Jenna, Sophisticated Lady, Has an Affair
Chapter 2

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True Sex Story: Chapter 2 - This is a true story that happened to me this winter. It was quite intense and others have followed. If you like stories related to clothes, lingerie, boots, etc, I give plenty of details as these are important things to me Please send me comments, questions, etc

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Leg Fetish  

I woke up in bed with my boots and stockings still on, my pussy pretty sore from the pounding, my hands tied together to the bed post. He was not done with me.

As I regained full consciousness, I saw Tom was sitting next to me fully awake. I was lying on my stomach with my arms above my head. He was looking at me with a gaze at the same time tender and lustful. "Hello there gorgeous, finally back?" he said. I did not know what to say as I stared at my bound wrists. He had used his necktie. It was not so tight that it would hurt but yet, I could not get away. I did not try too hard to get away either. He caressed my back first then my butt and stocking clad legs. I moaned as I felt his touch. "You ravaged me Tom, I am not sure I can take anymore".

He smiled and his caresses continued "Oh yes you can, I felt how your body needed it" He straddled my thighs and massaged my shoulders. His strong hands feeling so good and helping me relax. He would stroke my back then down my lower back and by behind then back to the top. I could feel his naked legs and sex against me. As he kept massaging my back I felt more and more relax. His hands were then massaging my behind mostly and I started pushing back against his hands, moving slowly as I enjoyed his touch. He was careful not to bother the garter belt or untie the stockings. His fingers followed the lines of the garters gently and sensually before resuming the massage. He slid lower down and massaged my behind and my thighs. I felt I was getting wet now and he somehow knew it. One of his fingers found my mound and started rubbing it gently. I moaned and spread my thighs slightly. "See, you just need to relax darling". I was wriggling to allow him better access to my pussy. "ahhhh," I moaned louder as his index finger penetrated me. I was a bit sore from his earlier pounding. I had never had such a larger member in me and it had taken me a lot to accommodate it. "don't worry, babe, I'll take good care of you. He gently and patiently massaged my butt while fingering me until I was relaxed again and accepted his finger.

He moved off of my legs and I could spread them wide finally so he could keep pleasuring me. A second finger soon joined the first as he knelt next to me. His two fingers were softly going in and out and spreading my wetness. I was awake now! Tom kissed my back and neck. His breathing became deeper and quicker. I looked at him and saw his penis was getting erect. He rubbed my breasts softly with his free hand. "mmmmh" he moaned. I longed to touch him but my hands were still tied. "Let me free now" I whispered. He smiled and said "not yet, I'll take care of you". He moved closer to my head so his cock was about 18 inches from my face. I tried to reach but could not. We laughed as he teased me. During that time, his fingers were plunging in and out of me with the noise made by wetness getting louder. He went back to taking care of me real good. He moved his index finger to the opening of my anus and slowly pushed in at the same time his middle and ring finger were stretching my pussy. I tensed up a little but my wetness on his finger helped. Soon we was sliding in and out of both holes quickly. "Haaa haaa " I could not help it but be loud as he was getting me so horny. He reached his pelvis close to my head and I could finally take him in my mouth. As he was penetrating all my holes his cock was getting really hard and I knew we both couldn't wait anymore. He came out of my mouth with a "plop". I was a bit scared he would sodomize me. I have done it a few times but never with someone so endowed.

Tom pushed my butt up until I was kneeling on the bed. "mmmh" he moaned rubbing my butt then spreading my cheeks. I was really nervous then that he was aiming for the wrong spot. Thankfully he pushed his member in my wet and waiting pussy. "Aaaaaahhhhh" my scream a result of a mixture of relief, expectations realized and slight pain. He pushed inside me in one slow stroke. He then grabbed my hips and pushed in and out fast and hard. He almost came out every time before plunging deep again. I was moaning loudly as his cock pulled my insides as it retreated. I was so wet but yet my pussy lips did not want to let go and relax. After a few minutes, Tom pussled out. "what are you doing?" I yelled. He was putting on a condom as fast as he could. "shit" I muttered. Half because I wa

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