He Teaches His Teen Daughter About Sex

by Brigit Astar

Copyright© 2010 by Brigit Astar

Incest Sex Story: Father gives his promisicuous sixteen-year-old cheerleader daughter lessons in licking and fucking

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

Jeff Wright watched through the barely-opened door of his daughter's room as a teenage guy fucked his sixteen-year-old daughter.

Jeff's cock was stiff and throbbing as he watched the guy screw his cock into his daughter's pussy.

His daughter, Shellie, had her arms and legs wrapped around the guy as he pumped his cock into her cunt.

Jeff rubbed his crotch as he watched his sexy teen daughter being fucked.

This wasn't the first time Jeff had watched. He had known that when his teen daughter and various guys had gone up to her room, that they would end up fucking, and he had a point of going upstairs after a few minutes to watch as his daughter was screwed.

He had learned from watching that his luscious sixteen-year-old daughter loved to fuck.

Jeff was in his late thirties, and his wife was the same age. But she had really let herself go in the last few years, and she had grown plump and bloated, and she didn't seem to care about her appearance. Jeff and his wife fucked about once a week, but she had allowed herself to become so unattractive, that Jeff was turned off by her, and he had begun thinking about his daughter. When he fucked his wife, he thought about his sexy daughter, Shellie, and imagined that he was fucking her. She was so damned luscious-looking. She had recently turned sixteen and was a high school junior and a cheerleader. She had honey-blonde hair falling in shimmering waves almost down to her waist, and green eyes, and full pink lips. She was built so well. Her figure was curvy and shapely. Jeff had seen her on numerous occasions in her cheerleader outfit. Her legs were full and sleek; her hips curvy; she had nice-sized breasts that poked the sweaters she wore, and her short skirt was tight enough that it showed off her superb ass—so rounded and firm and up thrust.

She was simply stunning—and so sexy.

Jeff wanted to fuck her so much he couldn't stand it. But he couldn't figure out how to approach her. He knew that she loved to fuck, but he had no idea how she would react to her own father trying to screw her. He knew that if he could only get his cock into his daughter's pussy, she wouldn't resist. He had watched her being fucked enough to know that once a cock was stuffed into her cunt that it was all over as far her resisting it.

For a while Jeff was at a loss how to work it out. But he finally decided that a good effective way would be to have a talk with her—about sex.

So he waited till his wife was gone out and he knew his daughter was in her room.

Jeff tapped on his daughter's door a couple of times and then opened the door and entered the room. His daughter was dressed in her cheerleader outfit: ultra-short red skirt and thin white sweater-blouse. She appeared to be practicing some cheerleader moves in front of the mirror.

"Honey, I think we need to have a talk," Jeff said.

His daughter Shellie halted her moves and raised her brows in puzzlement, and moved over the bed to sit up on the edge.

"What about, Daddy?" she asked.

"About sex, honey," he replied.

She tilted her head and looked at him in bewilderment. This was so unlike her father, to come into her room and say such a thing.

"What do you mean, Daddy?" she asked.

He moved to the bed and sat down on the edge next to his daughter.

"Honey, I know what's going on," he said, "I know that when you and guys come up here into your room what happens. I know that you have sex."

His daughter's eyes widened and her lips opened. "Daddy, I..." she began, but then fell silent.

He shifted his body over closer to her on the bed. "Honey, I want to tell you something. I understand, okay? I was a teenager one time. I know how it is. I know that sex is a great thing. It feels good. It's a gift, really, to us. I want you to know that I know you're having sex, and I know that it feels really good. And I don't disapprove of it. I'm not going to try to come on like a puritan or whatever, because I understand. I know that sex feels really good. And there's nothing wrong with it. But I want to know if you're using some kind of protection, some kind of birth control. I don't want you getting pregnant; I don't want you getting knocked up by some guy who doesn't care."

His daughter blinked. She had never heard her father speak in such a way.

"Daddy, I don't know what to say," she finally managed to speak. "You know I'm having sex?"

"Yes, honey, I know that you are. I've seen you and watched you having sex—here in your room."

"You've watched me?" she asked in a disbelieving tone.

"Yes, I've seen you and guys in this room; I've seen what you do." He moved over till his side was pressed against his daughter's.

She looked into his eyes for a second, and then wagged her head, and gave out a wry smile.

He slid an arm around her shoulder. Her short cheerleader skirt had ridden up her thighs. His prick began to stiffen as he looked at her full sleek legs, and her breasts poking at the tight white sweater-blouse she wore. He could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. He could actually see the imprint of her nipples through the sweater.

His dick grew even stiffer as he looked her over. She was so luscious. Her honey-blonde hair curled down past her shoulders to the blouse she wore. He could see the tops of her breasts; her emerald eyes were big and bright; and her lips full and pink. His cock was now hard as a rock.

"Honey, I don't disapprove in any way of you having sex," he said. "Your mom might, but I don't. There's nothing wrong with it. It doesn't matter if you're married or not. I'll tell you something that your mom would never admit to, but we had sex before we were married."

"You did?" his daughter asked, looking into his eyes and raising her brows.

"Sure," he replied. "Your mom and I had sex maybe a dozen times before we got married."

"I would have never guessed," his daughter said, giving out a low chuckle.

"Your mom was really sexy, but I'm afraid she's let herself go in the last few years."

"Yeah, she's put on some weight," his daughter replied.

Jeff's prick poked at his pants; it throbbed and heaved. He had a full-fledged hard-on now. He wanted to grab his daughter and fuck her right then and there, but he was still unsure of how she would react. He decided to take it one step at a time.

He had his arm around his daughter's shoulder, and he began stroking her arm, slowly sliding his fingers up and down.

"So, honey, tell me, do you use protection?" he asked.

"Sure, Daddy," she replied. "I use it. I'm on control. I don't want to get knocked up."

"That's good, honey," he said, stroking her arm. "Stay on it." he shifted his body till he was pressed tightly against her side. His prick was rigid and throbbing—it had stiffened to its full length and thickness.

He moved his hand from her arm and stroked her cheek. "You know I love you, honey, and only want to look out for you and see that nothing bad happens to you and that you feel good and protected, you know."

"Oh, I know that, Daddy," she said, giving him a smile with her lips.

"You know that I would never do anything that would hurt you. I only want to make you feel good."

He slid an arm up and began stroking her flank between her skirt and her sweater.

"You're growing up so fast," he whispered in her ear. "It's hard to believe that you're sixteen now."

She moved her head a little and looked at him and smiled with her lips again. She gave a low chuckle.

"I can't believe that you've watched me and guys in here," she said. "How many times have you watched?"

"Oh, about four times," he replied. "How many times have you had sex?" he asked.

"Six times," she replied.

"When was the first time?"

"On my sixteenth birthday."

"That was about six weeks ago, right? With whom did you have it?"

"With this guy at school," she replied.

"You had sex at school?"

"No, Daddy," she chuckled wryly. "It was in here."

"So you've had sex about once a week, right?"

"Well, yeah, I guess," she said.

"All the times you've had it have been in here?"

"Yeah—all six times."

He kissed his daughter on her cheek and then slid his lips down onto her neck.

"Umm, that tickles, Daddy, when you do that."

"What, this?" he said, sliding and swirling the tip of his tongue on her neck.

"Yeah, that," she replied. She moved her head away and looked at him. There was a teasing look in her eyes, and her lips were pursed together in a knowing way.

"Have you had sex with different guys each time?" he asked.

"The first four times, yeah, but the last two times with Bob."

"Bob was the guy here a couple of evenings ago, right?"


"Are you going with him? Is he your boyfriend"?

She shrugged and wrinkled her nose. "Not really. He's just a guy I've been with a couple of times."

"I've watched you, through the door," he said. "I've watched you and different guys." He moved his head close to her neck and slid his tongue up and down, and moved his hand up to her sweater. "I've watched you having sex."

"Daddy, I can't believe..." she began.

"You can't believe what, honey?"

"I can't believe this is happening," she replied.

"Why not, honey?" he answered. "You're sixteen and you're sexy and you love sex. There's nothing wrong with that." He slid his lips to his daughter's. At the same time he swept his hand under her sweater.

He pressed his lips on hers, and moved his hand up to one of her breasts. He had known, just by looking at her, that she wasn't wearing a bra.

He slid his tongue between his daughter's lips and moved a hand over her smooth rounded mound. Her breast was warm, full and firm. He palmed and massaged the mound, scraping his thumb over the nipple. He felt it growing erect.

He flicked and swirled his tongue on hers as he stroked her breasts. He entwined his tongue on hers and kissed her open mouth

He began rubbing her breasts, moving his hand from one to the other.

He broke the French kiss they were sharing, and slid his mouth up to her ear.

"Feels good, doesn't it," he breathed in her ear as he rubbed her titties.

"Oh, Daddy," she breathed out.

"Um, you have nice breasts," he rasped as he began rubbing them briskly, tweaking the nipples. He could feel her tits growing hot, swelling, and throbbing. Her nipples were now erect. He pinched them and he felt her wince a little.

"I've watched guys rub your breasts, and lick and suck them. You have titties that were made to rub, lick and suck."

"Oh Daddy, this is so ... it's wrong to do this with you, but it feels good. It's wrong, but it feels so good."

"Nothing that feels this good can be wrong, honey," he said; "not if we love each other. No one will ever know. I'm not going to tell anyone, and I know you won't. I know you love to have your titties rubbed and licked and sucked, and I know you love to have sex. I've watched you. I know."

"Oh Daddy," she breathed out. "Oh, yes, it feels good, but ... Oh god, it's wrong for us to do this. It's incest."

"Yes, baby, it's incest, but that's just a word that describes a taboo—a taboo that doesn't make any sense—not if we love each other. And I love you, honey. And I know you love me. I would never hurt you. I only want make you feel good. And I know you love it. You love to be rubbed and licked and fucked. There's nothing wrong with it. Everything about it is good."

He raked her sweater up and went down on her breasts, swirling and flicking his tongue on one of her nipples as he sucked the nub with his lips.

"Oh Daddy, oh god!" she gasped and grasped the sides of his head as he licked and sucked her tits.

He knew he had her now. He knew he was going to be able to fuck her. Hs cock was rigid, throbbing, engorged to its full length and thickness and stiffness.

He continued licking and sucking her titties as he loosened his belt and unsnapped and unzipped his pants. He pulled his dick out and slid his pants down. His prick stood up and out, hard and throbbing, His cock was eight inches long and thick. He felt a surge of pride because he knew, from all the times he had watched his daughter being fucked, that the teen guys who had fucked her had five inches at the most. His dick throbbed even more as he realized that he was going to fuck his luscious sixteen-year-old daughter and stuff the biggest cock in her that she had ever felt. He also felt a sense of total unrestraint, because he knew that she loved to fuck, and, from what she had told him, that she used protection and control and that he would be able to squirt sperm in her with little or no risk of knocking her up. There was absolutey nothing to stop him from fucking his sexy sixteen-year-old daughter.

But he wanted to do other things first before he screwed her.

He moved his mouth away from her breasts and slid his head up so that he rasped in her ear: "Have you ever had your pussy licked?"

"No," she breathed out.

"You're in for a treat," he said.

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