An Incestuous Episode: a Willing Daughter

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: 14 year old girl starts to become sexually aware and both she and her father begin to see the other in a different light.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Everything happened at one time for 14-year-old Carrie. In the course of a week a series of events occurred that led to the night of incest.

First her girlfriend Ingrid let it slip that their friend Joan's father had raped his own daughter, Joan's younger sister. This news triggered off Carrie's thinking process; wondering how a father could do that to his own daughter.

It was only a day later that Carrie found herself sitting on her father's lap when suddenly she felt him harden under her butt. Although she was a virgin she still knew enough to realize that he had gotten an erection. She was somewhat shocked and she was more than curious to know as to whether or not she was the cause. She was pretty sure that she was because even though her father quickly pushed her off of him, for the rest of the night she found him looking at her in a different way than previously.

A few days later her boyfriend became aggressive with her for the first time. After her parents had gone to bed, Carrie and Warren stayed in the living room watching television. Only recently they had begun kissing, almost experimentally. On this night her boyfriend became bold and for the first time in her life the young girl experienced true passion as they began French-kissing for the first time. And as the heat built up inside of both of them, Warren became emboldened and began forcing his hands on her breasts and into her crotch.

Carrie fought him off but the spigot of passion was opened for both of them. For the next two hours they went through the ritual. Afraid that she wouldn't be able to stop him because he was so worked up, the young girl would scramble away from his clutches and demand he stop. Once she was sure that Warren wouldn't 'feel her up' anymore, they would resume kissing. Inevitably, his hands would begin roaming over her body again, touching previously unexplored regions of her exciting young-girl-flesh.

Finally, when both of them were almost beyond the point of no return, Carrie was able to stop him and make him leave, even though her young body was on fire. She was now fully aware of the hidden passions lurking within her.

As soon as the door closed behind him, she headed up to her bedroom. Her body was in desperate need of relief. She had only touched herself once before but now she had a tremendous need to quench the desire that had built up inside of her.

Because she was two hours later than usual going up to bed, she was extra quiet ascending the stairs. She didn't want to wake either of her parents and have to answer as to why she was up so late.

By 1 AM, Bill and Linda had assumed that their daughter had been in bed since at least an hour prior. As Carrie was reaching the top of the stairs her mother and father were reaching the end of their lovemaking. The youngster heard the sounds coming from behind their closed door. She moved next to it and listened. Her mom and dad were moaning and talking incoherently, half words being uttered breathlessly. The young girl knew what they were doing and she was both repulsed and fascinated at the same time. She couldn't believe the words coming from her mom's mouth, as if she was begging her dad desperately.

As she listened at the door, she knew what her mom wanted by her demands. She was groaning that she wanted it deeper, and harder. And Carrie then remembered that that same thing that her mom was now pleading for had become hard under her, just a few days earlier: her father's manhood!

Unconsciously, her hand had slipped inside of her panties and she finished herself off to the moans of her parents' lovemaking. Spasms possessed the young girl; thrilled her.

When she finished climaxing she came to her senses, realizing what she had done and where she was. She quickly retreated and went to her own room. It was from that point forward that Carrie was on an incestuous collision course.

After that time, a few days earlier, when her father had gotten hard under her, until that night when she had her first full climax under her own manipulations, she found her father sneaking looks at her. From that point forward, when she saw him looking, she felt strange stirrings within. She remembered about Joan's father and Carrie could sense that her own father wanted to do the same thing to her. Except that she knew that he would never go so far as to rape her.

Remembering how excited her mother had sounded that night, Carrie now felt a warmth in her loins. She could only imagine what her father had been doing to please her mother. The young girl's thoughts jumped crazily as the days passed. She found herself enjoying her handsome father sneaking peaks at her. And then she found herself allowing him to see more of her than should have been allowed.

When she knew that her mother wasn't paying any attention or wasn't around, she allowed her father to see more of her legs. She would allow her skirt to go higher up her legs as she sat on the couch across from him and not pull it down. She also allowed her legs to part, giving him a breathtaking view of the flesh of her inner thighs. Feeling her father's eyes on her, she herself would become warm in the crotch.

Carrie stopped wearing her bra under her blouse while in the house and a few times when she got the opportunity, she bent in front of him and allowed his eyes to search hungrily on her budding breasts. At first she told herself that she was doing it to prove to herself that her dad wouldn't rape her, even if she excited him. But then, even that flimsy reasoning changed.

She now found that she herself was becoming aroused by her father looking at her, and she started masturbating nightly. And what was worse, she found herself fantasizing about him instead of Warren. Carrie was disgusted and frustrated with herself. She toyed with the idea of going all the way with her boyfriend, thinking that maybe this would stop her from thinking about her father.

One Friday night, after her mom and dad had gone to bed, she and Warren began another session. She had almost decided to let him take her. After about fifteen minutes of touching and groping, she allowed his hand to go up her skirt, move over the flesh of her thighs and finally to slip beneath the bottom of her panties. They were both frantically all over each other and suddenly two of his fingers began to go into her cunt-hole.

A sudden fear overwhelmed her and she was unable to allow it to go any further. Carrie reacted out of this fear and started to try pushing Warren away as she spit out the word, "No!" in a quiet but emphatic tone.

However, now that Warren's hand had reached its goal, he was so inflamed that he fought to keep his fingers in her pussy, which was quite wet at this point. Carrie tried desperately to pull it away and he, just as forcefully, insisted on keeping it there, eagerly trying to make her excited to his touch.

Then his fingers suddenly pushed into her with power. A searing pain shot through the young girl as Warren pushed in violently. Carrie placed her mouth on his shoulder and she clamped her teeth down into his flesh, afraid that a scream from her would awaken her family. She was biting with every ounce of pressure that she could exert.

Warren reacted by withdrawing his hand from her panties so that he could reach up and pull her mouth off of him. He grabbed at her hair and pulled her mouth away from his shoulder and they stared angrily into each other's eyes. He started to become aware of the circumstances and his surroundings and although she was able to convince him to end the session, the young girl no longer had an intact hymen.

Carrie informed Warren that she didn't want to see him anymore and, at that moment with his shoulder bleeding and sore, the boy was just as happy to accommodate her.

During the next couple of weeks Bill and his daughter continued on their collision course. Neither of them could help themselves. Carrie was now actually enjoying her father's attention and more and more she wished that he would do more than look. She silently began hoping that his hands might actually replace his eyes on her body.

Bill, for his part, was frantic. He knew that what he was thinking was totally wrong, as was his ogling of his daughter's exciting young body. He wanted desperately to tell his wife what was happening to him: that he was actually lusting for his own daughter! He thought that maybe if he told Linda that she might have an answer. But he was afraid that she might overreact and walk out on him.

Yet he couldn't control himself. He would find a spot in the room where he could get a view of Carrie without his wife Linda realizing what he was doing. At least once a night it seemed that he would get such a great look at his daughter's body that he would become totally aroused. It could be from looking down the youngster's blouse or up her skirt.

What was worse was that even when he wasn't around his daughter, he was now getting aroused just by thinking of her. Almost inevitably, he began to masturbate while fantasizing that he was fucking the youngster. He was afraid to touch her anymore for fear that he wouldn't be able to control himself.

It was on a Thursday that the inevitable event occurred. Linda left the house at 7 PM to go bowling with 'the girls'.

Bill and Carrie settled in for the night to watch TV in the living room. As usual, Bill sat on the rocker while his daughter sat on the couch. The incestuous mating game continued in the same manner as other nights, only on this night they both seemed to sense a tenseness between themselves. Their eyes seemed to find each other much more than normal and there was a nervousness that passed silently between them.

At a certain point she saw her father's eyes go to her legs. Her skirt had hiked up about six inches past her knees and she had purposely not tried to pull it back down. Now, seeing where his eyes wandered, Carrie gathered up all of her nerve and then with her heart seeming to be pounding through her chest, she purposely allowed her thighs to partially open.

Bill sucked in his breath as his daughter's soft inner thigh flesh was revealed and, as he looked, he was able to detect a flash of her white panties all the way up inside of her skirt at the top of her legs. His cock rose quickly within his pants. God, he thought, I wish that I could touch her.

His eyes vacated her thighs temporarily, intending to make sure that his daughter wasn't paying attention to his interest in her. When his eyes reached her face he was surprised to find Carrie looking intently into his face. She obviously had been watching him ogle her legs and she didn't try to cover herself or pull her skirt into a more 'lady-like' pose. As a matter of fact, he actually felt that her thighs parted slightly further as their faces and eyes searched each other.

Bill's hands were trembling as he saw that his daughter was looking at him and now, for the first time, he sensed a feeling of lust was lurking behind her eyes. Their eyes held onto each other's faces, neither of them knowing how to advance or even whether to chance it.

His cock was as hard as it had ever been and it suddenly jumped in his pants. Carrie saw this movement and Bill saw her eyes move down into his crotch. As his daughter's eyes bore into him his entire crotch area generated an outpouring of heat and he twitched again.

Knowing what was happening Carrie felt a shudder between her legs. Her heart was pounding heavily. Her eyes left her Daddy's crotch and returned up to meet his. Again they both looked for a signal from the other.

Bill again let his eyes travel to the flesh of his daughter's inner thighs. She had made no attempt at dissuading his obvious gaze. His mouth was dry when he finally looked back up to the 14-year-old teen's face and spoke.

"What'd ya think?" was all that he said and then waited silently for a response. He didn't dare go out on a limb and say something that would cross the line, afraid that he might find that she had no idea what he was really talking about.

Carrie didn't know how she should respond. What was it that her father wanted her to say? She was sure that this was his way of testing, but being so young, she was confused. Her eyes held on his face.

Finally she brought her legs off of the couch and on to the floor, and she stood. With their eyes locked on each other she began walking toward her father. Bill had never felt so nervous in his life, even when he was a teenager. His eyes nervously rushed up and down his daughter's approaching body. And then she stood directly in front of the chair where he was sitting.

And she waited.

Looking up at her, he knew. She wanted this too.

He stood up. They were inches apart and facing each other. Bill's mind was racing. He knew what was about to happen was wrong but he couldn't help himself. Their eyes still held. Slowly he began to lower his head and as he did so he saw her lips trembling as she raised her face to await him.

With his lips next to hers, he whispered, "Baby, I don't know. I ... My god, Carrie ... I ... Do you know..."

As if to assure her father, Carrie moved her hands out onto his waist and said, "It's okay, dad ... I know ... me too."

Unable to control himself any longer, Bill's mouth opened and joined with his daughter's, while his arms went around her back and drew her body in to meet his.

Carrie's legs were shaking. She moved her hands up her daddy's back and felt him push his body into hers. Then she felt his male hardness pressing tightly into her. Her mouth instinctively opened from the excitement and her father excitedly pushed his tongue into her mouth. A wave of pleasure passed through her and she crushed her hot open mouth harder onto his. Their tongues began working as if in a duel and their mouths were passionately sucking in the taste of each other.

Suddenly Bill tore his face from hers and he looked wildly into his daughter's lust-filled eyes. "Carrie ... Are you sure, baby?" he whispered.

Her head began nodding in very short, very rapid strokes. She couldn't speak.

Almost as if to test to see if she truly understood, Bill's right hand moved up and gently touched her left breast and, when she didn't recoil, his hand grasped at the mound, which was still covered by her blouse. She gasped but made no effort to pull away as another thrill passed through her body. Slowly he brought his other hand around to cup her right breast. Carrie clasped her eyes shut and a strange whimper came from her throat.

Bill now held both of his daughter's breasts in his hands from outside of her thin blouse. His cock was expanded to its maximum. He had forgotten how exciting it was to touch young breasts. They seemed to fit perfectly within his gently grasp and had a wonderful resiliency to them and the heat they generated seemed to cause his palms to sweat. He began a soft squeezing and releasing exercise.

He bent his head and his hungry mouth began to kiss and tongue at the thrilling flesh of his daughter's neck and ear. The youngster reacted with a foreign movement by pulling her head back while thrusting her neck and ear into his mouth offering herself for his pleasure. At the same time her hips involuntarily pushed into her father, feeling his hard manhood.

Carrie made no effort to fend off this attack, as she seemed to be overwhelmed with the thrilling pleasures that her father was causing with his hands and mouth. She felt his fingers releasing her breasts to begin exploring them. Her body was becoming more and more excited.

Soon, she could feel his hands trembling as her father began to open the buttons to her blouse. Her breathing increased. When it was unbuttoned he moved his hands nervously inside and finally he felt the wonderful tit-flesh of his young girl. As his fingers began to tweak at her nipples she could no longer hold back her passion. She pulled her neck away from him and moved her open mouth back eagerly to his. As their open mouths crashed, they started moaning and grinding against each other in the final act of a mating game.

Father and daughter were both on fire.

He pulled his mouth off of hers. Looking into her eyes, he whispered, "Let's go upstairs, baby. Your room -- okay?"

Carrie knew that she had one last chance here to back out, but with her father squeezing her taut breasts with a firm gentleness as he looked into her eyes, she probably wanted this more than he did. Her head nodded rapidly in the affirmative and she saw the almost crazed smile on his face as he released her breasts and nudged her toward the stairs, where he following quickly behind her.

Following his daughter into her dimly lit bedroom, Bill immediately breathed in the air. He loved the whole atmosphere of this room with its feminine smells of perfumes and hairsprays, its touches of femininity with the furniture and the few scattered pieces of his daughter's clothes that occasionally could be found. He had snuck in here often recently when no one else was around.

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