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True Story: Where does a guy go to find another guy interested in some "MAN" sex? A short discussion of where and how. Informative but no real sex. Just some instruction. (Not for homophobes)

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How do you meet you guys who like guys, who like to fuck and suck guys?

An age old question for those with the urge to fool around with another man.

Some guys will go to a book store. They browse the racks especially in the gay and TG areas and chat with other browsers. If you ask a guy if he'd like to leave and get together somewhere more private, you may have a new friend.

Of course the guy could panic and run out of the door of the bookstore. That happens a lot. Wonder why they were browsing in that area of interest?

Of course you can always go to the video booths that show continuous porno of various types for a token a minute or two. You could get lucky and there will be a nice hard dick sticking through a glory hole. This is so anonymous, that it's not much fun and often no reciprocity. But if you're horny, you may decide to suck on the toy presented until it drowns you with a week's worth of joy juice. Hopefully the recipient of your wonderful blowjob will stick his finger through the hole and wiggle it at you. Ah, an anonymous blow job, just what a guy wanting a male/male relationship wants. Not.

You can always invite the guy to visit in your video booth. There you can discuss the details of getting together. He's probably married or some such and will come up with two dozen excuses why he can't or won't accompany you to a nearby motel or to your abode. You may leave with a blowjob or quick fuck but you probably won't leave with a friend.

A lot of these places have a movie theater. Usually a straight theater and a gay theater. Either one is good for some guy giving you head but you have to discreet as this is where cops hang out looking for people that get out of hand or too much in hand or mouth. Again, very anonymous, very much just pure sex, not a lot of satisfaction.

There is the group grope spa scene. Here is a pretty good place but often full of guys trying to score with as many asses and dicks as is physically possible. Many of the attendees feel as if as soon as they have their clothes off and head to the hot tub or steam room, the marathon has begun.

I hate to fuck so fast that I get off in thirty seconds. So I'm not all that popular at "Men's Spas." You can meet guys and sometimes they will want seconds or thirds or fourths in another location. You have to spend a lot of time at one of these clubs to find a take away date. When you do, enjoy.

Bars, bars, wonderful bars. Here you can drink yourself a little fuzzy and all the old queers look pretty good. Some of the bars are very open about dancing and some are a crazy place for the leather crowd to openly fuck each other in dark corners. I've always favored bars as it's more relaxed, slower, more teasing, more, you know, more pleasurable.

When you enter, always go to the bar to buy your first drink. You can snuggle up to a friendly looking guy to get at the bar and find out you got between him and his partner but sometimes you will cause a hunk to smile at you and even grope you a little while you're close to the bar.

That's probably a sign the guy is interested in playing with what he groped. When you whisper in his ear, "Your place or mine?" you'll often get, "You sure work fast."

A smile from me and a gentle hip thrust into the groping hand while gently leaning on the guy will usually allow the two of you to open a conversation.

Don't forget the duo you got between. They might be trolling and there is nothing better than partners who really love each other to enjoy a sexy evening with. They are usually very forward and if they like your looks, you'll not finish that first drink you bought. You'll be on the way to their place to suck and fuck the night away.

Bars are great places to pick up the latest gossip. You know, what new places are fun, are there any new men's clubs, spas, and the like. When you've had a pleasant evening with five or fifteen of the regulars in the bar, you will find out if there is a new bi couple looking for participants of a coming gang-bang. You'll find out who's so horny that they want to drag you off for a quickie that very instant. I've even been almost pushed into the restroom so a friend could drop his drawers and have me fuck him until he squirted all over the place. Why he chose me is beyond me but he did.

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