First Time With My Brother

by Myra Simmons

Copyright© 2010 by Myra Simmons

True Sex Story: I've had many lovers but one of my most frequent, and most memorable, was my own older brother. This is how it happened the first time.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Bestiality   .

I got home from school that day and I was horny. All day long, all I could think about was sex. The ache to touch my pussy, stroke it and cum grew relentlessly as the day passed. Even when I went into the girls room at school and fingered myself to orgasm, it didn't relieve the burning need in my groin. I needed a cock shoved into my pussy and I needed it badly. My burgeoning sexuality had been with me as long as I can remember but, lately, seemed to be inflamed to a point of no control. No matter how many times I masturbated in a day, it wasn't enough; I needed a hard cock pumping in and out of me, dumping gob after gob of cum into me!

Thirteen, pushing fourteen, I was already sexually active, having had sex with some of the boys at school and with my pet German Sheppard. He was my first lover and I let him mount me almost every night after my brother and I were in our beds. He'd been sleeping in my room since he was a puppy so his staying with me wasn't unusual. What mom and my brother didn't know what that he'd been mounting me and knotting to me almost every night. I loved the feel of his weight on my back, the hot touch of his doggie cock on my pussy, the way it stretched me and filled me. When his arousal grew and his knot swelled inside my pussy, it felt like perfection, especially when we became completely locked together. The feel of his hot cock, pumping stream after stream of dog cum into me always took me over the edge of an orgasmic canyon into which I willingly fell until I collapsed under him. By the time he slid his spent and limp cock out of me, I was usually lost in a deep, exhausted sleep.

This particular day, I was horny beyond belief! I couldn't stand not getting fucked much longer! I was lucky because my brother was going to be late coming home and my mom, as usual, was at work until midnight. It was a great relief to me, knowing I was going to be home alone for a couple of hours before Josh arrived. Full of sexual lust, desire and anticipation at being mounted and penetrated, I hurried home and ran into the house, slamming the door behind me. Once inside, I ran up to my room, calling my dog to my room as I ran up the stairs. As I dashed into my room, I stripped out of my school clothes, getting totally naked. I jumped up on the bed, getting right onto my hands and knees. I slapped my palm on my exposed ass cheek to signal my dog that I was submitting to him. He jumped up, knowing what to do and stuck his snout into my crack and started licking my ass and pussy.

The touch of his nose and then his tongue on my exposed sex made me gasp in pleasure and growing desire. The rasp of his rough tongue over my enflamed flesh sent shivers of sexual need pulsing through me, straight from my pussy to my head. With each stroke of his experienced tongue along my rapidly opening slit, my body quivered in passionate need, my hips soon rocking in a thrusting motion against his snout. When his tongue finally slid up into my cunt-hole, I let out a gasp of pleasured surprise, followed by a moan of pure lust. I was rapidly approaching my first orgasm and didn't care about anything else in the world!

Finally, he lifted his snout out from between my legs, his tongue flicking up my ass crack and over my anal opening. The touch made me jump and squeal, both in surprise and in total delight. I'd found from him how much I loved having my asshole licked. I also knew that the touch meant he was ready to take me. And I was ready and quite anxious for him to take me and use me as his bitch once again!

He mounted me easily and, as I guided his cock to my pussy, penetrated me deeply. As he pressed down on my back, panting rapidly, his drool dripping onto my naked flesh, I felt him beginning to thrust rapidly into me. I arched my back, thrusting my ass upwards, letting him know that I was submitting to his domination of me. I relaxed my body and let him fuck me as fast, hard and deep as he desired. Soon, he had set up a steady rhythm, slamming his fat, hot cock deeply into my opened womb. His motions and the sensations they created in me soon had me in a state of constant orgasm.

I gasped in realization as I felt the base of his cock starting to swell! I clamped my vaginal opening down on his cock, locking his swelling knot inside me. As he yanked and pulled, pushed and shoved, his growing knot banged against my inner walls, sending me, as always, into orgasms of even greater intensity than those of his earlier fucking had done. His knot swelled to full size and we became locked together! I was bound to my lover, physically, his swollen cock captured inside my quivering, pulsing pussy! Finally, I was where I needed to be! His panting increased, as did his tugging until I finally felt that which I always craved; his cum jetting out of his rigid pole, into my hot womb! I dropped my head to the mattress, closed my eyes and moaned out my passion as I felt my groin being filled with the hot spunk I'd been yearning for all day. My fix for cum finally being satisfied!

Just as my dog was starting to cum inside me, I heard a noise behind me. Even through the haze of my lust and passion, I recognized it as something out of the ordinary. My eyes partially glazed over in my aroused state, I twisted my head around. Even as I continued to feel the amazing heat of dog cum filling my pussy, I saw my brother standing in my open doorway!

My dog and I were knotted by his bulge and my orgasmic squeeze on his spurting cock. I couldn't do anything except let him finish shooting his cum into me. I was in a state of shock at being caught but I was also in the midst having a mind blowing orgasm. No matter what, I wasn't going to stop and lose out on enjoying the exquisite feel of my dog's cum filling my pussy. I loved everything about fucking my dog!

My fifteen old brother stood there, leaning against the doorway, a smirk on his handsome face. I could see the huge bulge of his hard dick straining the front of his jeans. Still knotted to my dog, I watched as Josh walked into the room, climbed up on my bed and knelt in front of me. He undid his jeans, slid his hand in and withdrew it, along with his cock.

"Well, sis, I see you like to fuck. If you can fuck the dog, you can suck my cock, too!" He declared.

I stared up at him in shock and confusion. I could see the smirk and anticipation on his face and lust in his bright blue eyes. Like me, he has blond hair but his has a tinge of brown and is neatly trimmed. The motion of his hand caught the corner of my eye and I looked down. I found myself staring at his cock. I felt excitement and desire filling me even as my dog finished shooting cum into my pussy. Josh's cock was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen! I'd already played with many cocks at school but his was the most exquisite I'd ever seen. Maybe it was because it was my brother's, which I always envisioned was what was sliding into my pussy when guys had fucked me.

It had a thick shaft and a bulbous head with a slit in the center. The ring at the base of the head was beautiful in my eyes. I noticed, as I licked my lips in anticipation that some fluid was beginning to leak from the slit. I had to taste it and see if it was as delicious as all the others I'd sucked.

I leaned toward him, already lusting to feel his beautiful dick in my mouth. There was just something about it that made me yearn to feel it in me. When he had it next to my lips, I suddenly stuck out my tongue and licked up his wet stuff. I discovered that he tasted almost the same as my pussy! I loved the taste! I ran my tongue around in my mouth, savoring the flavor and feel of his pre-cum. I saw more leaking out of his slit so I quickly slurped it up as well. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Josh that tastes great! Can you make more for me?" I questioned him.

Josh smiled down at me and ran his fingers through my hair as I looked up at him expectantly. He took his shaft in his other hand and pushed forward. Eagerly, I let him push the tip of his cock between my parting lips. As the head slid past them, I ran my tongue all over it. I'd never felt anything in my mouth that was so perfect! He was stretching my jaws but I didn't notice. The feel of his spongy head on my tongue was exquisite. The fluid dripping from him tasted better than anything I'd ever consumed.

As he continued to push forward, his shaft was hot and pulsing, just like the head. The ridge scraped along my tongue and the roof of my mouth. It just felt so perfect! As he pushed deep into my throat, I felt a momentary gagging. I was totally filled with lust and intended to have all of him in my mouth! It felt and tasted so good, I forced my throat to relax and he slid in easily. I'd never felt anything so wonderful! I'd finally deep throated a hard cock!

As I began to wrap my tongue around his shaft and explore him, I felt my dog pull his spent cock out of my pussy. I could feel his doggie cum starting to run out of my pussy and down my legs. I grunted around Josh's cock and clenched my pussy closed to make sure it stayed inside my cunt.

This being the first time I'd ever deep throated a cock; I didn't know what to do. I just knelt there working my mouth, tongue and lips around it. I was enjoying the feel of his fluid dripping down my throat. It felt so slick and hot I wanted him to just stay in my mouth like that forever. Josh didn't seem to know what to do. I found out later that it was the first time he'd put his cock into a woman. He was my first deep throat fuck and I was his first sexual partner.

Natural instinct soon took over and Josh began sliding his cock in and out of the sheath of my mouth. I just held my body still, clutching him loosely with my tongue and lips and keeping my teeth away from him. The sensations he was creating by his motions were pleasurable. I soon felt my nipples getting tight as they did when my dog fucked me.

His motion continued and soon he was pushing his entire cock into my mouth. When he was pushing into me, the tip would tickle the back of my throat, almost making me want to gag. I just relaxed my throat as I often did to swallow something I didn't like and let him slip in and out. The fluid dripping out of the slit in his tip ran freely down my throat each time he pushed in deep. I found that I loved the feel of it! I was quite happy to stay there with his cock in my mouth as long as he wanted!

Of course, this being Josh's first time, his skill wasn't up to its full potential yet and he didn't know how to make himself last. It didn't take long before he was breathing hard and thrusting rapidly into me. I loved kneeling there, holding steady as he fucked my face. The feel of his cock sliding back and forth in my mouth, touching every nerve ending, leaving me coated with the fluid pouring profusely out of his tip was amazing and arousing.

Suddenly, he pushed in hard and deep, slapping my face with his belly and my chin with his balls. I felt a flood of his cum squirting out of his tip and down my throat. My brother was putting his cum into me! I was startled at first, never having a boy cum that deeply in my mouth and began swallowing eagerly. Josh had his head thrown back, lost in his own pleasurable sensations. For me, I was in heaven as I held still and let him use me. His hot and silky cum felt wonderful in my throat, coating me from tonsils to gullet. I pulled my face back from his belly and his last spurt landed in my mouth on my tongue. I let the silky and sticky substance coat my lips and gums, swirling it around with my tongue. It tasted salty but with other pleasurable flavors. As I swallowed all of it, I decided I liked his taste and I was going to make him do it with me again!

Spent and softening, I let him slip his cock out of my mouth. He was breathing hard and his face was flushed. As he slowly returned to normal I continued to kneel there staring up at him, savoring the remaining taste of his cum in my mouth and the feel of my dog's cum n my pussy and on my thighs.

"Myra, why were you fucking the dog?" he asked when he finally had his breath.

"About a year ago I was on my bed after taking a shower. I was horny and got on my hands and knees, like today, stroking my clit and fingering my pussy. He jumped up on the bed and stuck his nose into my ass crack. It shocked me at first but felt so good! I let him have his way, licking my pussy and ass. Then he suddenly jumped up on me and began to hump against me. His cock felt so different than the boys I had just fucked and it was turning me on. I was almost at my peak so I grabbed him and put him into me. Josh, it was the most amazing feeling! When his knot grew and he pushed it into me, I clamped down on it and we were locked together. It was so sensational; I've been letting him mount me just about every night since!"

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