The Master List of Wishes

by The Curious Reader

Copyright© 2010 by The Curious Reader

Science Fiction Story: Exactly what the title implies. I did not know if such a list existed, so I decided to create my own. I hope you enjoy.

Tags: Mind Control   Magic   Time Travel   Humor   Superhero   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Were animal   Transformation  

I would like to give credit for the creation of this list to the many writers and authors of these types of stories, and to the people that dream of things beyond themselves ... who write such interesting ideas. I could not have thought up all of these different powers and combinations on my own, and I can see that I am not the only one that takes their time to think things through before seeking power. I would like to give credit to several authors in particular like (but not limited to) Dark Blade for his Wishes stories the idea of the list itself, BillyRay for doing an amazing story Perfect Wishes which help me decide on several "safe guards," for W.G and Azil for the Reward stories they helped put the list into perspective. I would also like the thank Forever-Shadow-Knight for Haller's Catch, one of the most interesting points of view in this genre I hope that he or she will continue to write more.

Now then, there are just two things you should know about this list before you read on. The first: some of the powers listed are similar and in some cases appear to be duplicated, this is not done by accident this is done as a back-up or "fail-safe" for the other power on the list, if by some chance or happen stance find yourself traveling to a universe, planet, alternate reality or dimension, and become inhibited and unable to access one or two of your abilities, the other would hopefully circumnavigate that and still allow some use of the ability. The second: this list does not contain everything that can be wished or imagined; I'm sure that this is not half of what can be thought up or made into a decent story. I thought of what I can with this list I tried to be thorough by giving examples when clarification seems needed (some of you might not know who some of these people are just look up the name and a description is available). I have long wondered if such a list as this has ever existed and to my limited knowledge none such does until now, so here it is. I give you permission to look at this list and to take what you feel you character or characters need to move your story along. I chose not to include too many insanely powerful individuals on this list because I felt that if a person becomes too powerful, too soon, the story becomes too easy and (to me anyway) not as much fun to read if there are no more obstacles.

I wish you the best of luck in the writing and may you come up with something unique and exciting to read, I look forward to reading it someday.

-The Curious Reader

I wish to have, now and forever, the following powers and abilities; granted in the spirit of the wish; and as I intended for them to be:

1. The ability to have instinctive knowledge and mastery of all my skills, knowledge, powers and abilities. To have full comprehension of how to best understand and use my powers, to be able to use my powers without having them overwhelm me or to "over-write" my own personality, beliefs and convictions.

2. The ability to perceive and have total control and mastery over all forms and types of Matter and Energy, to manipulate (shape, control and form) existing matter, and to either create or destroy matter, at will, perfectly to my desires. Control all forms of Energy, to generate, manipulate and convert all forms of energy; Kinetic, Potential, Thermal, Light, Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Elastic, Sound, etc., at will. (Example: Dr. Manhattan from Watchman)

3. My body would maintain the appearance and form of a human male 6' 7" and 280 Lbs in perfect health with all body feature at optimal levels and size including mentally, but my body fat would never exceed 8 - 18% unless I choose to inhabit the body of a woman the changes will be for that is a form of a human female 5' 9" and 133 Lbs also in perfect health and with all feature at their optimal levels and size, and mentally, body fat would never exceed 14-22%. For my body to work with me having total control of my body systems and faculties no matter what physical form I take this would be my "default" setting. (Example: Swimmers body, Tri-athletes, and Olympic Gymnasts'.)

4. To be able to access and use 100% of my full brain capacity

5. Full control of all mental powers, at will, without any side effects: Telepathy: ability to read a person's thoughts and to delve into the most private areas of their minds. To copy information/skill and to "imprint" the information on to my mind, I would be able to telepathically scan large groups looking for information buried in their minds, to: control, manipulate, alter, or change the mind of any person, at will. To also be receptive to strong emotions such as fear or anger and to quickly find the source. As well as complete mental defenses and shields that are layered or "compartmentalize" to allow the illusion of penetration without being touched and cannot be penetrated and broken into, to be completely unaffected by hypnosis, conditioning, or any other mind control attempt including drug related. Telekinesis: the ability to move objects without touching them physically but with your mind no matter what the mass, shape or size of the object, to erect force fields and deflectors. Psychometrics or Clairsentience: ability to perceive and gain information and full history about a person, place or an object, by touching an object belonging to the person or place, Intuition: to perceive an idea, knowledge or information directly. This is what is commonly called "a gut feeling" to have an inner knowledge and certainty about something, Psychic healing: ability to cure pains or illnesses by transferring some healing energy like chi into the person either mental of physical, Retro-cognition: is the ability to see into the distant past can also be classified as a "dead zone" like the television show, Auric sight: ability to see and sense the aura's of people, and thereby understand certain things about their character, moods, emotions, thoughts or health of other people, Clairvoyance: ability to glimmer the future events based on the action you set in motion as well the actions of those around you. Clair-visual, Clair-audience and Clair-empathy: can be used in conjunction to see "through" someone else's eyes and ears, to experience events in either the past of near future.

6. The ability to have almost total memory recall or photographic memory so that I would never forget anything important without side effects. I.E. without losing my mind.

7. The Wisdom of Solomon.

8. The ability to learn at an accelerated rate and comprehension with complete mastery of skills. (Example: Charlie Andrews from Heroes)

9. The ability of Intuitive Aptitude to understand complex systems both mechanical and biological, without the "hunger" as shown in Silar, and without any negative side effects, at will.

10. The ability to teleport anything to anywhere on the planet instantly, at will. (Example: Jumper, and John Wraith from Wolverine Origins)

11. The ability to control time, to pause, fold, slow down, speed up, reverse, or normalize the flow of time, at will. As well as to move outside of the flow of time, to move myself or others backwards for forwards in the time stream. (Example: Hiro Nakamura)

12. The ability to pass parts or all of me through any objects and walls, to "Phase" through them at will without being harmed. (Example: DL from Heroes and Shadowcat from Marvel.)

13. The ability to sense the flow of "karma", around myself and others, at will.

14. The ability to regenerate and heal at an accelerated rate on par with Clair and Adam from Heroes as well as Wolverine and Deadpool from Marvel Universe, with or without being conscious.

15. The ability to heal others from any illness and wound, mental and physical, no matter how sick and hurt, up until the point of death, to also "fix" or correct preexisting conditions, genetic abnormalities, defects and mental deficiencies and to be able to restore youth.

16. The ability to shift all or part of my physical form to any creature or person I desired at will. Example: To that of a Lycan in either those of a hybrid form or full wolf form, at will, without the Moon. Without pain or discomfort and I would never full lose myself (powers and conciseness) in the changes. I would always be in control of all faculties. Example: Underworld the full Lycan form would be the Hybrid, and New Moon would be the Full wolf form, with all senses, instincts, and attributes to shift accordingly. To appear as an old man or woman but still be young on the inside.

17. The ability to detect if someone is lying to me, only at will, like a human lie detector. (Example: Sue Landers from Heroes)

18. The ability to find anyone on a planet alive or dead at will. (Example: Molly Walker from Heroes.)

19. The power of alchemy and transmutation, to change the properties on an object, density, or molecular structure to my will, to either harden or soften. (Example change titanium to plastic, or dirt to Adamantium or Vibranium.)

20. The ability to summarize on sight the personality and powers of those around me, to know the amount of power, spiritual energy and the other special abilities of those around me.

21. The ability to comprehend fully, to be able to speak, and write all languages in a universe without a "foreign" accent.

22. The ability to have the powers, strength, enhanced senses, invulnerable skin and extreme durability of the Sentry without any psychosis or the threat of succumbing to the "Void," the Imperial Guard Gladiator as well as the Eternal's found in the Marvel Universe without being limited to not harming a Celestial Clause. With all reflexes, dexterity, eyesight to appropriately match without any significant outward appearances. Also have the ability to allow them to be pierced if I so desired. I.E. I needed a haircut, give blood or cut my finger nails etc., with all muscles throughout my body being proportionally strong and my bones, tendons and other related organs and parts being strong enough to take the stress. I would be as flexible and agile as any world-class gymnast.

23. The ability of Adoptive muscle memory, and mimicry, to be able to see an action or procedure and to completely copy, repeat and improve on the action at will with full control and retention. (Example: Monica Dawson from Heroes)

24. The power to be able to wake up fully aware and refreshed after sleeping, no matter how little or much I sleep without the grogginess or disorientation. (Example: Sleep for one hour or twenty hours would feel as if I had a full seven hours of undisturbed restful sleep.)

25. The skills, knowledge and training of the world's best fighting forces like someone who has had over 50 years of experience in all areas including leadership, tactical, recon, demolition and communication of every special forces team from around the World. Example: Navy S.E.A.L.S, SAS, Mossad, COS, PLA, Force Recon, Sniper Recon, KSK, GSG-9, Spetsnaz and other Special Forces Assault Teams.

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