The Perfect Girl

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2010 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: Stepdaddy once posted the delightful imagery in this story in response to a[n adult] forum topic in which each poster offered the description of his or her ideal sexual fantasy partner. If you like Stepdaddy's usual "heroines", this girl might be perfect for you, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Teacher/Student   School   .

A few years back, in an adult forum devoted strictly to fantasy, a topic arose as to descriptions of each regular poster's "perfect" sex object. Naturally, there were just about as many different kinds of answers as there were posters. Stepdaddy was (and is) known primarily as a writer of hebephilic fantasy (hebephilia is the attraction to young teen girls, pubescent or post-pubescent). This was his offering in response to this topic.

She is thirteen, going on fourteen, and pubescent. Not a pedophilic treat, she is a hebephilic morsel.

She is an Asian girl, and in the face she looks very young. Long, silky blue-black hair runs over her shoulders and straight down her petite back when she is standing or sitting. At the moment, however, she is doing neither.

Instead, she is lying back on a light blue coverlet; her white uniform blouse is unbuttoned, but not open, and her lacy training bra is barely peeking through. Her plaid school uniform skirt has bunched slightly around her waist, not by my hand but by gravity's, for her knees are pulled up, and spread. Her white-socked feet rest flat upon the bedspread.

Displayed between her bare, skinny thighs is a white cotton underpant gusset, stretched tautly across a prominent adolescent cuntmound. A crease through her groove is visible. It all quivers slightly with her quickening breath.

I step forward, and her dark, almond eyes widen in an expression combining fear, uncertainty, anticipation, and wonder in a simple mammalian response to the unbidden queasy-yummy feeling emanating from her pelvis. She doesn't quite understand how she can be feeling all of these things at once.

A bit later, she is nude, but in virtually the same pose. Her little baby A-cup titties are capped by surprisingly protuberant, pebbly brown gumdrops. These are so adorable atop her juvenile titcakes that sometimes I have to master myself when I am chewing on them, for fear that in a frenzy of ungovernable lust I might actually yank one off! Don't worry; I am actually quite gentle with her (well, most of the time).

She is graced with a natural lack of body hair. Even her cute little eyebrows, arched up in surprise as my fingertip brushes across her crinkly little anus, are but sparse suggestions. Imagine, therefore, the clean lines and smooth curves of her fat, pouting cuntlips. Only the tiniest wisp of silky black down adorns the crown of her peach, just above the slick, dark-pink clitpearl that swells and glistens when I lean in to fasten my mouth upon it.

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