Still Going Both Ways
Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - The masculine bi-guy Dean is still doing the AC/DC thing with both girls and boys. As he enters his Junior year (3rd year) at the university he becomes involved in more sports than he wants but finds sexy distractions along the way. This is a sex story about omni-sexual people. Come on, live a little wild. Sneak a peek and read it one handed, it'll be fantasy fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   Enema   Cream Pie   Voyeurism  

Friday morning Courtney was really excited. She was up early with me and showered early saying she wanted to make sure Ralph and Silvia knew her dad was coming so the house would look perfect.

Courtney was a bundle of nerves as Silvia served her some orange juice. Silvia leaned over and kissed Courtney gently, reassuring her that her dad would be as proud of her as she was sure he always was.

While kissing Courtney, Silvia gently caressed Courtney's bare breast, which made her generous nipples stand erect. I watched as Courtney's hand came up between Silvia's legs to stroke Silvia's rounded tush. This was pure Courtney. When her emotional level was up, she smoldered just shy of creating an all-out orgy.

Ralph was sitting next to me at the table as we watched Silvia lean over farther to suck one of Courtney's, now very erect, nipples. The view was exciting both Ralph and me, as we were both sporting and stroking very stiff erections while watching Silvia become enamoured with Courtney's generous beauty.

As I watched the two girls, I reached over and gently stroked Ralph's hard dick, then leaned over and kissed him too. He responded by moving over and straddling my lap, facing me, continuing our kiss. Ralph was holding our stiff dicks together, stroking them together with one hand, as I reached around to cup his ass and pull his cheeks apart. Ralph leaned up and whispered into my ear, "I've just cleaned myself out, fuck me, Dean, put all of that wonderful man meat deep inside me."

Not only was Ralph clean, he was well lubed, and as soon as the big knob on my dick popped through his hole, I sank almost to the bottom as Ralph groaned in pleasure. Ralph began riding my dick with a very determined rapid stroke. While he rode me, I forced his mouth to mine with one hand and jerked him off with the other. The man was going to get me off in record time, as I was ready to spew in seconds.

Ralph sat up straight and buried me deep into his ass, then began shooting volley after volley of hot cum up my chest and neck. I bent my head down to catch a shot, and that triggered my own release. I came and came as his ass milked the cum from my balls. When Ralph slumped on me, I glanced over at Courtney, to see her sitting back with her head lolling to the side, and no Silvia in sight. Courtney was holding a head to her center under the table.

Ralph got up slowly, pulling my deflating cock from his well-fucked ass, and said, "Let me run get a wash cloth. I'll clean that wonderful cock for you."

As Ralph was bent over cleaning my cock, Dan came into the kitchen with Gloria. Our usual morning dress code of NUDE caused my dick to respond to Gloria's generous tits and shaved pussy. Dan saw my growth in Ralph's hands, and said, "Hold that pose Ralph, with the cum dripping from your ass, you look like you might be ready for a second load up that tasty looking butt."

Dan just stepped up behind Ralph and began pushing his big dick into his hole. Courtney was watching, that pushed her over the top, and she began her sloppy squirting, covering a surprised Silvia with her huge discharge. "Oh, my gosh, Courtney," Silvia gasped, "I've never seen anyone squirt that much. You are wonderful."

Jill and Mary walked into the room, and Mary commented, "You ain't seen nothing until you see Dean get Jill off that way. He even makes me squirt across the room. The man has the touch. Jill, Gloria, and Mary met next to me, caressed each other, and began kissing. All of this sexy visual stimulation had me wagging in the breeze. Jill straddled my lap and eased herself down on my cock saying, "How nice, a place to sit and ease my itch at the same time."

Now, I was heated up so I grabbed Jill's ass cheeks and stood, laying her across the table as I continued to pummel her, fucking her as she brought her legs up to my shoulders, cumming hard. Since I was rubbing her clit as I was fucking her as deep as I could, Jill wore out fast. She said, "Stop, oh please, enough, fuck someone else, but give me a break, please. Gloria lay down on the table, spreading her legs, and I speared her juicy pussy. I was giving her a good ride when Dan bellowed while jetting loads of cum up Ralph.

When Dan had pulled out and went to the bathroom to wash, Mary sucked Ralph's renewed hard dick into her mouth and asked, "Can I have some of this for breakfast?"

Ralph pulled Mary around, and leaned her over the table, fitting his nice dick into her hole. He had to gather moisture up and down her pussy slit before he slid home to begin fucking her. I leaned over and sucked one of Mary's nipples into my mouth as Courtney did the same on the other side. Our lips became entangled, and Courtney said, "Come around here big boy and get some of this pussy before daddy arrives, and wants to monopolize it while he's here.

Wow, this place was sexually charged this morning, and it looked like it was going to continue. I said to Courtney as I dumped my last load of the morning, "I have to go to ball practice. You know what the rest of my day is like too. I'll be glad for school to start, so I can have some rest."

Baseball practice was fast today. Everything was at game speed, with lots of infield practice. The coach got me off to the side, and asked, "Are you going to be able to play baseball and keep up with the other sports?"

"I hope so, Coach. You know I'd rather be playing baseball. I haven't had much time in the cages, so I need to find time for that. I've totally skipped my weight room routine because of time. If you see me sliding on the field, replace me. This is a team sport, and I can't let the team down by demanding to play."

"Good, Son, that's a great attitude. I'll watch to make sure you're not getting too tired. Now, you better head to football practice."

At least, football isn't as strenuous as basketball. You did everything in five seconds, then stood around the next twenty to twenty-five second before exerting yourself for five to ten seconds again.

I was practicing going out for passes, then blocking for the other receivers, for an hour straight. There wasn't much of a break between plays, and I was getting beat. One of the coaches told me, "Go in, shower, and have the trainer give you a rubdown. That will keep your muscles from tightening up. The basketball coach is going to be pissed at me for beating up his player."

When I came in from practice an hour early, the big trainer knew what I needed, so he told me to shower and come back to his room and get on his table. Once on the table, the man had me on my stomach for only a couple of minutes then had me on my back. He worked my leg and thigh muscles, then switched to my shoulders and arms. When he switched back to the thighs, my dick began swelling. The man didn't even hesitate; with oily hands he slicked up my dick, stroking it until it felt as if I was going to cum. As I was about to jet my juices, he bent over and sucked me into his mouth. When I was through feeding him, he said, "Roll over, and I'll finish up your back and butt."

He massaged all the kinks out, and was relaxing me when I felt only one hand, and heard a little ripping sound. The table I was stretched out on had a split bottom that separated, spreading my legs. Still massaging me, the trainer began working an oily finger into my ass, and soon followed it with his huge dick. As it popped into my butt, his dick slid across my prostate, stimulating me into wanting to cum again.

The man massaged me, and sawed in and out of my butt at a leisurely pace. As he got closer to coming, he held my hips and began stroking more firmly, deeper than before. When he came, I could feel the huge amount of cum inflating the condom he was wearing. When he pulled out, he held the big condom up, and it looked as if there was a pint of cum in it.

The man rolled me over and bent his head to my, again stiff, dick. He was going to suck another load from me, but I said, "Hold that thought, I may need this load for later. That felt really good. You might have to give me one of your fucking massages again — I loved it." We laughed at what I had said, and he told me that if I got stiff in the late afternoon, to come by for another treatment.

At lunch, I stuffed as much food into me as possible. I was starting to drag a little from the intense baseball practice, and the equally as intense football practice. Dan told me, "They were really beating you up today. I think the coaches were trying to see if you could take it. Man, you sure did. They shouldn't do that to you much any more."

I made the observation, "We only have next week to practice without school, then the first week of school, and the first game. There's a lot to learn between now and then."

Dan said, "We'll work on the play-book tonight to make sure you know them. We need to find some time to go watch film of the first week's team too. That'll help you know what to expect from their defense." He chuckled, and said, "They don't know our play-book, so they're always screwing up a good play."

At basketball practice, I was now either a forward, or guard, depending on how we set up on the transition. The coach has the four outer players shift between positions constantly. That was one of his trademarks, as he felt it would confuse some opposing teams. I wasn't going to be a starter, unless someone was injured, but I was going to be a varsity bench player. Since it was a while before our first basketball game, the coach said we would settle down in practices to learn better defense techniques, and to practice shooting.

Everyone had to shoot lots of free throws daily, along with the constant layups. He had us do what he called round robins, where players circled the three point arc, did five set shots, and five jump shots, then moved to the next position. When it was your turn to rebound, you were busy with five players shooting constantly. I don't know when it happened, but I began to hit almost every shot from either corner. I was doing well from the three point line at the other positions, but put me in the corner and it was a done deal. The coach even had a couple of plays that worked the ball back and forth until it reached me set up in the corner. Hopefully, I would be as good during a game.

Friday afternoon, I was heading home after a light snack at the cafeteria. I was the last to get to the house. I heard the splashing through the open kitchen door leading out to the pool, so I walked out back to find most of the softball team splashing around. Ralph and Silvia were serving soft drinks in the nude, and snuggled together on the side of the pool were Courtney and her dad.

I waved at everyone, and said I would join them in a minute. They didn't want to hear it, and came after me. Jill was leading the charge, and between her, Mary, and Gloria, I was bare-butt naked in seconds. Silvia was kind enough to rescue my clothes so they didn't get ruined.

Jill was pulling me toward the pool by my handle, that was now trying to expand. When I was close, Jill and Mary pushed me in. Several others of the softball team immediately surrounded me. They must been good with their ball gloves, as their hands were everywhere. They did treat my balls gently. Dan was being devoured by a couple of girls I wasn't that familiar with, while Gloria directed them. This was a case where several more guys would have been a benefit. The playing continued, but some of the girls were pairing up, and began playing together on the padded loungers. It only made sense that the ball players would be switch hitters.

That's when I noticed Courtney's dad with his face buried between her thighs as she reclined on a lounger close by.

Jill pulled me out of the pool and told me to relax on a lounger for a while, as she knew I was probably hungry. She told Silvia to fix me something, as I needed the calories. Ralph brought me a big glass of fruit juice that he said was also laced with vitamins from his special cache.

Mary lay beside me with her head on my shoulder, idly playing with my dick, and fingering herself with her other hand. She kissed my cheek and asked, "Can I suck you up, and ride you a little? My pussy needs something more than a mouth this evening."

In a few minutes, she was rising and lowering herself, fully connected to me. She would shiver through an orgasm, then continue to fuck herself on me. Jill lay down next to me, and we both played with Mary's breasts and nipples, until Mary shivered and collapsed onto my chest. One of Jill's friends, Terry, came up, and asked, "Can I try Dean on for size? I've only been fucked once, and it wasn't that good. The way you guys do it makes sense, I think I'd like to be in control."

Mary moved off me, and helped the girl to sit on my stomach. Terry is about five seven, and probably weighs around one fifty or so. She has lots of muscle, but she has lots of soft padding too. Her breasts aren't all that big, but you can tell she's proud of them, as when I placed my hands under them to cup them and tweak the nipples, she pushed forward and groaned with a grin.

She was wiggling around, and Mary said, "Lift up a little, and I'll let this wonderful cock slide into your nice juicy pussy." She did lean forward, and Mary swiped the head of my dick through her drooling vagina, gathering moisture for penetration.

As Mary swirled the head, Terry pushed back, tentatively, until I was sinking into her hole, totally unimpeded. She sat down totally on me, with the end of my dick pressing firmly against the end of her channel. Terry moaned, "Oh, that feels so good, you're touching me way up in there. I like the way it smashes against the whatever it is in there." She raised and pushed back against me several times to quiver while sitting on me. She groaned, "Oh, oh, oh, so good, something's happening in there, my pussy feels like it's a mouth trying to eat that thing."

Jill came over and kissed Terry, and said, "Don't eat it, that's our live dildo. He fucks us so good. Wait until he eats your pussy. You'll think you died and went to heaven."

Terry was enjoying herself, and bringing me closer to wanting to fill her up, when a girl named Sandra came over and said, "You better get her off you if you're gonna shoot. She isn't protected, and you'll knock her up for sure. Come on Terry, get off, and let him suck you off or get a rubber on him."

Terry said, with a moan, "Damn, I'd love to feel his hot cum deep inside me; I really want that."

Jill said, "Listen to her, Terry, Dean's too young to be a daddy yet. Move off, Honey."

Terry leaned over and kissed me. She said, "When I'm safe, you have to promise to fuck me hard, and shoot lots of cum up inside me, so I can feel it. Show me what you can do with your mouth, Dean, it must be good the way these girls are talking."

She rolled off, and I crawled down to begin licking and sucking on her open, drooling cunt. While sucking and licking on her clit, I slid a finger into her pussy to find that special spot on the top that will usually set a girl off. I could tell when I had made contact with the G-spot, as Terry's hips shot off the lounger. As she groaned with each lick, and thrust of my finger, I pushed a finger from my other hand into her ass.

Terry erupted. She blasted my face with juices while beginning to scream. Jill forced Terry's mouth open with a kiss as I continued to bring Terry off in a continuous gush of female juices. Jill pulled me off, and said, "Give it a rest, Dean; she's passed out. You've done it again, Stud. You're going to drown in that stuff one of these days."

When I raised up, I realized we had an audience. Almost everyone there was circling us with a look of lust on their faces. Ralph was behind Silvia, as if he was sliding in and out of his slightly taller wife. Courtney and her dad were standing next to me, but Gloria had hold of Courtney's dad's hard dick gently stroking it. He had his hand around Courtney, cupping one of her generous boobs, as I sat up in front of them.

Courtney surprised me as she and Gloria pulled Courtney's dad toward me by his now very hard dick. Courtney said, "Make Dad feel good, Dean. Make him feel welcome."

He didn't seem to be resisting, so I opened my mouth and engolfed his fat cock. The man had enough precum swirled around the head of his dick to let me know he could be on a short fuse. The girls pushed him into my mouth until I felt his fat dick forcing its way into my throat. He groaned as my tongue and throat began working on him.

I reached up and gently massaged his balls, milking them to get him to shoot. This was some kind of scene, with me sucking a guy whose daughter was stroking my head, pulling me into him, and Jill, a girlfriend, hugging my back, and reaching around to stroke me. I could feel him swell and his balls tighten, then he let out a beautiful groan, and began pumping cum into my mouth. For an older guy, he sure packed a load. He finished, and his dick began to soften as I sucked the last of his juices from him. When he pulled out of my mouth, Courtney leaned down and locked her lips on mine, pushing me back onto the lounger while she sucked her dad's cum from my mouth. When I was stretched out, she straddled my hips and slid onto my still hard dick, since I had not cum in Terry. While sliding up and down on my expanding shaft, she said, "Look at me, Daddy, look at your Courtney fucking this man. See me, Daddy, see me take all of his cum way up into my body where all those eggs are waiting, Daddy. Kiss me, Daddy, kiss your Courtney while she fucks Dean and gets all of his cum."

That was all I could take. I began shooting streams of cum into Courtney as Jill and Mary sucked on her tits, and her Dad leaned over to kiss his daughter. Everyone around us was fingering their pussy, or plugged into a pussy. Gloria was on her knees in front of Courtney's dad, sucking on his renewed dick that I had just sucked off. Now, this is what makes a good orgy.

When Courtney lay on me, and kissed me, she whispered, "Thank you, Dean, thank you with all my heart. You are so special." As she pulled off my dick, Jill grinned at me, and dove for Courtney's pussy to suck out what I had tried to breed her with.

Courtney's dad said, "This is about the sexiest display I've ever seen. When Courtney's mother and I were younger we used to go to parties where everyone sucked and fucked everyone else. It's too bad, but as time has passed, she doesn't feel she should do that any longer. She'll barely fuck me, much less a line of guys. It's too bad too, as she was as hot as Courtney is, and loved to fuck. She was also one of the best cocksuckers I've ever met."

"That's okay, Daddy," Courtney said as she stood up from getting cleaned out by Jill. "All of us girls will take care of you while you're here, and show you what we've learned about being good cocksuckers." Courtney giggled as she said that, touching her father on the cheek.

Silvia said, "I think it's time for us to eat. It's buffet style, so come on and load up a plate. There is soda and iced tea for everyone, plus a Guiness for Courtney's dad, if he wants one."

Courtney's dad hung back a second to say something to me, "Thank you for being Courtney's friend. She's had a hard time, before, making close friends. She isn't that outgoing, and is sort of bashful most of the time. You've brought her out of her shell. For that, there is not enough reward."

I told him, "Courtney is a love. She's so sweet and so gentle. You saw how she loves all those girls. I'm a little bashful too, considering I was just intimate with your daughter as you watched."

"You mean you fucked her after sucking me off? Hell, that is the best way I can think of for a young man to tell me he likes my daughter and wants to run off with her. Dean, you and I are buds. Call me Jack, if you don't mind, let's go eat and enjoy all of these wonderful women."

Some of the softball girls were having a great time being nude and playful together. They were being so free with each other that I was mesmerized by the variety that was displayed. Some were totally anti guy, and some were more guy oriented than girl. A couple were like Jill and Mary, they loved both, and weren't ashamed of it.

After we had eaten, I was required to explain why I was playing three sports, and what was expected of me. I said, "The baseball coach is my real mentor, as he is guiding me to become a player first, and learning to be a coach as well. I know it isn't very glamorous, but I want to be a high school or college coach someday. Of course, I wouldn't turn down a chance to coach in the major or minor leagues, but I want to end up a coach. These other sports are so I can coach them later. He told me that if I didn't experience the sport, I wouldn't know how to teach it."

Jack asked, "How are you going to be able to practice three sports and go to school? How can you be good at any of them if you don't concentrate?"

"I asked coach that today. He told me all the practices would ease up when classes started. He also said that the coaches worked together to take care of the multi-sport kids. I'm going to try to be the best I can be at all three sports, and go from there. The baseball team only has twelve games this fall, and they are bunched up. The football team has twelve games too, but they are weekly from now through Thanksgiving. Basketball practice starts up heavy about that time, so some of the practices will get mixed up, and there could be some conflict as to baseball games. Coach said that this fall I was to concentrate on the other sports, but come back ready for spring ball."

Courtney said, "Jill, Mary, and I are going to have to help you with school, that's for sure. Your class load isn't too heavy, and two of your classes are in the athletic center. Your other two are close, so you won't have much running around. What do you think, Jill? Think we can keep Dean's grades up?"

As the night continued, it became apparent that all of the softball girls were staying the night. Later, while they were all lounging around in the living room with blankets and pillows, I saw the pairings of several girls, and enjoyed watching them enjoying each other. I was getting drowsy, and headed to bed. The girls didn't have practice tomorrow, but I had baseball practice, and some walk through practice for football, to test our play-book knowledge.

In bed, Courtney was my only bedmate. She said, "Jill and Mary are making Dad the meat in a sandwich tonight. They wanted to show him how much they appreciate the house. I think they just wanted some more of that fat dick of his."

We kissed and hugged, then Courtney said, "Make love to me, Dean; I want to feel your weight on me, wrap my legs around you, and hold you in me. Love me, Baby."

We went to sleep in the wet spot, and were really sleeping soundly when a warm body crawled up next to me and hugged me. Soft lips kissed me, then turned and fit her body up to mine, pushing her tush into my firming dick. I sleepily accepted the manipulation, and sighed as a moist pussy accepted my dick. The pussy slid back and forth until I was shooting loads of sperm deep into the warm moist pussy that had attacked me.

I woke to that same pussy sliding back and forth. The pussy was slick from the sperm dumped into it the night before, and felt heavenly as I tried to come awake.

Courtney was behind me, reaching around gently squeezing my balls, as I fucked the pussy in front of me. The generous ass that I was bouncing against felt good, as did the hefty breasts that I was feeling with the hand holding her to me. When I groaned, shooting millions and millions of little baby makers into the pussy that was milking me, I realized who was fucking me — Terry, unprotected and very fertile, Terry. She was groaning and cumming, while being filled with the second load of cum in the last eight hours. I'm surprised I could still cum so much, considering how much I've been cumming lately.

Terry pulled from me and flipped around to kiss me. She said, "Oh, that feels so good. I'm getting on the pill so I can feel that every day, or at least as often as I can."

She straddled me and knee walked up my body and planted her drooling pussy on my mouth. She moaned, "Suck it out of me; suck your juices out of me so you don't make me pregnant. Lick me clean, Dean. Oh, oh, you make me cum even more."

When Terry pulled off and settled on my other shoulder, Courtney said, "You know, you tricked him. You shouldn't have done that, Terry. You can get pregnant, and then what? No more softball? Maybe, no more school? Damn, Terry, that's risky."

"I know, Court, I wanted to feel that juice in me. It was hot and warm inside until it matched my body temperature. I loved how his dick felt pulsing up into me. You know, Court, you know how it feels. Tell me you don't like it."

Courtney said, "I love it, you know it too. But I'm not going to get pregnant. Let's run down to the clinic, and see if they'll give you one of those morning after pills. That will at least be a start."

Terry said, "It's sad to think that the good loving Dean and I had might have started life, and I'm going to do away with it. Can't I just see if I got pregnant? If I am, I'll take care of the baby. My family has money, and will take care of me. The baby will be mine anyway, since Dean and I aren't married. Let me wait, Courtney. I promise not to do that again, and if I'm not pregnant, I'll start the pill."

Courtney said, "It's your decision, but I don't like it. You're taking a life changing chance."

Terry kissed us both, then jumped out of bed, heading to the bathroom. Courtney said to me, "You should have said something. She should try to make sure she's not pregnant."

"I probably should. I'll go talk to her in the shower. But then, that might start something again. I'll do it anyway, and show her we have to be careful."

I went into the bathroom, and surprised Terry as she was staring at toilet paper with lots of blood on it. She said, "Did I stain the bed? I think I have my period. That's like two weeks early, or else I've counted wrong."

Courtney heard Terry, and came in. "No, no stains. Your body must be wanting to tell you something. How about let's get dressed, and go to the clinic anyway to be sure. I heard that some women can get pregnant even during menstruation, but it can be harmful to the baby."

Terry looked up, and said, "Yeah, let's do that. I'm too young to be a mom anyway."

We showered, and all three of us dressed. We took off for the cafeteria so we could eat. I had to report for ball practice early, and I wanted to use the weight room and batting cages too.

This morning, we scrimmaged against our second team. Each pitcher got to pitch a couple of innings, and everyone had a chance to play. My glove was good today, so I shined at short stop. My bat wasn't bad either, but no long balls. I went three for four, with a walk.

After practice, I was in the weight room going through my routine, when the coach came in. He asked, "Aren't you supposed to be at football practice?"

"It's not until eleven, Coach. I wanted to get in a workout, and use the batting cages before that. All we're going to do is a walkthrough play-book test. I think I have it down now. I've had plenty of time to learn it."

He said, "Well, watch your time and don't be late. You're always dependable, stay that way for the other teams as well."

The walkthrough was boring. I was embarrassed for some of the players, as they didn't know the plays, and obviously hadn't studied. That made me angry, as they were letting their teammates down. I even said that to the tight end that was lining up next to me. I told him, "If you want help, I'll help you learn the book in the evenings, but you have to learn to study. How are you going to pass your classes if you don't study?"

The guy was a bit of a blowhard. He said, "I'm a senior, and I haven't had to learn that damn book yet. I know where to line up and what to do. I just watch the play and do what I'm supposed to do."

I said, "As a tight end you have to block for running plays. How are you going to know which way the run is going if you don't know the play?"

"Don't worry about me. You're the rookie, you've just been lucky so far to be in the right spot at the right time."

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