When You Know You Know

by WTSman

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Erotica Sex Story: As homage to Lubrican - and by popular demand, here is my continuation of "The Cheerleader Blues" - a great story that originally ended much too soon...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Pregnancy   .

Author's Comment: Lubrican is the master of short and long stories alike, but once he published a short story that should have been long; this is my "completion" of the story.

It won't make any sense at all on its own; Lubrican's original story stops mid-conversation and this one picks up the thread, so you absolutely must read The Cheerleader Blues first.


"You could still square the bet, you know," he smiled back.

"Say what?" she said in obvious confusion.

"The bet. You could still present my 'semen stained underwear' as a trophy" he said.

"But it is all in me - where I want it!" she exclaimed.

"Ah, but it won't stay there. I, 'eh, deposited, rather a lot in you. Most of it will come back out and make a mess in your panties, which by the way, might be difficult for you to explain to your mom", he said in that matter-of-fact way that she was found so strangely attractive. No boy had ever talked to her like that.

"Oh," she said in a small voice, "I didn't think of that. And Mom was doing something around my laundry hamper last weekend, come to think of it."

"Try these!" he said, and conjured, as if by magic, a pair of underwear with a very boyish dark pattern.

She took them and looked them over - they looked very much like what her older brother had had years back. "They do have your name on them," she exclaimed and then blushed.

"Yeah, I heard about that bit when the rumors of the bet filtered through," he grinned. "Mom put name-tags in my clothes exactly once when I went to camp long ago. I found this pair in a drawer - they are way too small for me now, but they might just fit you."

She put them on. The fit wasn't exactly great and it felt strange to have a boy's underwear on, but she loved the idea - and his thoughtfulness. She realized that not only did she love what he did to her - she loved him. "How long will the, you know, your, stuff, take to drain out of me?" she asked.

"Dunno - a while I guess, but we might speed up the process a little - if you like," he said with a sudden coy voice.

"How?" she asked, having a fairly good idea what the answer might be.

"Well, if I repeated last week's session your muscles might squeeze a lot of it out."

"Sound goods to me!" she said and rolled over on her stomach, obviously wanting the whole body massage again.

He went to work methodically and she loved every bit of it. When she rolled over on her back she whispered "no need to leave out my breasts this time".

He nodded, but nevertheless took his time to get to them - again starting with her feet and working his way up over her stomach and ending up performing the magic with his tongue on her throat under her ear while rolling and squeezing her nipples with his fingers. Her climax was explosive and kept rolling over her, setting of rhythmic contractions in her womb and squeezing out most of what he had put in her earlier. She was so loud that he was happy they had parked so far away from everyone, or any passerby might have thought a murder was being committed and come to the rescue.

When she had recovered sufficiently they started getting dressed again, interrupted countless times by embraces and kisses. He drove her home in companionable silence, Julie leaning on his muscular arm and starting rapt at his profile - she was in love and couldn't get enough of him.

The Osbornes were still up when Morton walked Julie to the door. "That was a long concert!" said Julie's father.

"Yes it was," replied Morton straight faced, "and it took a while to get the CD, but here it is" he said and handed over the disc.

"Why thank you" said Julie's father. Her mother was looking intently at Julie. She seemed different in an ominous way, and when Morton said goodbye Julie kissed him resoundly on the lips. She had never done anything like that in front of her parents before.

"Goodnight Morton, thank you for a lovely evening. See you in school on Monday," she chirped, turned to her stunned parents, said goodnight and went straight up to her room.

Marge Osborne checked the laundry hamper again the next morning, but once more they only smelled faintly like turned on daughter - there was still no evidence of sperm in them. On the other hand there had been a certain smell about the young people last night and she wondered if some heavy petting session might have taken place. If so, none had gotten on Julies clothes - they were all stain free.

The same could not be said of Morton's discarded underwear. The front of them was caked with dry sperm. Julie packed them in her bag in preparation for Monday. She wondered how best to set off the bomb. Not that she really cared what the result would be. It was no longer important to her what the clique of girls thought; she saw her future elsewhere, but she still would like to get her revenge on Tanya.

She was in a dreamlike trance all weekend, vague but sweet to everyone. Her brother, who was feeling down over being dumped by his girlfriend got a rare sisterly caress and felt much better. He was glad, if very surprised. When they were small they had been very close, but over the last couple of years she had turned more and more bitchy and it had pained him. Now all of a sudden she was his sweet little sister again. "What's with you Sis?" he asked. "You seem all different."

"Oh, I am," she said dreamily. "I am."

"Does Morton have anything to do with that, I wonder?" her brother said - meaning to tease her gently.

The reaction was not what he expected. "Oh yes," his sister smiled. "He's got EVERYTHING to do with it."

Before he could follow up on that, they were summonsed for dinner and the moment passed.

Julie was not the only one to go through a noticeable change that weekend. Morton, hitherto self-assured and self-contained, suddenly found himself nervous and insecure. His cool intellect, and his unusual home life, had shielded him from the 'cool' people before. They had never mattered to him. All of a sudden he felt vulnerable. He went to bed early Saturday and Sunday, turning down Leticia's overtures.

When packing her bag Sunday night, Julie was still wondering how to settle the whole bet-affair. She wanted to close a chapter in her life in a way that could not be misunderstood. She chose the maximum shock effect. Monday morning she put Morton's underwear on again. During the lunch break Tanya was in the queue with a number of the other girls. As soon as they spotted Julie the snickering started. She walked straight up to Tanya, put her hands up under her short skirt, pulled the underwear down and stepped out of them. The snickering became stunned silence when she handed them over saying "I think we are even now!" holding them so that both the name-tag and the caked dry sperm was clear to see.

Tanya was speechless. One of the other girls squealed "Why were you wearing them?"

To which Julie simply replied "That was the easiest way to collect the sperm."

At that point you could have heard a pin drop. Julie turned and walked over to "Nerd Corner" where Morton had just finished eating his lunch with a number of other 'uncool' students. Finding no vacant chair, she sat herself on Morton's lap facing him and with a leg on each side, thus pressing her bare pussy down on the quickly hardening bulge in Morton's pants while mashing her breasts into his chest and kissing him so deeply they were both soon gasping for air. She looked up over at Tanya and said loud enough for only for Morton to hear "I really should be thanking her. I won the best prize."

Then she turned around to the gaping group of boys saying "Morton, are you going to introduce me to your friends?"

For most of the guys, this was the closest they had ever been to any of the popular girls, much less the head cheerleader. That she should be making out - and in public, too! - with one of their crowd and then asking to be introduced was beyond comprehension. A few of them only managed unintelligible croaks, but Julie just smiled and talked to all of them.

Getting up from Morton's lap was interesting. While she had made pleasant, if one-sided, conversation with his friends his hard-on had subsided somewhat, but there was still a notable bulge in his pants when she got up - and a clearly moist one at that. "Sorry sweetheart," she chirped and brushed over his crotch with her hand "I really should have put my own panties on first."

"Like Morton would mind!" exclaimed one of the friends, soliciting a dashing smile from Julie - and, surprisingly, a blush from Morton. They walked out of the cafeteria hand in hand.

"See you this afternoon?" she asked.

"Not sure I can, but I might be able to come over tonight," said Morton. "I'll call". They exchanged a quick peck and ran off to their respective classes.

While most of her former group of hangers-on remained in the Tanya camp, a few of her longtime friends were lying in wait to intersect her before entering class. "What is going on?", "What came over you?" they demanded and "Did you actually FUCK him?" her best friend asked.

"He is wonderful. I love him, and no, I didn't FUCK him - we made love," she replied serenely even if some heat entered her voice in the last statement.

"But what if you get pregnant? You are not on the pill, are you? If that much came out of you again, he must have done his best to knock you up!" the friend persisted.

"I don't know if I'm pregnant, and don't really care. I want to do it again and again. Sooner or later I will have his babies," she sighed.

Before that statement could sink, the teacher arrived and the girls had to go in to the class room. But some strange looks were exchanged over Julie's head.

Later she saw Morton's sister again. Leticia didn't look all that happy. "I think you have made a conquest of my brother," she said flatly. "Well, I suppose all good things come to an end!" she added and walked off.

Julie didn't understand what that was supposed to mean. Only the week before the girl had seemed happy that she was going out with her brother and delighted that it was to be repeated. She decided to ask Morton later.

When Julie got home from school, her mother cornered her. "I think we need to talk about you and that young man," she started.

"Yes," said Julie dreamily. "Morton and me."

"I have made an appointment for you to see Doc Wilson," her mother said.

"What for?" said Julie

"Birth control!" said her mother bluntly. "So that you don't end up pregnant by mistake."

"It is sweet of you Mom," Julie said still dreamily, "but there is no need for that at all."

"Oh," said Marge Osborne, "I thought perhaps there was. I mean, your relationship with Morton seems very different from your previous dates."

"He's the one," sighed Julie.

"The one?" asked her mother with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh yes, the one for me. I'll marry him."

"But you are both so young still," said her mother. "Don't get me wrong - he is far and away the nicest and most intelligent boy you have ever gone out with, and your father and I are honestly very pleased with that, but you're still in school."

"When you know you know. I didn't expect to fall in love with him. It all started like a bit of a joke, really. But I want him."

That hit home - Marge Osborne could well remember just that feeling and hugged her daughter. "Well, don't do anything you'll regret," said her mother.

"Oh no," said Julie, "it's not like that at all. He would never do anything I didn't want. If I need a way to avoid getting pregnant I'll go see Doc Wilson."

Julie told the exact truth. Only her mother understood it to mean something completely different. When her husband got home and quietly asked her about the doctor's appointment, Marge replied that Doc Wilson had proved willing to prescribe the pill, but Julie had assured her there was no need for that. "She is head over heels in love, but I think they are going out in the old fashioned way," she explained. As parents are always reluctant to see their children as sexual active, the Osbornes were only too happy to accept this interpretation. So when Morton showed up after dinner, they greeted him in the friendliest way and showed him up to Julie's room.

Morton was nervous. The call to Julie just before dinner to arrange a visit that evening should have been an easy and happy one and it had started that way, but Julie had put him off his balance by saying that his sister had behaved very strangely and she would like to know what that was about. Julie's hug and kiss - in full view of her parents before closing the door certainly helped to calm him, but the moment they were alone she asked him "Why is Leticia upset that we, that we are, you know, an item?"

Morton was quiet for a while. Things were happening fast. Almost against his will, and completely against his expectations, he was deeply in love with this the most gorgeous girl in the world. She was everything he had ever dreamed of. She had seemed totally unattainable and not really nice at first, but after a shaky start he had managed to make her shed the bitchy surface to reveal pure sweetness underneath. Instincts and his unquestionable intelligence came to his aid. What had won over this girl and uncovered her true self, he thought, had been his candidness. Telling lies now would be a disaster, but how was he to tell her the truth and not gross her out or make her hate him in the process?

"I think answering that question will be rather complex," he started. "And I may have to ask you a few questions first. OK?" She nodded. "Did you consider that us being in love is rather unlikely and that we both thought something completely different about each other only a week and a half ago?" She smiled and nodded again. "I mean, I thought - like everyone else I'm sure - that you had gone all the way with every jock in town, right? That's what you wanted us all to think, wasn't it?" She now blushed but nodded for the third time. "And you thought that I was a complete novice about girls with no idea what to say or do around them, much less how to make love to them?" Again she nodded. "It's not like I am trying to brag or fish for compliments, but I got the impression that you rather liked what I did to you."

"You know I did," she breathed. "I loved it and I love you and I want to do it again!"

"Happily!" he said, "So - you'd agree that I didn't do too badly?" he grinned.

"Absolutely. You were fantastic. I had no idea anything could be that wonderful," she said.

He got serious again "Did it ever occur to you that I was possibly too good for a first effort?"

She thought for a few moments while the implications of the question sank in. A few of her friends who had actually gone all the way had admitted that it had been less than stellar experiences with boys who didn't know how to please them and finished in seconds. She got it: "You mean you have done it before?" she asked. It was his turn to nod.

"But you never go out with anyone!" she exclaimed. "That was partly why you were chosen for the bet. I know that sucked and I am ashamed of it, but it had to be someone who never ever dated."

"True," he said, "I never do - or rather never did; all my dates have been with you." She smiled but still looked confused. "Now, can you work out why my sister might be less than happy about me falling for you in the biggest way?" he asked gently - knowing that this was make or break. In the next few seconds their future would be decided.

Julie had brains. "You, you, you did it with your sister?" she asked - comprehension finally dawning.

"Sisters," he replied.

"Oh," she said with a small voice.

"All three of them," he added, holding nothing back.

"Oh," she repeated with an even smaller voice.

"Do you hate me?" he asked.

"Of course I don't" she said. "I love you! But please, can you explain this to me?"

So he did. In his matter-of-fact way he explained everything that had happened to him since he was twelve - how things had worked out for his older sisters and how Leticia had gotten the benefit of his pent up sexual energies after their first date.

"That explains a lot," Julie smiled "Both why she was happy last week and not today."

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