He Sucked His Uncle

by Bram Speer

Copyright© 2010 by Bram Speer

Incest Sex Story: Teen boy and his uncle rub, lick, suck and fuck

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Incest   Uncle   Nephew   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

First, a little introduction to Melvin Runyon. He was nicknamed Mellie. He was sixteen and had a Dutch Boy look. His blonde hair was cut short to his neck; he had brown eyes and a fair complexion. He was five foot six and weighed a hundred and twenty-five. He was built like a girl—hence the nickname Mellie. He was shapely and curvy and smooth-skinned. He was "pretty" for a boy. He had pink lips and a small upturned nose. He had a smooth, soft, up thrust rump. He was feminine looking and girlish in his actions and movements. He had had two sexual experiences with girls and had found them to be distasteful and was not turned on by them. He had had some experiences with boys, that involved stroking each other's cocks and rubbing together, and he had discovered that he was much more attracted to boys. In a way, he felt as if he were a girl trapped in a boy's body. He had a small cock—four inches long when hard, and thin.

As this story opens, Mellie is walking in the early evening on his way to his uncle's house, who lives only a few blocks away. His parents have gone on a weekend trip, and since Mellie is sixteen and acts sensibly and responsibly and is not "wild," and has never been in trouble, they have assumed that they can leave for the weekend and he will be okay on his own.

As Mellie walked to his uncle's house, his anticipation and excitement grew. He recalled the incident a few days ago he had experienced with his uncle. It involved Mellie being alone in his house. His parents had gone out for the evening, and he had eventually gone to the bathroom and, after taking a leak, he had decided to do a little stroking. He began sliding his hand on his dick, and then began rubbing it up and down. It was at its full length and stiffness—which wasn't very big--but it felt good nonetheless.

It happened at this time that his uncle Wilburn had decided to pay a visit to his brother. He was unaware that his brother and his wife had gone out for the evening. He entered the house and was struck at first by the silence. He called out: "Hey, anybody home?" But no one answered. He walked to the kitchen, and then went back into the living room, scratching his head.

Here, a note needs to be included about Wilburn. He was thirty-three. He had been married when he was nineteen, but he had divorced after only two years of marriage. He was of average height and weight. He had brown wavy hair and green eyes. He was not handsome, but he was nice enough-looking. He was angular-looking, with a pointed chin and sharp cheekbones. Wilburn was gay, but he was not an activist; he didn't proclaim it in any way. In other words, he didn't "act" gay. He had begun noticing Mellie, and had had his eye on him for a while.

Wilburn heard sounds coming from the bathroom—gasping and panting sounds. He walked to the opened bathroom door and got a good view of his sixteen-year-old nephew stroking his cock in front of the commode. Mellie's eyes were shut and his head reared back as he rubbed his dick.

Wilburn's prick grew immediately stiff as he watched his young pretty nephew beat his meat. Without giving it a second thought, he walked into the bathroom and slid his arms around Mellie's waist and thrust his crotch upon the teen-ager's butt. He had his hand around Mellie's prick and was humping his ass before his nephew had made a move or sound.

When Mellie opened his eyes and looked around and saw that it was his uncle stroking and rubbing him, he let out a gasping sound of surprise. But he was too far gone in the good feeling he was receiving from both his and his uncle's stroking of his cock to resist in any way.

His uncle nuzzled his neck and flicked and swiped his tongue on it as he stroked his nephew's prick.

"Feels good, doesn't it," he breathed in Mellie's ear, as he hunched on his ass.

"Oh, ah, um, yeah, it feels real good," Mellie panted.

Wilburn unsnapped Mellie's jeans and pulled his pants down, and then raked his under shorts to his knees. He unsnapped and unzipped his pants and thrust his stiff dick upon his nephew's rump. He licked Mellie's neck as he stroked his cock.

"Um, you're such a young pretty boy. Oh yes, and you have such a soft smooth ass."

Mellie arched his neck and humped back on his uncle's prick as they both stroked his dick.

They both panted and gasped as they hunched back and forth. Wilburn pumped his prick up and down on his nephew's ass as he rubbed the teen's dick up and down. He stroked it faster and faster.

"Oh, ah, your cock feels so good on my ass. Oh, and you're rubbing my cock so good!" Mellie cried out as the cum gushed forth from his balls, spurting up his dick to spew out a stream. His uncle humped his ass, mashing his balls on Mellie's butt till he gave a heave and groaned as the cum gushed out of his prick and squirted on his nephew's rump and lower back.

"Oh, it feels so good!" Mellie exclaimed. "So good and hot."

"Um, yes, sweet hot fucking cum," his uncle replied.

Wilburn had just cleaned off the cum from his nephew's rump and back with tissue, when they heard the sound of a car pulling into the drive.

"Must be your parents," Wilburn said. "We'll continue this another time. There're lots of other things we can do that will feel so good. And we'll do them when we get the chance."

"I want to do them," Mellie replied...

... Now as he walked to his uncle's house, his small dick was rigid and throbbing as he thought about his uncle. He found Wilburn to be good-looking in a rugged, sharp-featured way. He wasn't handsome by any means, but there was something about his uncle's features that turned Mellie on. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about his uncle that physically attracted him. He was also excited because he knew that come what may he and his uncle would at the least rub each other.

He had called his uncle earlier and told him about his parents going on the weekend trip, and Wilburn had invited him to come over and spend the night. After leaving a voice message on the phone in case his parents called, Mellie had left for his uncle's house.

When he reached the house, he knocked on the door, and his uncle immediately opened it.

"Right on time," he smiled. He motioned Mellie to come in, and his nephew entered the house. His uncle was an immaculate housekeeper, and he lived in a nice five-room house. Mellie noticed the scene of vanilla pervading the air.

"Would you like something to drink or eat?" his uncle asked. "I know you're underage as far as drinking goes, but I have some good wine that's chilled."

"Sounds good," Mellie replied. "I'm not going to tell anyone, and I don't think you will."

His uncle smiled. "You're right. I'll be right back."

He went to the kitchen and uncorked the wine and poured two glasses full. He reentered the living room and sat on the long wide sofa where Mellie was already sitting. He offered a glass to Mellie, and turned on the TV.

"I have a good DVD in the set right now. I think you'll like it."

Mellie and his uncle sipped wine as the DVD came on. It was an erotic gay video. It showed two young naked nice-looking guys embracing and rubbing their cocks together and kissing deeply.

Wilburn let his hand fall to his crotch and he stroked it as he watched. Mellie noticed, and he began rubbing his crotch as well.

One of the guys in the video went down on the other and began licking his cock.

Both Wilburn and Mellie's dicks were rock-hard now, and Wilburn saw no need to hesitate. He moved his body over, slid an arm around his nephew's shoulder, and guided his lips to Mellie's. He pressed his mouth on his nephew's, and felt him open his lips. He slid his tongue in and swiped and twirled it on Mellie's, as he reached down and clutched his nephew's crotch and gave it a good squeeze. He felt Mellie's prick—small as it was—hard and throbbing. He couldn't wait to get his lips and tongue on it.

They shared an open-mouthed kiss, swirling and twining their tongues as they pressed their lips tightly together.

Wilburn unsnapped his nephew's jeans and unzipped them, and pulled his dick out. He stroked the four-inch hard prick as he French-kissed Mellie.

His nephew unzipped his uncle's pants and pulled his cock out. It was rigid and throbbing, extended to its full length, thickness and stiffness. His uncle had an average-sized dick—six inches long and two inches thick. But it was stiff as a board.

They stroked each other's pricks as they open-mouthed kissed.

Wilburn slid his mouth away from his nephew's, and slid his lips and tongue over the boy's neck. He rubbed his nephew's cock as he nuzzled his neck.

"Um, you're such a young pretty boy," he breathed in his nephew's ear. "You're so soft and smooth, curvy and shapely. I'm going to rub, lick and suck your soft smooth body. Especially that sweet little stiff cock of yours."

Mellie panted as he thrust his crotch up and down. His uncle stroked his prick with slow steady up and down movements.

"I want to suck you too," Mellie breathed out hotly.

"We'll suck each other, ' his uncle replied. "We're going to rub, lick, and suck."

He moved over between his nephew's legs and swept his dick forward onto the boy's cock and began rubbing it up and down. Mellie panted and hunched back at him, stroking his prick on his uncle's.

"Oh, ah, it's so good," Mellie breathed out. "Ooh, ah, it feels so fucking good."

They rubbed their cocks together for a few minutes, and then Wilburn moved down and lowered his head to his nephew's crotch, opened his lips and slid his mouth over Mellie's dick, swirling and swiping his tongue over the head.

Mellie gasped with the sensation of it, clutched his uncle's head. and thrust his cock into Wilburn's warm wet sucking mouth.

"Oh, ah, oh Uncle Wilburn—ah, oh, oh god, suck me!" Mellie panted as he hunched his prick into his uncle's mouth.

Wilburn had no trouble sliding his mouth down the entire length of his nephew's dick. Although it was at its full length, thickness and stiffness, it was only four inches long and thin. He sucked every inch of it, bobbing his head as he slid his lips and tongue up and down over the entire length.

Mellie stroked his uncle's cock as his own was sucked. Wilburn's prick was hard as a rock, thick and throbbing. It was extended to its full rigidity and length and thickness.

Mellie increased the speed of his thrusts into his uncle's mouth, and Wilburn sensed that his nephew was on the verge of squirting. He didn't want that to happen just yet, so he slid his mouth off the dick. He moved up and grasped his nephew's head with both hands and guided his crotch to Mellie's mouth.

"Suck me, Mellie. Suck my dick," he panted.

He pushed his crotch forward and rubbed his cock on his nephew's mouth.

Mellie opened his lips and Wilburn slid his prick into the warm wet mouth.

He groaned as his nephew's tongue swiped on his cock. He clutched Mellie's head and drove his dick into the teen boy's mouth, gasping at the feeling of the warm wet sucking lips and swirling swiping tongue.

He began fucking his nephew's mouth, pumping his prick down to his gullet.

"Suck it, you sweet boy," he cried, "suck every inch of it."

Mellie was almost choking; his uncle was pumping six inches into his mouth and down to his throat. He tried as best he could to suck it all, but it was too much. He simply couldn't get his breath. He grasped the root of his uncle's cock and slid his mouth off part of the dick. He began sucking part of the prick, and he found this was much better. He could at least breathe now and not be choked.

He licked and sucked his uncle's dick with relish now. It was so silky smooth and yet ridged, so warm and rubbery and yet rigid and throbbing. He loved the taste and feel of it.

He swirled and flicked his tongue around the head as he sucked with his lips.

"Um, you're learning fast," Wilburn breathed out. "You're sucking my dick good. Oh, you sweet-sucking boy, you. Um, yes, you're going to be a first-rate cocksucker."

Wilburn felt the cum churning in his balls. He didn't want to cum just yet. He wanted to suck some more on his nephew's prick before he blasted semen into the young pretty boy's mouth.

He slid his dick out of his nephew's mouth, and went down on him, sliding his opened mouth onto Mellie's cock. He sucked every inch of it; moving his lips up and down on the dick, sucking all the boy's prick into his mouth.

Mellie clutched his uncle's head with both hands and hunched, pumping his cock into the warm wet sucking mouth. "Oh, ah, suck me, Uncle Wilburn, suck me!"

Wilburn sucked his sixteen-year-old nephew's dick fast and furiously. He wanted to feel and taste the hot sperm squirting from the young boy's prick. He wanted to suck his cum, swallow and gulp it down.

He kept sucking the entire length of Mellie's cock until the boy gave a heave and a cry and thrust his dick hard into his uncle's mouth and the first gush of semen erupted from his prick. Wilburn sucked it down, and kept sucking as his teenage nephew spewed sperm into his mouth and down his throat. He swallowed and gulped it all down.

Mellie kept pumping and humping his uncle's mouth, spurting all his cum into the warm wet sucking mouth. Never in his life had Mellie felt such an ecstatic feeling; such an unrestrained good feeling.

His uncle sucked him dry. He sucked every drop of sperm that dribbled from Mellie's cock.

He then slid his mouth off and said: "Now it's your turn, honey. Suck my dick like I sucked yours."

He clutched his nephew's head and hunched forward. "Suck my cock. Suck it good."

Mellie opened his lips and Wilburn slid his prick into his teen nephew's mouth.

"Um, yes, use your lips and tongue on it. That's the way to suck. Ooh, yes, you're catching on fast."

He thrust his dick back and forth into his nephew's sucking mouth. "Ah, such a pretty young boy you are. Such pretty lips you have, and such a sweet licking tongue—um, and such a wet warm mouth. Ah, your mouth was made for sucking a cock."

He fucked his nephew's mouth, pumping his prick into the wet hotness of it.

"Ah, I'm going to cum soon, honey," he gasped. "Suck my cum like I sucked yours."

Mellie opened his mouth as wide as he could and got ready for his uncle's semen to come gushing forth.

Wilburn clutched his nephew's head and gave a hard hunch of his dick into the boy's mouth. He cried out as he pissed a stream of sperm into Mellie's mouth.

Mellie began sucking the cum, gulping and swallowing it. It was so thick and warm and creamy. He loved the taste and feel of it. He sucked down hard on his uncle's cock.

Wilburn spurted a half dozen gobs of semen down his nephew's throat. Mellie sucked it all, not allowing any to escape out of his mouth.

"Um, ah, yeah, you're such a good sweet cocksucker," his uncle breathed out as he trickled out the final dribbles of sperm and Mellie sucked them down.

The cocksucking that both had given to each other had drained them dry. It took a while for them to recuperate, and by this time it was late evening. They drank some wine and watched some TV, but they were both satiated for the time being. They finally retired for the evening—going to the same bed...

... The next morning Mellie awoke alone in the bed. He smelled the aroma of bacon frying.

He got out of bed and slipped on a robe that had been placed on a table next to the bed. It was a little too big for him, but he wrapped it around himself and headed for the bathroom to take a leak and a quick shower. He then headed for the kitchen.

His uncle was dressed in a robe and was standing at the stove.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead," he greeted his nephew. He took Mellie in his arms and pressed his crotch between his legs and kissed him fully on the lips. Mellie wrapped his arms around his uncle's neck and moved his crotch forward and returned the kiss. Wilburn gave him a light rub and squeeze of his rump. "How did you sleep last night?"

"Slept good," Mellie said.

"Breakfast will be ready in just a few minutes. Bacon, eggs, toast, jam, juice. How do you like your eggs?"

"Scrambled," Mellie replied.

"Me too," Wilburn said. "Just have a seat there, and I'll serve it up. Do you like coffee?"

"No, I don't drink it. Juice will be fine."

"I like a cup or two in the morning," Wilburn said. "Gives me a good jumpstart buzz."

As they ate breakfast, Wilburn asked his nephew if he needed to call his parents, or go home.

"I'll need to go home later to check phone messages. I left a voice message yesterday evening to them. I'll need to go home later to update it."

After they finished breakfast, Wilburn told Mellie he needed to do a little work on the phone. He was an ad/rep art dealer and he did a lot of work at home on the phone.

"There's plenty here to entertain you," he said. "There's TV and the stereo to listen to music. I'll only be on the phone for an hour or so, then we can find something good to do to entertain us," he smiled enigmatically. "I have a good collection of erotic DVDs if you're interested."

Mellie was interested. He went to the living room and looked through the collection of DVDs his uncle had. He was amazed at the variety of the DVDs. They ranged from soft core gay to hardcore S/M. He selected a DVD entitled 'Virgin Boy Ready to Suck.' He was not disappointed. The DVD was hot. It was one of those videos that has no introduction but simply started with a young naked boy and an older man rubbing their cocks together, and then sucking each other. Watching the video got Mellie hot as hell. His small cock was hard and throbbing. He stroked his crotch as he watched the young boy sucking the older man's dick. When the man took the boy from behind, thrusting his stiff prick into the boy's ass, Mellie had to ease up on his stroking. He didn't want to shoot his load right then.

I want to be fucked like that, he thought. I want Wilburn to fuck me like that. He was sure it wouldn't take much persuading for his uncle to fuck him.

The more he thought about his uncle, the more attracted he grew to him. He didn't quite understand the physical attraction he felt for his uncle. He wasn't that nice-looking. He was really average in height and weight and looks. But there was something about his face and body that turned Mellie on. He had an angular, sharp-featured look, with a sharp chin and cheekbones. He was on the slender side. His hair was short, but it was wavy, and he had bright green eyes. He had an average-sized cock. Mellie couldn't quite understand the attraction he felt for his uncle; he just knew he felt it. And he felt that his uncle was attracted to him. In fact, he knew he was from his words and actions the night before.

Mellie's cock was hard as a rock when his uncle came into the living room.

"What are you watching?" his uncle asked, looking at the TV. He then answered his own question with the reply, "Ah, yeah, 'Virgin Boy'. That's a good video."

He sat beside his nephew on the sofa and watched the video.

His cock grew almost immediately hard as he both watched the video and saw that his nephew's dick was stiff. He saw the imprint of Mellie's prick straining and jerking on the robe he wore.

He had plans for the boy; plans that involved him fucking his young pretty nephew. He knew from their actions the night before that Mellie was relatively inexperienced when it came to sucking and fucking. He knew that it would be best to take it one step at a time instead of 'raping' the boy.

He decided to engage his nephew in a little conversation at first.

"When did you first realize you were gay?" he asked Mellie, sliding am arm over his shoulder.

"I don't know, " Mellie replied." I don't think I really realized it as such. It just seemed that I wasn't interested in girls, but I was attracted to boys."

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