Swedish Mommy Gets Paid to Fuck Doggy

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Erotica Sex Story: A Swedish Mother catches her 12 year old son looking at beastilaity magazines and asks him where he got them. He told her that he got them from his rich Saudi Arabian classmate and that he would pay a woman One Million Pounds to have sex with a dog right before his very eyes. The Swedish Mother tells her son to invite his classmate for dinner and then tells her son's friend that she accepts his offer.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

Faisal laughed. He and his friend Oskar Uppsala were watching a video in the internet inside Faisal's room. They were watching two Blonde women having sex with a large wolf dog. One woman was sat down on her ass on the floor while the dog was licking her pussy and the other woman was sucking its dick, with dog sperm dripping out of her mouth.

"I really love your country!" Faisal laughed.

Oskar gave his friend a puzzled look. The two boys were classmates in a private school somewhere in London. Both boys were 12 years old but both were foreigners. If Faisal had not live far away from the same school which they attended they would not have been classmates.

Faisal was a wealthy oil-rich dark-skinned black-haired black-eyed boy from Saudi Arabia and in his country porn was not allowed and the idea that a woman having sex with a dog was degrading and humiliating.

Oskar was a pale Blonde haired blue eyed boy from Sweden and it was his mother's last husband (upper middle class man who divorced her) who paid for his tuition fees as he still liked Oskar and wanted the boy to have a good future. Unlike Faisal he saw nothing wrong with beastiality as he knew some grown women in Sweden who told him about it and Sweden, unlike Saudi Arabia, was a liberal sexually open country. This was why Oskar was confused.

"Hey I wanna show you something!" Faisal said to Oskar.

Faisl went under his bed, pulled out his porn magazine stacks and displayed in right there on his bed. Oskar joined him lying on top of the bed while looking at the mags.

They flipped pages looking at pictures of naked woman. They saw a Blonde fondling with her 40D seized breasts. They saw a redhead on her knees fingering her cunt looking excited. They saw a slim Chinese woman on all fours and displaying her ass towards the readers.

"Man this is so cool!!" Oskar cried with excitement.

"Tell me about it!" Faisal agreed.

Faisal then picked up another magazine. This one had a cover of a naked woman with long blonde hair holding a large dog by its leash. Faisal gave Oskar a wicked kinky smile. He then started turning the pages.

Faisal tried containing himself as he looked at all the pictures with beastiality in it. There was tanned black-haired Mexican woman getting her pussy fucked by a donkey as she was clinging on to it from below. As they flipped through more pages, they saw more beastiality scenes; a Brunette spreading her legs while sat down on a sandy beach and with a snake's head stuck inside her pussy, a Blonde woman on all fours getting fucked by a Doberman from behind, a dark-skinned Indian woman giving a blowjob to a cow, two Blonde Russian women dressed up as Soviet military officers kneeling down before a horse and licking its balls and many more such scenarios.

"What these women would do!" Faisal said.

Despite the fact that he saw these women as lowering themselves to do such acts, he actually enjoyed it. He though the women doing such acts were crazy as they enjoyed having sex with animals. What Faisal would really would have wanted to see a live woman doing it right before his eyes.

"You know I would pay a woman to do right in front of me!" Faisal confessed.

"Really?? How much??" asked Oskar.

Faisal gave his slow friend a puzzled look and then a serious one.

"I would pay her £1,000,000. I think many women in this country would do it!" Faisal commented.

"Hey could I borrow these?" Oskar asked Faisal, pointing to his beastiality mags.

"Yeah sure!" Faisal said, nodding his head.


It was after 9PM. Oskar was looking at Faisal's beastality mags, lying down on his bed. His dog Marcus was beside him. Marcus was an Irish Wolfhound and every time Marcus saw a woman or women having sex with male dogs he would always bark, "woof woof."

Oskar lived alone in an apartment with his mom. He had his own bedroom and she had hers but sometimes she would have different guys over and they would have sex with her inside her bedroom.

There was a knock on his bedroom door.


"Come in mom," Oskar said, in Swedish.

His bedroom door opened. It was his mom. She was a beautiful Blonde haired blue eyed Swedish woman who resembled that Blonde singer from the group ABBA back in the 80s.

"I am just checking up on you honey," his mom responded to him in Swedish.

His mother walked closer to him.

"So what are you doing honey?" his mom asked him in Swedish.

"I am just looking at these magazines!" Oskar said to her in Swedish, without taking his eyes off the pictures.

"It seems that you are really drawn to it. Can I look?" his mom asked him in Swedish.

Oskar handed her the magazine and she started flipping through it.

"Honey where did you get this magazine from??" his mom asked him in Swedish, but sounding puzzle.

"From my friend Faisal. He had lots of these. He told me that he would pay a woman £1,000,000 to do it right in front of his eyes!" Oskar told his mom in Swedish.

"Really?? Does he have that much money??" his mom asked him in Swedish.

"Yes mom. Remember he is an oil rich boy from Saudi Arabia. He gets at least £5,000,000 a day for lunch money from his parents," Oskar sighed to her in Swedish.

"I think we should have him one of these days for dinner honey!" his mom suggested to him in Swedish.

Marcus barked.



"This is the first time I'm having dinner here at your place Ms Uppsala," Faisal said to Oskar's mom.

Faisal was having dinner with Oskar and his mom. Marcus was by Oskar's side, eating food from his bowl.

Oskar noticed that Faisal was eyeing his mom in an over-friendly way.

He wants to have sex with mom, Oskar thought.

"Faisal my son borrowed some magazines from you ... ones where there are women bonding with their pets or other animals. Is it true that you would pay a woman £1,000,000 to do it right in front of you???" Oskar's mom asked Faisal.

Faisal stared at Oskar's mom with a smile.

"Yes I did say that. I mean I would pay a woman to have sex with her dog or with a horse while I watch!!!!" Faisal confessed.

Why did he tell her about the magazine? Does he have sex with his own mom or something?? Maybe she is being sarcastic and wants to lecture me on women's rights and that women are equal to men, Faisal thought to himself.

"So would you pay me to have sex with Marcus here for a £1,000,000??" she asked him in a serious tone now.

Both Oskar and Faisal were confused if whether his mom was upset about the whole thing or not.

"Ms Uppsala for someone as beautiful as yourself I would pay you 10 times that amount," Faisal said to her, in a joking tone.

"Ok. I accept your offer. I'll do it. Can you pay me the money now?" she asked him.

Faisal pulled out a cheque.

"Sure I Can. When can you do it?" he asked her.

Ms Uppsala gave the Arab boy a sexy smile.

"In about ten minutes," she said.

When they finished with dinner, Faisal wrote her a cheque for £10,000,000 and she happily took it, smiling with excitement.

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