A New Beginning

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2010 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: Life's roll of the dice took away Darlene Lee's reason for living. In a fluke accident she lost her partner in life; throwing her into the woes of depression. The need of one of her new neighbor’s opens a small crack in the door of life that gradually results in a reason for her New Beginning.

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This has been one of the most dreaded seasons for me. Memories of much better parts of my life flood my mind, and that usually bring me to tears. Everyone has heard of stories from rags to riches, mine is the opposite. Circumstances too painful to recall brought me to this situation in my life, all of which were out of my control.

In the Raven Valley trailer park I am a bit of an oddity, single, actually a thirty-seven year old widow with no kids, many find me the focus of local gossip. I am proud of my body, my breasts, although not the largest, are still winning the fight against gravity; the rest is still toned, still attracting the odd whistle from the visually impaired. There have been no male visitors to my abode which, oddly enough, is the reason for the gossip; the rumors are I am a lesbian. Hell that would be an improvement over my mundane life. Fortunately my collection of toys and my fingers keep me from going off the deep end.

The park consists mainly of single mothers, some drug addicts, and a number of very good people on the low end of the economic scale. For the most part they attempt to keep their sites in relatively good shape, but as in all areas there are a few that would qualify as pigs.

My abode is one of the larger units, not new, but was well maintained by the previous owner, she lost her husband and found it just too much to keep up on her own. There was actually no particular reason for me to even be looking in a trailer park for accommodations, but something drew me here, maybe the movement of the planets, who knows; the fact is I am here and relatively content for the most part.

My world fell apart with the loss of my husband and close family in Louisiana, a result of the hurricane. We had just moved to a new suburb to be close to the water, Ralph, my husband, was to have increased our insurance and to make sure a larger flood rider was in place. The disaster happened two days too early, when all was said and done the mortgage company and the cost of the funerals have most of the available insurance money, leaving me with enough to escape the area and end up here. The balance is invested and provides me with a monthly stipend more than enough to take care of my needs. During the last three months I have rarely left the trailer park, keeping to myself and my thoughts of what has happened and trying to make some sense out of it. There is no answer.

The only thing that did come about is a deep dark secret of mine, something I had kept hidden all my married life, Ralph was the greatest man in my life, and he always kept me sexually satisfied. There wasn't a day go by that he didn't tell me he loved me as he left for work, and told me he would prove it when he returned. The day the levy gave way he never returned, they found his body tangled in the branches of a tree, witness said he had rescued a young girl but after handing her off to a fireman a branch whipped by catching him on the head and he disappeared into the current. I have a citation for his bravery that hangs in my bedroom. But I digress.

From a very young age, I learned to enjoy oral sex. Believe it or not, I was eight when my brothers and I started. While playing doctor one day with Don, my twelve year old bro who was supposed to be babysitting, he placed his cock in front of my face and told me to take his temperature and to make sure he was healthy. Recalling it now, it seems like it was yesterday.

"How do I take your temperature?"

"You have to suck my cock like an all day sucker, and if I am healthy you get to swallow all my boy cream."

"What do you mean?"

"All boys have cream in them and it comes out of their cocks, sometimes I have to rub it real hard to get rid of it, but the guys at school told me the best way is to have a girl suck it out."

At eight, I had always trusted my brother as he was my bud and never did me any wrong. Staring at his four inch cock it looked innocent enough; the head of it was covered with a loose skin. The sucking part had never come up before when we played doctor before.

"How come you never mentioned this before? How do you take a girls temperature?"

"It is a little different than guys, I have to stick my finger up your bum and push hard, with my mouth sucking on your pee-pee."

This is another new revelation, Don always sticks his finger in my pussy, but not very deep, it bumps into something. He never stuck his finger in my bum or kissed my tinkle.

"You're going to stick your finger up my poop hole?"

"Yes, I'll make is slippery with Vaseline, that is the secret for girls."

I know the difference between boys and girls, as we've played doctor many times. It's fun touching Don's cock; it's soft when we start, and then gets hard, and he really makes funny noise when I'm the doctor, especially when I'm rubbing it up and down. Even though I'm the youngest, stupid I'm not. It doesn't sound right.

"You do me first. I don't believe you will put your finger in my bum hole and kiss my pee-pee."

"Take you panties off and lay on the sofa, I'll get the Vaseline."

Don has seen me naked for as long as I can remember. Mom had him bathe me when I was younger, and often he would get in the tub with me. Even at that young age I would play with his penis as he scrubbed the dirt off me. There was never any embarrassment associated with our nudity, so taking off my panties for him created no problem, so I was soon lying on the sofa with just my T-shirt on, my legs spread for what is to come.

"Here it is; it will feel cold when it touches your bum hole."

"I don't care."

When it hits my asshole, it feels like ice. Don did stick his finger in me, really deep. When he started sawing it in and out of me, it was different, actually it feels good. It makes me think I need to go poo. Closing my eyes to enjoy the feeling, Don scares the hell out of me when his mouth covers my pussy. Now that is a crazy sensation. These are feelings never felt before. Over the last few months I've been experimenting with my pussy, rubbing it. It really feels good, but Don's tongue pushing against me feels even better. The sensation is indescribable. Closing my eyes, a new awareness of exhilaration runs through me. Don's tongue is coaxing feelings from my pussy that are totally new. Combined with his finger in my asshole, the experience has my body trembling wanting more and more. Than it happened, my body seems to freeze in an arced position, the tingling feeling crescendos, drawing me upwards, then an explosion in my mind, it is my first climax. Sweat is pouring off my brow.

"What happened? Did something break; I have never felt like this before."

All I can see is the top of Don's head and his eyes; his mouth is still on my tinkle. Humm, it really feels good. Then he stops and looks up, his mouth is wet.

"That is the feeling you will give me when you suck me. Isn't it wonderful? Guys do it all the time with their hands rubbing their cocks, but sucking makes the feeling even better."

Considering the reaction he created in me, it is only fair I give him the same pleasure in return, besides, his stiffy does look cute. With the normal feelings coming back I sit up, Don is standing in front of me, his stiffy at my mouth, opening wide he slips it in. There is a faint taste of pee plus something a bit salty. With my mouth full of Don, looking up, his face is contorted and he is rocking on his heels, moving his cock back and forth in my mouth while I suck. Sucking my bro isn't really that bad. Just as I'm getting into the swing of things, he stiffens, grabs the back of my head, and pushes his little cock into my throat, nearly gagging me. Then his shaft pulsates, this is the first of many of his ejaculations I enjoy. His cum is hot and thick, the taste takes a bit of getting used to. But from that first time sucking his cock, I'm hooked.

All afternoon the residue of his ejaculation left an aftertaste in my mouth, a taste I become addicted too.

When mom and dad returned home that night all is well. At the dinner table, both Don and I stare at each other with stupid grins on our faces. During my bath that night my thoughts are about Don, and the desire to have him bath with me again so I could suck his cock.

Later the shower starts, it has to be Don. Just the thought of water running down his body dripping off his cock creates a funny feeling between my legs; even my bum-hole starts to twitch. The fact is I want more. The sensation of his finger in my asshole while he was tonguing me sends tingles through my body. The shower stops.


The tone of my voice is loud enough for him to hear me in the bathroom.

"Is that you, Darlene?"

"Yes, could you bring me a drink when you are done?"

"Okay, it will be a few minutes."

As he moves about finishing his shower, exhilaration runs through my body. Will he do anything when he comes in? What will he be wearing? As my mind plays tricks with me, I realize my finger is at my pussy playing with my clitoris, wishing Don would suck it. Quickly lowering my blankets, then lifting my nightie so the first thing Don will see is my pussy; now dripping with my love dew in anticipation. Then the bathroom door opens and closes, my body is trembling.

There is the sound of him going down the steps to the kitchen; then he returns. He is at the door and it opens, a glass of water in his hand. The look on his face is priceless as he gazes at my pussy.

"I have your drink."

His eyes never leave my pussy, but his free hand is lowering his pajama bottoms exposing his hard cock. The level of my bed puts my face nearly at the height of his cock, moving to the edge of the bed Don directs his cock to my waiting mouth. The hair surrounding his shaft is still damp; the scent of soap fills my nostrils as his cock fills my mouth. This is how it should be. After putting the glass on the bedside table, his fingers find my pussy and clitoris. As he rubs I suck. With my hand firmly around his shaft, the head of his cock secure in my mouth, Don pumps. My reward is a hot load of fresh cum. Draining every drop possible, his cock softens in my mouth.

"Thank you for bringing me a drink."

"Anytime, sis."

From that day forward, I looked forward to sucking cock, not just any cock, just a select few. Sometimes after his dates Don would come home with what he calls blue balls. His girlfriend of the week wouldn't take care of his problem but I would. Those sessions were some of the best, because his frustration seemed to produce lots of my favorite liquid. Don was my favorite till he left home for collage.

Even though there is enough money in the bank for me to live comfortably, it doesn't help me to forget and start anew. Circumstance change one of my neighbors, a young black woman, Karessa Franks, has a crisis.

"Mrs. Lee, can I talk to you?"

We hadn't met formally, but waved at each other as we pass, usually when picking up the mail at the large central postal box at the entrance to the park. She has three children, two boys and a girl, the girl being the youngest, the boys in their early teens or maybe a bit younger.

"Certainly, come up on the deck and grab a chair; can I interest you in a coffee?"

"That would be nice."

In the trailer I busy myself making fresh coffee; the kitchen window looks out onto the deck giving me an opportunity to study her, Karessa has a beautiful complexion that seems to glow, something she shares with her daughter. Her legs are long and well toned, and for some reason I wonder if she shaves. That is a dumb thought, I have never been interested in women, and maybe all the talk that I am a lesbian has done something to me. Carrying out a tray for the coffee, I include a small plate of cookies. Her scent is very invigorating, my body is trembling. Where are these feelings coming from, maybe I need a man. Sitting down I wait for her to explain what she wants to talk about.

"I really hate to ask but I'm desperate."

"Ask what?"

"Do you know Mrs. Watson; her trailer is two rows over behind you."


"She is my babysitter, but her daughter just gave birth to a baby boy. She is planning on moving in with her daughter and son-in-law, so she can't baby-sit for me anymore. I'm in a bind, I hate to impose, but could you look after my kids till I find a full time babysitter? I need the job I have, it pays well and there isn't any future on welfare."

Bringing back people into my life is one thing I never considered, but here is a desperate woman in need of help that I can easily provide. Maybe it is just the thing to pull me out of my depression. Her kids are well dressed and have been very polite to me.

"What are neighbors for? When do I start?"

"Would tonight be too early?"

I never even thought of evening babysitting, in my mind she would drop the kids off in the morning and pick them up at night. My unit has three bedrooms, so space is not a problem.

"Cassia, my daughter is the youngest, she is nine, Rick is eleven and Robert is twelve. The boys can sleep at our trailer, but Cassia sometimes is afraid of the dark."

Considering their unit is next door that arrangement is workable. It will be nice having some company for a change, even if it is a young nine year old.

"It is a little short notice but I can manage."

"Mrs. Lee you are a life saver, I can pay you."

"We can worry about that later. What time do you have to be at work?"

"I go in at seven pm, and will be home early in morning."

That means the boys will not be alone for any length of time, Cassia can return home after breakfast. Everything should work out fine. It is five now, giving enough time for Mrs. Franks to inform her children of the change in babysitters. At six-thirty she arrives with her three children.

"I don't know how to thank you. They have just finished supper. I have to leave, kids, you mind Mrs. Lee. She is doing all of us a great service."

The four of us watch as she leaves the park. Cassia is the first to speak.

"Are you our new baby-sitter?"

"For a little while, until you mom is able to find a permanent one."

Satisfied, they are all looking at me.

"Would you like to watch some television?"

All nodding, they follow me to the living room where the wide screen is. The looks on their faces tell me they are fascinated by the size. Once seated, they find a series they watch at home and settle down. They politely refuse my offer for soft drinks. Mom has taught them well. At seven-thirty, Cassia comes to the kitchen.

"Could I have my bath now?"

"Certainly, come, I will show you how everything works."

In the bathroom she watches as the tub fills, then proceeds to undress. For some reason my body is trembling. Her chest is partially smooth with the exception of her lovely nipples; they are a darker shade of brown and stand out, perched on two interesting minute mounds of flesh. My eyes drift downwards to her flat tummy. Then the surprise, Cassia has pubic hair, not much, mind you, but enough. The dark curly hairs seem to frame her beautiful chocolate luv lips. Never in my life has looking at another female had me tingling all over, and Cassie is only nine. She steps into the tub.

"Will you bath me; mom always does before she goes to work. Tonight everything was all crazy."

Just the thought of running my hands over her skin has me nervous. What the hell is wrong with me? On my knees in front of her, I lather my hand. She is so soft and warm feeling. My fingers glide over her body, each time they come in contact with her hard nipples she draws in her breath, her eyes are closed. The she turns her back to me, waiting patiently for me to lather my hands. Her bum is soft and pliable; spreading her cheeks reveals the cutest little asshole. When my finger makes contact she sighs and leans over, grasping the wall for support. The bottom of her beautiful pussy is peeking at me just under the rim. For some unknown reason, I don't know why, but my finger lingers at her asshole, caressing it softly.

"I like when you do that."

That brings me back to the present, realizing that I am playing with a nine year olds asshole. It does feel so good. My soapy finger easily slips into the first knuckle, shit, what is happening. Cassie must enjoy the feeling; she pushes her body back, driving my finger deeper into her. Recalling my bro and his finger in my asshole, I start the sawing action that made me feel so good so many years ago.

"I think that is clean now, we should do your front."

She turns and spreads her legs enough to open her luv lips, exposing the most beautiful shade of pink interior. Even at her young age she has a discernible clitoris. This can't be; it is rising from its hood, Cassie is sexually excited. The urge to lean over and kiss it is very strong. What the hell is happening to me? Gathering my thoughts I concentrate on the bath, but when my fingers run over her pussy my inhibitions seem to run and hide. Then my tongue sends the signal to my brain that it actually tastes like soap, a moment later the wondrous tang of Cassie's heavenly taste comes through. This is the first time for me, tasting what a girl is like. Many times I have tasted my finger after masturbating, but this is a first with another girl and it is good. Cassie surprises me by putting her hands on the back of my head and pulling my face into her pussy. The natural thing to do is to continue, I keep licking her clitoris until her young body trembles. She has a climax.

"Mom doesn't bath me like that, I like the way you do it better."

Her voice brings me back, realizing that this is the first time in my life I had eaten pussy. The feelings I am experiencing are of exhilaration and fear. Molesting a young girl is not socially acceptable, but the action reminds me so much of Don and the first time he gave me his cream.

"Let's get you out of the water and dried off. Did you bring a nightie?"

She has a small overnight bag, and retrieves a short nightie but no matching panties. Once done, I show her the bedroom she will be using. She smiles and climbs into bed.

Closing the door, realizing just how easy that has been, I return to the living room. The boys are still wrapped up in a program.

"When are you guys supposed to be in bed?"

Rick has a stupid look on his face. It has to be close to their bedtime.

"In half an hour, we need to bath."

"Well you can do it here, that way I know it is done. Rick, follow me, and you are next, Robert."

He picks up a grocery bag and follows me. The water from Cassie's bath has drained and I start Rick's. Again a surprise; he removes all his clothing and stands before me naked. My focus is on his woody that stands out from his body nearly four inches. My buried desire to suck cocks floods back, all I can think of is fresh cum hiding in the recess of his body, screaming to be released into my waiting mouth. Rick's tool is nearly the same size as Don's was when we first started. It looks fantastic. Does he masturbate? Has he ever had that beauty sucked? Would his mother kill me if I tried?

Shit, Darlene, pull yourself together, until today you have been living in the past like a hermit, and today you have already possibly ruined a young girl's life by eating her pussy. You can't have Rick's cock too. Handing him a wash cloth, I remove myself from temptation. Oh, it did look so delectable. With the water draining from Rick's bath, I remind Robert that he is next. In the bathroom Rick is drying himself, his cock standing out, foreskin pulled back glistening in the light. I can nearly taste it.

"Need any help?"

Now why did I say that? He is old enough to take care of himself; he doesn't need any help from me.

"Would you dry my back, mom always does."

Turning, I am looking at a beautiful specimen of a young male. His buttocks are firm, unlike his sister; it has me wondering if his asshole is as sensitive as his sister's. Drying him, his skin like his sister's, is smooth and soft to the touch, his ass cheeks solid, and his legs taut and well toned. Just as I am done, he turns and his cock hits me in the mouth. Willpower keeps my mouth closed.

"Sorry about that, thank you for drying me. Tell Robert I will run his water."

Leaving the bathroom my body is shaking. That was too close for comfort. Chocolate cocks, what next?

"Robert, you are next, Rick is running your water."

Robert is nearly six inches taller than his brother and with the same majestic features. Of course it has me wondering what he is packing between his legs, is it longer, fatter, tastier?

"Thanks for babysitting us, mom would have been in a pickle, this is the best job she has had."

"Glad to help."

Robert stands and takes off his T-shirt, exposing surprisingly firm abs. His stomach is flat; my eyes run down to his waist line then to between his legs. There is a noticeable bulge there. What is it hiding?

Rick steps out of the bathroom dressed in PJ's and Robert disappears into it. He looks at me and smiles. My eyes focus on his crotch, Rick has a hardon. It looks beautiful tenting his pajamas.

"I will wait for Robert to finish and we will go home."

"That sounds like a plan."

Sitting in the living room with Rick, he sits across from me, legs slightly spread; his hardon is still very prevalent. It has me wondering if these youngsters are more sexually promiscuous than I assume. Could Cassia be taking care of her bro's like I did with Don, would she like to share? The opening of the bathroom door brings me back; Robert returns wearing pajamas and is giving me a show. He is bigger than his brother, much bigger. As he is walking towards me his cock finds the fly in his bottoms and peeks out. It is thick and inviting; he notices me looking and doesn't do anything to cover it. I want to suck cock.

"You are showing."

"Sorry, I never noticed."

That is a lie; he likely wants to shock me. If he only knew what I was thinking! With a cock that size he could likely fuck me, it is a bit longer than his bro but oh so thick. That reminds me no one has been between my legs since Ralph. I need it so bad, and what is before me right now could take away that empty feeling. Making sure the boys make it to their trailer, I retire, tomorrow is going to be a different day. To make sure I am up early the alarm is set.

With the boys gone and Cassia asleep, now in bed with my finger playing with my aching clitoris, it gives me a few moments to myself to reflect on the day of many firsts, the new young cocks, not to mention my first experience with a pussy, a preteen pussy at that. My finger on my clitoris, it is at full mast, standing proud, Ralph always said that is what kept him from wandering, the size of my clitoris. It is nearly an inch long and thick as a thumb, it feels so good rubbing it. Then after bringing myself to three mind numbing climaxes, sleep comes.

The last thing I recall is Robert's beautiful black cock, embossed on my memory in full Technicolor. My dreams are of Don, and of him feeding me time after time, and the wonderful taste of freshly generated cum. Recalling the days he used it to fill my pussy, I was disappointed that he fucked me depriving me from his cream until my first vaginal climax. The problem was solved when I sucked him first and got his full load then let him fuck me, that is the best of both worlds. The dream is so real my pussy feels full. Then I wake up, it isn't a dream my pussy is full.

Somebody is bed with me!!!

It is Cassia, she is sucking a nipple like a baby, and she has something in my pussy, it is large. Whatever it is, it fills me up. When it moves I realize it is her hand and part of her arm, her fingers are rubbing the inside of my pussy! Just as I am about to tell her to take it out she brings me to a crescendo of a climax, nothing in recent memory matches it. My body has a mind of its own, my heels dig into the mattress, and my hips push up determined to get the maximum depth of her hand. She must be into my stomach, then the second climax hits. There is no energy left for words. Slowly her hand leaves my pussy; there is now an obvious void. My hips feel like I have just given birth. Cassia shifts her body, and the next thing I see is her pussy descending; we are in a sixty-nine position. She moves her body back so my lips are touch her luv lips, my nose has to be at her asshole. What else is a person to do but lick and suck? When my tongue parts her lips it is rewarded with preteen pussy juice and lots of it. Then the big suck, Cassia has latched onto my clitoris and is sucking as she sucked my nipples, after numerous climaxes she stops. Finally sleep comes for the second time, a very exhaust sleep. The alarm scares the shit out of me.

Cassia is still in bed with me, and sometime in the night she abandoned my clitoris and moved up beside me to suck a nipple. Both are so engorged it reminds me of when Ralph sucked them.

"Cassia, wake up."

She looks at me with sleep still in her eyes, and her mouth and cheeks still covered with a light creamy crust of evaporated pussy juice, the whitish crust very evident on her dark skin. Now awake, she smiles and leans over and kisses me. Tasting my pussy crust reminds me of kissing Ralph after a night of love making.

"You better have a quick bath before you go home, can't have your mom seeing you like this."

"Okay, I like sleeping with you."


What else could I say, did she take advantage of me or is it the opposite? Do I comment, or just let it go as a onetime thing. Silence is golden. After the bath we have breakfast. Cassia is still in her short nightie, and every time she flips around she exposes her beautiful puffy pussy. Did I do that? It looks absolutely beautiful. What will her mother think when she dresses her for school? Considering this all started as me being a Good Samaritan, it could end up for me being charged as a pedophile. When she hears the sound of her mother's car she is up and gone, yelling thanks as the door closes. There is a funny tingling feeling running up and down my spine.

The world doesn't come to an end; Karessa didn't come to call until four in the afternoon. She is in good spirits when she joins me for a coffee.

"I had a good shift last night knowing the kids were in good hands. I understand Cassia slept with you last night. I hope she didn't embarrass you."

"Embarrass me?"

"She is sexual active at times, reminds me of myself with my mom."

"Well she did a few things that surprised me."

"At least she didn't shock you. So you have no problems with her?"

After what she did for me, what is to be said? It has been eons since feeling as satisfied as she left me. If her mother is fine with what she does, she can sleep at this trailer whenever it is necessary.

"No problems at all, she is a very polite girl."

"Something else you should know, it embarrasses me to tell you, but it is better I tell you so it doesn't shock you when it happens."

My curiosity is tweaked.

"You may catch her giving blowjobs to her brothers; both have been feeding her cum since she was old enough to walk. She loves it. I have been lucky so far; her being shy meeting males, her brothers are the only ones she sucks."

That is why both boys have such well define cocks, they have been ejaculating for years even at their young ages. It has wondering if Cassia is willing to share. What I wouldn't do for a full cock of hot cum right now.

"Actually the boys and Cassia were the souls of propriety. None of their actions would have suggested they were intimate with each other."

"As they get to know you that will change, the boys are proud of their equipment, they tell me they are junior studs."

Shortly after that she leaves to feed the children and get ready for work. After what she told me, the actions of the boys last night make sense, they were feeling me out; maybe this babysitting thing will work out after all. After eating her daughter twice, it has me wondering what Karessa has between her legs. She still has a good body for a woman that gave birth to three children.

Just the thought of having the children return has my adrenalin pumping. Cassie has the same interests as I did at her age; cocks. Knowing now that both boys enjoy being sucked has me wondering if it is possible to perhaps partake in my long hidden and now awakened desire. Just the thought of Robert's large chocolate cock, its brown head glistening entering my mouth; Darlene, get a grip on yourself, it is minors you are dreaming about. What is a person to do, they will be over in less than an hour. Will Cassie remember what happened last night between us in bed? My panties are drenched.

Knowing they will be over shortly, I leave the park long enough to purchase some munchies for this evening as the kids watch television.

Returning from the store run, I have a quick bath, masturbating numerous times to take the edge off. Am I a pedophile? There is a noise at the door and all three come in. Each in turn says hello and again thanks me for helping their mom. They are polite and so well behaved. On goes the television, me watching Robert, he is absorbed in the screen action, and my eyes are on his crotch. Even relaxed there is a noticeable bulge, just the thought of his cock has me licking my lips.

"Would you kids like some munchies, I have pop, chips and cheesies."

"That would be nice, but could we bathe first, then we will be ready for bed and not miss any of our programs."

"Sure, you know where everything is."

First Robert goes, the water runs, my ears are fine tuned for his actions, then the water is draining, he returns in his pajamas, his bulge is very prominent. Looking at me staring he smiles.

"Rick it is your turn."

The same thing happens, water runs, it drains, and Rick returns in pajamas, however his cock is poking out of his fly, this time my mouth remains closed. It looks so cute. Cassie notices and gets up and looks at me.

"Would you help me bathe?"

"Of course, let's go."

With the water run, she gets in, turns her back and leans over offering me her bottom. Once lathered and clean, my finger enters her tight asshole. She grunts and squeezes my finger with her anal muscles. After a few strokes she turns and offers me her front. Her nipples are hard and sticking out, her breathing is irregular. After washing every nook and cranny, I mouth her nipple and suck. There isn't much there but what is; is very sensitive.

"I like that, but I like it better when you lick my tinkle."

Music to my ears, she reaches down and actually spreads her lips for me, exposing the beautiful pink interior. She smells as good as she tastes. After enjoying her favors for a good fifteen minutes, we grudgingly part and she slips on a short nightie.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Of course, I have a big bed."

Besides, I want to feel you put your arm up my pussy again. That is what I wanted to say but didn't. In the living room, both boys look up and then return to the television, Cassie sits across from me giving me a view of her young pussy. That is something I look forward to in bed, the sooner the better. The three of them enjoy the treats, me, I enjoy looking at the boys when they move, both of them have stiffies. Cassie must have noticed as well, because the next thing I know she is front of Rick and pulling his cock out, and then latches her lips onto it and sucks. The look on Rick face is of a guy in total bliss, they have forgotten where they are. Robert, on the other hand, has apparently been watching me watching them. The next thing I know he is standing in front of me.

"You like that, don't you?"

Looking at him with a look of total shock, he has me flabbergasted.

"Why would you think something like that?"

"I have been watching you, you like looking at boys, especially our cocks. I have seen you lick your lips. I bet you like sucking cocks like Cassie does?"

With that comment he lowers his pajama bottoms exposing his full glory, not being the greatest judge of hardons, it might be all of five inches, but it is so thick the tip of the head of his cock is peeking out of its dark foreskin, the slit is visible with a small drop of precum seeping out. Robert is sexually excited. A faint scent of male hormones comes into my nostrils, immediately traveling down to my pussy. Every nerve ending in my cunt is tingling, my taste buds are screaming to my mind to taste what is presented. Robert moves closer, his beauty is all of two inches away from my lips. Opening my mouth to speak, he moves and his cock is in my mouth, what am I to do but suck. The feeling of a young cock in my mouth brings back all the wonderful memories of Don, it is so firm but soft, the taste is something I have been missing since my childhood. Greedily I accept his gift. Slipping my hand below his cock, I heft his large balls, then slip to the back between his cheeks and find his asshole. It is so tight but I manage to enter. He is now fucking my mouth. His hand is caressing one cheek, looking up, his face is contorted, eyes closed and his breathing is ragged, his anal muscles tighten on my finger, he is about to cum. Surges of hot cum flow into my mouth and down my throat, this is what has been missing in my life, savoring every drop, his cock softens and slips out of my mouth. Opening my eyes, both Cassie and Rick are sitting beside each other and watching our show. Cassie has a dribble of cum running down one side of her mouth.

Sitting on the chair not knowing what to expect, Cassie comes over and sits on my knee, looks up at me, then kisses me using her tongue, we pass her brothers' cum to each other, snowballing. Both boys watch us. The look on their faces is of total contentment. Rich is rubbing his cock and has it hard again.

"Do you want to do me?"

Could he have another load already, Cassie just drained him.

"It is okay, I suck them all the time. You will like his cock, it is smaller than Robby's, but he has lots of cream. Come on over, Rick, let her taste you."

With Rick in front of me, his stub is now hard and the head glistening from Cassie's sucking. What a day! I haven't enjoyed a young cock for years, and in less than an hour two are offered. Rick's is so cute, much thinner than his brother, sort of like dessert. Hungrily, I accept the offer. Fortunately he takes longer to cum the second time, so I get to enjoy his tool. And true to Cassie's prediction, he does give me a tasty amount of cum. The brothers taste so much alike.

"You guys have to go; mom will be calling to check on you."

"See you tomorrow, Mrs. Lee."

"After what we shared I think you should call me Darlene."

"Good night, Darlene."

Now sitting with Cassie, she has opened my robe and is sucking my nipple, what has just happened hits me. I just had oral sex with two preteen boys, do I feel guilty; hell no, it is a great feeling. The fact that they are so young and so virile has an exhilarating feeling running through me. The last time this feeling engrossed me was just before Don left for college, he gave his all three times, twice orally and the finally one anally.

Cassie tugging on my sleeve gets my attention; her mouth leaves my nipple.

"Can we go to bed? I want to sleep with you."

Oh, the thought of her sleeping with me hopefully will be a repeat of last night. Her hand and arm in my pussy is bigger than any cock. Grabbing her hand I lead her to my bed. Dropping my robe then my nightie, I crawl into bed nude. Cassie has a big smile on her face and does the same. Her small nude body feels so good against me.

She gets right down to cases, between my legs; she spreads me, and then that feeling overtakes me as she slides her hand into me, then her arm nearly up to her elbow. The stretching feels so good. Then something new happens, she leans over and sucks on my clitoris as she slowly twists her hand, she makes a fist in me. There is no controlling my body, it convulses with one climax after another. Finally she takes mercy on me and withdraws her hand. Crawling up my body her mouth again attaches to my left nipple. All the wonderful feelings that have been suppressed for so many years come back. I feel like a woman again. It has been far too long since enjoying the glow after sex.

As it is Friday morning, tonight will be the last of the babysitting. After what has happened, I plan on suggesting to Karessa that it become a permanent thing, after tasting all her children it is something that should continue. This is a case of having my cake and eating too, in this case two beautiful preteen cocks and a soft tasty preteen pussy. Life is getting better, but the weekend is going to be difficult. I am on pins and needles waiting for six this evening. Closing my eyes I can taste Robby's hot cum already. Will he offer it to me? In the event my dreams come true, I have a soothing bath.

Shortly before six Karessa comes over and joins me for a coffee. After suggesting the babysitting become a permanent thing, the look of relief on her face is unbelievable, she comes over to me and kisses me, not a peck on the cheek as women do, but a full blown kiss. Her lips are softly pliable, and the taste of her lipstick and her scent has me wanting more. We are eye to eye, again her scent waifs over me, is that a look of interest? Both of us nervously back from each other but continue to size each other up. After experiencing her daughter, what can the mom be like? These thoughts are all new to me. Darlene Lee interested in a woman, what next?

She leaves me frustrated, but soon her children come bounding in. They are excited; the family is going to the movies tomorrow to see the latest Harry Potter. All that does is remind me of an empty weekend without the children.

"Darlene, can I have my bath now?"

It is Robert; he is making no bones about what he wants; the same thing I have been waiting for all day. How many times can a twelve year old get it up?

"Of course you can, you know where everything is."

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