Still Going Both Ways
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The masculine bi-guy Dean is still doing the AC/DC thing with both girls and boys. As he enters his Junior year (3rd year) at the university he becomes involved in more sports than he wants but finds sexy distractions along the way. This is a sex story about omni-sexual people. Come on, live a little wild. Sneak a peek and read it one handed, it'll be fantasy fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   Enema   Cream Pie   Voyeurism  

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe ... my mother told me to pick the very best one, and that is Y-O-U.

Go ahead, choose one; you only have to choose between two. How hard can that be?

I was laying back after ball practice thinking of my choices in life and what I should choose. This was the beginning of my junior year at the university. So, did I have to choose now? But this thing with girls was beginning to want to take shape. It was trying to become permanent, a real relationship. Did I want a permanent relationship — at my age?

Come on, at twenty is a guy really mature enough to enter into a permanent relationship?

Oh yeah, the choice. It wasn't between the three women in my life. There was Jill, the crazy lady with a seemingly unquenchable hunger for sex, sex, and more sex. She liked women. She really liked women, and loved to dive face first between a female's legs. She seemed to be able to find and pick up women who also liked women, without effort.

Jill was so good at pleasing women that she had a growth on her hip that was really another person named Mary. Mary loved the hell out of Jill, and wanted to be under, next to, or on top of her every second she could.

There was another person that was just as near a growth as Mary. That was Courtney. Courtney was a super intelligent young lady who was a total scatterbrain. She needed to be told to open a door before trying to enter. She was really smart, but you know what I mean. The babe just didn't put all the pegs in the right holes. Courtney was also rich, or had a rich family, or something like that. She had money and credit cards, but never used them. She lived as frugally as the rest of us.

The common bond between the three was softball, softball and pussy. The three were big time pussy eater, carpet munchers, crotch divers; you know, into other girls. The three were really good ball players. Courtney was a six foot, voluptuous, two hundred pound blond with all the right parts protruding where they should. But guys forgot she was an athlete. She worked out daily and had the muscles to prove it. Too many guys tried to be forceful with her because of her blond demeanor. She would react physically, and they would be lying on the floor moaning. At six foot, she was a gorgeous blond who actually acted like the proverbial blond but, at the same time, she was unbelievably intelligent and could solve a calculus problem while helping someone with analytic geometry, and editing an English lit paper, all at the same time.

Courtney's claim to fame on the softball diamond was her ability to pitch at ninety miles an hour. She could underhand pitch a curve ball that would bend a foot inside or outside depending on how she threw it. She had a change up that had you swinging so far in advance the batter was already standing for the next pitch before the ball hit the catcher's mitt.

That's where Mary usually was. Mary was a catcher, right fielder, and sometime first baseman, or is that base-woman. She had an arm that was really good but, most of all, balls just didn't get by Mary when she was catching. She didn't have to worry about balls from Courtney, as those were almost all right over the plate, above the knees and below the nipples.

Now, Mary wasn't bad looking, but she wasn't a knockout either. Get her out of her clothes, and she was hot. Her body was sort of squared off. The way she dressed didn't put much shape in her appearance; like I said — kind of squared off. Mary had a sweet face and usually had a smile. If you looked at her sideways, you noticed she wasn't that thick, and she had tits. From the front, she had broader hips and shoulders than normal and just looked square.

Then, there was Jill. Five seven or so, and built slim and sleek. She had sensitive upper chest protrusions, but not big — you know, tits that try hard to fill an A cup. Because of her build, Jill rarely wore a bra, except to hide her rather large nipples. Jill was smart and intelligent, but she was a ball player. Jill could play every position on the field, and did sometimes to fill in. She was an unbelievable short stop with a great range and a rifle arm. She had baseball, or rather softball, sense. She knew what to do on the field, and was constantly directing the players — encouraging them during practice and a game.

I mentioned that Jill had this sex problem, right? She was as close to a sex addict as you'll find in a woman. She wanted to be sexing with women non-stop, but she also wanted to have a dick in her mouth or pussy at the same time. Something happened to her and her brother along the way, as her brother had the physical size Jill didn't.

Dan was about eleven months older than Jill, but was six four and weighed about two thirty. He could play ball, but his scholarship was for football. The guy loved the offensive line, but the coaches had him at running back, tight end, and the defensive coach thought he made a great defensive end, and or line backer. Dan was a good football player, and didn't care where he played as long as he was playing.

Dan was about the same as Jill — as near a sex addict as you will find. The two must have discovered sex together, as Jill loved to suck the juices out of Dan, and he loved to suck the juices out of Jill. They fucked each other silly until Dan and I met and he introduced me to Jill so she could turn her attention to someone else, or at least another guy besides him. He had a steady girlfriend that was as much into sex as he was, and she wanted all she could get.

Now, that's where we started; you know — eeny, meeny, miney, moe. The two choices — pussy or dick? I love dick as much as I love pussy. I had sisters who used to teach me all about pussy, as well as brothers that kept my interest up in dick. I have some friends that are still playing with each other's dicks but, back in our early teens, we played together, drinking each other's cum as if it were cherry Coke instead of cherry cum.

Dan had an older brother and friends similar to mine that loved dick as much as I do. That's how we met, and he decided I would be a good match for his sister. That was when Jill and I were freshman, and he was a sophomore.

Jill and I clicked, or would that be fucked and sucked, but she came with the growth called Mary, and then, somehow, the second growth called Courtney came along. Dan was mixed up with Gloria, another senior softball pitcher, but also a basketball team first five player with a love of both pussy and dick. So, there were multiple combinations, except for Dan and I, because we just had to be more careful than girls. Lots of guys like to play with guys, but that's the problem. They are indiscriminate and don't protect themselves like they should with strangers. The other problem is the ever present homophobe who probably dreams of getting or giving some head with another guy, but never will, so gets angry about others who do.

Dan and I had a few guys we trusted to keep clean, so we did have some choices for sucking and fucking. But, if you're a sex addict, is there ever enough?

Like I said before, I was lying in my bed, thinking of my choices in life and wondering if some of the things that were being proposed were a good idea. You see, Courtney wanted to get an off-campus apartment. That could be a problem because of our diets and, of course, spare time, as we would be commuting to campus and competing for parking places. Courtney, Jill, Mary, and now Gloria, were hunting for a place at that very minute, knowing that I wasn't all that hot about moving out of the dorm.

The new dorm rules of last year just about made the place into a 'hook-up heaven' with the new adult rules. Men and women were mixed on floors, with the exception of one floor for only men and one floor for only women. Surprisingly, there were more open beds on the women only floor than on the men only floor. Anyway, it was okay that men and women could visit each other twenty-four seven on the mixed floors. Which meant that if a couple wanted to sack out together, go for it as long as the roommate didn't object.

Then, there were the showers — Co-ed showers with a couple of private shower areas for those who were bashful. The sink area was co-ed, but the toilet facilities were still private.

In this athletic dorm, the top two floors were for upper class-men and women. The advantage was private bathrooms. That was a real bonus, except that the room occupants had to keep the bathroom clean on their own. Dan was getting a room with a private bath, but I wasn't this year. Gloria was getting one too, but you could bet that Dan and Gloria would be together most nights. Of course, they would also be joined by other males and females to augment the perverted sex lives they both enjoyed.

I was wearing some running shorts and a T-shirt when Dan stopped in to see me. He was dressed like I was, just having finished an intense football practice. He flopped down at the foot of my bed, and asked, "What do you think about this apartment thing? Gloria thinks it would be cool for you guys, and we would like to come visit often."

"I don't know, Dan. If it's very far off campus, we would have to drive and, the way classes are always mix-and-match, we would end up spending a lot of time in the cafeteria waiting for our next class or practice. There wouldn't be any running back to the room for a forgotten paper or book, or a quickie for lunch, if you know what I mean."

"That's true," he said, "put like that it doesn't sound so appealing."

"The other thing is that this would be shacking up with three women. Now, a lot of guys would think they died and went to heaven, but with those three, I might be asleep most nights by the time they finished with each other. I went through that this summer. Those three can eat each other for hours. By the time they crave dick, I'm asleep. When we played together and I could be fucking one while she's eating another, and so on, that was good, but for the most part, three women is a crowd of women with not much room for a dick."

"I can see how that could happen," Dan agreed. "At least, around the dorm there is a chance to hook up with a guy or another pussy that's hot for dick. I've seen guys just hang around the shower showing a semi-hard on and waiting to get picked up. It's just a hook up, but it's a load off any way you look at it."

I sat up and reached under Dan's shorts to confirm he was sans jock or jockey shorts. He grinned and became instantly hard. "Thinking what I'm thinking, Stud? My sis not taking care of you?"

I smiled at Dan and said, "The three girls are some hot stuff, but I crave some dick too, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, and there hasn't been much dick around for me lately," Dan said. "I was hoping we could get together here soon. Lock the door, and let me suck a load out of you. I've been dying for some hot cum straight from the pipe."

In seconds, we were bare and reversed on the bed with our dicks in each other's mouths. We were both really primed and were drooling pre-cum rapidly. After only a couple of minutes, we were both groaning and spewing ropes of cum down each other's throats.

Dan had been fingering my asshole the whole time he was sucking me, and asked, "Have a rubber and some lube? I'd love to fuck a second load up your ass. Damn, I've missed your ass this summer. You and I have some good fucking when we're together, don't we?"

I pulled a condom from the drawer along with a new tube of lube. In just seconds, Dan was working his monster dick into my asshole. Oh, man, it felt so good to be fucked. Dan filled every millimeter of my ass, and was soon sliding back and forth over my prostate, making me want to shoot my second load.

Dan was overloaded sensually as we were fucking face to face and kissing. I was squeezing his nipple with one hand and reaching between us with my other hand to caress and squeeze his balls. He groaned, and I felt his dick swell in me, followed by the warmth of his cum in the condom.

We switched around, and I had my sheathed dick sliding into Dan's greased butt-hole. I lasted almost five minutes, and then filled the condom. I had lasted long enough that Dan required my mouth to suck out the third load of the afternoon for him.

We were cleaned up and chatting when the door burst open and four excited women came in. Courtney said, "You don't have a choice, we have a place, and it's big enough for all of us and more, if we want. Come on, come see it, both of you."

Gloria told Dan, "We're moving in with them, Stud. This is really nice, and you're gonna love it."

When we went downstairs and out the door, I turned toward the parking lot, but Jill pulled me around. "Follow us and be in for a surprise."

We walked together out the side gate near the athletic complex and into the upper-class neighborhood. At the second house on the left, Courtney turned, went up the stairs to the porch, and unlocked the door.

The place was a huge old two-story home that was very beautiful. The house didn't have any furniture in it, so I thought that might be a problem. The first thing Courtney said was, "Mom is having a local decorator furnish and decorate the house. Daddy bought it for me as soon as I called. Now, Dean, it won't be a big commute every day."

"Holy smokes, Courtney, this place must have cost a fortune."

She laughed, "Daddy said it was cheaper than my sister's first half year in the school she's going to. He also said we had to fix up a room for him, as he wants to come visit soon to watch us play ball."

Dan mistakenly said, "Well, it'll be a couple of weeks before it's ready to move into, so we'll have to pay a couple months of dorm rent."

Courtney said, "Oh, no. This will be decorated and furnished tomorrow or Wednesday. Give notice, and tell them that you were using the dorm as temporary residence only. Come on, look at the house, it's really something."

The house was immense. There were six, that's right six, huge bedroom suites upstairs. Each suite had a sitting area, a big bedroom with a big bathroom. There was like a parlor area in the middle of all the rooms that looked to be a nice place to study, or to just be together. There wouldn't be any arguments over who got which room, as they were all the same size.

Downstairs was a big living room, a dining room, a study with lots of bookshelves still full of books, a huge kitchen and laundry room, and a group of rooms for servants. Courtney said, "Daddy said we could get a housekeeper and cook if we wanted, with a limit of two, as we should be able to help keep the house up. He said we might need help with clothes and cooking sometimes."

Gloria offered, "This is easy walking distance to the cafeteria, so we can eat our meals at the training table as we should. We girls can eat the right stuff, while you guys can get as much as you can hold."

Jill snuggled into one side and Mary the other, with Courtney hugging me from behind. Jill asked, "What do you think?"

"Amazing. This place is huge and amazingly nice. Courtney, is your dad nuts to do this? You might be here only a year, or perhaps two?"

She said, "If we don't stay in it longer than a couple of years, he said he could sell it and get every dime he invested in it back. Daddy is shrewd that way. He'll give me anything, but I never ask; so, when I called him about the place, he didn't even want to know anything about it. He just talked to the real estate agent and that was that. The agent acted like daddy was stealing the house, and I'm sure he wasn't, but you can bet he got a good deal."

Dan said, "This is really a nice place. Are you sure you want Gloria and I to move in with you guys?"

Jill said, "We sure do. We need Gloria's extra pussy for all of us, and your dick for all of us as well. We're going to have to find some friends to invite over for weekend orgies when we have a chance."

A couple of ladies in business suits came in knocking on the open doorway. One introduced herself as the interior decorator that Courtney's mother had hired. We walked through the house while the two women took notes. When we were done the lady said, "There's no need for any new flooring, painting, or wallpaper, so that will make it faster. We should be able to have drapes, curtains, shades, and blinds up by tomorrow, and all the furniture in place tomorrow afternoon or evening. Your mother asked us to find you at least one maid to help keep the place up. She wanted two, but finding two compatible maids might be a problem. We will find some, and you can interview them tomorrow afternoon."

The two ladies were gone as fast as they came. Courtney said, "Come out back and look at the pool."

Oh my, a pool too.

We walked out the back door and stepped onto a porch covered with lush vegetation. Hidden in the shadows was a large hot tub, and down the stairs was a real, regulation size swimming pool, complete with a regular diving board, a high springboard, and a diving platform even higher. A hedge that had to be at least eight feet high surrounded the sparkling clear pool. While walking around the pool, I looked at the houses on each side and noted they didn't have a view into our pool area from any direction. How nice.

Courtney said, "The pool is heated and has a lighted dome that goes over it for the winter. We have the hot tub right outside the back door, and a nice warm house with carpet everywhere, except in the kitchen and breakfast area."

Dan asked me, "What do you think, is this better than the dorm?"

I nodded and said, "Yep, we will miss all the people, but knowing our group, the dorm will come here to be with us."

We locked up and walked back to the cafeteria for the evening meal. The girls were excitedly talking about our great fortune to have Courtney for a pal. Courtney was sitting beside me, and said, "Does this mean I get some of Dean more often?"

Jill said, "I don't think you've missed a night or day you've been able all summer. How much more often do you want?"

Courtney giggled, "I know, isn't it wonderful. I get to have you, Mary, and Dean all the time. I am so lucky. If Daddy comes to visit, I can, ah, well, you know, we have a thing, you know."

Jill, Gloria, and Mary laughed and said, "We'll have to help you thank him. That should convince him he did the right thing.

Courtney said, "He might even like Dean and Dan to thank him too. I know we used to have a pool boy he played with, but that was a long time ago. We'll have to sound him out."

I said, "Well, don't piss him off so he chases us all out of the place. If we're going to live there, we need to be settled. All of us have some heavy studying and practice to do."

Courtney said, "Don't worry, Daddy will do almost anything I want. I never want much, other than to be with him when I can."

Back in the dorm we all got together and charted out our potential classes, what buildings we were going to be in, and what break times we would have. All of us were going to have classes in the morning, plus one class right after lunch. If we did this right, we could all work out in the mornings and again after our afternoon class. This should give us plenty of time for study. Dan would have to study before football practice, and Gloria would have to study before basketball practice. Jill, Mary, Courtney, and I would be free of afternoon practice as soon as the fall season was over. We still planned on doing some infield and batting cage work daily. The batting cage could go on all winter, but the infield work would have to be put on hold. We could use the big field-house for some infield work and for playing catch, to keep our arms working.

I was sitting on Jill's butt massaging her shoulders and back when Mary came over and pulled my T-shirt off. She was kissing my neck and back while I continued to knead Jill's muscles. When she had me sit up so she could pull Jill's shorts and panties off, I knew where this was going.

There is no way I can touch Jill's bare back thinking of her erect nipples and stay soft. So, when Mary had Jill's shorts and panties off, she told me, "Stand up and get those shorts off, I think Jill is in need of something else being massaged."

Instead of standing, I lay on top of Jill and kissed her neck as I continued to knead her shoulders. Mary and Courtney pulled my shorts off, and my dick sprang up between Jill's spread legs. With no effort at all, Jill raised her rounded ass and her pussy sucked the head of my dick into her. In seconds, we were slowly fucking, with both of us on our knees and me massaging her.

Mary slid under my spread legs and began devouring Jill's dick filled pussy. Courtney pulled her clothes off and placed her spread legs and steamy pussy on either side of Jill's drooping head. This is what I loved about these girls — they all joined in to make each other smoke with lust. In a few minutes, Jill was a withering mass of orgasm. She pulled from us and curled into a defensive ball. Courtney used her strength to pull me up, and Mary put my still hard dick into Courtney's very wet center.

As we fucked, Mary sat on Courtney face, and I nibbled and sucked Courtney's large breasts and nipples. As Courtney became a similar mass of orgasmic female and pushed me off, Mary rolled over spreading herself and pulling me into her. We fucked slowly, building speed until she was pulling me into her with her heels, actually kicking me to go faster and faster. I filled Mary with enough juice to fertilize most of the women in the university.

We were laying there cuddled together when there was soft knock on the door. Gloria came in and locked the door. She took one look at all of us and stripped. She was face first into Mary's messy pussy, while Courtney was sucking me back up. When I was hard again, Courtney said, "Be a good neighbor and fill that pussy."

I slid into a sloppy pussy that had obviously been well fucked not that long ago. Jill slid under us sucking Gloria's pussy, receiving mouthfuls of, probably, Dan's cum, and licking my dick as well. We had Gloria in a catatonic haze in a couple of minutes.

I lay back with my dick standing straight up, and Courtney said, "Have you thought about what we talked about this summer? You said you might try to practice with the basketball or football squad?"

I said, "I don't want to get banged up from football. I could try out for basketball if the coaches wanted me to, but I was never that good. Perhaps I'm better now. You know me, my game is baseball."

Gloria said, "If you're going to be a real baseball player, you should learn to pitch. You're a good glove, but if you were to be a good pitcher too, you might have more value in the majors."

Jill said, "The coaches in the minors thought Dean was ready to play in the majors now, so I don't know if pitching would really help. He'll have to talk to the coaches here to see what they think."

Courtney said, "I'd love for our boyfriend to be a basketball and football star too. That would be so cool."

"Wow, Courtney, how many hours a day would I have to practice? That would be a horrible schedule."

Jill said, "You're an athlete, you would be a decent receiver or defensive back. You might even be a decent running back with some practice. Since you don't like to get tackled, you could just dodge and outrun the defense."

I laughed, "I don't think it works like that. All of the defense is trying to stop the guy with the ball, so they all pile on top of him. Somehow that just isn't a turn on. Being under all those guys is, but not with them digging at me to get the ball."

Jill said, "Dan could teach you; he knows all the tricks."

"Oh, Baby, I'm just not big enough. I'm not that tall, so I might not be the basketball product you think, and I'm not that big, so I'm probably not the football guy either."

Courtney and Gloria were talking, "How about this. We'll have Dan ask the coach if he wants to try you out. If he say's yes, go do what they do, and see."

Gloria said, "I know the men's basketball coach, and I'll ask him. I know he's always saying he needs some of the baseball guys, as he thinks you guys have certain abilities they need. Let him decide."

Jill was looking at me with her puppy dog look and said, "Do it, we'll give you a special reward if you'll try it."

"Okay, but I need to be settled as to what my schedule is going to be before school starts."

Courtney said, "I'm a student scheduling assistant this year as part of my grad staff responsibilities so I can help with scheduling if you need. Just ask, and I'll get some classes moved around."

The next morning about halfway through baseball practice the coach came to me and said, "The football coach wants you to work out for him. I think that would be good for you. You have a lot of energy, so why not use it up on the football field too. Go on, you're excused for the rest of this practice."

I went to the football field where there were at least a hundred players, and what looked like nearly twenty coaches. Dan was talking to a coach and pointed at me. They waved me over, and the coach said to a guy with a T-shirt that said, "Manager," "Go get a pair of shoes for Dean so he can do some drills."

The coach stuck his hand out and said, "Since you're already on scholarship, you might be a good fit for us. Dan thinks you would be a good running back. That's a special talent, but we have need in a lot of areas. Put the shoes on, and we'll run a few drills."

We did some no pad blocking drills, then they had me take some snaps and hand off the ball. They actually had me take two snaps and throw the ball which I did very well, but in a game I wouldn't know who to throw to. They had me take hand-offs and to watch for openings to the left, then to the right. Since this was without pads, they could wrap me up, but they didn't squash me into the turf.

A defensive coach had me run with some receivers, and I was supposed to tip the ball away from the receiver. I did keep doing that and actually tipped the ball to my own hands twice.

That's when the receiving coach had me running first alone then with a defender. I was catching everything within reach and a couple that were actually overthrown.

After an hour and a half running like crazy, the coaches were in a huddle while I was trying to re-hydrate myself at the Gatorade tank. Dan came up to me and said, "Man, you were awesome out there. You even threw that long pass and hit our receiver in full stride. Hell, our QB can't do that very often. I think you're going to be a receiver, though, you really were good catching the ball."

"That's too bad, Dan, I was hoping I wouldn't be any good at this stuff. I'd rather play baseball."

Dan said, "Don't worry, you'll play baseball. I'll help you learn this play-book, so practice will be easy. Come on, come meet the guys."

Before we could trot over to the group of players, the coaches were hollering for me to come to them. When Dan began walking toward the other players, they called him too.

The head coach said, "The defensive coordinator wants you as a defensive back and the offensive coordinator said he was short receivers. How about starting as both, working out with the offense and defense, and we'll see where you do best. We want you to play with us, though, and that's certain. Dan, you play both sides of the ball, so you can help him with the play-books. Take him into the training room and get him some pads, then come back out. We'll see if you can still play with pads on."

Dan and I trotted off the field and went into the training room. He had the smiling trainer fit me with some pads. The man went for a tight T-shirt, then had me put the pads on over it. He asked me, "You have a cup?"

"Not on me."

"Let me get you one and a jock to work out in."

Dan elbowed me and said softly, "This guy loves to handle your dick and balls. If you let him he'll be milking a load in a couple of seconds."

The trainer came back and pointed at my shorts and said, "Drop 'em."

I took off the shorts and he kept looking at me. Finally, he said, "Well, you gonna take 'em off or do I have to help?"

With a blush, I shucked my jockey's. The guy handed me a jock that was obviously too big. I held it across my waist to show it was far too big. We went through a few jocks until he handed me a jock that was my size. I put it on and snapped the sides.

The guy looked at my stuff in the jock and frowned. He pulled the waist out and used his hands to cup my balls to slide them into the pouch comfortably. The guy was actually caressing my balls and dick, causing it to begin growing. As my dick became hard, he pulled down the waist band and stroked me to my maximum size. The guy was drooling and said, "Damn, almost as big as you Dan."

Dan elbowed me and said, "I think he probably tastes better than me too."

That did it, the trainer dropped his head to swallow me whole. The man sucked me entirely into his mouth and throat. I don't know where the lube came from, but he slid a finger into my butt and was massaging my prostate while sucking and stroking with his mouth.

"Oh, man, you're gonna get a mouthful." With a grunt, I filled his mouth with a huge load. He slid off my dick, licking his lips with some cum slipping from the side of his mouth.

The man grinned at me as he tucked me back into the jock, then fit the cup in place for me. He said, "Good stuff. You need me to do that regular for you, just come get a massage. Dan likes to fuck my butt too, but he's so damn big. We only got a couple more guys that like to do that sort of thing, but getting you will be a bonus. Hope you make the team."

After getting me some pants, Dan and I walked back out onto the field. Dan said, "See, there is another reason to play football."

I played both defense and offense for the next two hours. I had a difficult time staying hydrated, as I was sweating so much. When practice was finished, and the coaches sent us to the locker room, the quarterback came up to me and said, "Study that play-book. You have good hands, and could be my number one receiver. We have some guys trying out but you're far better than any of them. Why in the world do you want to play baseball if you can play football."

Dan said, "They're already trying to draft him. The coach said he could be a first-round-pick right now. How long will it take for him to learn to be a first-round-pick playing football in a division II school?"

The QB looked at me and said, "If you can be a first-round-pick now, why are you in school?"

I said, "I may not play ball the rest of my life. I think I need the education. This is free, so why not take advantage of the opportunity." As Dan and I left, the quarterback had a very puzzled look on his face.

Dan and I showered, and I was assigned a locker, given more of the tight T-shirts, a stack of socks, and two more pair of shoes. They gave me a couple of practice jerseys and another pair of practice pants. These football guys get all the extra stuff. Baseball guys have to bring their own gloves and, usually, their own bats.

While we ate lunch, the girls were all over both Dan and I for me getting on the football team. When lunch was over, I went to see the baseball coach.

"Coach, how do you feel about me playing football?"

The coach looked at me and said, "I had already talked to the head coach and suggested they try to get you to play. If you're going to be a coach, and an educator, you need to know how all of the games are played. If you were to teach and coach at a small school, you could be the baseball, basketball, and football coach. You would have to coach track too. Coaching is coaching, so you need to know sports, all sports.

"What about fall baseball, Coach, won't I miss too much practice?"

"Yes, you will, but I want you to play at least one season of football. You need to play a season of basketball too, and you'll have to try out for them as well. You'll practice baseball with us two hours, then football, which starts two hours later. If games conflict, I want you to play football this year. Next spring, you'll only play baseball and not work out with the football team most of the time."

"If you say so, Coach. I'm a baseball player, and want to be a baseball player and coach some day. If this is what I need to do, so be it."

"Good attitude, Dean. Now, let me walk you over to the gym for their afternoon practice. They will probably want to put you through their try out with the other guys. Let's see how you do."

I had been looking forward to a nap, but walked over to the gym with the coach. Inside, I was introduced to the basketball coaches, and told, "Go to the locker room and find the trainer. He'll get you shoes and some basic stuff to work out in. Have something to drink, as I hear you've already been to baseball and football practice."

This trainer was about eight feet tall and big. He looked me up and down and asked my shoe size. He pulled a bunch of clothes and pointed at the caged lockers. "Use number fifteen, that way you'll be close to here if you need something else."

I changed into shorts, another jock, new socks and shoes and a T-shirt type jersey. Out on the floor they directed me to a group that were doing layups. You ran by the center, took the hand-off, then took the step and leaped to layup the ball — easy enough. Then you took the position of the center and handed off the ball. You then chased the ball that was laid up, passed it to the new acting center, and joined the end of the line to do it again.

After a while, they lengthened the hand-off so you had to dribble the ball once before laying it up — still within my capabilities.

We did a passing drill where you received the ball from a man, then passed it back to the one to his right. The circle shifted to the right on it's own as the ball was passed back and forth, faster and faster.

Next came some wind sprints, back and forth, side to side, on the court. We only did about ten sets, then did some end to end. That was tougher and, thank goodness, we quit after another ten sets.

The coaches had us line up, and each man shot ten free throws, then stood under the basket rebounding the ball ten times before standing in line to shoot again. I didn't do too bad, and was making at least seventy percent of my shots. Most of the guys were doing that well, so mine wasn't anything special.

We did some one on one drills, with one guy guarding and another trying to dribble by. I did well, but the guy I was guarding kept complaining as we kept touching. He was running into me, so I figured if anyone was at fault it was him.

The coaches busted us up into five-man teams and assigned each of us a position. We passed the ball between us, and were given a chance to shoot at one of the six baskets on the court as a group before we tried to scrimmage.

The group I was assigned to weren't any good. I didn't help much, but I did play some high school JV basketball and knew what to do. My high school must have had a good JV team, because I was able to direct players into position to work the ball in to shoot. We ended up making a lot of shots from close in and not letting the other team inside by guarding them closely.

The coach broke us up and reassigned us to other teams. This time, I was with four other guys that had played ball before. I didn't have to tell anyone to work the ball in, and from my position alternating guard and forward was constantly able to put the ball into the hands of a breaking player. Once the other forward nodded for me to break toward the center who was blocking the opposing player and was shoveled the ball to make an easy lay-up.

We shifted around players a couple of more times, but this time only a player at a time was shifted in and out of the group I was playing with. By the time it was four in the afternoon, the coach had us all stand in groups. He handed out different color T-shirts to each group and told us to wear those for tomorrow's practice.

In the locker room, I changed clothes and was ready to leave when the trainer told me, "Get me your sweaty stuff from today. It needs to be washed so you don't stink up the locker room. Wear the other pair of shoes you have tomorrow, so the ones you wore today have a chance to dry out. Stick with me, I'll teach you."

One of the older players said so only I could hear, "He'll teach you how to play with yourself too. I hear he gives lessons on how to suck dick in his spare time." The guy was laughing evilly, but I noted he had to adjust his jeans while he ridiculed the big trainer.

I made it back to the dorm to meet everyone as they were getting ready for supper. I was worn out, and starved. After supper, we walked to the new house to check on progress. There were workers still in the house, but the house was full of furniture. The two ladies whom we met the day before were happy to see us. One said, "Just in time, we have a couple of people coming to interview. You can talk to them with us now, so we don't have to do this twice."

The first lady was about fifty, and didn't think she wanted to be a house keeper for a bunch of rowdy college students. The second lady was in her thirties, but gave us a dozen physical reasons why she wouldn't work out. She couldn't make too many trips up the stairs, she didn't bend over well, etc, etc.

Then, a youngish couple came. They were both all smiles and happy. The man was a grad student, but the lady would be a full time maid. The man said that he only taught one class a day, and only took one class a day, so he would have plenty of time to assist.

Jill and Gloria took the lady with them as they toured the house, while Dan and I talked to the guy. He said, "I'm kind of a professional student. I give massages down at the Y and at the health club. Those are only three days a week, in the mornings. The class I teach is an hour at six in the evening, and the class I take is Tuesday and Thursday morning. I really have a good life. We need something like this for money, and if you provide housing, it's that much better."

Sometime during the visit, Courtney and Mary followed Jill and Gloria to find out what they were doing.

The girls were gone a long time before returning to the kitchen. The couple looked over the living quarters and commented on how nice it was furnished and decorated.

Courtney told the lady in charge of helping us, "We'll take the couple. They should be fine. You negotiate the money, as you're supposed to do that. Are we going to be able to move in tomorrow?"

The lady said, "Actually you could move in tonight, but tomorrow would be better, so Silvia and Ralph can wash all of the new bed clothes and make up the rooms for you."

Jill said, "Dean and we girls have ball practice in the mornings, and Dan and Dean have football practice the rest of the morning. Dean has basketball practice in the afternoon, so he won't be done until near five. We'll have to move his stuff for him."

I sat on one of the nice chairs and thought to myself, Is all this sports stuff worth it? All this practice is going to kill me.

The decorator lady gave us all a key and said she had some instructions from Courtney's mom for the housekeepers, and would talk to them after we left.

Courtney went up to the lady and said, "I will be a part of any discussions with anyone in this household. My father has given me this home, so I am the mistress here and in charge. If you have a problem with this, we can call him now."

The lady was surprised. "Your mother said you weren't capable of taking care of yourself, much less running a household. We're just doing as instructed."

Courtney smiled and said, "I've graduated cum laud within my school and have been accepted into graduate school. Please don't underestimate my ability to take care of myself. Because I enjoy surrounding myself with friends does not make me addled. Now, will we have this discussion together, or will you be leaving now."

The lady got a very red face and said, "Well, I'll just have to speak with your mother about this. I'm sure you are mistaken about the latitude of what you can and cannot do."

Courtney turned to us and said, "Please, will you escort any remaining workman out of the house. If any give you problems, I'm sure Dan can convince them to leave. Ralph and Silvia, will you come back into the kitchen and we can finish our arrangements."

This was a side of Courtney that never came out. I liked it but I liked the way she played her dumb blond routine too. She did make you feel like the master when she was fawning over you.

Courtney fished around in her purse and came out with a small cell phone. Man that thing must have been a couple of hundred bucks. She turned it on and dialed a number.


"Yes, Mother, I've terminated the decorator you were trying to have run my life. I will not tolerate your interference into my life here at school. Father said he would buy this home for me, and did. You can run my sister's life, but not mine. Please, Mother, I love you, but I do not wish you to try to run my life."

Courtney listened for a few minutes then said, "If you wish to assist me, please advise the appropriate wages of a housekeeper."

There was a pause then, "No, the lady has been terminated and will no longer be allowed in my home. Listen to what I said, Mother — my home. If you can't help me, then we will talk another time. Good-bye."

Courtney had a sly smile on her face as she dialed another number, "Daddy, thank you for the beautiful home. I've just had a bit of a bad conversation with Mother about running my household. She was attempting to run my life long distance through some decorator people. I'm more than capable of taking care of myself."

She paused then said, "Oh, Daddy, you know I am just not a good driver. It's not important, though, because Dean is here to drive me, and we have this lovely house right outside the gate of the university."..."Yes, Daddy, you'll have to come see it soon. We'll fix up a room just for you. Oh, Daddy, you won't be a fifth wheel at all. We'll be happy you're here. If you decide to bring mother or sister, please give me advance warning, but for you, come any time. What I need to know is the correct wages for a housekeeper. Do you know? I need to negotiate wages here."

She listened for a few minutes and said, "Got it Daddy, I can take care of it. Yes sir, I have my check book, and know how much is in the account. I haven't spent anything since you gave it to me, and you keep putting money into it. There is plenty. Thank you, Daddy. Come see me soon, okay? Hope I didn't cause you a lot of trouble with Mother. Yes, go to the club. She won't go there."

Courtney had Ralph and Silvia sit down, and she took some paper from her purse and discussed what she thought would be fair. She conceded she would be providing the groceries, but no alcohol. The couple would receive a fair wage in addition to housing. Ralph conceded to take care of the lawn, but not any major landscaping.

We all heard Courtney say, "My friends and I prefer to have a clothing optional household. Will that bother you?"

Silvia grinned, and said, "Will I be allowed to be nude as well?"

"Of course, we will enjoy viewing your lovely body," Courtney leered. "How about you, Ralph?"

Ralph said, "I'm comfortable either way. I think Silvia and I will enjoy serving you, Courtney."

Courtney wrote on the paper, then signed it and gave it to the couple saying, "This is a summary of what we agreed on. I'm happy to have you, and hope we have an enjoyable school year. Now, we are going to move this evening, and you are free to move at your leisure, but you begin in the morning. Ralph, you might wish to find out who the previous landscaping people were, and have them continue to take care of the property. That will allow you to help Silvia with the house more easily."

Courtney turned to us and said, "Lets get some bedclothes in the washer and go get our stuff. If we use the van, it'll only take a couple trips. Let's get crackin."

Wow! Courtney was an organizer as well. Her dad may think she's not all there, but this chick has it together when she needs it.

The six of us walked back to the dorm and began taking everything down to the Van. When the van was jammed to the max, I drove it to the house, and we all unloaded it. We repeated the process twice more and were finished. We reported to each of the floor attendants that we were gone, and went to the house with the third and last load.

By this time, we had three beds made, with three to go. Jill and Mary took the van and went out for a bunch of groceries and snacks. While they were gone, Dan and I set up the computer in the study complete with a modem. We discovered that a phone line had been installed with extensions in the kitchen and all the bedrooms. We would need more phones, but that should be all we would need.

There was a frenzy of hanging clothes and putting them into drawers. We were all so used to the small amount of storage space in the dorm that all of us could have put our clothes into one room.

While Jill and I were discussing whether she should stay in the same room with me, a very naked Courtney and Mary came walking in. Courtney said, "Now this is the way a home should be, naked.

Jill said, "Come on, Studly, get those duds off and show us the meat. Let's all go down to the kitchen and have a house rules discussion while we're still with it.

It was funny to be sitting at the big kitchen table with five naked friends. We discussed how we were going to reimburse and help Courtney, but she said, "I'm picking up the tab for this place completely. I didn't take a car or big vacation for high school or college graduation. The folks didn't even come to see me graduate, so this is my treat. I have a lot of money from my grandparent's trust, plus all the money my father heaps on me out of guilt. Let me do this, and you all can help me out in the future some time."

We agreed that the house would be alcohol free until we were all twenty-one, and then to never serve underage kids any booze. The rules were easy, as we were athletes and didn't need alcohol. We also agreed there would be zero tolerance for drugs. If any of our friends lit up, even outside, they would be asked to leave. The rest of the rules were what we were used to now, except for the rule to tell everyone if we were bringing someone home, so we could dress.

We were done and having a nightcap of hot chocolate when a nude Ralph and Silvia walked out of the housekeeper's quarters. Silvia said, "That was the most mature discussion we could have possibly heard. You guys are serious about living clean aren't you? The way Jill and Gloria went after me upstairs today made me think you guys might be a little wild?"

Jill said, "We needed to know if you were going to be a stick in the mud. All of us are certifiable sex freaks, so we wanted to make sure you wouldn't freak."

Gloria asked, "We know how you feel, so how does Ralph feel?"

Silvia reached over and stroked Ralph's nice cock into his more firm shape and said, "We are not loose, but we do enjoy lots of sex." She reached over to Courtney, grasped her breast, and said, "With lots of partners of either sex."

Gloria nudged Dan, "Quit drooling, I'll bet Ralph will let you suck him."

With that, Ralph turned and Dan pulled him to his mouth. Dan sucked him into his mouth completely.

Jill stood and straddled my chair and lowered herself on my very erect dick. She said, "Oh, boy, this is going to be the greatest place on earth to live."

Mary got under the table and began sucking on Jill's undulating pussy, giving my dick additional thrills as we fucked. When I looked across the table, Silvia was now bent over trying to swallow Dan, who was still sucking Ralph. Courtney and Gloria were working on Silvia with Courtney's face buried in Silvia's ass, and Gloria sucking on Silvia's nice sized breasts.

It didn't take long before Ralph groaned and filled Dan's mouth, but Silvia was doing such a good job, Dan filled Silvia's mouth. Jill was slumped against me after cumming multiple times, so I lifted her and placed her on the chair, then found myself a spot to slip into the bent over Courtney. I was sliding into the tall full bodied woman, loving every second of it. As I came closer and closer, she pulled from me, kissed me hard, then slid to her knees and sucked the juices out of me. She rose, and passed much of the creamy load back into my mouth, and said to me, "This is what I wanted for us. I wanted us free to enjoy ourselves, just like this."

The girls had Mary and Gloria lying on the table, so Dan and I took turns filling each of the girls until we filled them to the brim. We were standing side by side when Ralph kneeled in front of us, and sucked first Dan then me into his mouth. He continued until we were standing tall. He motioned for Silvia to come close and said, "Now give Silvia what she craves but can never get; fill her up."

Dan sat back on the table, and I lifted the smaller Silvia up to plant her on Dan's formidable dick. As she worked herself down on Dan, Ralph was licking and fingering her asshole, then pulled my hard-on toward her rosebud. Her ass wasn't that well lubed, but sucked my dick in easily. While I was fucking her ass. and Dan was letting her ride his fat dick, Ralph got up on the table and fed Silvia his dick. You could see Silvia shake in sensuous orgasm. She was probably getting off on the act as much as the sensation.

With lots of groans, the three men sent our offerings into her holes. Ralph must have let loose a big load, as cum was running from the sides of her mouth. As I pulled free, white gooey stuff oozed from her pucker, and more of the gooey drool came from her pussy as she lifted from Dan.

All the girls went around and kissed all the men before we headed toward our beds. I washed my dick thoroughly, then the three girls and I climbed into the king-sized bed and were quickly asleep by ten.

I woke at six and realized we had forgotten something, an alarm. I didn't want to take a chance on not waking up so I got up and showered in the big new shower. There was a tub in the bathroom too, but that probably wouldn't be used much.

While I was showering, Courtney came in and snuggled into me, once again back into her innocent blond demeanor. In seconds we were locked into me fucking her from the rear, filling her with my first helping of the day. She turned to me and kissed me. She whispered into my ear, "I love you, Dean. I don't want to take you from the others, but I want you to know how much I care for you."

We hugged and kissed for a few minutes, then got out of the shower. It was time to get the girls going for breakfast, so Courtney and I woke them, then went to Dan and Gloria's room. There, Courtney sucked on one of Gloria's nipples while I uncovered and sucked Dan's fat dick into my mouth. Just as he was coming out of his haze, he let loose with a mouthful of his delicious sperm. Gloria was orgasming from Courtney's mouth on her clit as Dan reached over and pulled Gloria into a kiss. They both lay there with smiles on their faces. Courtney and I sang out, "It's time to get up, It's time to get up, It's time to get up this morning."

Courtney and I dressed while the other girls were showering. When we reached the kitchen, the smell of coffee was tantalizing our noses. Silvia was nude except for a frilly apron. She came over and kissed me sweetly and said, "Good morning. Last night was special. You guys blew Ralph away being into guys. We haven't had good sex like that in a couple of years."

Silvia kissed Courtney while Courtney caressed Silvia's breasts gently. While we had a cup of coffee, the others came from upstairs, and Ralph came into the kitchen. He went over to Dan and hugged him, then to me and did the same. He said, "Thank you, both of you, for making me feel normal again. Do you know that it's been over two years since a man has touched me? That was special, and you both are so gentle. You ladies are all a treat. Each one of you are something special. Silvia and I will be good for you guys. That I can promise."

After we all had some coffee, we explained we had to eat at the training table for our diets. Courtney said, "I may have money, but these two guys would eat me out of my inheritance in days. Come on, let's go eat."

Tuesday began after breakfast with some great baseball practice, followed by some killer football. After lunch, the basketball coach had each of the groups in the colored jerseys working together going through drills. About three o'clock, we scrimmaged for a half-hour, practicing the plays we had been drilling. We were pretty good, and didn't make a lot of mistakes. We were let go after a similar talk saying we would continue tomorrow. I stopped by the coach's office, and asked, "Does this mean you want to keep me?"

The man smiled, and said, "Yep, you're right up there with the starters. The team and reserves aren't definite yet, but you fit right in. For not playing a lot of high school ball, and no college ball yet, you're doing very well. I wish you had come out when you were a freshman. I understand the football coach feels the same. We need you, Dean, so stay with us, ok?"

I was missing something, and remembered I wasn't going to the weight room for my lifting. I also wasn't running, but then again I was running in all three practices. Hopefully that would be enough.

After we ate in the cafeteria, we spent some time at the student union welcoming some early students. The sports groups were supposed to be at various tables to welcome the populace back. I was at the baseball table when one of the basketball players told me, "Come over to our table for a while. You're probably going to be a starter or first reserve so you should be with us."

Dan came to the basketball table and told all of the other basketball players, Hey, we get Dean for a few minutes. He's probably starting at wide out and needs to be at our table."

There were a few more players with the same problem, but it was a good problem.

We didn't get home until almost eight. There we stripped down and went outside to splash in the pool for a while. Ralph and Silvia came out with us to give us a summary of what they had done that day.

Courtney said, "I talked to Daddy today, and he's coming Friday. It'll be nice to have him visit. I'm going to buy some of the liquor he likes, so he can relax here with us. We'll probably have to wear clothes, but you never know. I've told him we don't wear clothes in the house, and he didn't say anything. He might even get naked with us."

You could see Courtney shiver thinking about it. Her Dad was going to be well taken care of by all these women. He was being pretty nice to all of us.

That night, the three girls and I practiced making love to each other with the same enthusiasm we used on the ball field. We loved and kissed and sucked and fucked until we were all completely sated. Tomorrow was another day.

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