An Incestuous Episode: a Pleasant Memory

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: I talked an e-mailer into writing her story. She sent me a partial first chapter, then disappeared forever from my radar. There's not much there here, but it does show some heat. Thus, I thought I'd post it as one of those short 'Incestuous Episode' pieces.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

"For the sake of everyone involved, I'd rather not go into the details of the things that happened leading up to this because to do so, could point to our real identities and the last thing in the world that I would want is for anyone to find out. For the same reason, I've changed our real names too.

However, that first night between daddy and I is etched in my mind and it was the most wonderful night of my life and because of that, I just wanted to put it in writing. Once I did that, I just wanted to share the experience somehow, so I decided to post this.

I was 16 years old at the time. It's been almost 7 years since and I am married now. However, time hasn't dimmed the memory..."

"If you're sure, baby girl -- If you truly want to be with me like that..."

She nodded, almost demurely, and softly said, "Would you carry me daddy, like you did when I was little?"

He lifted her in his arms and took her to his bedroom, and then laid her on the bed. Slowly, he stripped and stood before her. Nearly forty years of age, he was still a hunk, and even though he was her father, Corrine still thought that his body was beautiful. She looked at his penis standing up long and stiff, its tip shining with a clear fluid, and her heart and temples pounded.

Raging for his daughter as he was, Glen was hard-pressed not to rush it, which undoubtedly would have spoiled the magic. He looked at her young body. She was sitting on the bed, her legs slightly parted to expose her sweet vulva with its split so firmly joined, and the little patch of dark pubic hair. Beyond those labial lips he knew was the entry to her garden of delight, the place of love and release. To his eyes, she was a 16-year-old Goddess!

He knelt on the floor before her and, putting his hands under her thighs, he drew her close, opening her legs wider. He bent and in almost reverential manner kissed her sweet sex as if he was kissing a sacred icon. He licked her slowly across her outer folds, and then let his tongue start darting into her, tasting how sweet and wet she was.

Even Corrine's boyfriend had not done this to her during their few encounters, and now she clasped her father's head to her, crying out, "Daddy ... oh daddy."

He pressed into her with his tongue to pass it through the pink inner lips, to enter her tight young vaginal tunnel. Going in deeper and deeper, he twisted his tongue, trying to go as far as possible, his nostrils in search of that awesome aroma. Looking up at her beautiful face, he could see she had her eyes closed as a blissful crease spread across her lips. He savored her fluid and breathed in her vaginal fragrance.

Hearing moans of pleasure escaping her lips, he flicked his tongue across her hard little clit, causing her body to jerk and her hips to push eagerly towards his mouth. With his tongue going in and out of her pussy and lightly biting at her clit, it didn't take long to receive the reaction for which he was hoping.

As hot for his teen daughter as he was, he would have cut short the oral sex so that he could enter her with his penis, but she held on to him crying out, "Don't stop daddy ... don't stop ... something's happening to me ... something's coming ... don't ... mnah ... mmmnghah ... oh no ... yesss..."

Corrine had never experienced climaxing, and although she knew about female orgasms, she had no real idea what one was like, since no description of it could ever convey the torment and ecstasy it involved.

At first, she felt as if every nerve in her body was tingling with little electric shocks. Then she began to tremble, and the tingling became focused in her genitals, rising in power until she was convulsing and helpless in its relentless grip. She wanted it to stop and wanted it to go on.

Almost simultaneously, her whole body was shaking and her thighs closed tight around her father's head, as he tasted the sweet juices flowing freely into his mouth from her, as the teenager experienced her first orgasm by a man, but not just any man -- this was by her own father!

She was being stretched on a rack of agonizing rapture. She held his head to her, squirming frantically to move her flooding sex organ against his mouth. Her body was vibrating with intensity as each new jolt of her orgasm shook her unmercifully.

Corrine cried out like an animal in pain, howling her love from the pleasurable satisfaction she was experiencing in this fulfillment of a hunger that until now had been unsatisfied. As her delicious anguish diminished, her cries became little moans of gratification.

As his teenaged daughter's orgasm slowly faded, he pulled his head back to look up at her flushed and happy face. Her soft blonde hair was spread about her face and her bright sky-blue eyes looked intently into his.

"My god little one," he whispered, "You are the most beautiful sexy woman I have ever seen in my life."

Glen drew her to the center of the bed and she opened her legs, raised her knees and exposed her sex organ, ready for the forbidden penetration. She smiled at him and held out her hand to him. Moving between her legs, his rock hard cock resting against her wet pussy, he leaned down and began kissing her passionately again.

"Wait, daddy," she stopped him, breaking the kiss, suddenly afraid that he didn't know ... She looked down shyly, suddenly feeling very young and immature, and softly said, "Dad, you do know that I've never done this before, right?"

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