A Deep Burning Pain in My Side
Chapter 6

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 6 - A Tornado in Kansas ain't got shit on a Thunderstorm in East Texas

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

Although the sun's light woke me the next morning I wasn't the first one out of bed. Most of the women had already roused and they were working on breakfast. I took my time dressing and then went to water the drain hole in our cobbled up bathroom then I found my lawn chair out by the kitchen and sat down to watch.

Breakfast was ready soon enough and immediately I thought of something to put in my in brain storage for the spacemen to find. I knew I couldn't memory map a certain location in my head but I did imagine a folder, as if it was a windows folder and I also imagined a text document inside the folder that I named List.txt.

My first entry was "draw knife" and I hoped one would pop up soon. We didn't have a decent table for eating and I knew a draw knife would make one much easier to build. I figured I could split logs with my wedges for a surface and a draw knife would go a long way toward making them smooth and flat on the surface. That was for then though and right now breakfast was ready and I dealt with it on my tin plate. It was great and I ate all I could hold.

We had a few things to do this morning, but first I wanted to walk around the hill and look for the promised horses. Jalta and another of the older boys, Jedda, went with me. They brought along a bow and arrows and I carried my new M1, and extra clip for it and I also wore both Rugers.

It was more than a little bit of climbing to get where we wanted to go but soon enough we were in the small valley and a quick look toward the back let me see it had been blocked off with a metal fence. It looked like six inch well casing for post and 2 and 3/8ths upset tubing for rails. It was also covered with welded wire fencing that seemed to have two by four inch webbing. Since it seemed to be eight feet tall I didn't think any undesirable animals would find a way in. The only trouble was I didn't see any extra horses back here.

Soon enough I discovered their location. There was a new cave in the back of the small mountain and it had a rather wide opening. Once we went inside I figured our benefactors must have thought we needed a barn since it was easily large enough for one inside. It even came equipped with wooden stalls which had feed troughs and hay mangers in place already.

They had done a first rate job too. There was a separate 'room' with six large wooden barrels on end. Each of hem was full of whole oats and there was a large amount of alfalfa hay baled and stacked against one wall. Another section of this room held thirty copies of my rough out saddle and there were thirty bridles hanging on peg hooks on one wall.

The horses were magnificent. All of them seemed to be about six years old and they were calmly pulling hay out of the mangers. One of the best parts of the barn was a large open space with a dirt floor. It looked perfect for giving riding lessons and I figured I would be soon.

There were also electric lights in the ceiling and I noticed a regular roll up garage door above the opening. I walked over and pressed the 'down' button on the switch box and the door did exactly what I expected, as in, it closed.

On the back wall there appeared to be a human sized opening and when I reached it I found it opened onto a small hall with lights in the ceiling. The boys and I took off down it and came out into the kitchen. This was excellent attention to detail by our benefactors.

I had Jalta and Jedda grab the goat's kids and I put a rope around her neck and led them into the new barn cave. Once inside it we put them up in an empty stall and went back to retrieve their pen and the milking stand. It didn't take much time to get reorganized and soon the milking was in progress again. I even found a new milk can to hold the milk and when it was loaded with today's proceeds we placed it in the pool of water for keeping cool.

We returned to the main cave where I noticed a roll up door covering our own entrance. I climbed back up to the shooting perch and took a look out. It was easy to see six more Indians creeping around outside so I took up the new M1 and started cashing in their chips. I probably should have gone out and introduced myself, but from the looks of them and their skulking approach I didn't think it would be healthy. I watched the bodies for a few minutes and soon enough six women came to check on them.

I went back down into the cave and showed Jalta and Jedda how to raise and lower the door and told them to open it later when I came up from outside.

I took my leave via our new hall to the barn and saddled one of the new cutting horses. I named him Ben to myself and then mounted, putting a Marlin in his saddle scabbard. Ben and I left through the back door and I rode around front making sure I came out behind the women who'd come with the men I shot.

When I approached the women from behind they were startled and two of the youngest tried to break away. I gave Ben his head and he did what cutting horses do. He turned them back and then started urging all the women toward the front of the cave. I shouted to Jedda and he opened the door. Shira and Twila came out to meet me and I asked them to make the new arrivals comfortable while I rode Ben back into the barn, removed the tack, and put him in a stall.

I made my way back into the cave and it was obvious the new women felt a lot better about their situation by now. Shira and the others had thrown a little meal together for them and they were eating. I noticed Jalta and Jedda were busy getting acquainted with the two youngest women who had tried to make good their escape.

It suited me fine. The girls were a little young for my taste and I thought this would make things go easier on me. Jalta and Jedda looked old enough to have a mate of their own and I approved of their choices. The remaining four women were older and I felt it only natural to add them to my harem. Expecially since one of them was a redhead and another was blonde. The remaining two were brunetts. All of them, especially the four oldest, were well set up in the titty department and all their legs were long and well shaped. Things were looking up for an interesting day already and it had barely started.

After the new women had finished their meal I went over to be intorduced and afterwards I talked to them a little. The magic translation seemed to be on again and they had some news for me.

They had come from a partial group which had included the sixteen warriors who had stolen our children in the first place. Apparently they were larger than we thought. The redhead told us there were twenty-four more warriors and they had all been very upset when they discovered what had become of the raiding party of sixteen we had dealt with earlier. Shetal, the redhead, said the group I'd dealt with this morning had been sent out to try and locate us. She felt another larger group would be sent out once today's bunch didn't return.

At first I considered this bad news, but after a little thinking I changed my mind. Men armed with flint tipped spears and bows and arrows weren't going to be much of a problem when coming up against repeating rifles and large calibre handguns. I could only hope they brought more women along with them.

To me that was the perfect solution. All the women I'd gathered up so far seemed to enjoy their new situation and fit in well. I wouldn't mind taking on some of their young boys and girls either. One thing I didn't intend to do was capture a bunch of males of the warrior persuasion. If I had to have a tribe of mostly women so be it. I felt sure I could get around to all of them sooner or later, especially since I had Jalta, Jedda, and other young boys that seemed to be interested in getting to know about women. I'd just let them take care of any younger girls we came across.

Dreams of the future went by the wayside then and I called most everyone into the barn to choose up sides for riding practice. Once we were in the barn I called Shira up for the first turn. I went to a stall and picked a nice gelding for her and, after selecting a saddle and bridle I showed her how to install them and I took the mount for a short test drive. I could tell at once he was well trained in the basics so I put Shira on him and started telling her how to do it. I went over things from heeling him to get him moving to pulling back on the reins to get him to stop. I sent her to he large open area to get acquainted with doing it by herself and then called our newest redhead, Shelta, over for a few lessons.

Shelta was a beauty. The dark auburn hair was only the start and a pair of sparkling emerald eyes just helped things along. Not to mention the bulging titties and her alabaster skin with a light dusting of freckles. I was already thinking of playig connect the dots with my tongue. I caught up a nice bay mare and saddled it for her, making sure to tell her everything I was doing.

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