreen on the white areas, and I'm glad he did, because I still got a little burned.

We didn't suntan on Sunday or today because it was cloudy. We pretty much stayed around the cabin, since Mom kept feeling kind of sick. I saw Roger's penis a couple more times. He came in and out of the bathroom totally naked a couple of times. I wondered what Mom would say, but he only did it when she was in the bedroom, which was most of the time. I hope she's all right.

Last night, on Sunday, when I went to bed on the pull-out couch in the main room of the cabin, I played with myself again. I got that great feeling again. I kept thinking about Roger's big, hairy penis. I've got to get a high school boyfriend soon! This is gross! He's old enough to be my father!

2 September 08

I broke up with Brett today after school. He just seems so immature.

8 September 08

Mom went into the hospital today. She had some tests, and they want to keep her there for a while. I'm supposed to have old Mrs. Wilson as my babysitter all week! I don't need a live-in babysitter.

I hope Mom gets better soon.

15 September 08

Roger came by to take me to the hospital to see Mom this afternoon. Mom said that Roger would move into her room so he would look out for me. He made sure to say that he wasn't my "babysitter", that I didn't need one. He said the main reason was that he lived too far from the hospital, and our house was closer so he could visit Mom and take care of stuff for her.

That's cool, I was getting tired of Mrs. Wilson treating me like a kid.

24 September 08

This place is sure different with a man living around here. He walks around naked lots of the time, so I do a lot, too. We watched TV last night, neither of us was wearing anything. He says it's OK, since I'm old enough, but I know better than to tell Mom. She still thinks I'm a kid. He even let me watch a sex show on Cinemax. Lots of naked breasts and butts, but he says Cinemax is pretty tame. He said maybe sometime he'll rent a "hardcore" video to show me real adult stuff.

12 October 08

Mom had an operation today. They say she'll have to use a wheel chair when she gets out of the hospital. She sure doesn't look too good. She's finally lost a lot of weight. I wish she was fat again.

25 October 08

Some workmen started working on Mom's room today while I was at school. Roger says it has to be changed around a lot to for mom's wheelchair, and some other medical equipment they'll be putting in. While they're working in there, they moved a lot of furniture out into the hallway. You can barely get past it.

During the construction, Roger says he's going to sleep in the second twin bed in my room. I'm kind of bummed about that. I've gotten into the habit of masturbating (that's what it's called) myself every night before I go to sleep. I don't think I can do that with Roger in there, even with the lights out.

27 October 08

After the workmen started the job, they haven't been back since. It's like all they did was move furniture out and nothing else. Roger decided to make more room by moving some of the furniture from the hallway to the garage.

I played with myself (O.K., masturbated) last night while Roger was asleep in the next bed! I don't think he heard me. Jenny says guys can smell it, but I don't believe that.

28 October 08

When I got home from school today, the twin beds had been moved out of my room, and Mom's queen size bed was in its place! Roger said the twin beds took up too much space in my room with both of us living in there, and he is right, the room seems bigger with just one bed in it. I guess playing with myself is definitely out from now on, since we'll be in the same bed!

Here's the worst part, though. Both Roger and I went to our beds naked last night. Since we're going to sleep in the same bed tonight, should I put on pajamas, or would that be too childish?

29 October 08

Roger solved that one for me! At bedtime, he stripped down and climbed right into bed, so I did the same. I'm so glad I didn't act like a kid and put on pajamas!

His penis was as straight and stiff as I've ever seen it. I don't know how big it is, but it looked like seven or eight inches when it got so stiff. We turned off the light and I tried to sleep on my side, turned away from him.

He nestled up right behind me. It's amazing how well we fit together, almost like spoons, with little old 85-pound me almost enclosed by his large 185-pound body. His hairy chest felt nice against my back, and his stiff penis pressed lengthwise along my butt crack felt kind of nice, too. I felt really safe and comfortable. I had a hard time falling asleep, though. I really wanted to play with myself right then.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I think Roger was asleep, since he didn't answer when I whispered his name. His hand was cupping one of my little breasts, and I felt him moving his hips in his sleep. He must have been dreaming about Mom. His penis slid up and down my butt crack, but he just kept sleeping. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I reached down and played with myself.

When I had that funny feeling (I learned from Jenny that's called "coming"), it was the weirdest thing. As usual, I let out a long, loud sigh and my body stiffened. Like always, it almost felt like an electric shock or something, but good! My movements and the noise must have had some effect on Roger's dream, because a second or two later, his hand squeezed on my breast pretty hard, and his hips jerked against me really forcefully. After a few seconds of this, he was totally still, and breathing hard. I said his name again, but he was still asleep.

I think he might have peed just a little, too, because I felt something a little wet on my lower back. His penis got smaller, too. For some reason, I wasn't that grossed out, and I didn't move or anything to clean it up because I didn't want to wake him up.

30 October 08

Roger somehow knows I masturbate! Or at least I think he does. Last night, we were sleeping like "spoons" again. I woke up, and Roger's hand was playing with my pussy! He must have known I do that to myself, and wanted to help me or something. How embarrassing! I whispered his name, and he just said "shhh", so I guess he was awake this time. His hips were moving, though, just like they had the night before in his sleep, and just like the night before his hard penis kept sliding up and down my butt crack.

When I came, his hips jerked again, and again I felt something wet on my back. I told Jenny about it, and she said it must have been his semen, like we learned about in health class. Wow! A grown man making semen over a little girl like me! I think maybe when he's been sleeping, he gets confused over who he's with. Half asleep, he probably thinks he's with my Mom, but I kind of like it, so I'm not going to say anything!

Speaking of Mom, she's not doing too well. Roger won't tell me exactly what the doctors say, but she hardly seems awake when I visit her. When I saw her this morning before school, she didn't seem to know who I was. Roger says not to worry, though.

31 October 08

I can't believe it! I think Roger is some kind of magician. When we went to bed last night, before I could turn out the light, Roger start tickling and wrestling with me. Suddenly, before I knew what was happening, he was kissing me RIGHT ON THE PUSSY! It felt fantastic! I came, and it was like nothing I've ever felt.

Then Roger turned out the light and we got in our "spoons" position like we were going to sleep. But this time, instead of laying his penis along my butt crack, he stuck in between my legs. He started pumping his hips, and his hard penis was scraping along my pussy, lengthwise. I really liked it, and in a few minutes, I guess he came, because he jerked real fast, and I felt something dripping along my thigh. His penis got kind of soft, too.

And he was totally awake, so it's not like he thought I was Mom or something! Maybe his body made him do it before, and told him he liked it or something, because now it's like Roger actually likes me. I feel a little guilty, 'cause he's Mom's boyfriend, but he needs me right now with Mom sick, and I feel lonely too. I need him. I never realized how I always took having Mom at home for granted.

Anyway, about tonight. I'm kind of embarrassed to write this, but I'm thirteen years old and I'm still going to wear a costume to a Halloween party!

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