My Receptionist Jenny

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2010 by hotwetnshaved

Sex Story: I see my receptionist in a new light

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Squirting   .

"Send the next patient in please Jenny"

"Very good doctor"

There was a short wait and Jenny herself came into my surgery,

"I'm your last patient doctor"

"Oh right, well take a seat and tell me the problem"

She blushed and said softly,

"I've got a rash"

"Ok, let's have a look then"

"I'm embarrassed"

"I need to see it Jenny if I'm going to treat it"

"Yes of course" but she smiled nervously and stood up lifting her skirt as she did so,

Thankfully she stood with her back to me and I was able to sneak a quick peek as she shimmied out of her panties, (most unprofessional I know, but hey ho I'm a normal red blooded female)

"Sit in the chair Jenny and put your feet up in the stirrups"

She did as I asked and I turned to look at the sweetest little pussy I'd seen in a long time, but on the inside of her legs there were two angry red marks, I knew straight away what they were but I feigned interest.

"Hmm, are they sore?"

"Tender rather than sore"

"This is when I normally ask you to come in because I'm going to examine you closely"

"I trust you doctor"

I bent down and looked closely for a few moments before gently touching her red skin, I caressed it very gently before going to the medicine cabinet and getting out a tube of salve.

"The cause is very simple Jenny and the treatment is even simpler, your panties are too tight, coupled with this very hot weather, it's given you a heat rash, this salve will ease it but I think it best if you went pantieless for a couple of days, oh and don't wear tights, if you must wear anything, wear stockings"

She was having difficulty in not squirming as my fingers rubbed the ointment into her skin, I smiled at her and said softly,

"You've got a lovely little pussy Jenny"

"Thank you and you've got a lovely gentle touch doctor"

"Have you ever worn stockings before?"

"No they're too fiddly, tights are much easier and quicker"

"True but stockings make a woman feel sexy, look I'm wearing them"

I used my free hand to pull up my skirt over the tops of my stockings and just far enough for her to see my shaven slit, the salve had been rubbed in long since but still I massaged her lovely little pussy,

"You should try shaving Jenny, it feels so much fresher in this hot weather"

"I'd thought about it but I'd be a bit nervous, you know with a razor down there" she looked up at me under her long eye lashes and said coyly,

"I don't suppose you know where I could get it done do you?"

"I'd be only too pleased to do it for you"

"Ooh thank you, I'd feel a lot better with you doing it"

"Right, since you're my last patient and it's Friday evening, why don't I drop you off at home, we could have a drink on the way?"

"Just give me two minutes to nip next door and buy some hold ups"

"Fine I'll see you in the car"

I couldn't resist picking up her discarded panties and inhaling their fragrance, my clitoris was sending out messages to my brain as I held the sexy little garment to my face, at last I seemed to be getting somewhere with the lovely Jenny!

"You're right you know" she smiled as she got into my car, "I put the stockings on in their ladies room, they feel really sexy"

"Yes I never wear anything else"

"Do you ever wear panties?"

"Oh yes, I may be a dyke but I'm a feminine dyke"

"I think you're very feminine, I've got some lacy little strings that you'd look good in"

"In that case I'll be pleased to wear them for you"

We pulled up in the pub car park and went into the lounge where we found a quiet corner, Jenny fetched two gin and tonics and set one down in front of me,

"You were looking at me"

"Yes" I laughed, "You're very pretty"

She blushed again but came and sat down next to me,

"I've never been with a woman before"

"Why now then?"

"Because since I split with my boyfriend I've been thinking"

"About what?"

"Well" she hesitated, "I've never really felt what people describe as a jolt when I saw him, you know what I mean"

"I think so"

She moved closer and I felt the pressure of a soft breast against my arm,

"But I've always wanted to go to work to be near you"

I turned and looked into her big, blue eyes,

"I've always liked having you around Jenny"

Our mouths were only millimetres apart, I longed to kiss her,

"I think we should go"


"Because I want to kiss you"

"Yes please"

"All over"

"Mmm yes" she smiled, "I can't wait"

We held hands as we walked out to my car and only when we got in did I give way to my desires, I reached over and kissed her full on the lips, I felt her hand resting on my thigh her fingers playing with my suspender button through my skirt,

"Hurry" she said breathlessly and continued to caress my thigh as I drove out of the car park,

"I wish I'd left my panties on now"


"Because I'd love to have you take them off me, I think that maybe that's a bit kinky isn't it?"

"No" I smiled at her, "It's a really sexy thought, I put yours on in my office"

"Oh my God!"

I looked across at her in surprise, but she smiled,

"I nearly came then"

"Soon" I laughed, "Very soon Jenny"

I swung into my driveway and drove round the back of my house,

"Oh wow this is beautiful doctor" Jenny said as she gazed around the lush gardens,

"It belonged to my parents; I inherited it two years ago when they died"

"Stunning" she said softly,

I stood behind her and kissed her neck,

"It looks even better with you in it" I said softly and she turned round, her lips were full and moist, her breath tasted slightly of gin and her tongue had a life of it's own as it snaked between my teeth,

"Come on in the house" I breathed into her mouth, "Let's get rid of that awful hair down there"

"I'm very wet Karla" she said using my name for the first time I could remember,

"So am I"

It only took a few seconds to fill the sink with warm water, quickly she undressed down to her stockings and sat splay legged on the draining board, her darling little slit peeked out beneath her pubic hair and I felt my own juices running as I stripped off too, she reached out and gently squeezed a nipple as I rubbed a generous handful of cream into her pubes,

I couldn't resist sliding a finger in between her puffy cunt lips as I worked,

"That's cheating" she said with a moan and bent forward to kiss a nipple, gently I pushed her back and proceeded to shave her mound, every swipe of the razor brought a low moan from her lips, I even shaved around her lovely little rosebud wile she lay back playing with her own nipples, finally I rinsed her off and helped her down,

"There's a full length mirror in the lounge, come on and take a look"

"Oh yes" she squealed with delight as she admired herself in the mirror, "Oh Karla that looks lovely, I look like a little girl down there"

"A very sexy little girl" I said as I knelt and kissed her naked slit,

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