Obeying Part 3: Melody's Panties

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: A new vignette in my "Obeying" series. Melody's panties are on display in church at the coffee time. Think of the trouble that will cause.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   MaleDom   Oral Sex   .

She decided to go to church that day, although she knew that Sam wouldn't. But that was fine with her. She enjoyed it; there was a new preacher, who was very good, appealed to the people and dynamic. It would be something just for her.

She wore a pair of conservative gray slacks and a gray silk blouse over it. She liked the way that the gray silk played with her nipples.

Our Melody, you see, was a born and bred sensualist and she tried to seek out ways to express that. Secret ways that were known to her and hidden from others, at least hidden from all but the truly observant.

So, it was with her characteristic secret perversity, she also decided to wear a pair of lacy, white thong panties. She liked the idea because it would be her little secret and would put a smile on her face throughout the morning.

Melody'a morning went just fine. It was all that she had anticipated, as far as the service was concerned. And the people proved to be just as much a treat now as the first time that she'd visited there, after Sam moved them to town to take over the job of school superintendent.

Once the service was finished, and all the people had wandered out either to leave or to talk with one another for a little bit, Melody decided to join a group of people for coffee and a chat. It was really pleasant.

She sat at a table with her back to the room and talked with people at the table, a group that constantly changed with people coming and going.

From the very corner of her eye, Melody noticed a young man, she didn't think that he could have been more than 15 or maybe 16 at the utmost, but he seemed to be staring at her. She smiled to herself only, her calm, sexy smile and just set that small bit of information aside in the very back of her brain, and went on with the current conversation that she was having.

The group at the table drifted away, one after the other and in pairs, leaving Melody ultimately almost alone, and on the verge of leaving herself. But when the last of her table companions said a pleasant 'farewell' and 'enjoy the rest of the day', she was going to get up and move herself, when a voice said to her:

"Don't move!"

The tone of the voice was so preemptive that Melody was almost frozen in place. She looked up and around only to find the staring boy, who was about to join her at the table.

He slid into a place at the table and passed a small white piece of paper across the table to her: a note.

Melody looked up at him with some curiosity only to have him, using the same tone of voice say:

"Read it; it's Melody, correct?"

"Yes, uh..." she said, realizing that she almost, almost said 'sir' but resisted it at the last moment

"It's Melody," she concluded.

She picked up the note, after another glance at his rather impassive face, staring at her.

The note said simply: "Your white thong panties are on display for the whole room, and have been ever since you've sat down."

It was like a blow to her stomach.

"Of course," she realized, "These gray slacks are hip huggers and must be riding really low on her hips."

She began to move right away but was halted by his voice again, a voice that seemed to be creeping inside of her head and taking possession of her:

"Don't move."

Then he was scribbling another note. He slid it across the table to her. Melody picked up the note. It said:

"Go to the storage room, in the very back, stand in the alcove behind the flags stored there and take your pants and panties down. Wait for me."

It was almost as if he hit her. The impact was immediate and severe. She felt herself getting wet between her thighs, wetting the crotch of her pretty white lacy thong. And she knew what the stare, his stare, had meant all along.

Her reflections about those who were truly observant were accurate. And he was. She knew that now. But she knew more also.

Our Melody was a true submissive but only to those who seemed to be able to read that kind of personality trait. There were few enough who could, but the boy at the church, Max, seemed to be one of them.

Melody knew herself well enough. She got up and moved in the direction of the storage room, taking items that needed to go there, as he sat there and watched her go, pulling the bottom hem of her silk shirt down to cover her bare waist, as she went.

Melody was both nervous and extremely turned on, as she went to the little alcove in the very back of the storage room. She knew how few and far between encounters with someone who read her submissiveness and could properly react to it were.

She knew full well that this was a crazy but it was so exciting. These words were coursing through her brain as she stood in the church, in this storage room alcove and unbuttoned the top waist band button of her slacks, sliding them down to her ankles. She thought for a second of not pushing her panties down but knew that it would make him angry, and she was enough aware of these situations to know that you didn't want to make the master angry.

Then she was startled by having admitted the very existence of that word, master, in relation to this boy. But she felt that it was certainly true. And so, the panties went down to her knees and she waited.

Then the door opened, and she heard it being locked. She sucked in her breath as nothing happened then. She didn't know if she should scramble to pull her pants and panties up and look as though she were searching for something or not.

Then she heard him. Her breathing was calmer because the supposed danger passed but it became raggedy again right away, when she saw him approaching with a lewd grin on his young face and heard him talking to her.

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