Still Going Both Ways
Chapter 4

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 4 - The masculine bi-guy Dean is still doing the AC/DC thing with both girls and boys. As he enters his Junior year (3rd year) at the university he becomes involved in more sports than he wants but finds sexy distractions along the way. This is a sex story about omni-sexual people. Come on, live a little wild. Sneak a peek and read it one handed, it'll be fantasy fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   Enema   Cream Pie   Voyeurism  

The whole campus was excited, as this was homecoming week. The weekend had non-stop activities for alumni and students. The profs let up on everyone and assigned light reading for the coming classes.

On the other hand, the football coach was going nuts as our rival for homecoming game was the best in our conference. We had not beaten them for years. We practiced like kamikazes on Monday with long video reviews of the other team after supper.

By the time I got home the house was settled down with people studying that had papers or other work to turn in or just reading. Naked Silvia met me when I came in the back door and asked, "You are going to be really busy this week so you should let Phil and I give you a massage. It will relax you and help you with your sore muscles."

"Sounds good, let me get rid of my books and clothes and I'll come down in a few minutes." As I passed by the living room I saw Benny and Tina sitting with Clarice watching TV. Clarice was naked and appeared comfortable with being naked with a girl with a dick sitting next to her.

Upstairs, Jill and Courtney were reading. Jill at the desk and Courtney propped up on the bed. As soon as I walked in, both put their books down and ran to me for kisses and hugs. "Wow, I don't like to have to stay late but for greetings like this, maybe I should do this more often."

Courtney said, "Don't you dare. Jill and I have been very lonely without you. We were hoping you wouldn't be too late. Did Silvia ask you whether you wanted a massage? She said that she and Phil were excellent masseurs. She added, "You know that Phil makes some of their income doing outcalls, giving in home massages."

Jill began unbuttoning my shirt, "Come on, get naked, we have the heat up high enough that it isn't cold."

Having two choice ladies undress you is always an exciting experience. By the time my pants and underwear was off, Courtney was stroking my long fat hard cock and Jill was sucking on a nipple while stroking and squeezing my balls. I didn't want a massage, I wanted both of these ladies.

Courtney said, "Come on, let's get him down stairs so they can make him feel good."

We went into one of the spare bedrooms in the servant quarters where Phil had his table set up. There were a couple of big chairs in the room and after the girls had me lay on the table, they both sat in one of the chairs together to watch the massage.

Phil and Silvia came in and the surprisingly the first thing they did was to rub me down with a towel. They did my front and had me turn over to rub my back thoroughly. Phil said that was to invigorate my skin and to help the oils seep into my skin better.

While I was on my stomach, Phil began loosening up the muscles in my legs. While he did that, Silvia began working on my neck and shoulders. When she was done digging into those muscles she began massaging my head and scalp.

Phil worked all the way up my back making me feel like jelly then had me turn over. Once again he began with my legs and worked up my thighs. When he reached my dick he stroked my limp noodle until it was becoming interested then left it to move up to my stomach and shoulders.

Silvia, who had been gently massaging my face went to my feet and with practiced fingers made my feet and legs tingle to the point my dick was standing tall. She came to my middle and stroked my hard cock then leaned over to gently begin taking me into her mouth. She didn't stop sinking down on me until I must have been a couple inches into her throat as her lips were buried in my sparse trimmed pubic hair.

She remained with me deep inside her mouth and throat but was massaging my butt hole, using her oils to loosen me up.

Phil came to the base of table and lifted my legs and pulled my butt back to the edge of the table. I heard the rip of the condom wrapper and knew what was coming as Silvia had not taken me from her mouth but had began a swallowing motion with her throat making me want to come.

With a gentle shove, Phil popped through my sphincter and began seating his long thin cock. After the massage this was erotic as hell.

Phil began moving in and out of my ass as Silvia held and squeezed my balls while moving her head up and down my shaft. With Phil's dick raking across my prostate, cum was boiling inside me, ready to erupt any second.

Courtney and Jill moved to the table to kiss me and to rub and pinch my nipples. I was in sensory overload.

Phil was panting, ready to come and picked up the pace. Silvia quickened her tongue action and began sucking the juices from me. When I erupted, Phil was coming in the condom and Silvia had moved her head to just have the head of my dick in her mouth, sucking my sperm from me, catching it in her mouth.

When Phil pulled from me and Silvia lifted her head, the couple kissed sharing my sperm. They then each began kissing the girls sharing my gooey offering with them. Courtney picked up Silvia and put her in one of the chairs and dove for her pussy. Silvia was soon moaning in orgasm.

Jill held onto my dick and sucked it back up then climbed on the big massage table and planted her pussy on my dick. Someone was behind Jill as she fucked me into being interested into coming again. Whoever that someone was began shoving a dick into me, fucking me at a fairly rapid pace.

Being fucked and fucking at the same time is always good. Jill was bent over kissing me as she rode my dick at the same pace as the guy behind her held my legs up and fucked me.

I felt the guy fucking me come in a condom then withdraw but another sheathed dick plowed right into my now open asshole.

A familiar face leaned over me and joined Jill kissing me. Clarice kissed me sweetly and said, "I want some of you too. Help me up Jill so I can sit on his face."

Oh my, I guess Clarice had been in training today.

With Clarice riding my nose and mouth, Jill posting on my dick, and a dick sliding in and out of my asshole, I was going to come any second. I groaned loudly into Clarice's pussy then let loose into Jill. Jill was now coming continuously while in a tit to tit clench with Clarice. The dick fucking me exploded making me feel really used.

My dick began wilting and sliding from Jill but it was grabbed and sucked into a hungry mouth.

Wow! Am I getting all the attention or what?

The mouth just sucked all of the juices from my cock and let it slide free as Jill then Clarice climbed off me and the table. Clarice kissed me and said, "Thank you, you were the first man to suck on my pussy. I really like that."

As I sat up, Courtney and Jill gave me a hug and some kisses. Courtney said, "Benny and Tina wanted to help Phil and Silvia so they contributed to your pleasure as well."

Tina came up to me and kissed me while I was still in the arms of Courtney and Jill. She took hold of my limp dick and said, "You'll have to give this thing some vitamins or something as now I need fucked. We need more dick in this house."

Silvia said, "Come out to the kitchen and have something to eat. I have some meat for you to eat and a protein shake. You need the calories and the protein with all of the sports you are participating in."

Silvia brought me a plate with a large slab of what looked like prime rib. "Where did you get this? Did you make a whole roast?"

Silvia said, "Phil got it at the restaurant where he gives massages to the owner. They had just finished with the first few prime rib roasts and they gave him enough to feed the seven of us here at home. I saved this big chunk just for you. We know you need the extra food."

The meat was delicious. The protein shake was pretty good as it was laced with ice cream and fruit to make it taste good. When the plate was clean, I sat back rubbing my belly. I looked around and said, "You know, this is a whole lot better than the dorm."

A cheer went up in agreement. Dan and Gloria were now downstairs with us along with Mary who was accompanied by Terry as usual.

Dan said, "We need to plan who we want to invite to our homecoming party Saturday night. A lot of people are planning big bashes Friday night too but our boy, Dean, is going to need his rest for the big game Saturday."

Courtney said, "Mom and Dad are coming so we know they will be here."

Terry said, "My brother Jack is going to get here Wednesday or Thursday depending on his old car. Do you think he could stay here with you guys?"

Benny and Tina smiled and Tina said, "He can stay with us. If we need room upstairs we'll move to Phil and Silvia's spare room. That might be best anyway since the house is getting full."

Dan suggested, "How about I cull out the guys we had come before for the ones I know are comfortable with the way we like to play. What do you think Gloria? There are three couples and I know at least five guys who swing both ways. That would be a pretty good sized party. The extra guys will be a treat for Courtney's mom. She said she wanted a real gangbang and with seven more guys plus our two chicks with dicks we should be able to do a good job."

Clarice shivered and said, "Oh, that is going to be so nasty. Before that happens, Dean has to help me with a couple of things. What else do we need to talk about before I get Dean upstairs for some personal instruction."

Silvia said, "I'll make up a list for all the party food and drink. Dan? Do the couples and guys you're bringing drink?"

Dan thought for a moment and said, "I don't think so. We're all athletes and we don't mess with our bodies with booze. I don't think the girls drink but if they do, they can drink what Courtney's mom and dad drink."

We need to have enough for Jack and June but we may need more if they get crazy and drink a lot," Silvia said. "Phil can pick up more along with some beer for anyone that wants one. Remember Dan, we all agreed, no dope. So smoking, no coke, no nothing."

Dan said, "No sweat. I don't hang around with druggies. Just pervs."

That gave us all a laugh. Silvia said, "I'll have everything ready for when the game is over. If you guys don't have other parties to go to, come home after the game and we'll party all night." She smiled and said, "I'm looking forward to it too."

I thanked Silvia for the great snack with a kiss and titty squeeze. I thanked Phil for the great massage with a kiss and a dick squeeze but he said, "I should be thanking you. Damn that was good."

We all went up stairs and when I was in our room, Clarice said, "Could you kiss me down there some more? I've been doing it with the girls but you do it different. I really like that. Then you need to teach me some other things."

Courtney said, "Relax Clarice. Take your time and enjoy your learning experience."

Clarice pouted, "But after being taught how to give girls pleasure, I want to learn how to give pleasure to guys. I've watched you guys sucking them and fucking them and my pussy just aches to learn more."

Jill was behind Clarice stroking her body from the inside of her thighs, skipping her pussy but running her hands up to cup her perky fat breasts. Clarice was not as tall or voluptuous as Courtney but she was hot. She didn't have broad hips but she did have a nicely rounded ass that begged to be licked and kissed.

Courtney led me to bed and was laying next to me when she said, "Lay between Dean and Jill and let them pleasure you for a while. Dean needs his sleep but you never know. He might wish to give you more pleasure and take some himself.

Clarice lay on her back to let both Jill and I kiss her and touch her body in long soft strokes. As I warmed up to the hot young girl, I slid down to enjoy her drooling and freshly trimmed pussy. She was hot enough to be on a hair trigger, practically coming before my lips and tongue touched her.

Jill kept up a continuing kiss and nipple play while I enjoyed feasting on Clarice's pleasure center. Then I noticed Clarice pulling Courtney to her and heard her say, "Oh Courtney, I need to feel you next to me too. I've always envied you that you were so self confident and happy playing sports. I've never had the excitement and satisfaction of that. I love to day dream of touching your softness, please Courtney, kiss me."

While the two were kissing I used a finger to poke around inside Clarice's now spongy pussy. I couldn't find a barrier, just a tight, drooling pussy that beckoned my hard dick.

I knelt between Clarice's legs and began rubbing my dick around her opening. She was so wet and slippery my dick kept hitting the hole and wanted to slide in.

"Clarice," I asked, "are you taking any birth control? Are you protected?"

Clarice moaned while looking down at my dick as I pushed it around her pussy lips. "Mom made me get on the pill when I began dating at sixteen but no man has ever been in me. The biggest thing that's ever been in there besides my finger is my hair brush handle. I used to use in on myself a lot but then one time I poked to hard and bled. Mom said I probably tore my hymen."

I kept rubbing my dick across her sensitive clit making her tummy suck in and hips pump up. Clarice said, "I was so embarrassed that I had to tell mom but I was scared that I had hurt myself. She assured me I had not and told me a lot larger things can go in there. That's when I had to go on birth control pills."

I leaned over and kissed Clarice gently and she reached down and pulled my hips down, sinking me into her hot, wet, tight depths. Clarice groaned loud enough that I figured we would have an audience to watch pretty soon but kept sliding in and out until I was totally seated in Clarice's once virgin pussy.

Her pussy must have been arranged just right as my dick raked across her clit with every plunge and withdrawal causing Clarice to begin coming almost immediately. She gasped, "Oh, so good. If I'd known this was so good I would have been fucking a long time ago. So good."

She kept coming and coming until Courtney said, "I think she's done. Either come in her or let us suck you. She might enjoy tasting you that way."

Clarice lay ravaged as I withdrew from her to let her big sister take me into her mouth and begin sucking me. When Clarice had caught her breath, Clarice said, "Come her so you can learn to suck a man. I know you want to suck daddy like I love to do so come down here and learn on the man who just took your virginity."

The three girls played with my dick and balls, occasionally coming up to kiss me and tell me how much they enjoyed pleasuring me. Courtney now had Clarice convinced that she needed to pay special attention to the head and just below the bottom of the head of my dick. The sensations were wonderful and my balls were churning, wanting to come again. Clarice looked up at me and said, "Please, feed me your cum. I want to taste you. I want to give you the same pleasure you've given me."

When Clarice put her mouth back around my dick, Courtney came up and stuffed a nipple into my mouth and said, "Suck it, you know how to make me cum from just sucking my nipple, do me while you squirt a mouthful into Clarice."

The multiple sensory excitement was too much and I began squirting what felt like a much bigger load than I would have expected. Clarice choked at first but soon learned to suck, lick, and swallow at the same time. When she was done she raised up with sperm dripping from her nose and chin and knee walked up me to give me a spermy kiss. She kissed me then said, "Damn than is so sexy. When you began squirting that stuff in my mouth, I came again with nothing even touching my pussy. I'm going to do that to you a lot."

Courtney and Jill licked Clarice's face off then licked up some spillage from around my rapidly deflating dick. Clarice kissed me again then got behind Courtney and asked, "Can I sleep in her with you guys tonight? I really want to be close to you. Especially you Courtney, I feel as if I need to give you a lifetime of love and attention for having been such a stuck up bitch for so long."

Courtney kissed her sister then laid down next to me as Jill settled on the other side of me after pulling up the sheet and cover. I had a smile on my face as the girls on each side of me gave me a kiss that I don't remember ever stopping as I fell asleep.

Lips were kissing me from both sides as Courtney and Jill were waking me up. Jill said, "Come on sleepyhead. It's time to get ready for breakfast and school. I don't think we have time for the weight room this morning."

I couldn't believe I had slept so soundly for as long as I did. The extra practice was tougher than I thought. We were in the shower with both girls were wetting my leg. Clarice got in with us and was staring at the yellow liquid squirting from the two girls and running down my leg. She said, "You're peeing on him, you are. That is really nasty, let me get close to him and I want to do that too."

Courtney and Jill pulled her to us so we were all touching and I felt her let loose on my legs. All of this naked female flesh was having an affect on me and my dick was now bone hard sticking out at an upward angle from being so hard. Jill said, "So who's going to help this poor boy out with his raging morning hard on. He needs a pussy, an ass, or a mouth to suck a load out of him so he can even wash and get dressed."

Clarice looked confused and Courtney said, "Jill, let's you and I turn around and show Clarice how to help out a guy in the shower."

The two girls turned and leaned forward spreading their legs with their hands on the wall. I slid into Courtney and gave her about twenty good strokes, enough to bring her to a small climax. Next I slid into Jill and banged her hard until she shivered with orgasm after about twenty hard strokes. Clarice said, "Can you do me too?"

She positioned herself the same as the other two girls had been and I worked my dick into her pussy until I was long stroking her with my hand around her middle playing with her clit.

When my dick boiled over and began squirting into Clarice she was already in a serious climax and said, "Something's happening inside me, you're doing something in there."

She pulled free and turned to look at my dick as it spasmed one last time sending a stream of cum up to her face.

Courtney and Jill laughed but began licking her face as I marveled at my luck to have so much sexy female companionship. The four of us concentrated on getting clean instead of our sex super charged bodies.

The students in the house dressed and headed to breakfast after a quick cup of coffee downstairs. Clarice didn't put any clothes on and became Silvia's helper as they poured coffee and served us.

The day wasn't as tough as the day before but the coach had us all watching film then practicing plays that were supposed to confuse their defense. We felt we might be able to run on this team but it wasn't going to be up the middle. We practiced draw plays that had the back going up either side with tight ends kicking out the defensive ends while the tackles were pushing the defensive tackles in.

Defensively I was taught how to rush the quarterback while tackles and tight ends were busy with other defensive personnel. The only problem with this was there were fewer defensive players downfield and ended up being man to man on receivers. The coach had the safeties studying the plays of the other team so they could recognize them from their positions.

We were let go for supper and didn't have to go back. I wasn't near as beat up today as yesterday and after supper with my crowd, I was happy to go home and do some reading.

Clarice was very perky today but was walking a little funny. Courtney told me, "Now that she's learned what her pussy is for, I think she fucked Phil, Tina, and Benny non stop today. As soon as Dan and Gloria came home she had Gloria on her back eating her while Dan plowed her from the back."

Clarice said, "I might have overdone it a little. It's so good though that my pussy wanted more and more. I can't wait to show daddy what I've learned."

"You know you need to make sure you know how to suck on daddy real good. He loves that," Courtney said with authority. "You also might want to surprise mother while she's enjoying her gang bang by diving into her and eating her to an orgasm or two while her pussy is flowing with all that good stuff."

Clarice shivered and said, "Oh yeah, that will be really nasty. How much cum can a pussy hold anyway?"

All of us laughed as none of us had ever heard that question before. Jill said, "You need to suck all these guys off at least once a day so you know how it feels when they get ready to squirt plus there's an old wives tale that if you drink a lot of sperm, your tits will grow."

Clarice hefted her two nice breasts and said, "Oh yeah, I could drink up enough to get some real balloons on here."

Before bed, Clarice did suck off Benny, Tina, and Phil. Silvia made her get on her knees and suck her pussy because she said Phil was going to be all fucked out tonight since she had fucked him all day.

When we went to bed Clarice said, "Tonight Dean, I want you to make love to my sister and Jill. If you still have anything left afterward, I would love more but they're first tonight."

I did make love to both girls in the way we enjoyed so much. I was able to give both a full load making them both shiver and climax with the knowledge that I was injecting them with loads of baby making juices. Clarice sucked on me for a while after I had loved the two girls and did get me hard again but she said, "I really don't want anymore today. You gave so much last night that you primed me for yesterday. Dean, you gave me your juice this morning in the shower and you were the first man to ever squirt in me. You've really made me love sex and sexual play." Clarice kissed the three of us, settled down behind Courtney again as we found our sleeping positions, and drifted off.

I opened my eyes before the alarm went off and leaned over to kiss Jill awake. She is so sweet when she first wakes up wanting to cuddle for just a minute more.

Courtney wanted to cuddle a little more too but reached down to caress my morning wood and pull it to her center. She moaned, "Just a few strokes, please. I was dreaming we were making love and was just about to come. Oh, oh, yeah, that's it, yeah, I'm coming."

Jill was kissing and sucking Courtney's breasts and said, "Hurry, let's get into the shower, I need to pee."

The three of us left the sleeping Clarice in the bed and went into the bathroom. While Courtney and Jill got into the giant shower, I was going to unload into the toilet but the two girls pulled me into the shower. They held me still, wrapped their legs around me, and let loose pouring their warm liquid down my leg. Jill was holding onto my dick telling me to wait. When they had emptied themselves on me they both knelt in front of me and Courtney grinned at me and said, "Pee on us. Pee on our tits and stomachs. We've been wanting you to do this for so long. Do it, let it go, pee on us."

These two were crazy but I did let go and splashed them both across their tits stomach, and pussies until I was empty. They both stood and hugged me smearing our juices all over the three of us. The water soon rinsed us thoroughly and we washed each other's hair and bodies quickly in anticipation of breakfast.

Down stairs in the kitchen we had just sat down to have a cup of coffee that Silvia had fixed when Clarice came down rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She came to me and sat on my lap and hugged me. "You didn't let me suck you this morning. I need my Dean protein in the morning. Can I do that now?"

She didn't really wait for my assent but knelt in front of me unbuckling my jeans and pulling them down with my shorts, took my rapidly hardening cock into her mouth, and stroked me while licking and sucking. Her method was improving rapidly as she concentrated on the head and just under the head while giving me firm strokes with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. I warned her it was coming and she sped up her actions pulling cum from me in multiple jets. She choked but kept right on sucking until it was obvious I was done.

Clarice pulled free and you could tell she had a mouthful. She kissed Courtney and watched as Courtney's eyes flew open and she did the same to Jill. When she kissed Silvia, Silvia's hand went to Clarice's crotch to caress her.

Gloria and Dan walked into the room and Clarice instantly went to Gloria and kissed her giving her more of my cum. Gloria grinned then we all watched as Clarice sat in a chair and had one hand in her crotch and the other cupping her tit as she made a show of swallowing what was left in her mouth.

Silvia said, "She got that first big load of the day. At least she shared it with us. To bad Tina isn't up yet because she loves that stuff too."

Clarice said, "Yeah, but she can make her own stuff. I have to suck it out of someone."

Wednesday classes were nothing this week and I ended up in the football training rooms early watching game films. The coaches came in to see who was watching films and asked me if I saw anything new. I didn't but said that I wanted to make sure I knew what was going to happen when they took certain positions.

Wednesday night before bed, Clarice had Courtney and Jill with her when she asked, "Dean, can you teach me how to take you up my butt? Jill and Courtney both say you are very gentle. Benny, Tina, and Phil say your dick is the best they've had and love for you to fuck them. I want to show daddy that I can be his slut and I want to have him and you Dean, fuck me at the same time. Will you? Will you show me how to do it?"

Jill said, "We've cleaned her out thoroughly so you won't need a condom. We told her that she has to be able to be clean so you can switch between her ass and her mouth. That'll convince you to clean yourself out real good. We lubed her up real good and used one of Tina's butt plugs on her all afternoon."

Courtney said, "You are so good to help my sister become a real sexual slut. I don't want her to be a slut but I want her to be able to please daddy and show him she can be a real woman."

We began by kissing and loving all of Clarice's body. We kissed, licked, and sucked all of her and when I was sucking and licking her butt hole, she came hard wiggling her butt in my face.

The girls began putting lots more lube up her hole and continued to stretch it even more than they had stretched her while giving her enemas. Courtney positioned her pussy for Clarice to eat and said, "This is the way to have daddy fuck your butt the first time. Eat mom and have him fuck you at the same time. That'll get him to squirt really fast."

As Clarice began licking and sucking on Courtney's pussy, Jill lined me up with Clarice's butt hole and I pushed gently forward. Before Clarice could complain that she was hurting, my broad dick popped into her hole and sunk a couple inches into her well lubricated hole.

I paused while Clarice caught her breath. She pulled off Courtney's pussy and said, "That hurt for just a second but it feels really good in there. Now I think I want more of you in my ass. Push, let me feel you in there."

I pushed gently a little at a time and Clarice groaned as she continued to slurp on her sister's pussy. Soon my balls were resting on her pussy and she pushed back to get every millimeter inside her. I began a slow in and out fucking of the tight ass hole of the eighteen year old. She was moaning and groaning into her sisters pussy with every deep stroke.

Clarice tightened her ass hole around my dick and raised her head and said, "Damn, damn, so good, I'm coming with your dick in my ass. Oh so good. I need something up my pussy too."

Jill went for her dildo and lubed it up before beginning to slide it up Clarice. The sensation to me was really good to feel the hard object rubbing on the underside of my dick. As Clarice came for the third or fourth time I couldn't hold back any longer and began spraying her insides with a massive cum.

Clarice moaned and said, "Oh, oh, something so warm is deep in me. You came in me didn't you? That is so good. I wish I could be filled to the brim in both holes."

Courtney said, "I think we've created a monster. A cum loving monster."

When I pulled free of Clarice, she spun around and locked her lips on my dick sucking it back up to as hard as it had been before we began. She said, "Now, go wash that thing and fuck my sis. I want her to be as satisfied as I am right now."

I washed then Courtney didn't want any preliminaries. She said, "Clare's been sucking on my pussy for a half hour and I'm about to go nuts for your dick. Fuck me Dean, fuck me."

I obliged and fucked her long and hard until she had come enough to want to roll into a ball and hide from my dick.

Jill smiled at me and wanted some attention too. We loved on each other until I came again and she was satisfied. Clarice cleaned up what was oozing from Jill's hole.

As we all lay in bed Courtney proclaimed, "You are now ready to take on daddy. Give him all three holes and tell him how much you enjoy it from him. He's going to feel like a king. Mom's not going to believe you've taken to be such a sexy thing so fast."

Clarice said, "You guys are so sexy and so gentle that I wanted more and more with everything you taught me. You've really made me love sex. I think I'm falling for your guy though Courtney. Dean is really special isn't he."

Courtney hugged her sister and said, "Yes he is. Jill and I were lovers before Dean but he's managed to get right in there with the two of us. Oh yeah, now it's the three of us."

Jill said, "If Dean can keep up, you can be his girl too if you want. Some other guys are going to be jealous that he has three of us but they'll get over it."

Clarice asked, "I know it's okay to fool around with Phil and Tina and Benny and Dan but how about the guys that are being invited over?"

I said, "Dan thinks they're all clean and up for anything but let me suggest that you have them use condoms with you. There's enough of us for you to get some fresh juice so you shouldn't mind. If Dan would have them all go to the health department to get tested it would be better but that's a lot to ask of someone."

Jill was on her back with Courtney kissing and licking Jill's pussy. Jill said, "I don't think that's a lot to ask the kids we've invited. They will want the same assurance. I'll have Benny and Tina take Clarice so we all have documented proof of our being clean."

Courtney said, "Our checkups were a while ago. Should we go too?"

Jill said, "I don't think we need to as we haven't had anyone new since then. Just Benny and Tina and they've been closed."

Courtney raised up and said, "Oh yeah, I thought Terry's brother, Jack, was coming. He definitely needs to be checked. Let's see if Mary has heard."

We got up and walked downstairs to find Mary, Terry, and a very sexy looking brunette with some magnum tits sitting in the kitchen. They all stood and Terry said, "Hey all, I want you to meet my brother, er sister, Jack or Jackie now. She just got here and we were letting her relax a minute before we took her around to introduce to everyone."

Jill and Courtney were leering at Jackie as she was flashing some nice cleavage. I smiled and said, "We were just talking about you and that brings us to you too Terry."

"What's that Dean?" Terry asked.

Jill said, "We're going to have all of the guests that are coming to have current health certificates. We're even sending Clarice down with Benny and Tina tomorrow. That will make us all feel very secure for the party."

Jackie said, "Wow, you guys are really open about stuff. Are you really going to have an orgy this weekend?"

Terry said, "Like you won't believe brother. These guys are the sexiest bunch you've ever met. All of them love sex and are at each other constantly. They have me so wound up you're even going to fuck your sister tonight. You'll have to use a condom until you get your test but trust me brother, you and I are going to fuck, a lot."

Jack or Jackie was sitting with his mouth open. He/she said, "Damn, I can't believe that's coming from my sister. We played around a lot but never anything else."

Benny and Tina came into the kitchen, also naked and Jack/Jackie stood up, "Wow, Terry said there was another like me but you are gorgeous. I can't wait to play with all of you and your guy. Damn, this place is hot."

Tina said, "This is a sexual paradise for folks that are what you would call omni-sexual. All of us like everything. The women are all carpet munchers," this got Tina a punch in the shoulder by Jill. Tina continued, "And all the guys just love dick so you and I are in cock heaven Jackie."

Jackie said, "Um, are you guys naked all the time around here?"

Courtney said, "Most of the time. If we're having guests, we usually dress but sometimes the clothes come off anyway, if you know what I mean."

"Damn," Jackie exclaimed, "Terry, show me where I can put my suitcase and strip. I want to show off my body too."

Tina said, "Let me help, I'm sure we all need to make you feel welcome."

Jackie said, "They said that I needed to get a health check before we play bareback so I want to abide by the rules. I haven't been with anyone since my last check but I don't have it with me and I want everyone to feel comfortable with me. Come on Terry, let me get out of these clothes."

Phil came into the kitchen pointing the way with his hard on followed by Silvia. She said, "I've got him worked up, who wants to suck it out of him. He wants Dean to do it but perhaps someone else wants the big load Phil will be shooting."

Phil was standing next to me with his dick in my face. I said, "I can take a hint. If anyone wants to share this, come sit on my lap."

As soon as I sucked Phil's long skinny dick into my mouth he shuttered. "Oh man, Dean. You suck so nice, so good."

Sucking Phil is never a long process and if Silvia had him worked up it was going to be even shorter. In seconds, Phil was trembling with his dick twitching in my mouth. "Oh here it comes, right now."

Silvia wasn't kidding as Phil began unloading rope after thick rope of his juices. Cum was pushing out the sides of my mouth and dripping down my face as Phil was still squirting. When I grabbed his balls and squeezed gently he spasmed even more, squirting more of his thick sperm into my mouth.

Clarice was now on my lap licking up around my mouth as cum oozed from my lips. When I felt the hardness of Phil begin to soften, I knew he was done and pulled from him and locked my mouth on Clarice. She sucked the cum from my mouth but Silvia pushed us apart and locked her lips on mine. She said, "Yum, I love my husbands juices."

All this excitement had my dick standing straight up again. Clarice wanted to sit on it but Silvia told Clarice to lay back on the table so she could eat her a while.

Benny and Tina were back in the kitchen and Benny said as he came up next to me, "Tina, if you want dick, there's one right here ready for someone."

Benny was growing so I pulled him close and sucked his dick into my mouth as he grew hard instantly. Tina, leaned down and sucked me into her mouth laving saliva all over my cock. Phil was behind Tina lubing up her hole and handed me a condom that I rolled onto my dick.

Tina was so cute the way she grinned at you while she crammed my dick into her hole. It didn't take long for us to be fully connected with Benny's dick still in my mouth and Tina sucking his balls. Benny moaned, "Damn, you two are making me cum."

With that said, his dick began unloading into my mouth. He didn't shoot nearly as much as Phil but a decent load. Tina wanted what was in my mouth and locked her lips on mine. This must have tripped her trigger as her dick began squirting up between us. Shot after shot of gooey sperm.

When Terry, Mary, and Jackie came back into the kitchen Jackie said, "This place smells like a cum parlour. What's been going on?"

Jill said, Dean's sucking off and fucking Benny and Tina. As you can see, Tina is still planted."

"Oh wow," Jackie moaned, "is that cum running down your chest. Let me lick it off."

While Jackie was naked, licking Tina's cum from my chest and stomach, Dan and Gloria walked into the kitchen. Dan said, "Hot damn, more ass for me and more dick for Gloria."

Jackie stood up with her dick beginning to rise again. She said, "Now I've died and gone to heaven. Look at the Coke can on this guy. Come to me my man and let me suck that beautiful thing."

Gloria said, "No way Honey, everything in it tonight is mine. The little strumpet, Clarice had him so worn out last night I didn't get any and I'm going to fuck him a couple of more times before I let him sleep."

Terry put her arm around her brother and said, "I just fucked you and you filled a condom to bursting. Wasn't that enough?"

Jackie said, "With all this dick and pussy, how could you ever get enough."

Courtney said, "Well I for one am ready for bed. We need to get Dean in the sack early so he's the star football player Saturday."

Silvia added as she gave me a hug and pulled off the used but unfilled condom, "And so Dan and Dean can be the star fuckers here Saturday night."

There was a lot of hugging and kissing going on before we went up to bed leaving several downstairs to continue visiting. Surprisingly Clarice came with us and snuggled up to her sister who had her head on my shoulder. Courtney and Jill were kissing me playing with my still hard dick. Jill asked, "Would you like us to take care of this or would you prefer to get a good nights sleep."

I yawned and said, "Let's sleep lovers. Tomorrow is another day."

Thursday morning dawned with some stretching and hugging before we all got out of bed. The three girls hugged me and peed all over me then knelt waiting for my flow on their tits. Clarice was looking at me expectantly while fingering herself. I think she came when I let my flow roam over her stiff nipples. These morning water sports was strange but they seemed to like it.

I wanted some quick exercise and said, "I'm going to swim a few laps before we go to breakfast. Just five minutes worth of hard swimming should do it."

The girls followed me and we swam hard for five minutes totally winding ourselves. Before going back upstairs to shower again and dress, we had coffee with Silvia. She said, "Those kids stayed up late last night talking and talking. I'll make sure Mary and Terry get up for classes. I'll also make sure everyone goes to the clinic today for tests."

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