Three Times Fifteen Equals Fun

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I was a boy in a neighborhood full of girls. So, my best friends were two girls. Then it became more than friends when we were fifteen. Much more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I didn't realize how lucky I was at the time, but I grew up in a neighborhood full of girls. At least the kids my age were just about all girls.

So, most of my playmates and friends were girls, it really didn't seem particularly strange or different, though there were a few times where we did a little exploring between legs.

Now, don't get too excited, I'm talking about six, seven years old. Otherwise, we rode our bikes around, played the usual variety of games around each other's yards, just the normal stuff.

Like any kid, I had several friends who were closer than the others and they were girls. Even to this day, at age fifteen, several are girls.

As we became teenagers, of course, our conversations changed somewhat and began to include boys and girls and all that. Yes, the 'S-word.' Sex, like with all teenagers, was a topic.

My two best friends, Lauren and Mary Jane, of course, always were talking about various boys, most of them I knew from school. My interest, quite naturally, was girls, and sometimes Lauren and Mary Jane would fill me in on a bit of inside girl-talk. Our talk revolved about who we each liked, who we thought liked each of us, what each of us liked about the opposite sex.

We all turned fifteen the same summer and one Saturday afternoon, Lauren and Mary Jane (I called her, 'MJ, ' most of the time) came by my house as I was out back by the garage shooting hoops.

"Hi, Will, let's play some Horse," yelled Lauren as they came running back down my driveway.

We three played for quite a while, then, hot and sweaty, I asked them if they wanted to come in for something cold to drink and we went inside and I got us all cold drinks and brought them out to the screened porch.

It was warm that day and I was wearing just shorts and sneakers, Lauren was in shorts, a tank top and sneakers, while MJ had on shorts, sneakers and a tube top. The girls filled out their tops pretty well. They had blossomed as I watched them grow up, now each one had pretty nice tits, MJ's were a little bigger, she was blond in pigtails, her family Swedish with blue eyes, Lauren was German and French, she had told me, and she had blue eyes, too, and shiny long wavy, brown hair.

Both had slim waists, kind of curvy hips, firm butts and pretty legs. I also knew that their boobs were nice and firm because they were both wearing tops which didn't have anything under them and they sure didn't sag. Oh, no, not a tad.

Actually, my two friends really started growing and changing about two, almost three, years ago. Me, I really started only about a year ago, getting taller, getting some actual muscles, sprouting some hair under my arms and all around my dick. I was five-nine and one hundred-forty-five pounds standing several inches above my two friends.

We had always been pretty relaxed around each other growing up and even played nude together in our wading pool until we were six or seven. Even after, I had caught glimpses of Lauren and Mary Jane, their butts, even their little nipples as they were just beginning to grow.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if they had gotten peeks at my butt or my little boy dick at times. Well, hardly a big show, I guess.

And, lately, I can't help but see that my two best friends are now hot-looking girls and that I now had a new interest in being with them. Also our talk has gotten a bit more of an edge to it, a little more of a sexual edge.

So, we were there in our screened-in back porch, me laying back on a chaise lounge, the girls on folding chairs.

"You know, we've all been friends now for, um, gee, I guess forever," Lauren offered.

"Yeah, just about our whole lives, I guess since we were one or two, maybe," I said.

"It's been longer than most people, I guess. And, Will, you've sure gotten buff lately, I mean," said Mary Jane as she got up and sat on the chaise next to me.

"Oh, Will's toned, all right, just look," said Lauren.

"Yeah, see," as Mary Jane swept her hand across my bare chest. Then, Lauren came and sat on the other side next to me.

"Make a muscle for us, Will, come on, flex," and they both felt my biceps as I went along.

"Flex your pecs, go ahead," Lauren suggested and they both began feeling my chest, circling around my nipples which were now hard.

"Oh, look at his nipples. They're hard, Lauren, aren't they cute. So small and cute."

"Will's get hard like ours do, look, look," as Mary Jane takes one between her fingers and twists her fingers around it.

"I love your nipples, Will, they're so nice, small and nice," Lauren added as she softly pinched them.

"You like them sucked, Will?" Lauren asked, rather substantially raising the erotic level of our talk.

"I dunno, I only thought girls liked that."

"Let's find out," as Mary Jane bent down and took my left nipple in her mouth and began sucking it. I never thought it would feel good but it did. Nobody was more surprised than me.

"What's it like, Will, nice?" Lauren asked as Mary Jane sucked on, her hand rubbing along my stomach.

"Well, it's weird. It feels pretty nice. Even kinda sexy. I never would have thought that."

"Sexy, oh, he likes his boobs sucked," Lauren tittered as Mary Jane sat back up, her fingers still playing with my nipple.

"They're not boobs. Boys don't have boobs, girls have boobs."

"Gosh, Will, we just never knew that," and they both laughed but they also both kept their hands moving on my bare skin.

"Well, I remember when you didn't have any boobs at all. Now look at you both, you two are really built. Nice ones"

"Oh, he likes our boobs, Lauren. I never thought he noticed."

"Oh, look, lift your arm up, Will. Yeah, look MJ, he's got hair under his arms. Look at it all," and they both felt the hair under my arm, tracing their fingers through it, then down across my chest again to my nipples and circled them several times.

"Your muscles feel so hard, Will, but your skin is so nice and soft and smooth. Mmm, feel, Lauren, nice, huh?"

"Oooh, yeah, really nice. You like this, Will?"

This was definitely sexy. I had a raging hard-on and their soft hands running all over my bare skin was so, so sexy, just incredible.

"Yeah, feels nice."

"Well, we remember when your penis was just a tiny, little thing, just hardly bigger than a pencil stub. I think you were, maybe, eight, maybe, seven. It was so cute."

"Why don't we get a look at it now, big, muscle guy? Bet it's changed. No more pencil stub," Mary Jane giggled.

"Yeah, how about it, Will. We've seen your muscles, let's see your man-muscle," Lauren suggested, looking right down at my crotch.

"Nah, you don't really want to see that. Not much to it," I answered, kidding them back.

"Oh, come on, get it out here. Think we'll faint or something? Come on," Lauren said as she tugged on my shorts.

"I wouldn't want to spoil you girls for all the boys to come later in your lives. They could just never live up to what I've got," I joked.

"Oh, just try us out, come on, get it out here. Maybe it's still a pencil stub, is that it?"

"You two really want to see it?" so I reached down, unsnapped the waistband, dragged the zipper down, then raised my hips as I started to work them down. Mary Jane leaned over, grabbed them and pulled them right down to my ankles, then yanked off my sneakers along with my shorts.

I lay there in my tighty-whitey briefs with the front bulging from something obviously larger than a pencil stub. Without my shorts holding everything down, my cock had risen up some making the bulge all that much more pronounced.

"Oh, I don't think that's a pencil stub, MJ, oh, no. Well, Will?"

"Okay, girls, you asked for it, now you get it," and I started to raise up the waistband so it would clear the tip end of my dick as Mary Jane pulled the waistband down about halfway along my hips exposing the upper half of my cock.

"Oh, wow," said Mary Jane and pulled them down, then off.

They both sat there looking. Just looking.

My cock was standing up some, kind of at an angle aiming over my head, I guess, and it was moving a bit as they watched.

"God, it moves on its own, look, Lauren," Mary Jane giggled, pointing.

"Oh, look under. It's his balls, his testicles. Wow, look, they just moved on their own. So did his, um, his penis. Look."

"Well, what do you think, girls?"

"Will, it's huge. I can't believe how big it is. It used to be such a tiny little thing. I still remember when it would get all stiff and point out. But, wow, this is something else," Lauren admired.

"Yeah, not like I used to be. Not at all."

Then, MJ put her hand on my thigh, just three or four inches below their current object of interest. It was followed by Lauren's hand on my other thigh. They both began to rub my leg up and down, going a bit higher each time until their hands were grazing my pubic hair.

Then, Lauren slid her hand up under my balls and lifted them up getting a sense of their size and weight.

"Mary Jane, feel here, feel these," she said as she gently felt each testicle, then felt over my sack, "They're like little pigeon eggs inside, but kind of soft. And really warm. Feel."

Mary Jane now felt my nuts and lifted my ball sack up, feeling what was inside.

"They really are soft. Cool. I love how they feel."

Lauren now slid her hand right up over my cock and wrapped her fingers lightly around it.

"Wow, it's like it's alive. All warm and hard, really hard. Oh, and the end is really soft. Like silk. Here, feel, MJ," and Mary Jane ran the tip of her finger over the head of my dick as Lauren held it. It jumped some when she did it.

"Oh, you made it jump when you rubbed it on top, Lauren. Do it again," and she rubbed around the tip in a circle, round and round.

"Oh, look at Will, that must feel good, huh," Mary Jane asked.

"Keep it up and you'll be wearing my cum all over you."

"Does it hurt when it gets this hard?" Mary Jane asked as Lauren kept rubbing the tip of my cock.

"No, not hurt or anything, feels nice, in a way."

"You really like this don't you? What happens when you get an orgasm?" Lauren asked me as she continued rubbing around my cock head.

"It really feels good, you really are going to make me shoot my cum, if you keep doing that. That's what happens when I have an orgasm, cum shoots out the end of my dick. And you're gonna make it do just that if you keep that up."

"Promise?" she says smiling at me as she rubs around and around.

Well, maybe they just didn't know that much about the male anatomy. But, soon, I was breathing noticeably harder, panting, really, panting pretty hard and every circle she made around my cock just made it tingle even more. It was just a matter of time.

"Look, he's squirming. Must be good," said Lauren.

"Are you getting close? We want to see it shoot."

"Well, that sure feels good. Let's just see what happens," I said knowing that I was ready anytime to cum. Then...

Chapter 2

My legs froze, my hips jerked up, and arcs of cum spurted up out of my cock which Lauren was still holding.

"WOW. Look, look, it's all over the place. Look at it all. It's everywhere. It really shoots out," MJ said after she pulled her finger back from rubbing.

"It's everywhere, look," as they ran their fingers through the globs of cum on my belly and chest.

"It's real slippery, see," Lauren said dragging her fingers through it.

"Was this the way you get yourself off, when you masturbate? You know, by rubbing the tip like I did?" Mary Jane asked.

Lauren was still holding my dick, I guess she liked holding it, I sure did, and I showed her by going up and down.

"I used to look at Playboy pictures, but now I think about girls while I do it, you know, girls that I think are pretty hot. Get's me off good."

I should have thought ahead when I said that as Lauren asked, "Do you think of MJ or me when you do it?"

"Well, yeah. I think of you both. Quite a bit."

"Oh, Will thinks we're hot, Mary Jane. He does his thing while he dreams about us."

"Do you think about us naked, Will? Come on, tell us? Naked?" Mary Jane asks, giggling.

"Well, yeah, sure. I'm a guy, you know."

"Do you think about doing it to us, sex, you know, fucking us, Will?"

"Geez, why do you want to know all this stuff?"

"Well, do you?"

"Yeah, sometimes. Well, you know..."

"Are we good in bed, Will? Are we really hot?"

"Aw, come on. Yeah, yes, you're hot. Okay?"

"Which one of us is hotter, WIll? Come on, Mary Jane or me?" asked Lauren, still holding my cock.

Knowing my life could depend on my answer, I replied, "You are both the hottest. Mega-hot."

"How long have you been doing it, Will, you know, jacking yourself?"

"Oh, I guess since I was about twelve."

"Twelve. You started late. I was doing it when I was ten. What about you, Lauren?"

"Nine or ten, something like that, yeah."

"Well, maybe boys mature slower, I'm always hearing that. But, you saw yourself what I can do now."

"Oh, did we, it shot all over the place. That was fun to watch. And it all came out of this little opening right here," Mary Jane said as she rubbed her index finger over the end. "The little slit right there, cool."

Lauren was still holding it as she noted, "It's gotten softer after you shot your cum out. That's what happens, right?"

"Yeah, but if you start playing with it or making it more excited, it'll get hard again."

"Make it excited, like how? Oh, never mind, I know. Like suck on it, right? Boys just love that."

"Well, the truth is, this boy has never had it done to him."

"Is that a hint, Will?" Lauren asked coyly.

"Well, you both seem interested in how it works and all, well..."

"I'll do it," and Lauren bent down, opened her mouth and closed her lips around it and began sucking up and down. Oh, wow, this beat jacking-off by a million. I lay my head back and closed my eyes.

"Oh, Lauren, he's loving this. You should see him," and Lauren did turn her head just enough to look up at me then started sucking harder.

This was heavenly. I had never been sucked before and now I knew why guys talked so much about it.

"It looks so cool, Lauren, let me try," Mary Jane asked and Lauren pulled up off me, leaving my dick hard and glistening with her saliva as Mary Jane bent down to take her place.

Her wet mouth slid down my shaft and the feeling was luscious. Then she began to suck up and down, stopping at the top to suck just the tip as she ran her tongue around the end, oh, I think Mary Jane may have done this before to another boy. Lucky guy, whoever he might be. Or lucky guys, even, maybe.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, Mary Jane, oh, that's gonna make me cum. You'll get it in your mouth if you keep... ," then that glorious feeling engulfed me as I began spurting my cum into MJ's mouth, "Uuh, uh, uh, oh, wow, that is so wonderful. Oh, Mary Jane."

She just kept sucking, never slowed down, yes, I think she's done this before. Good for Mary Jane. Boy can she suck good. What a girl to have as a best friend.

"Omigod, Mary Jane, he shot in your mouth. And you swallowed it all. All his cum. Wow, girl, you're something else," raved Lauren.

MJ raised up off me, smiling, as she opened her mouth, demonstrating the strings of my cum to the amazement of Lauren and me. She is some girl, Mary Jane Is.

"Here," she said as she bent down and kissed me swirling my own cum into my mouth, "You get some back," she said with a big grin.

"Oh, look at it now," Lauren said, pointing at my drooping cock.

"Well, you girls have killed it," I kidded.

"We really killed it? Dead? Can we suck it back to life?" Lauren chuckled as she bent over and took it in her mouth and began sucking. In a minute or two, I was pretty hard again, I am fifteen, after all, and Lauren raised up off me, holding it in her hand, "Look, see, I brought it back to life. This is so much fun."

"Well, you've seen what I've got, girls, when do I get to see what you've got?"

"Oh, you wanna see our tits, don't you, Will. Then you'll really have something to dream about when you get yourself off," said Mary Jane. "Well, you've been imagining what we look like, tell me this, are my nipples small or large? Brown or pink? How about Lauren's?"

"Well, let's see, um, Lauren's are big and brown, your's are small and pink."

"Wrong. You're wrong. Mine are pink and real puffy. Lauren's are small and brown."

"And just how do I know that's the truth?"

"You just want to see our boobs."

"Yes, I do. You've see my dick. You're still looking at it. Lauren's still playing with it. Come on, fair's fair."

They looked at each other, shrugged and Mary Jane pulled up her tube top over her head and tossed it on a chair next to the door. Oh, they were pink and puffy. They looked like maybe they had been sucked on for hours, all swollen. And they were perfect, standing straight out, a little off to each side, just perfect.

Then off comes Lauren's tank top. She's perfect too. Also perfectly-formed, round, topped with small, dark nipples that looked very hard.

"Oh, you two are perfect. Four of the most beautiful boobs I've ever seen, even in Playboy or Penthouse."

"Really, even in Playboy?"

"Oh, yeah, perfect. Can I touch them?"

"It's nice of you to ask, Will, that's why we like you, you are such a gentleman. Yes, you can certainly touch mine," Lauren assented.

"Yes, you are a gentleman, Will. Mine are all yours."

Both of them are letting me play with their boobs. I pat the space next to me on each side of the chaise and they both move up next to me. I reach out with both hands and touch them both, running my finger around their nipples and giving them soft pinches.

Their breasts are so nice and soft, this is really keeping my dick hard, that, along with MJ squeezing it in her hand.

Lauren leans over toward me moving her breast to my lips as I open and she places her nipple in my mouth. It feels so wonderful as I begin to suck it and Mary Jane begins moving her hand up and down along my shaft. Oh, I am in heaven, for sure.

"Mmm, that feels nice, Will. I like you doing this, you look so sweet and happy."

Well, I sure was happy. How could I not be happy? I thought as I sucked my best friend's pretty nipple as I felt my other best friend's warm, firm breasts.

"Oh, Mary Jane, let him suck your's, you'll love it, it feels so good, really sexy. Every suck goes right to my, um, you know, down there," as she nodded downward.

She reached down and pulled her nipple out of my mouth and whispered, "Suck MJ's now, Will," as my other topless best friend leaned over and I took her pretty, puffy, pink nipple between my lips and began to suck as she continued moving her hand up and down my cock.

I sucked MJ's nipple and rubbed her other breast as Lauren rubbed her hands along my thighs and stomach while I lay there thinking about this sudden turn of events and just how lucky I am. I had tried to suppress sexual thoughts about these two girls, they were my best friends, after all, I really didn't want to look at them that way, and now, they're changing the rules of the game, I guess, and here I am laying here naked with both of them rubbing their hands all over me as I suck one's nipples. Wow, fifteen can be a happy age, for sure.

"Oh, Lauren, it really does feel good. And right into your, um, oh, I am so wet," Mary Jane said as I looked up at her to see if she was sweating a lot just as I realized what she really meant. I put my hand on her thigh and rubbed along the divide where her legs were together, just an inch or two below where her legs came together, right along the lower edge of her shorts.

I felt her legs part just a bit as I sucked and she rubbed me up and down. Then, I dipped my hand down between her legs where it was warm and slowly rubbed, moving slightly toward her leg's intersection each time.

"Mmm," I heard her moan as I approached her most secret, intimate place hiding just inside her shorts and panties. I think she was getting a little scared of where all this was leading and she pulled back, popping her nipple out of my mouth as she said, "Oh, it's really getting late. When do your parents get home, Will?"

"Oh about five-thirty or so. Yeah, geez, it's after five. Good thing you thought of it, I'd hate to have them popping in on us like this."

"Oh, how do you think we feel about that," said Lauren as she was pulling on her tank top and Mary Jane was slipping her tube top down over her head and arms. I stood up and quickly got dressed and the girls were soon on their way home as I was left sitting there with a very blissful, but very rigid cock full of happy memories.

That night, I called Lauren and we talked for quite a while. There was still a strong suggestion of sex in the talk between us, just a bit of teasing, so I asked her to come over tomorrow, just by herself, she pretty much had to figure out just what was on my mind. Then, I walked three blocks to the drug store and bought a box of condoms.

Chapter 3

When Lauren rang the bell, she was standing there in a halter top and very short shorts. My dick instantly hardened.

"Hi, beautiful, oh, Lauren, are you hot-looking today," as I held the door open. "Come on back," I said over my shoulder as I walked back to my room which I had carefully cleaned earlier.

I sat on my bed and patted the spot next to me where she sat down.

"I bet you had fun yesterday, Will. That was a bit unexpected, huh."

"Oh, I did have fun, you two made sure of that. Hope you had some fun, too."

"Yeah, it was kinda nice. So, should I ask what you'd like to do today or can I just guess you might be wanting to continue where we left off. I know how guys are."

"Well, this guy would like to kiss you, Lauren, if that's okay?" and she leaned toward me with her head raised and we reached around one another, embraced and kissed, our mouths open, our tongues searching the other.

As we kissed, we both slowly sank downward and were soon prone on the bed, me over Lauren some as we kissed on.

As we kissed I worked my hand up under her halter and onto her wonderful breasts. She pulled her head back from our kiss, said, "Here, this'll be better," leaned around and took her top off, then lay back down again, smiling up at me as I bent over and took a nipple on my mouth. Her hand raised to stroke my face as I sucked on and on.

"That's nice, Will, really nice. Look, why don't we take everything off, so we can just get to know each other better. Okay?" and we both stood up and in seconds, our remaining clothes were strewn around us as we fell back on the bed and into each other's arms.

I soon was back down sucking her nipples as she stroked me, then I started kissing my way down her body and as I got below her navel, she spread her legs wide urging me to her love box.

As I kissed further, she raised her hips off the mattress. I knew then that she wanted what I wanted and put my head down between her legs and licked up and down her slit.

"Oh, Will. Oh, Will, oh, that feels wonderful. So good. I can't believe how wonderful your tongue feels. Mmm, do it more, it's wonderful, mmm," and I felt her wet lips surround my cock and begin to suck.

Oh, man, this is sex. This is really sex. I pushed my tongue into her slit and wiggled it around, then reached up and gently pulled her lips apart and poked my tongue up in her which got a moan and a shiver out of her. Her mouth was gliding up and down on me with the most delicious feeling imaginable. Oh, I could do this the rest of my life.

Lauren was moving under me as I tongued her, then I felt her jerk, moan loudly and tremble as I tongued her in and out. She was having an orgasm and I was giving it to her. My first ever. I loved doing this. Then I was overcome by a wonderful sense of happiness as the tingling in the head of my cock radiated out all over me as I felt my cum being released into Lauren's mouth.

We didn't stop right away, I kept licking Lauren's pussy and she kept sucking my cock. Then, finally, I got up and turned around so we could kiss and make out for a while, nice and naked, the way that I now preferred. She played with my cock like it was her favorite new toy which, I guess, it was, while I fingered her.

"You know what I want, right, Will?"

"A kiss?"

"No, stupid. Something we haven't done yet."

"Sex? Um, intercourse?"

"Yes, dummy. I want us to do it. I want you to fuck me, is that clear enough?"

"That's pretty clear, yeah. Um, you're not on the pill, right?"

"No, but I brought a condom."

"Well, I'm not so far behind you, Lauren," as I reached under my bed and brought out the box of condoms.

"Well, it's nice to see that this is something you wanted, too."

"Oh, do I ever. Have you ever done it before?"

"No, this is my first. With my best friend. Hmm, soon, my deepest friend," she said with a grin.

"Should I get you wet with my tongue?"

"That, Will, I will never, ever turn down," and I lowered myself, she was already wet but I made sure she was even wetter, then I got up, knelt in front of her waiting pussy, rolled on the condom and pushed it against her opening.

I gave a shove with my hips and saw that the tip had gone in. Well, that's some, anyway.

"Mmm, try some more, it's okay," and I pushed again and saw that I was about half way in.

"Oh, it feels really big, doesn't hurt, I'm just filled-up like. Want to push some more? You're not all the way in, right?"

So, I pushed in more and we were soon pressing our pubic mounds together, fully and deeply coupled together.

As I began moving in and out, Lauren closed her eyes, and whispered, "Oh, Will, this is so wonderful, I've wanted this for so long."

I thought we were best friends. That we were just 'buds.' And now she tells me she's wanted to fuck me for a long time. Well, at least we are now. And, did it feel good.

I was up on my knees between her legs, going in and out of her, my hands on her sexy breasts rubbing them, just memorizing them in my mind so I would always remember their beauty and lushness.

"Mmm. Lauren, oh, I can't believe how good this is, just wonderful. You are so beautiful, just perfect."

Every push in, every pull out, sent waves of ecstasy across my body, I just never thought anything could feel this good. It was heaven.

"Oh, Will, when you went in hard just now, it felt so good. Do it some more, just push in real hard, real deep. Just hold it there, I'll move around. Oh, yes, oh, oh, that feels so good, its it good to you?"

"Oh, better than good, how about wonderful, really wonderful, I can'r believe we're doing this."

"Are you glad we are?" Lauren asked.

"So glad, oh, man, I can't believe that we haven't done this before. It's so great, you are so pretty and are you sexy. I mean, I've seen you grow up and all, it's just that this is so, um, I don't know exactly, just wonderful. Kind of changes our friendship some, doesn't it?"

"Mmm, well, it's become deeper, you've sure become deeper," Lauren giggled as she shook her hips obviously meaning deeper in a different way. And, yes, I was deep, deeper than I'd ever been. And it felt wonderful.

"I'm glad it's you, Will, that I gave my virginity to. I'll always remember this day, the rest of my life," and she kissed me over and over as I moved in and out of her.

"Oh, Lauren, this is just so good, you feel incredible inside. This is so good."

"I knew it would be wonderful, Will, and it's even better than I'd hoped."

"I just never thought we would be like this, doing this. But, oh, am I glad we are."

"Mmm, me, too, oh, it feels like I'm, oh, yes, yes, UUH, UUH, UUH, MMM, mmm, oh, Will, oh, Will, don't stop, Will, just don't stop," which I had no inclination to stop or even to slow down, it just felt so good. Then, I could feel my own climax mounting.

"Oh, Lauren, oh, OOH, ooh, oh, wow, it feels so good, oh," and I dropped down over her as my cum gushed out into my best friend, thankfully contained inside the condom, and we kissed and kissed as she locked her legs up around my back pulling me into her tightly. Oh, this was wonderful.

We lay there snuggled tightly together, dreamily drifting in a loving trance, happy and peaceful in each other's arms. Sex was so wonderful, sex with your best friend.

It was only about noon, thankfully, we had the whole rest of the afternoon ahead of us and I suggested we get a little lunch and then come back up to my room after.

"Good idea, Will, I'm hungry. We've had a busy morning," and she leaned over and kissed me. How could I be any happier.

We went down and made some lunch, having a little naked fun while we did it, then ate while we played with each other at the table. I sat there in rather a daze thinking about how wonderful all this sex is when just two days ago, I was a virgin and had never even felt a girl's naked breast. How life changes.

Lauren was playing with my dick as we finished lunch when she observed, "Hmm, looks like Will is ready for more fun," as she gave my hard cock a squeeze.

"Will sure is, how about Lauren?"

"Race you upstairs," and she took off running, staying several steps ahead of me as I watched her pretty pussy peeking back at me from between her thighs. Oh, so pretty.

She dove onto my bed, rolled over and spread her legs wide as I leaped up right between them, my dick bouncing in anticipation. She handed me a condom which I put on as quickly as I could as she reached for my cock and led it right up to her and began rubbing the tip up and down.

"Mmm, that feels nice. But I bet it feels even better inside me," and I took her hint and began pressing into her. Once in, the wonderful feelings returned.

"Oh, I just love my best friend," Lauren whispered.

"I love my best friend, too, Lauren," and we kissed as I went in and out of her.

We did a lot that afternoon. Once we had made love, I wanted to give Lauren oral sex, I just wanted to be between her legs giving her as much pleasure and happiness as I could. It showed me just how much she loved being licked, her orgasms, yes, plural, were really strong and after each one, she would beg me to keep on going. I did, through four orgasms.

She covered my sopping face with kisses then gave me a blowjob to remember. That night was one of the few where I didn't masturbate before going to sleep. I was fucked-out, for the first time in my life. It was to happen again, and soon.

I couldn't believe how my life was going, two beautiful girls, my best friends, now I've had sex with one and have been naked with the other. Now, I wanted Mary Jane in my bed as well.

So, I called her up that evening and said, "Hey, MJ, how about coming tomorrow, I've been wanting to kind of take up where we left off the other day."

"Oh, horny, huh? Want a little handjob or something, do you?"

"Um, maybe, um, maybe more."

"More? My, my, are we becoming more than just best friends?"

"I'll have the answer to that tomorrow morning, okay?"

So, it was set. And I was hard already.

I opened the door as Mary Jane walked up the steps.

"You seem eager for something, Will."

"Oh, I sure am," I said with a huge grin. "I sure am," as we kissed, this time with more passion than in the past. Something was changing for sure.

"Should I be on guard against some evil boy trying to get in my panties?"

"Well, I was hoping you weren't wearing any," I chuckled as we went up to my room.

Chapter 4

When we got in my room, MJ reached down the front of her shorts and pulled up the waistband of her panties.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Will," and smiled her beautiful, sexy smile.

"You mean, now, I have to go to all the bother of getting them off."

"We'll see. Now why did you ask me over today, more fun for your little boy thing?"

"Oh, come on, little?"

"Well, not so little. At least that I remember. Maybe you could refresh my memory," she said, again with that sexy grin.

That seemed like an invitation to take my clothes off which I proceeded to do. In seconds, I was standing there in my room, completely naked, my best friend, Mary Jane, standing there looking at me. I was really liking being naked, especially with a pretty girl.

"I know it's not the right thing to say to a guy, but, Will, you look so pretty naked. You really are beautiful. Hope you don't mind me saying that?"

"Well, I've never been called 'beautiful' before. I guess it's okay. Hmm, beautiful."

"This is certainly beautiful, Will," as she lifted up my cock and gave it a nice squeeze. "I'll bet it would like another blowjob, right?"

"I was really thinking about this," and I reached in my drawer and got out the box of condoms and dropped it on the bed next to her.

"Oh, you're really serious, you want to do it."

"With you, I do, MJ."

She just sat there for what seemed the longest time. I was beginning to think that maybe I'd pushed our friendship too far.

Then, she stood up and said, "Okay," and began taking her clothes off. I couldn't believe it. For a minute, I thought I'd pissed her totally off, now I'm gonna get fucked. She was quickly undressed and we were immediately horizontal on my bed making out.

"MJ, you are so pretty, you're just gorgeous, and I never knew you shaved your pussy. It's so pretty. You should never wear clothes," I said as she laughed.

"I bet I'd get hit on quite a bit if I didn't."

"Yeah, mostly by me," I said with a grin as I moved down to suck a nipple as she stroked my rock-hard cock.

"It's fun being naked with you, Will. I really like your dick, it's so cool. And sucking my boob feels wonderful. You have wonderful lips."

I raised up and whispered, "Let's see how wonderful my lips can be," and I slid down between her legs and began licking up and down.

Almost immediately, MJ is moaning and twisting her hips around, as I run my tongue all around between her legs. I really like giving oral, girls just get so turned-on by it. Not surprising, I guess, when you think about how much guys get worked-up when they get sucked-off.

"Oooh, Will, that feels so good. So hot."

My hands are up on her boobs rubbing them as I lick and tongue her sweet pussy. I bring one hand back down and run my finger alongside her pussy where I'm licking. I rise up to her clit and ease her hood open with my fingers and started running my tongue around and around it with some sweeps over it as well.

She started thrusting her hips up and down, groaning, and then I felt her whole body stiffen and begin to buck.

"Oh, Will, oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, that feels so good, oh, yes, right there, right there, perfect, oh, more, do it more."

I wish I could cum like that and then just go right on for another orgasm, then another. All I know is that I sure love giving my two best friends all the orgasms I can.

As I lick her pussy, I think back to all the play and games that Lauren and Mary Jane and I have done growing up. This new play is sure my favorite.

"Will, I am so ready, let's do it, I want you inside me."

So, I raised up with a smile on my sopping wet face, reached over, got a condom out of the box, tore it open and rolled it on. I didn't fumble at all, I think I'll be an expert in this before long. I sure hope so.

MJ had spread wide open before me as I pressed up against her opening, pushing as she wriggled around and I was soon about halfway inside her.

"Oh, Will, does that seem big. You really fill me up. And, it's not all in yet, right?"

"No, but almost," as I gave a final push and went in all the way. "That's all the way in, you okay?"

"Oh, WIll, I'm just fine, I like having my best friend's nice penis inside me like this. Did you ever think that someday we'd be fucking each other?"

"Well, not until the other day, no, I guess I don't know why, either. I mean you are really a beautiful girl. But, I'm sure glad we are now," I said as I began stroking in and out of her.

"Mmm, oh, that feels so good. Yes, it's so nice being best friends. Oh, do it nice and slow like that. It feels really good that way."

I have two best friends who are now my two best lovers. And, unless they've talked together about it, I guess they don't know that I'm having sex with both friends.

"Oh, I really like you being my first, Will. I guess I'm your second, huh?"

Well, now. That rather brings the subject up and she seems to be expecting an answer.

"Um, have you been talking to Lauren?"

"She and I are best friends, too, WIll. She told me, yes."

"You're not mad at me, are you?"

"Will, I think you'd be crazy not to have either one of us in your bed if you could. I sure would, in your shoes. No, neither one of us is jealous."

"Good, because I really love you both, you know."

"Yes, I know. And, yes, Lauren knows. That's why we've both agreed to go to bed with you."

You may not think that I can really love two girls at the same time but I knew I could and it didn't seem strange to Lauren and MJ, either. And, fucking them was a joy.

"Oh, MJ, I hope we can do this lots. You are so pretty and sexy and hot. You really make me hard and I love us doing this."

"Fucking, you mean. Yes. Me too. You have a very nice dick and it's making me feel really good right now, Will."

"I guess that's what dicks are for, making girls feel good and making the guy feel pretty good at the same time. I know I sure do."

"Mmm, good, I like these feelings. And I love it when you play with my boobs."

"They're so pretty, I just love them."

MJ lifted her legs straight over me, straight up in the air, her calves resting on my shoulders as I pumped in and out of her.

"Oh, Will, that feels so good. Push in real hard, just, oh, yeah, like that. Mmm, let me, oh, yeah, that's what I want."

I pressed into her as hard as I could as she moved up and down just a little, only and inch or so, but over and over. Oh, did it feel good.

"Oh, it's gonna get me off, Will, oh, I'm ... UUH, UUH, uh, uh, oh, Will, oh, this is so wonderful, oh, you feel so good inside me. Are you close?"

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