My New Toy

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2010 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: A young man takes revenge on his fathers girlfriend and gets what he deserves.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

My mother died about 10 years ago and since then my father had thrown himself into his business and today he is worth a fair bit so to compensate for my deprived upbringing he supplied me with anything I wanted. TV's, stereos, game consoles and now that I was old enough he had got me my first car.

Seeing that I had wheels I spent even less time around the house so my father gave himself a little gift in the form of Zoë. She is a 24 year blonde who worked as a receptionist at one of his offices. She had 36" boobs that were as firm as any fake boobs you see in porno's today. It wasn't long before she moved into our house and made it known to me that she was here for whatever she could get and then she was gone.

She acted all sweet and nice when my father was around but when we were alone she was nothing but a bitch and a prick tease always wearing next to nothing and bossing me around to do chores. Every afternoon as soon as I was in from school she would come into my room to make sure I was doing my studies and not slacking off. How did I expect to get into a decent college if I was a slacker was her usual comment.

Of course all the time she was dressed in shorts and bikini top and laying on my bed doing her best to tease me until she left. Walking out the door her last snide remark was about not straining anything after she left.

Summer was starting to warm up and so was Zoë; bikini's became the norm as she strutted about the house. One day my friend calls me to get down to the mall ASAP as he has something to show me. When I meet him he takes me to the food court and there is Zoë and some dude sucking on each other's face.

While I could tell it was her from a distance the conditions were not good enough to get any pictures of her to show my father. Next they got up and left so we followed then to the car park where they took off in a flash convertible.

That night I played it cool about what I had seen and with my friend hatched a plan to take her down a notch or two. Better yet out the door.

Most afternoons now Zoë would be out by the pool when I came home but I usually went straight upstairs but today I went outside to have a chat and maybe get her a cold drink. All this was so my friend could get upstairs and get the camera's set up. He needed about 20 minutes so I gave Zoë a dose of her own false charm as I smoozed up to her until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I excused myself and raced to my room for part 2 of my plan.

I stripped off my regular clothes and put on just a pair of running shorts making my erection easily visible. My room gets the afternoon sun so I had pulled back the curtains so we didn't need and extra lights to film by. Even I had trouble seeing the camera's and I knew what I was looking for so Zoë should be completely clueless.

Sure enough she was only minutes behind me but I was prepared for he. She went straight into tease mode asking me if I had seen enough of her bikini when I was out by the pool. I tried to pretend that I hadn't been looking at her but was just being polite.

She fell on her back onto my bed and started running her hands all over her body while looking right at me. I made no attempt to prevent my penis getting erect and Zoë quickly took notice of the cockhead poking from the leg of my shorts. I have no idea about my father's penis but obviously mine was a lot more exciting than his.

Zoë commented on it and how with her bikini on it had grown up so if she took off her bikini it might come out even further. She untied the bikini top from behind her neck and it fell forward to reveal her boobs.

A little bit of sag, so knew they weren't fake, and topped with rosy pink nipples that were already puckered and pointing right at my eyes. Zoë gave them each a squeeze and a pinch, pulling the nipples out and letting them pop back. Next she licked a finger and coated with saliva she ran it around each pink peak until they glistened in the afternoon sun.

Now her hands slid down to her bikini briefs and pulled the tie's on each side undone, lifting her butt off the bed she was able to pull the material away. I now had a clear view of the dark tuft of pubic hair that crowned her clit.

Now she asked my to reveal my penis as she felt we could be much friendlier if we were both naked. I stood up and pulled my shorts down so my boner sprung free and pointed directly at Zoë. Of course I spoke all the right phrases to make it clear that Zoë was the one calling the shots as I walked to wards the bed.

Zoë flipped onto all fours and crawled towards my penis. I again made it sound as if I didn't feel right about doing this. Zoë's reply was that she wasn't married to the old fart and that weren't related so shut up and fuck me with this dick.

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