A Hard Lesson Learned

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2010 by Crisscross

Suspense Story: A hard lesson is taught by a complete stranger,to a very willing young wife. She in turn teach's her husband.

Caution: This Suspense Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   Slow   Prostitution   .

Thank you HartmutHirt, For all of the help you have given me in editing this story making it a pleasure to read.

My name is Walter Brown, I'm fifty-one years old, five nine, one hundred sixty pounds with slightly balding dark hair. I've been divorced now for almost eight years. I've been a consulting engineer for a major oil company for over twenty years. My wife, or I guess I should say ex-wife and I were married for almost twelve years, she being a couple years younger than I. I'm not really sure but maybe that's what started our decline. She loved to flirt whenever we were out in a crowd no matter if it was a neighborhood party or a company party or out bar hopping. She loved attention.

She was a good looking woman and still is, I see her once in awhile when I'm able to get back home. I kept the house after the divorce. She's still damn nice to look at and we've started talking again after five years. She's around five foot six, hundred twenty five pounds, with dark brown hair and eyes, a nice set of c-cups and the cutest little round protruding ass you ever laid eyes on, and she knows it, and loves to flaunt it wherever it will get her some attention.

When I started consulting for the major oil company I'm with now it meant longer stays away from home. At first it was a week or two. As the travel distance became longer I stayed longer, sometimes as long as a month. Stacy didn't seem to mind my being away for so long at a time. Whenever we talked about it she assured me she was all right with it, she realized it was how I made our living.

When I got back home our sex life resumed from where we had been when I left. I would like to tell you we had sex five or six times a week four or five times a night but let's be real about this. We did have sex three or four times a week, most of the time it started with a blow job and finished by fucking until we were both exhausted. Weekends were special. If we had went somewhere and Stacy had gotten all worked up, it usually meant a longer weekend in bed together, which was fine with me.

I never had a problem with Stacy's flirting because she never did anything to cause me to wonder what was going on. Never disappearing for any length of time or spending a lot of time with any one person, most of her flirting was done, when there were both men and women in a group. I think it made some of the other women in the group nervous when she did it, but I think that was part of why she did it. She told me she liked watching how tight a wife would clutch at her husband's arm when she was around doing her thing. Stacy always loved telling me about her flirting when we were in bed up to doing our thing. I think she always knew it made me a little jealous and I always fucked her hard and rough while she was telling me.

That pretty much tells the story of what had been going on up until about the last year and a half before everything turned to a deep brown life. It started by Stacy asking me if it bothered me to watch her teasing other men at these parties and bars I assured her it didn't, as long as that's all that was going on. No free feels or kissing, just talking. She agreed to this for a while. As it went along I started noting at dances she would let the guys hold her a little tighter or drop a hand a little lower, but when I mentioned it to her she would laugh it off as trying to get me a little jealous for when we got home. I of course went along with it, I was thinking ahead to when we got home and how great the sex would be.

After each time we'd been out and came home and our sexual appetite was satisfied, we'd lie and talk about what all had happened that night. It always came back to Stacy saying the more she flirted and the more she let the guys get away with when they danced, the better it made our sex life. One night after we had been out, I thought Stacy had taken it a little to far with a couple of the guys and she seemed to be even more worked up than usual. I said, "Stacy, I thought you let things go too far tonight. I started to get a little uncomfortable, you always say it helps get you warmed up for when we get home. Aren't you happy with the way our sex life is without having all the guys you dance with rub your ass and you rubbing yourself against their hard cocks? Hell I could see them bulging out from where I was sitting."

"Yes I guess I am," she said. "But it doesn't hurt to try to make it better, if not different, I'm just trying to make it better for us is all." That's how it started. I finally gave in and gave her the okay do whatever it took to get her motor running wide open, as long as she didn't cause a scene. Once she got me to give her the go ahead, things started progressing downward pretty fast.

One night we were out when she said, "Honey I'd like to start bringing guys to our booth and having a drink with them. I might even let them put a hand on my thigh under the table. I think that would make me so hot, I'm not sure we could make it home before I had to have your cock in me."

"Stacy, I think we've gone far enough with this teasing game, I agreed to let you dirty dance with them but I didn't agree to let you bring them to our booth so they could feel you up, so do your dance thing but that's all."

"I don't see what the big deal is, you'll be sitting right here watching."

Damn it Stacy, were married and I'm not going to sit here while you let some guy feel you up, so let's not go there okay?"

That was followed by her pouting the rest of the night and us going home early, which didn't bother me a bit. I was tired and didn't feel like arguing about it, and I damn sure wasn't going to let some guy play with my wife under the table. I didn't give a damn if it pissed her off or not. If she insisted on letting guys feel her up, it wasn't going to be while she was my wife.

I got undressed and went to bed as soon as we got home. Stacy was still in the bathroom getting ready for bed when she said, "I don't know what the big deal is about bringing guys over to meet you and having a drink. So what if they touch my thigh under the table, nobody but you and I will know about it."

Stacy we're not taking this teasing any farther. Before long you'll be asking if it's alright to kiss them, then it will be can I go outside with him, he wants to talk to me. No Stacy. I say it stops at this level."

"Damn it Walt. Hasn't it kept our sex life humming along? In fact hasn't it gotten better since you let me have more freedom to do what you know I like to do?" I had to admit for being married over ten years and no seven year itch that I know of for either of us, we were still pretty damn active in bed.

"Okay Stacy I'll admit, our sex life is pretty damn good, but it's gotten to the point where it's starting to bother me, and we both agreed if and when it ever got to that point that was as far as it would go."

"Oh for god's sake Walt, why don't you come right out and say you're starting to not trust me anymore, if you won't even let me play around a little with you sitting right there, knowing all the time, all I'm trying to do is get you worked up for when we get home, well that's just too damned bad, I just may do it anyway, whether you like it or not. She crawled under the covers and turned her back to me, no good night kiss, not even a good night. She was thoroughly pissed at me.

It wasn't long after that I caught her in bed with a guy she had danced with a few times when we had been out. I wasn't supposed to come home for another two weeks but there was trouble and they shut drilling down for at least two weeks.

I grabbed a flight and headed home without calling to let Stacy know I was coming home. Turns out she had taken it a couple of steps farther quite a while ago and her wanting to bring them to our table was her way of showing me this guy had taken her a step farther or was going to.

What she was doing was introducing me to the guys she had been sleeping with and rubbing it in my face by having me meet them. She thought I was too dumb to ever figure out what she was doing.

After I caught her in bed with the guy, I told her what I figured was going on and she admitted I was right. The stupid bitch thought by admitting to everything it would keep us together. She was wrong, I couldn't wait to get rid of her.

After the divorce I decided to go it alone at least for awhile. I used escort services if I couldn't hook up with one of the women in the office whenever I did get time off. I was gone so much of the time now that I wasn't really in town long enough to meet anyone else, besides I kind of liked being alone, at least I didn't have to wonder who or if my wife was banging somebody while I was gone.

That brings us back to my being in Dallas, I was sitting in the hotel lounge, sipping on my drink when this guy around thirty or so, sat down next to me. There had been three empty stools when I walked in and I took the center one. I have no idea why I do that, but I always have, it's like I want to keep everything in balance. He ordered a drink and soon struck up a conversation asking me, "are you from Dallas."

I chuckled, "Well yes I am. I'm a long way from Dallas when I'm home."

He laughed and said, he liked that then bought us each another drink. He went on to tell me he and his wife lived there in Dallas and in fact he was waiting for her to meet him there.

I said, "why do you come here to an airport hotel lounge, Isn't there a better place in Dallas to spend a Saturday night than here?'

Smiling he said, "Well, it's a good place to eat and after the music starts, it's a good place to dance and have fun,"

"Well, I guess that's all that really matters, as long as you have a good time it doesn't really make much difference where it is."

About this time, a Little redhead with a nice set of lungs slid onto the bar stool on the other side of me, I looked her way and got a big smile then she said, "Hi, my name is Sara."

Before I could answer her, the guy I'd been talking to said, "Sara's my wife."

I choked on my drink, "my god Mike, why didn't you tell me your wife was so gorgeous, I was about to hit on her, it's a good thing you said something when you did. We all had a good laugh over that. Mike suggested we all move to a booth. "No, you two go ahead, I won't intrude on your evening out." I said

Sara said, "But I insist."

I looked at Mike, smiling he said, "You heard the lady. She insists, and she usually gets her way." Flash backs of my former life with Stacy shot through my mind. God I hope these kids aren't playing those games.

As we walked to a table on the far side of the dance floor, I couldn't help noticing she was dressed quite similar to the way Stacy used to dress on our nights out. I guessed Sara to be around five two or three, around a hundred and ten pounds and dark red hair. She reminded me of Reba the singer. She had on, over a pretty nice ass, a black hip- hugger type of skirt, about six or seven inches above the knees and an emerald green, pull over sweater, that fit like a second skin and let I'd guess, a set of full B's show there stuff. I did have to admit, It was all in a damn nice looking package. I just hoped I wasn't drooling when we got to the table.

I had just finished dancing a two dance session with Sara and was sitting there drinking, when Sara excused herself to go to the ladies room. I couldn't help but watch her walking away from us, her hips swaying with a nice smooth motion from the four inch heels she was wearing, nothing put on, it was all natural and damn, it was nice. I almost didn't hear Mike say. "I see you like the way Sara walks.

I turned saying, "Damn Mike, what's not to like? You're a damn lucky man to have a gal like Sara."

He laughed, then looking at me he said, "how would you like to be with her tonight, for as long as you like?" I almost choked on my drink for the second time tonight.

I looked at him, "Mike, are you serious about this?"

"I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't he said smiling.

I was just about to tell him about what had happened to my marriage doing almost this exact same thing, when I looked up and saw Sara coming back to the table. The music started and Sara asked me to dance. I accepted her offer and we started another two dance session. When we were on the floor she moved up against me so I was getting the full feel of her very fine, firm body, then she said, "did Mike have anything special to talk about while I was gone?"

I took a deep breath. I knew now they were playing a deadly serious game with their marriage. I suddenly had a thought. "Yes, as a matter of fact he did Sara. He made me a very nice offer."

"Oh, what was this very nice offer?"

"Well, he offered you to me, for a hundred dollars an hour, so I took two hours' I would have taken more but I'm not sure I can last any longer than that with a woman like you. By the way Sara, how long has he been pimping you out?"

She looked away then back, "Tonight is the first time, he wanted to see if we could find someone who's willing to do it. He wants me to do this, until he gets used to the idea of me being with other men, then he wants to watch me having sex with them."

I said, "I'll tell you what Sara, when this dance is over, I'm going to the restroom. I'll come back to get you and we'll go up to my room, is that okay?" While I'm gone to the restroom, tell him I'm taking him up on his offer and will pay him the two hundred. If I want you longer, I'll pay it to you as we go. Is that fair?"

Nodding her head she said, "Yes that sounds fair, I can't believe he told you he was my pimp, but in a way I guess he is."

"How does it make you feel Sara, being a whore for your husband?"

Her head jerked up suddenly with a look of shock at what I had just said. "I guess okay, he wants to make sure our sex life stays exciting and strong. So far I guess it's helped."

"So what you're saying is, your going along with what he wants, to keep your sex life strong?"

"Yes, it has been kind of exciting thinking about being with a stranger, but I'm glad you were here tonight.

"Why do you say that Sara? you don't really know what kind of guy I am. I could turn out to be the most demented bastard you could ever imagine once we get to my room. You can't tell what kind of a guy you may be going to be with just knowing them for such a short time. "Tell me Sara, how did you let yourself get talked into doing such a crazy thing?"

"It started with Mike wanting me to dirty dance with guys, then it escalated to me bringing them to our table and allowing them to feel me up under the table, while he sat talking to the them. The next step was, I played with the guys' cocks through their pants of course, All the while they were playing with me."

"By moving my panties to the side, some of the guy's were even able to finger me a little. When we got home after a pretty hot session one night, I told Mike about the guy getting me off fingering me. That was undoubtedly the wildest night of sex we ever had."

"The next few nights we went out, Mike insisted I go with no panties, so the guys could finger me more easily. That satisfied Mike until after last weekend. We'd had sex and were lying there talking about what had went on at the bar that night, when Mike said he thought it was time to take things up a notch."

Mike said, "Thinking about me being fingered were exciting, but weren't what they had been the first few times I'd told him about the guys fingering me and getting me off, all the while he was sitting there talking to them."

"That's when he decided tonight should be the night we take it up to the next to the last step. The last step would be Mike watching me having sex with some stranger. So far most of the guys he's had me tease, were not anyone I would like to have sex with, but you seem different somehow."

"Thank you Sara, but you can never tell about people, I may be a lot different with you in my room than I am here dancing with you. Have you or Mike even thought about all the things that could happen to you?"

Before she could answer, the second song ended and I escorted her back to our table, thanking her I left to go to the restroom. When I got back Mike was smiling from ear to ear. I had stopped at the ATM machine and gotten out four hundred dollars. As I sat down, I slipped Mike Two hundred, then asked Sara, "are you ready?"

She smiled nervously then said, "I guess so, picking up her purse she said to her husband, I'll see you in a couple of hours honey."

Mike said, "take your time and be sure to show Walt a good time, give him his money's worth sweetie, I'll be right here waiting for you."

I stood there thinking how could he be so damn cold. How could a guy, with a beautiful wife like Sara, be such a fucking moron. I thought about my own past life and wanted to shout it out to him, but I knew, he either wouldn't believe me, or he would believe it would never happen to him and Sara.

Just as the elevator doors were closing, I put my arms around her and kissed her gently hugging her against me. I looked and saw Mike standing by the lounge doorway smiling, what I thought looked like a troubled smile now.

When I saw the look on his face I was pretty sure he would never be able to handle watching Sara being fucked by someone else, hell I was having doubts he would be able to handle knowing she was being fucked by me. Maybe he was having second thoughts already, well he should be, but I didn't care, she was bought and paid for, for at least two hours, more if I chose.

We got to my room and I told Sara to go ahead and undress while I watched her, she had taken her clothes off down to her under things when I stopped her, saying. "Sara, how is it making you feel, undressing in front of a stranger that paid your husband to fuck you for two hours?"

Sara looked at me and it looked as though tears were forming in her eyes, looking away she said, "not very good Walt. Right now I'm feeling very cheap and dirty. Worst of all, I'm undressing to have sex with someone other than my husband. I really don't like doing it, but you paid Mike and I agreed to have sex with you, so now I have to do it." Reaching up to unclasp her bra, I put my hand on hers stopping her.

"Sara, there's a reason I stopped you from undressing completely, I would have stopped you before you even started, but I wanted you to feel humiliated, cheap and yes dirty, for what you were about to do. I wanted you to know exactly how it feels to be a whore with a John. A man who is going to make you do any perverted thing he feels he's entitled to do with you because he paid you for this. Are you ready to do all of these things with me Sara?"

She looked at me puzzled now, "aren't I good enough for you Walt, do you want your money back?"

"Damn it Sara your a smart woman, weren't you listening to me? Think about how your feeling right now, stop worrying about weather or not your going to make me happy or Mike happy by fulfilling his twisted fantasy. Think about how you're feeling Sara.

"Another reason I stopped you Sara is, I want to tell you a story. I can only hope it saves your marriage. It could even save your life. What you and Mike are out here doing on these nights out is a very dangerous game. Him wanting to pimp you out could get you maimed, or even killed." I saw her look at me now with fear in her eyes. Not wanting to scare her any worse than she already was I said, "Sara, I would never hurt you in any way, so why don't you put your clothes back on while I tell you my story." I'm a man and I'm not so old I don't want to be with a woman like you and if you sit here almost naked long enough. I may decide to get my money's worth." Smiling a nervous smile she started putting her clothes back on.

I started by telling her how Stacy had gotten me started doing little fantasy things with her and how they kept escalating until I caught her in bed doing the guys she had me believing for quite some time, were her make believe lovers. After I had finished telling her my story and how our marriage had ended because of the games we had been playing, I saw tears on Sara's cheeks, I said, "Sara, do you love Mike?"

"Oh my god yes Walt, I love him enough to do anything he's asked me to do to make him happy."

"And I presume, you want to stay married to him?"

"Yes, more than anything in the world. Mike is a wonderful husband Walt, he treats me like a queen and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for me, it's just when it comes to sex, he has these crazy fantasies."

"Well Sara, If you truly do love Mike, like you say you do and I have no doubt that you do, based on how you said it made you feel taking off your clothes. If undressing in front of me made you feel cheap and dirty, think how you would feel if I'd insisted you have sex with me. Sara, If you'll go along with me, I think we should teach Mike a lesson. A lesson he will never forget and I doubt, he will ever ask you to do anything even close to what you have been doing again."

She had dried her eyes and was looking at me wide eyed, "you mean you want me to do it with you now?"

"Of course I want you to do it with me Sara, I'd have to be some kind of nut not to want you, but were not going to. I respect your marriage more than either of you do. At least that's how it looks to me at the moment, but I think we can change all of that."

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