Trouble in the Forest, Book III

by Just Anybody

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Just Anybody

Incest Sex Story: The final segment of a three part story about a family's upheaval and how they deal with it. It will make much more sense if you read Books I and II first.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


This is the third and final segment of my story "Trouble in the Forest". Readers will find it more enjoyable if they read Books One and Two before this one.

Chapter 1


I continued to date Kim for the remainder of the school year, always accompanied by another couple. Kim insisted, from our first date, that this would be a requirement in order to protect her reputation from being thought of as just another of the girls that had slept with me. Kim made it very clear that she was not ready or willing to have sex with me, or with anyone for that matter, and made me promise to respect her wishes. You don't have any idea how difficulty that is for a seventeen year old guy to do. Kim is very pretty and has the kind of figure that really excites me. She isn't too big anywhere, has knockout legs and long blond hair. What's even more exciting is something that I have been told by two different girls, and that is that Kim's bush is very full and blond too. I love to bury my face in pussy hair, and I am dying to do it with her. I don't know what it is about a girl's pussy hair that excites me so, but I am really turned off by girls that shave theirs bare. I have managed to keep my promise to her, much to the amazement of half the kids in my class, many that had known about my sexual prowess with other girls. I'm told that some of those very same girls almost bragged about their own particular evening with me and how sexually satisfying it had been for us both. I know that I never let any girl go home horny, that's for sure. Unlike some of the guys in my class, I don't have to boast to them about what I did on a date last weekend, the girls do it on their own, some of them proudly. I never say a word, either in support or denial of any rumors that people say.

When Kim and I became an "item", it was hard for most people, especially the girls, to believe that we were not "exploring the back seat" as I had with them. After most of the school year, however, people came to accept that it may actually be true. Help in this endeavor came in the form of Sarah, my loving sister, who, whenever she could, reinforced to whoever was listening that Kim and I were most certainly NOT having sex. She knew this as fact because she is Kim's best friend, and they have no secrets between them, and also because I am her brother, and I never lie to her. I had to chuckle when I overheard her explaining that to some girls one day. At least the second half of that statement is true. I am her brother and I would never lie to her but as for keeping secrets from her best friend ... there is one secret that she did not share with Kim. The reason that I am not desperate to have sex with Kim is because each night before a date with her, Sarah spends most of that night in my bed. We fuck until we are both too exhausted to do it again. This does wonders for sexual anxiety, believe me. There have been nights in the past year have I have cum four times, and that will put a dent in any guy's libido. For good measure, almost every time, while I am getting ready for my date, Sarah comes into my room, drops to her knees and gives me a terrific blow job. When you combine that with the activities of the night before, Kim could probably parade around naked and not create much of a reaction out of me. Probably!

To the delight of a few shrewd classmates and the dismay of many others who had privately wagered that Senior Prom would be the night, Kim was probably the only girl to attend as a virgin and go home as one also. Amazingly, not one of my classmates ever questioned how this dramatic change in me could have come about. I am sure that many kids, both guys and girls, wondered what magic hold she had on me.

Kim has no magic spell. I have Sarah, and that is nothing to complain about, believe me. Sarah's body has filled out very nicely over the past twelve months. Her boobs are just the right size to suck on and the puffy parts of her nipples make them even more exciting and unusual. Sometimes I like to flick the tip of her nipple with my tongue until it becomes hard and then suck the puffy part of her breast into my mouth like a baby. In the summer time, she has a bikini that she wears that just covers the colored parts of her nipple, plus a little bit more. When her body gets tan from the sun the little snow white patches around her nipples contrast so much with them that it makes her nipples look like spotlights. Her hips have rounded and filled in and her legs are firm, without an ounce of flab like some of the girls I've seen. But I'm still a "bush" guy. Sarah's had filled in nicely, an acorn brown, dense triangle of soft curls. Many nights when she we sleep together, I will end up sleeping head to toe with her, just so that I can be nearer to her bush. Sometimes during the night, I will awaken just enough to push my head forward and lick her clit again. There is no doubt that Sarah is the most sexually satisfied sophomore in the high school.

Just about the time the sap run was done, my mom and step dad brought up the subject of "next year". What thoughts did I have about "next year"? Hell, I don't know what thoughts I have about next year. I'm too busy just trying to get through this year. I really hadn't given it any thought. After all, why change something that is working so well?

"I don't know what I want to do next year. Do I have to do something? I thought you got enough money from dad that none of us will ever have to worry about money again."

"I did get a very nice settlement from your father, but that won't last forever."

"Well, then maybe you should invest it."

Hank saw his opportunity to contribute his ideas. "It would help if we had someone with the smarts to know the best way to invest it. That could be you, but you have to go to college and learn about finance and economics and all that stuff. Or, you could decide you want to work full time with me, but there again, I would need someone who understands accounting and the books and economics and that kind of stuff, so that we can make sure we make the most of what we have. Either way, it means going to college. One thing for certain, you just can't sit around and do nothing all of your life."

I hadn't even given any thought to going to college. I just thought that it wouldn't be necessary. Hell, Mom got zillions from Dad and more from his company because they had known about his affair with that dizzy secretary. If we had that much money, why should I have to go to college? About a week after our first discussion, my football coach called me into his office.

"Travis, have you given any though as to what you are going to do next year?"

Jesus, what is this, a broken record? Why does everyone want to know what I am going to do next year? "No, coach, I haven't. Why do you ask?"

"Because I took it upon myself to send out some video of you playing football for us last season to some of my friends who are coaches in colleges. I just got a call from my friend who is the head coach at Missouri State. He wants to offer you a scholarship to play football for him."

That put a new wrinkle on a lot of things. I enjoyed living at home and being in high school and being with Kim, but I also enjoyed the hell out of playing football too. And as far as I knew, when you were done with high school, you were done with football unless you went to college. I was pretty excited about that, and went home that night and told everybody. Mom and Hank were excited for me. Sarah was concerned.

"Where would you live?"

"In the dorm, I imagine. That's what most jocks do in college."

"But what about Kim? What about sex? That's too far to drive home each weekend."

"I guess I'll have to find some else up there who is willing to sleep with me."

"What about me? I don't want you to go out and have sex with other girls. Aren't I enough for you? I do every thing you want."

Holy crap. I didn't expect that. I thought everyone would be as thrilled and excited as I am, but Sarah is crying. "Sarah, I haven't decided on anything yet. I just wanted to tell everyone about this opportunity. We'll talk about it more later, okay?"

That night, Sarah joined me in bed. As was her routine, she began by sucking on my eight inch cock and taking as much of it as she could into her mouth, creating a strong suction as she pulled her lips slowly up and off the tip. That has to be one of the most exciting things a girl can do, believe me. After doing this repeatedly for several minutes, she rolled up on top and then settled back so that my cock entered her from below. Sometimes when she is on top, she will move her hips in a wildly exaggerated motion for the few seconds that it takes before I explode my first load into her. Then, without uncoupling, she will roll over so that I am now on top. She will grab her ankles and spread herself as wide as possible, allowing me full access to her pussy. I don't need a second invitation. But not that night. She was determined to show me that I was the only girl that she needed. After sucking me hard, she rolled her body over and lifted her butt up a little, telling me in her own way that I got her ass that night. I want to tell you that fucking any girl is great, and fucking a girl with a tight cunt like Sarah's is super, but there is nothing in the world as sexually exciting or as emotionally satisfying as fucking a girl in her ass, and blowing your load deep inside her. It's incredibly tight, it's hot, you are on top of her, driving your cock into the only place where it logically does not belong, and there is no doubt in either partner's mind as to who is dominating whom. When you fuck a girl's ass, that girl is yours forever!

Thirty minutes passed while we lay quietly. "You don't have to find someone else to have sex, Travis. You have me. You can have me whenever you want me. And you know that you'll never convince another girl to let you do it this way."

I have been able to fuck Sarah's ass enough times now that she does not scream out in pain any longer. I know that it is uncomfortable for her, but that's okay because you expect it to be so. But the feeling of superiority that a guy gets is incredible. You are telling the world that you are the king and you can fuck anyone and everyone, if you want. When I do that to Sarah, I do not hold back one bit. When I thrust into her, she knows it, by God. She feels it and me completely. At worst now, she whimpers a little right at the beginning.

Hank and I made a quick trip to the campus of Missouri State University. We met with the coach and with some of his staff, took a tour of the facilities and had lunch with the current team at their special lunch table in the dining hall. I was introduced to one of the other linebackers and he joined us at our table. "Travis, I've watched the movies of your play that your high school coach sent in. You've got great talent. You're quick to read the ball and the play and you have the agility to respond. Our middle linebacker is a senior this year and has used all of his eligibility. There is a strong chance that if you come here, you will be able to start as a freshman." Greg Clark was finishing his second year of school. He was from St. Louis and played right side line backer. He also had the highest grade point average on the team.

"What about the other linebacker, Charlie something? Wouldn't he move up?"

"Charlie is a nice guy, and he has talent, no doubt. But he doesn't have the grades, or the willingness to study. He's done at the end of this year."

"Wow. I thought you guys all had tutors and things."

"We have everything we need to be successful except the discipline to do it. If you train and practice, you will be great on the field, but if you don't come to the study tables every night, you won't make it in the classroom, and then you get to go home."

"I understand. Studying has never been a problem for me. But somewhere along the way, there has to be some time for relaxation."

Greg smiled. "Girls? Don't worry about girls. There is an entire stable of girls anxious to date team members, and I assure you, they are quite happy to keep you content. Hell, even the guys on the support staff get in on this deal. You don't have to worry about that at all. Just study hard and practice hard. I need help in the backfield, and I sure would like some of that help to be you."

On the trip home, Hank and I talked about everything we saw and learned. I was impressed. Hell, I was completely bowled over by everything, to be truthful. "They didn't leave much to the imagination, did they?"

"No, Travis. I think between the coaches and your teammates, they made it pretty clear. You have talent that they need and appreciate. You have the grades. You have the ability. They have the team, the dorm, the food, the training and the girls. What the hell else could you want?"

Sometimes, Hank just has a way with words.

I wish I had a way with words when it came to dealing with Kim. She is a wonderful girl and means the world to me, and because she does mean so much to me, it makes me want to have sex with her even more. We have been dating for six months, and I have not so much as touched her boobs yet, and I really think I have kept my promise and shown a fair amount of patience with her in this. But, dammit, it's time. We were on a picnic in a private area of the park, just the two of us, and it was mid afternoon. Honestly, you couldn't ask for a more serene place in the whole world. The only sounds were those of the birds in the trees, and an occasional wind blowing through the leaves.

We had been in a lip lock for at least thirty minutes. I slid my hand onto her breast and began to caress her, just on top of her shirt. I felt her body tighten up, but she didn't stop me or move my hand. I felt her nipple harden almost immediately; it was clearly hard and she had a bra and a tee shirt on. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I quickly slid my hand under her tee shirt and pushed my fingers under the front of her bra. Having had just a little experience at doing this smoothly, I easily flipped both sides up and over her breasts before she had a clue what was happening. With my little finger, I maintained contact with her nipple, lightly teasing it, and my touch on her bare shin was enough to make her gasp for a breath and then moan out loud. Quickly I moved my hand back to center on her nipple, running circles around it and the pinching it lightly. She was lying on her back now and I was on my side, rolled slightly on top of her chest and shoulder, still in our thirty minute lip lock. I broke away and moved my mouth to her breast, kissing around her nipple and blowing across it lightly. Finally I moved some more and sucked it into my mouth. She moaned again, and as I sucked her nipple, I slid my hand to her waist, unbuttoned her shorts and slid my hands under them. I didn't even bother to caress her above her panties. I slid under them as well and moved my hand to her crotch. Heaven! I couldn't see it but I could sure feel it, and they weren't joking. This girl has a bush. And she hasn't even tried to stop me.

As I slipped my hand lower, I could feel her wetness. Oh Lordy, she was wet. Tell me again how you're not ready for sex, Kimmy, tell me that! Her pussy was so wet, I could probably put a bucket under it. I slid my middle finger down, down towards her clit until I just barely touched it. Kim was moaning out loud now, almost non stop. I moved lower again, and with both hands, pushed her shorts and her undies down, past her knees to her ankles. There it was, my golden haired beauty, the very first blond haired muff that I had ever seen. How do I describe it? Light blond hairs, soft, very curly, very full. You can't see through it. You can't see her slit or her clit, even from up close. The hair comes up high on her tummy, higher than any other girl I have seen, and it spreads out wide too, about seven or eight inches across the top. It's amazing that it doesn't stick out of the bikini swim suit that I have seen her wear, but it is all within her tan lines. I immediately began my routine. I start by kissing her thighs lightly, not playing favorites between the left thigh and the right, but moving up closer with each change of sides. Finally as I near the connection, I pause to allow the hot exhale of my breath to blow lightly across her pussy, tickling the hairs as I move left to right. With both hands, I push her thighs up high, exposing her completely to me. I kiss the opening to her cunt and push my tongue into her slightly. Immediately her thighs slam shut against my head as she has obviously experienced her first orgasm caused by me. Damn, that caught me by surprise.

I poked my tongue into her several times as she squirmed around under my head and then moved my tongue up her slit, spreading the lips as I went. I could taste her, and she tasted young. Is it my imagination or do virgins have a different taste than girls who have fucked before? Sure seems like it. As I got to the top of her slit, she was squirming more, and then I flicked my tongue across the top of her clit and she came again. Oh yes, this girl is ready. But I did not let her rest, or even remotely calm down. I began playing with her clit with my tongue, flicking it, nibbling it, pulling lightly on it, and with each different thing, she would begin to moan slightly differently, slightly higher pitch, and definitely louder. I knew she was really getting worked up as I sucked her entire clit into my mouth, almost forcefully, clamped it between my lips, and then began to pull away from her body. Nipping it sharply with my teeth as I did this, she was nearly screaming out.

I pulled away from her sharply and looked her in the face. "I want to fuck you now, Kim." She nodded yes.

Quickly I pushed my shorts to my ankles and slid up in between her thighs. I was about as hard as I have ever been, and with one hand, aimed the head of my cock to her cunt opening. "Hold on," I told her as I kissed her and then pushed my cock into her without stopping until I was through that damned cherry of hers. And that was tough, let me tell you. I though maybe someone had substituted a piece of steel or something. I continued to kiss her, mostly so that she wouldn't scream in my ear. It had to hurt her a lot because she was tougher than any girl that I had ever fucked before. But I got in, and then I held up for a minute until I could feel her calm down a little. Holy cow was she tight. It almost felt like I was trying to put my hand and fingers into a glove two sizes too small. The same sensation, really, of having to expand the material. Even as wet as she was, and God knows she was wet, it was really difficult to push my cock into her. When I began to withdraw again, it felt like she was pulling and holding with two hands, trying to not let me go. It had taken four tries but I finally managed to get my cock all the way into her and began stroking and thrusting for real. Yes! God she was tight, wooooie! But does it ever feel good, and it was her, finally it was her! The third time I touched the tip of her cervix inside her she came again and let loose a flood of more liquid. Now I could really slide nicely and after about ten more strokes, I could feel my load building. I didn't have a rubber on, never thought I would need one today but it was so tight and felt so good I knew I could never pull out in time so I let it fly. Six full blasts because I knew I had a full load, and she could feel it in her and then she was hugging me and pulling me to her and kissing my neck and crying.

Why the fuck was she crying? Please don't tell me that she was going to blame me for this. I'm not real good about girls crying, especially when I have just fucked them for the first time. It certainly destroys the mood and any incentive in going for two. I rolled off of her and lay on my side, next to her. "Why are you crying Kim? Did it hurt that much?"

Between the tears, she managed to say in a quiet but sobbing voice, "I wanted to wait for our wedding day."

I froze. I didn't move a muscle. Who the hell said anything about marriage? Not me, that's for sure. I had no idea what to say to her in reply. It seemed like any response I would make would be wrong. Wedding? This fucked up everything. I am not about to get married.

She was still crying quietly when I dropped her off at her house.

Sarah jumped me later that night as I was watching television. "What did you do to Kim? Why is she so upset?"

"This is unreal, sis. We went on a picnic. Everything was beautiful. We were gettin' it on and for the first time, she didn't stop me from touching her. It went on further, and she was naked, and I went down on her, making her happy and I told her I wanted to fuck her and she didn't say anything. She never said no or shook her head or anything. And after we were done, she starts crying and says she wanted to wait for our wedding day. Who the hell said anything about getting married?"

"She has always said that she wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. You knew that. And as close as the two of you have become, I think she thought that you would ask her to marry you soon."

"No, you have it wrong. She never said that. She always said she wasn't ready for sex, and that was two years ago. She never said anything about waiting for marriage. Who the hell waits for marriage to have sex? And besides, I am not about to get married. I just graduated from high school, for God's sake. I have my whole life ahead of me. I'm not getting married now."

"Well, she's plenty upset. You need to go and comfort her."

"What am I gonna do, let her think that I want to get married? Hell no! The only comfort she needs is to cum again about a dozen times to figure out what she's been missing."

Sarah got mad and stomped away. Girls! How the hell are you supposed to make sense out of anything they say? If Kim thinks I want to get married soon, I don't want to have any part of her. That scares me. An hour later there was nothing worth watching on television, so I went upstairs. Sarah's light was still on in her bedroom. I was still pissed, more than anything, about the idea that Kim wanted to get married.

Sarah had been reading in her bed. She looked up at me as I walked in, silently asking what it was that I wanted now.

"I'm pissed, and for all the wrong reasons, I need to fuck." She continued to look at me, even more surprise showing in her face, but without moving at all. "Roll over and pull your pants down." I know that it's wrong, but I just needed to find a way to vent my frustration, and the best way that I could think of was to fuck a girl in the ass, and that's what I did. Loving sister that she is, Sarah rolled over, pulled her knees up under her and spread her cheeks with her hands. There was no foreplay. I just didn't give a damn about her pleasure. I just wanted to fuck. As I pushed my cock up her butthole, I held on to her hips and pulled her to me forcefully, my ball sac slamming against her pussy. Without saying a word, I pounded into my sister's asshole until I could no longer hold back, finally letting my load of hot cum splash deep inside her. When I was done, I pulled out, turned around and went to my room.

In the morning, I was awakened by the unique feeling of someone sucking on my cock. Sarah was keeling at the end of my bed, and had engulfed the entire length of my eight in cock into her mouth. This is something she had never been able to do before, take all of me in her mouth, and the sensation was unreal. The suction that she was putting on it was almost as much as when I fucked her cunt, but her hair falling around my crotch, and her eyes looking up at me to see if she was pleasing me were treats that I had not experienced in a long time. She had one hand playing with my ball sac and the other with my asshole and as I neared finishing, she pushed two fingers up my butt and pressed hard against my prostate. The load I blew that morning had to be a record--even she could not manage to swallow all of it quickly enough.

The only conversation that took place between us was after she had finished cleaning me up. "This is why you don't need to fuck her." Last night was just understood, I guess.

Later that day, I was downtown, just hanging around and ran into one of my teammates. He is a year younger than I, but we are pretty good friends. "Travis, I was wondering about something."

"What's that?"

"When you go off to college in a next week, are you still gonna see Kim on a regular basis or what?"

"Are you asking if I am going to consider her to be my girl so everybody keep away?"

"Well, yeah, kinda."

"No, Dennis, I am not. When I go to school, I will be in college and she will still be a junior in high school. She needs to date people her own age." I didn't mention anything about her crazy-assed idea about getting married.

"Would you mind if I asked her out? She seems like a lot of fun, and I have always thought she was really good looking."

"Be my guest, buddy. She's all yours. I'm sure you two will have a great time together." I couldn't see any point of bringing up Kim's goofy view about sex. Let him find out on his own. Maybe if he starts dating her, she'll forget about me.

College football summer practice and training is nothing at all like high school. Nothing! All sixty guys stayed at what I think is some kind of church camp in some little town about forty miles from campus. Nobody had a car. We lived 8 guys to a room. The day began about six o'clock in the morning with a three mile run. That might not seem like much to most guys, but to a nearly three hundred pound lineman, running three blocks feels like impending death; running three miles seems like an impossibility. Fortunately, I had been running all summer, and I was in good enough shape to make the three miles each morning, but then again, I didn't weigh three hundred pounds either. I felt sorry for the linemen. After the run, we did weight drills, calisthenics, and basic body building until about ten o'clock. Then we had classroom training in the playbook until noon when we broke for lunch. Because of the heat, we had free time until five thirty, but since no one had any transportation, choices of activities were limited to sitting in the cabins or around the pool. We had field drills until seven thirty and then dinner. By Saturday, we were all going stir crazy, but at least for the new guys, we found out that weekends had an entirely different meaning. As we finished lunch and descended to the pool, we discovered it to be populated with almost a hundred co-eds of every size and shape. The only things they had in common were that they were all very good looking girls and that they all wore bikinis. I think they call this Heaven.´╗┐

Chapter 2


Travis and Kim began dating shortly after we returned from our Christmas vacation ski trip. It had taken a lot of talking to convince her that she should at least try going out with him, and once he agreed to always have another couple with them, she decided it was safe. Kim, at least at first, was terrified that Travis would forcefully make her have sex, essentially rape her. Even though she had been a guest at our dinner table many times, had seen him work around the house during the sap run, and been in school with him for at least a year, she still was afraid of him. She finally agreed when I had her talk to several of the girls that he had slept with in his first year here, and they assured her that he was always a gentleman and never forced anything on them. Two of them actually said that it was the opposite--that they had demanded sex from him. And of course, as we have been doing since we moved to Missouri, Travis and I had sex several times a week and always before he left for a date with Kim.

Sometimes our sex is soft and quiet and purely loving and romantic. I like that best. Other times it is more energetic and not so romantic. There are days, or nights I should say, when I just want to devour him. I get on top of him and ride him and I can feel him pounding into me the entire length. If I sit up straight, I can actually feel him smashing into my cervix which creates some very, very powerful feelings in me. There are some times when he is licking me that I just want to scream out loud as the tension builds and then when he finally enters me, I want to pull him inside me forever. And then there are the times when he wants to do it in my butt. I don't care how many times we do that, it hurts. Not as much as the first few times, I admit, but it still hurts a lot. His cock is just too big around for my bottom and it stretches me out so much that I am sore for several days after. I do not understand why he thinks it is so wonderful, but I am very glad no one knows that I allow it to happen. It's just humiliating to think he wants me that way, and that I allow him to take me there. I think I would die if I ever found out anyone else knew that this happens.

As spring break neared, prom was just around the corner, and I knew that Travis would ask Kim. Being her best friend, we had talked about going to the prom until we had discussed every aspect of it at least four or five times. Dresses, shoes, hair styles, lipstick color, dinners, post parties were all things that we covered, for weeks. And this was all in anticipation of her being invited by him. One day, being forward, I asked her bluntly, "If you go to the prom and the post parties, are you going to sleep with him then?"

"I don't think so. Why would that change anything?"

"Kim, everybody knows that any girl that goes to the prom ends up having sex with her date at a post party."

"Well, then I 'm not going. I'm not going to have sex with Travis until our wedding day?"

"Wedding day? You're getting married? He asked you to marry him and he hasn't invited you to the prom yet?"

"No, silly. But he does graduate this year, and there is no reason why we can't get married this summer."

"How about the reason being that you will still have two years of high school left."

"That doesn't matter. My mom never finished high school, and my parents have a pretty good life."

"Back to my original question. Aren't you getting tired of being the only virgin among all the girls in our class?"

"You don't know if that is true! You don't know that all the other girls have had sex."

"Kim, I have asked almost every girl in our class, and other than the exchange student from Japan, I have not had one girl deny it. I never asked who they slept with, just if they had, and they always admit that they have. You are the only one that I know who denies it so clearly."

"Well, I am not ready to have sex."

"Yeah? And I'm Leann Rimes. If you believe that, let me sing a few songs for you."

"Well, I'm not!"

"Kim Reynolds, you are so ready to have sex, it's not funny. Your body is ready for sure, and we both know that you make yourself cum in bed at night. I have seen you around boys, and especially around Travis, and your whole body is exuding sex. Don't tell me you're not ready. You may not want to yet, but you certainly are ready."

I didn't tell Travis what Kim had said about getting married, because I wasn't certain that she was really being serious. My speech to her did no good. The week before prom, Kim made him promise, in front of her mother, that he would not make her have sex on prom night. When he told me that, I about fell over. In a way, it made me angry because I was embarrassed for him. How humiliating that had to be -- in front of her mother, even! I made certain that Travis and I were in bed together every night in the week before prom and we did it three times during the afternoon before he had to get ready. I wasn't gong to let him break his promise to her that night anyway. And I was determined that he should not be jealous of any of the other guys that attended.

The week after prom, Travis came home from school and announced that the football coach at Missouri State wanted to give him a scholarship to play football there. I always just thought that once he graduated, he would stay here with us and work around home and learn the stuff about flavorings. Why does he need to go to college anyway? What about sex? I can't be driving over there after school; there isn't time. How is that going to work? And what about Kim?

A week later was graduation. It seemed so final. Travis would not be going to school with me any more; I no longer had that "big brother" looking out for me each day. I didn't know how I felt about that, but right now I am not too happy about it. At his graduation party, he announced that he would leave for football camp the second week of July, right after the holiday. Everyone except yours truly was happy and excited for him. Me, I can only see the negatives of this. Kim will be crushed and she is my best friend. I will be alone and sad and lonely, but for a reason that I can not share with her. She has been such a fool to deny him sex all these months. She'll never ever know what she has been missing. I do know and it is not going to be fun, for him or me. He is my brother and he shouldn't have to go out and find some other girl just to relieve his sexual tensions. But there is no way that I can drive over to see him on a school night, and he won't be able to come home on weekends because of football.

"What are you going to do when Travis goes off to college, Kim?" We were sitting in my bedroom talking one afternoon.

"What do you mean, what am I going to do? About what?"

"I mean, are you going to date other guys or are what? You do have two years of high school left."

"I know that I have two years of school left, but it really doesn't matter to a girl. If Travis asks me to marry him, I will be happy to do so."

"Do you really think he is going to do that? Has he ever said anything like that?"

"Not really. We have talked a lot about what our lives will be like when we are older, and I know he wants to have kids too. I think the football scholarship surprised him, but it doesn't change his feelings for me. I know he still loves me."

"Has he ever told you that? Has he ever said that he loves you?"

"Gee, Sarah! Don't you think he loves me? Don't you think I can tell when a boy loves me? Does he have to say it?"

"Oh, Kim. I think you may be wishing that all this is true, but I am afraid that it may be mostly your wishes. I could be wrong, but I sure don't feel that kind of tension in the air between you two. You haven't even had sex with him yet. Why do you think he wants to marry you?"

"I can feel it in my bones, Sarah. When you fall in love, you will feel it, too."

I just rolled my eyes and kept quiet. This was not going to go well, once Travis left for college. Kim was correct. I could feel it, plain as could be. If Kim thought she could "feel" being in love, I knew that I could "feel" the trouble ahead.

Two days later, Travis came stomping in the house just after dinner. I could see that he was upset. He and Kim had been on a picnic somewhere and it was pretty obvious that something had not gone well. Mom said hello, Hank waved and I said hi, but Travis just went upstairs to his room without saying a word. I took a quick peek into the driveway on the off chance that he had been involved in an accident or some such thing, but I could not see anything from the window that looked like trouble. Two seconds later my cell phone rang. It was Kim, crying. I could barely understand what she was saying but I did hear the word "marry" amongst her cries. I couldn't understand her and so I told her I would call her later. I thought that I would give Travis some time to cool off and calm down so I waited about an hour and then went up to ask him what had happened.

"We were having a great time. The food was great, the scenery was beautiful, and we were lying on a blanket in a real private spot. I started to rub her tits and she didn't stop me so I continued. We ended up having sex, the whole deal, ya know. And then I see that she is crying so I asked her why and she said that she had wanted to wait until we got married! I told her I had no thoughts at all about getting married. I wanted to go to college. I asked her who ever thought we would get married and she said that she thought we would get married this summer. Can you believe it? She thought we should get married this summer! That's fuckin' nuts. So then she cried some more."

"Well, she's plenty upset. You need to go and comfort her."

"What am I gonna do, let her think that I want to get married? Hell no! The only comfort she needs is to cum again about a dozen times to figure out what she's been missing."

I slapped his face. "That's the cruelest, most heartless thing you have ever said!" I couldn't believe he even said something like that. It upset me so much I turned and walked away from him. It's the first time that I have ever really been angry with him, the first time in my life.

Two hours later he came into my room, still upset. He said that he knew that what he wanted was wrong, but he wanted it just the same. He told me to get undressed and turn around because he wanted to do it in my bottom. He was correct. It was terribly wrong. There was no foreplay, no love, no kindness, no anything except my pain as he shoved his cock into my bottom. It hurt more than it did even the first time when I had no idea what was happening. I knew what to expect now, and I knew that he was taking his anger and frustration out on me. And I also knew that the only reason we were doing it this way was to reconfirm to him that he was the master of me and that he could do anything to my body that he wanted, including pushing his penis into my rectum without so much as a drop of lubricant. I felt him shoot his load deep inside me, and then he abruptly pulled out, turned around and walked away.

My bottom hurt so much that I could not sleep. I tossed and turned all night, trying to understand what had happened. The only thing I could come up with was that I should have warned him about what she was thinking. I don't know how that would have changed anything, but at least he would not have been surprised, and then he wouldn't have come home so angry. I decided to make it up to him and start his day out right. I went into his room early the next morning and started sucking him until he was hard and then gave him a blow job that he said was the best I had ever done. I tried hard. A few days later, he left for football camp. Mom and Hank had offered to drive him there, but he really wanted his car so we all said good bye here. I think Mom was really surprised that Kim wasn't here to see him off too. I cried when he left.

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