Sister Act

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Watching the two of them proves to be very interesting.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sister   InLaws   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Chris looked nothing like her sister Robyn, about as opposite in many ways as they could possibly be. I'd been married to Chris now for going on twenty years, though I'd hardly seen or even gotten to know Chris's younger sister very well during all that time. We were almost more strangers than family, which is also the way it was between the two of them. Chris was ten years senior to her sister, and as such, the two of them had never really been very close, even growing up together. When Chris and I got married, Robyn was still a ten year old kid. Cute, but even then a bit of an obnoxious brat, and very obviously jealous of her older sister. One would have thought that with her older sister out of the house and moving away, she'd be delighted to be the spoiled only child. She wasn't. She only seemed to enjoy that when she had it to lord over her older sister in the way their parents spoiled her. Without having Chris around, she lost all the joy out of being able to do that.

The last time I had in fact seen my wife's sister was two years ago now, at her wedding and just a few weeks after her birthday when she'd turned twenty-five, though even then only briefly. I wasn't at all surprised to hear the hushed whispers and talks about how this marriage wouldn't last. Good thing I didn't bet, because it hadn't. Two years later Robyn was getting a divorce. And worse, she was coming here to stay with us for two weeks, "To get away for a while," as Chris had put it. Trying to put the best face on it that she could, though neither one of us were looking forward to her visit. As we both thought and discussed it, it would be no doubt two weeks of crying, bitching, moaning ... more crying, complaining how life was so unfair to her, etc ... etc ... etc.

I planned on spending a lot of time out in the garage doing god knows what just to stay out of the house while she was here.

Admittedly, Robyn was an attractive looking woman, at least she had seemed to be the last time I had seen her, but then again ... that was her wedding day after all. Unlike her sister, Robyn was no more than an inch or two over five feet. And though not exactly petite, she had slightly larger breasts and wider hips than my own wife did. But her height gave her the appearance of being almost "top-heavy" as they called it in the boob department. The last time I had seen her she had been wearing her light brown hair short, with blonde streaks running through it. Once again, an exact opposite of my wife. Chris was nearly as tall as I was at just under six feet. She wore her dark brown hair long, usually in a pony tail. And though her breasts weren't quite as big as her sister's were, they were a nice-sized hand or mouth full, no complaints here that's for sure.

And not that Chris wasn't vivacious and outgoing, she was ... and she had a bit of a wild-side in her too, though she usually reserved that for the bedroom. Robyn on the other hand always seemed to run around with a chip on her shoulder ... or rather her breast perhaps. One of the reasons she'd been given that particular name. She'd been born with a small little strawberry discolored patch of skin on her chest. As a kid, mom and dad had affectionately called her "Their little Robyn red-breast." As a kid, she warmed affectionately to the nick-name. As a teenager on hormones, she resented it, especially whenever she wore something just skimpy enough to hint at her cleavage. It was hard not to be drawn to that small patch of strawberry colored skin peeking out from inside her bra, or bathing suit cups. Though even as an older teen, she learned how to use that to her best advantage whenever she wanted the attention. Which was often.

"Just try and be civil while she's here Jack," Chris had urged me. "She's going through a really rough period of time."

So would we be, but I gave Chris every assurance I'd be on my very best behavior as we cleaned and straightened up the guest room across the hall from our own. At one time, we'd planned on making that into a nursery, but then came the word that because of getting the mumps at the age that I had, I'd become sterile, unable to have children of my own. Chris and I had discussed adoption, but for some reason, never got around to seriously looking into it. Now ... even at just forty, we both had great careers and felt it was a little too late for us to be thinking about starting a family of our own. Mom and dad had once again depended on Robyn to do that for them, now ... they were disappointed once again too. Another reason why Robyn had felt it necessary to get away for a while, away from mom and dad. Neither one of them were too happy with the way things had turned out, trying to convince Robyn to give Mat another chance. Fat chance that was ... she'd already given him another chance, two of them in fact. Finding him cheating on her three times before now. Frankly I wasn't surprised. Though I'd never found Mat to my liking to begin with, I couldn't imagine being married to her myself. Not with her attitude anyway, and from hearing snippets of conversation between Chris and her mom, Robyn had a nasty way of flirting with everyone. Maybe Mat had found that disarming about her, but once again had it been me, it would have driven me nuts. And to this very day, I still swear she had flirted with me at her own wedding, somewhat drunkenly suggesting that I should have arrived a few days earlier before that, giving her a chance for one last fling herself.

Thank God Chris hadn't overheard her say that, or she'd have been looking for another maid of honor on top of tending to a black eye knowing my wife.

No ... it wasn't going to be a happy or welcome visit. One in which I certainly wasn't looking forward to at all.

I was sitting in the den watching the game on TV when I heard my wife's car pulling up into the driveway. She'd gone to pick up her sister from the airport alone, figuring that would at least give them some time to discuss things on the way back without my being there. Steeling my resolve, I quickly entered the kitchen area knowing they'd soon come in from the backdoor connecting the garage. I pasted a friendly, welcoming smile on my face and stood there waiting for the door to open, which it soon did moments later.

"Hi Jack," Robyn said demurely as she stepped in. It was evident by her swollen eyes, along with my wife's, the two of them had been sharing a cry with one another on the way home. I allowed myself to genuinely smile back at her, welcoming her here as she suddenly took three quick steps and gathered me up into her arms. "Thank you Jack ... thank you for letting me ... for allowing me, to stay here with you for a while."

That was totally unexpected, her attitude, at least for the moment anyway, was pleasant, and I found myself almost immediately warming and surrendering to it. "You're welcome ... anytime," I then added, seeing my wife's eyebrows raise in surprise at the admission, though she smiled at me a second later, giving me her own personal private little "thank you", upon hearing me say that.

"Yes, well..." I said stepping back breaking the warm affectionate hug that had just then began to make me feel a little uncomfortable. "Can I fix you guys something to eat? To drink?"

It was already promising to be another hot somewhat windy day with the Santa Ana winds blowing through the valley.

"A drink would be nice yes," they both announced, "Out by the pool perhaps," Chris suggested then, though I had figured it wouldn't be long before they would be out there. Though I myself had no intention of joining them. Not today anyway. With them both still having blood-shot eyes, I figured they'd still have lots and lots of shoulder crying to do, and the last thing I wanted to do at the moment, was be a part of that.

"Alcoholic? Or non?" I asked.

"Mix us a batch of Long Island Iced teas," Chris informed me with a look that said they indeed still had a lot to talk about. I was more than happy to do just that as they both headed off to change while I began mixing ... purposely mind you, a rather strong batch of the drink. If anything, it might help her sister to get a good night's sleep. Though I also had my own ulterior motives. Chris always got exceptionally horny after she'd had a few drinks, provided she didn't have too many of course and pass out instead. Something I reminded her quickly about overdoing when she finally came downstairs once again minutes later. She was wearing my favorite bikini too, looking damn good in it as I immediately reached out, tweaking one of her already hardened little nipples through the thin white material of her bikini top.

"Hey buster ... watch it!" She teased spinning away from me. "Mind your manners ... or you won't be getting any later," she added with a wink.

"Mind your drinking," I challenged back. "Or neither one of us will be," I admonished her myself. Taking her drink along with her sisters, she soon strolled outside, leaving me to stand there looking at her through the window as she made her way over towards one of the lounge chairs out by the pool. Bending over to place their drinks down on the table, I was lost in the vision of my wife's near perfect ass when Robyn came up from behind me quite unexpectedly.

"You joining us?" She asked pleasantly enough. I had jumped. Knowing now that she had startled me a little, giggling then ... looking out the window to see what it was that had so captured my attention. Chris, had already settled down into her lounge chair, but even then it was hard not to notice her beautiful tan body against the stark contrast of the skimpy white bikini she was wearing.

"Maybe later on this evening," I informed her, only then turning, getting my first really good look at my sister-in-law. I nearly bit my tongue off. If I thought Chris's bikini was skimpy and daring, it was nothing in comparison to the little bit of black nothingness she was wearing. Most, if not all of her beautiful full breasts were exposed, save for a thin triangle of material just barely covering her nipples. That, and the thinnest of strips running up between her obviously shaved pubic mound. When she turned heading outside, her twin ass cheeks were even more exposed than her breasts had been. Had it not been for the sliver of material around her waist, and a similar one across her back, I'd have sworn she wasn't wearing anything.

I could only stand there gawking at her as she went outside, though she did appear to turn her head looking back in my direction ... smiling at me when she did.

I poured myself another Long Island Iced Tea, and headed back to the den to watch the game.

"She's gonna be trouble!" I told myself. And decided there and then I was going to mention my concerns to Chris. The last thing I wanted or needed, was to spend the next two weeks dodging Robyn's flirtation bullets.

Half an hour later I headed back into the kitchen to fix myself another drink. If anyone needed to slow down, it was me. Though I promised myself I'd nurse this one until dinner time. Glancing out the window towards the pool, I nearly tripped over myself. Chris was sitting up in her lawn chair, Robyn sharing it, sitting behind her, though she was rubbing lotion into her sister's bare back. Thing was, not only had Chris removed her top, so had Robyn. And even from the side, sitting the way that they both were, I had a clear bird's eye view of their bare breasts. Robyn's definitely larger, fuller ... though Chris's somewhat smaller breasts seemed a bit perkier, giving me a rather sexy smorgasbord of differing titty-flesh to stand there looking at.

What surprised me the most was the fairly large, somewhat darker coloring of Robyn's nipples. Even at this distance I could clearly see the hard little points of her nipples as she moved about. Once or twice, seeing them graze the back of my wife's bare back, almost as though she was doing it on purpose. Without initially realizing it, I suddenly looked down, my hard cock pressed fully and tightly against the front of my beige shorts. Worse ... a small but growing wet spot beginning to emerge. I knew then I'd soon have to head upstairs to change. But for now at least, I was content to stand there and allow my voyeuristic tendencies to run rampant. I knew better sure. Wasn't I just moments ago reminding myself to stay the hell away from any of Robyn's flirtatious teasings? And now ... here I was teasing myself as I reached down slipping my hand down the front of my shorts, openly fondling myself as I stood there watching the two of them.

Playfully, I watched as Robyn completed the oiling of her sister's back, suddenly reaching around in front, cupping her own sister's breasts momentarily in her hands. Chris of course immediately reacted, though not in the way I first might have thought. She leaned back into her sister, her own hands coming up to close over her sisters, momentarily holding her hands within her own against her breasts. It was but a moment, but she then looked over in my direction, standing as she did, forcing Robyn to release her hold on her. Robyn too turned looking towards the house, that sexy little birthmark angling down towards her nipple, not quite reaching it. I stepped back away from the window, though I'd been cautious enough not to have been standing too close to it in the first place. Mentally my mind raced, trying to remember in the past what I could see from their vantage point. I felt reasonably safe they hadn't seen me, especially as I had stepped back even further into the room seeing my wife suddenly turn long before Robyn had. But now, Chris grabbed their two empty glasses and began heading my way.

"Shit!" I exclaimed yanking my hand out of my pants tempted to turn and run from the room. And I would have with plenty of time to spare had I not at that very moment knocked my glass off the counter top, shattering it on the floor. "Fuck!" I now added realizing my dilemma, already stooping to begin picking up the larger pieces of glass just as Chris entered in through the door. "Don't come in any further!" I called out to her, freezing her in place. "I broke a glass!"

She wasn't barefoot however, and quickly determining it was safe for her to enter further she did so. "I'll get the broom," she informed me. Moments later she joined me, sweeping now, though I made effort to remain stooped over as I was, looking for additional shards of glass. When it became obvious I was more in her way than helpful, I stood. And sure enough, Chris almost immediately spotted the now slightly larger wet spot I'd created on the front of my beige shorts. "Spill too?" she now asked, though she chuckled to herself when saying that.

"I came in for a drink," I said lamely.

"And looked out the window."

"Yes ... and looked out the window."

"And saw us."

"And saw you," I mimicked back, still more flustered than rational, repeating her every word as though that was the most sensible thing to be doing as she continued to lead me.

"And liked what you saw."

That one stopped me however. Though Chris didn't give me time to respond, turning to gaze back out the kitchen window herself, forcing me to look as well as she did so.

"She does have nice breasts doesn't she?" I felt it prudent not to answer that.

"So do you," I said instead seeing the smile on her face broaden upon hearing that.

Robyn was again laying back in her lawn chair, completely oblivious to the situation inside. I however wasn't oblivious to the fact that my wife was standing there next to me bare breasted, nor that she had obviously seen my wet spot and knew immediately what I'd been doing, or at the very least, what my cock had been obviously doing. Leaking.

"Wish mine were as large as hers are," she added turning back to face me, a smile on her face as she reached down, cupping her breasts holding them together.

"They're big enough," I responded tearing my eyes away from the window. Tempted to reach out and fondle her offering.

"She is a tease isn't she? Even around me," she added knowingly.

"Yeah, that was ah ... a bit interesting to say the least," I openly admitted. "Surprised she did that."

"I'm not," Chris told me. "Even as a kid before she came into her own, she was always jealous of my having breasts, and was constantly walking in on me when I dressed. She'd always take that opportunity to ask me personal intimate questions about myself, wondering when she'd finally grow some ... things like that. When she finally did, years later, she even made it a point to show them to me whenever she could, as though flaunting the fact hers were now even bigger than my own. Thank god she grew out of the jealousy thing, though by then of course, it was a pride thing for her for some damn reason. Now at least ... she seems to have gotten past that as well. She even went so far as to tell me out there that she thought my breasts were more beautiful than her own. And I think she actually meant that."

I couldn't believe I was hearing this, though to make matters worse, I was getting hard again too standing there looking out the window at my sister-in-law, along with my own bare-breasted wife standing next to me.

Robyn sat up looking in our direction.

"I'd better get back out there," Chris said refilling their glasses. "I've already been gone too long as it is. She'll be wondering," she giggled. "No doubt wondering if we're not standing here even now ... fucking in the kitchen."

The look in my wife's eyes told me she was actually considering that. Like I said, when Chris had a few drinks, she got pretty horny, and it was evident she was now. Her own nipples had crinkled up into an amazing hardness. She always had had pretty thick protruding nipple-points whenever she became aroused, her areolas, though smaller and not nearly as dark in color as her sisters were, were nevertheless just as alluring. And especially now as she actually reached up and tweaked them with her own fingers. She laughed looking down at the bulge in my shorts. She turned heading back through the door, drinks in hand, opening it with her back as she turned briefly towards me before stepping outside once again. "And don't you dare do anything with that," she grinned. "Save it for later." And with that she was gone, once again walking out towards her sister who now spun around in her chair, reaching up accepting the drink Chris offered her. I saw her look past Chris towards the house, curiously. Though I had remained back well within the room still watching. Chris took her own seat, facing her sister, breasts now pointing towards one another, my wife's nipples still clearly and obviously erect. Even Robyn noticed that looking directly towards them. For a moment I thought she might actually reach out towards one, though she didn't, tossing her head back in a laugh instead as they shared something.

"Fuck this!" I said unzipping my shorts. No way in hell was I going to pass this moment up, an opportunity like this might never present itself ever again.

It felt wickedly perverse standing there jerking myself off over the sink, staring out the window, though by now both girls were laying down again. Even so, the sight of their heavenly breasts pointing skyward was enough to get me off. I shot my spunk into the sink, feeling even more wicked as I did so, though once the lusty edge had given way, I felt sheepish again. I quickly washed away my pleasure, ensuring there remained no trace of my wanton act, and then headed back upstairs to change.

I chastised myself on the way upstairs, shaking my head. Robyn hadn't been here even twenty-four hours yet, and already she'd become a complication for me. It was going to be a long ... a very long two weeks if things continued at this rate.

Later that evening well after dinner as everyone finally retired for bed, I lay there in our bed waiting for Chris to complete her nightly ritual as she removed the little bit of makeup she wore, brushed her teeth, brushed out her long glorious hair. I smiled inwardly. The wine we'd had with dinner had been just enough to sustain the day long buzz she'd been nurturing. The twinkle in her eye, and her mischievous grin as she got ready for bed, confirmed the fact she was still horny too. Moments later she emerged from the bathroom, though wearing a simple pullover camisole which looked sexy as hell on her, I knew then she wanted what I did. And I made a point out of showing her my own arousal, the sheet fully tented upwards over my hard erect cock.

"Not here," she whispered then surprising me as she headed on tip-toes towards the door. "Robyn might hear us."

"Fuck!" I said to myself thinking it without saying it aloud. "So what?" I thought. "Can't we be quiet ... in here?" I did ask.

"Sure, if you really want to, we can," she informed me not yet turning the door-knob. "But I'm in a dirty ... horny mood, and don't much feel like keeping it all inside. So ... which do you want? In here, all nice and comfy quiet? Or outside back by the pool on a blanket where we can moan and groan as much as we want to?"

I slipped out of bed, as she turned the knob on the door. The two of us silently padding on bare feet down the hallway towards the stairs, and then outside where we crossed towards the pool area. The only lights being those from the pool itself, giving us a rather erotic little atmosphere to enjoy as Chris spread out the large padded comforter she'd brought outside with her.

"Much better," she grinned turning towards me as she lay down on it. "Now baby ... come fuck me, and tell me what it was you actually did do and see there in the kitchen after I left."

I should have known. Chris knew me even better than I knew myself. Seconds later I was behind her, fucking her doggy style, her favorite position. And all the while as I did so, I confessed to standing there watching my cum spurting all over the inside of the sink as I stood there staring at ... the two of them.

I didn't learn until much later, several days later in fact. Though we'd been very careful, and very quiet heading downstairs, Robyn had been unable to go to sleep. She had heard our whisperings easily enough, even though she'd not been able to quite make out what was being said. When she heard the door open from our bedroom, and then the soft quiet, almost secretive padding of our feet as we headed down the stairs and then outside, she had gotten up. Following at a safe unsuspecting distance, she had slipped out the sliding glass doors of the patio area, coming around the side of the yard rather from the back door entry. Unobserved, she had hidden behind the pool house, watching us as we lay there fucking on the blanket. She had eventually confessed all to her sister, unbeknownst to me, and that she had masturbated while watching us. Crying the entire time.

Even after our late night romp in the back yard, Chris as usual got up early for her morning run. As we lived only a few short blocks from the beach, she enjoyed running near the ocean, along the sand, listening to the waves as they came crashing in. It was her favorite part of the day, a chance to be alone, think ... plan her day and simply collect herself. After all that had happened recently, I expected she'd no doubt be gone a bit longer than usual. So much to consider, think about, and reason out in her head. I likewise did the same, though rather than running as I did so, I usually preferred to putter around the yard, or work on one of my many uncompleted projects out in the garage as I did so.

Still early, I had gone out to do just that, long before it got hotter in the day, before the winds picked up and began blowing that hot southerly wind in again. I knelt picking weeds out of the garden area. Though I left it up to Chris to arrange and thus decorate the gardens themselves, it was my job to see they were weeded and looking pristine in appearance. This was my time as well, early in the morning while it was still cool and pleasant enough to be doing so. Even as I weeded almost automatically, I was lost in thought ... thoughts I knew damn well I shouldn't be imagining, entertaining. Especially now. And yet ... there I was, doing just that. So absorbed in my thoughts I once again didn't hear Robyn's approach, jumping again now upon hearing the sound of her voice so unexpectedly.


"Jesus!" I yelped like a pup, almost falling over causing her to laugh.

"Sorry ... didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't ... scare me. Startled me a little yes," I said with a bit of irritation in my tone of voice, not really meaning to. "Thanks," I then added far more politely, accepting the cup of freshly brewed coffee she handed me as she stood there sipping her own.

"You're welcome," she responded, not taking offense at my tone as I'd already softened it with a smile.

"Sleep well?" I asked sipping my own cup.

"Well enough I guess. Different ... sleeping in another bed, one you're not used to ... and alone."

"I can well imagine," I told her, only then taking a brief glimpse of her as she looked about the yard enjoying the rare fresh breeze of the still cool morning air. Damned if her appearance, even innocent as it was, or was meant to be ... didn't get to me still. Though Chris usually slept in a thin pullover satiny, or even silk shift to bed at night, she sometimes wore nothing more than one of my old tee-shirts to bed. Sometimes with, but sometimes without panties, depending on the mood she was in. I liked the without mornings the best, as that usually meant she was in the mood for a quickie before either one of us dressed for work. A rather nice way to start out the day. Thus ... it was a silent, though obvious sign to me of what I could expect.

Robyn was wearing a thin white tee shirt, obviously no bra as the cool morning air had already teased and caressed her nipples into hardness, poking and pressing against the material. Once again kneeling down, spotting a weed I had missed in the small patch I was working, a quick glance her way as she stood there next to me revealed even more. At least she was wearing panties, the hem of the shirt not quite long enough to disguise the fact that she was, or might not have. Though I doubted I'd find her doing the latter, especially around me.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" She asked looking back down towards me, causing me to once again refocus my attention on the weeds and flowers rather than on the simple cute, almost too girlish little rose etched within the upper crotch of her panties.

"We talked about going down to the beach later, maybe taking a picnic with us, spending some time at the ocean, unless of course there's something else you'd rather do later?" I asked.

"No, no ... I'd like that," she said bending over to gather up my coffee cup. "Sounds like fun in fact," she added. "More coffee?"

"Yes, please."

I wondered briefly if she'd done that on purpose, or hadn't thought about it, not realizing her exposure to me as she leaned over picking up my cup, basically displaying herself, presenting to me that barely covered, likewise near perfect ass of hers. But even more so, the sudden appearance, the outline of her lips pressing against the material of the sheer panties she was wearing, clearly displaying her protruding lips, her "camel-toe" as was so vulgarly, somewhat jokingly referred to. She turned her head looking back towards me. My eyes tearing themselves away from the sight, though already too late.

"Be right back with it," she said standing up, walking away. I had heard ... distinctly heard her emphasize the word "it" when she said that, pausing for only a whispered breath of a moment, but enough that it made me wonder. She had to know I'd been looking at "it". She'd virtually caught me red-handed. And so ... had the "it" she'd referenced, emphasized ... been the "it" I'd been thinking about. Once again I shook my head in frustration, scorn and chastisement at myself. Having Robyn around was going to be a lot harder than I thought.

Thankfully she didn't stay or hover around me when she returned with my fresh cup of coffee, heading instead back inside the house. Even so, her nipples still protruded provocatively against the front of her almost too thin tee shirt for comfort. My comfort anyway, as I felt my cock stiffen, against my will, already pressing against the front of my now too tight cut off jeans.

"Hurry home baby," I thought. "Daddy's got a hard one for you," I joked with myself, though I was also pretty sure she wouldn't approve of who'd given it to me, even though I'd not wished for that. Didn't make it any easier however, Robyn was ... admittedly was, a good looking, sexy, seductive woman. A constant reminder for me to mind my P's and Q's around her.

By now it was already getting hot ... too hot. I hurriedly finished off the section I had told myself I would do before putting my gardening tools away, heading back into the house for my morning shower. I hoped while doing so, Chris might return home and thus join me inside there. I was hard as a rock. As I climbed the stairs towards the bedroom, I heard the shower already running.

"Shit! That must be Robyn," I realized. She had beaten me to it, though I shouldn't have been surprised by that. Chris had already told her she could use the shower in our room as opposed to having to go all the way down stairs and use the one in the downstairs area. Even so, I found irritation in having to do that, now share time ... scheduling amongst the three of us, though as I said ... most of the time, Chris and I simply showered together even if we didn't fool around. Not exactly something I could do with her sister, which meant simply waiting for my turn. With the door to the bathroom closed however, I saw no point in leaving the bedroom, content to sit on the edge of the bed, flipping through channels on our TV while waiting for her to come out.

I glanced over towards the bathroom door. It's not like it was wide open or anything, it wasn't. But it wasn't fully closed either. A small crack, a very small crack alerted me to the fact it wasn't fully shut, and which was also why I could hear the fall of the shower inside a bit more perhaps than I should have been. I sat, feeling impatient, irritated with having to wait on her, deciding to use the advantage of having the door open a crack as an opportunity to yell into her, and ask her if she couldn't hurry things up. I approached the door, seeing movement beyond as I did.

Our shower was unique, custom made. Big enough to easily support four inside comfortably, though that had never been our intention of course. We just liked having the room to shower in, along with two separate shower heads on either side of the wall. In addition, you stepped down into it, two small steps with a safety rail. Something I liked as there was no need for a shower curtain, or sliding glass door to have to clean, not to mention easily used as a jet tub as well whenever we decided to use it for that purpose. At the moment however, even with the door barely cracked the way it was, I could clearly see my sister-in law as she stood with her head back beneath the shower, rinsing her hair. Her full breasts jutting outwards beneath the spray, a thin, very thin strip of pubic hair between her legs, pointing upwards towards her naval almost like a beacon, inviting you to look at it. Which I found myself doing. I swallowed my words, finger tips on the door, a slight, very slight push, opening it a fraction more, if that. But just enough to even more fully see her as I stood there spying on her.

Next to the built in rack holding an array of body soaps, shampoos, conditioners and the like, we had also had installed a hand-held spray for those harder to reach places. I now watched as she reached over turning it on, and then herself by the looks of it. She wasn't simply rinsing off, or washing anything else either for that matter. Not when I saw her hand travel up, cupping one of her breasts, toying with it. Her mouth forming a small "0" as she moaned softly, teasing her extended nipple, holding the shower massage against herself with an obvious pulsating beat.

"Fuck!" I moaned silently to myself once again. Because here I was again ... looking at my sister-in law, masturbating. Feeling the erection which hadn't completely dwindled away, suddenly racing back to full and complete hardness again within seconds. The sight of her standing there, so vulnerably revealed. Closer this time in my observance in fact, details of which I now saw even more sharply, the pucker of her nipples, the crinkle of that delicate delightful skin. I allowed my eyes to caress her looking downwards, the water itself highlighting the normally almost invisible hair on her tummy just below her naval where she didn't shave. Wet however, it now lead like a path down towards her cunt, her lips puffy, protruding, swollen as she held and pressed the head of the pulsating shower massage against herself. Occasionally moving it away, teasing instead with a finger or two for a moment. Allowing me when she did that, a brief clearer glimpse at her lips, her opening, which she then spread, teasing and torturing her amazingly large looking clit. This too, far bigger than her sister's, so easily seen over the few feet separating the two of us as I stood behind the door. I watched as she changed hands, now playing with her neglected breast, placing one foot slightly above the other on the ledge running around the tub on one side. Effectively spreading herself even more ... comfortably, the shower massage again directed at her cunt, specifically against her clit as she groaned audibly, shaking briefly, now pulling fiercely on her nipple with her fingers as she pulled on it, even twisting it.

"Jesus!" I said, though glad the shower was loud enough to drown out my words, spoken softly as they had been, though I again was reminded in doing that just how precarious my situation was at the moment. Though relatively sure she wouldn't know I was standing there peeking in on her, a focused glance in that direction might reveal any distortions behind the door from the light coming behind me. Something I was very well aware of, and already at the verge of stepping back, leaving the bedroom entirely.

Which is when she came.

She had let go of the hand-held spray, leaving it to bang wildly against the wall as she reached down ... slapping, no ... spanking her pussy as it were. She was slapping it hard with one hand, the other pulling ... fingers pinching the flesh, her lips surrounding her clit, bunching it up, almost as though yanking upwards on a man's foreskin. No other way to describe it, explain it, as she pinched, holding it there, in a way, re-sheathing her clitoris. And though in doing so, she slapped, hit, and then ground her free hand against herself furiously, all the while crying out her pleasures, wave after wave of them ... or so it seemed anyway. One long, never-ending string of orgasms that shook her from head to toe. She was still climaxing in fact, when I spun away from the door, the sound, subconsciously perhaps of footsteps just then nearing alerting me to the fact ... Chris had come home.

She walked in, saw me thankfully standing looking towards her, and not through the door itself, though I was still too close to it for my own good. "Just came in to use the shower myself," I said trying to once again sound irritated. "Was just about to ask her to hurry up in there when you walked in."

Chris looked down at my crotch. "Ah huh," she smiled accusingly. "I bet you were asking her to hurry up ... and cum," she giggled suggestively. "I'm willing to bet she's using the hand held shower massager you put in for me ... isn't she?"

"I don't know ... I ... I ah ... wasn't looking for that, at that ... at her," I stammered.

"Ah huh," Chris said again stripping off her own clothes now.

"No really ... I wasn't, I just came in to shower, realized she was already in there, thought I'd peek through the door, ask her to hurry up in there."

"Peek through is right," Robyn said suddenly coming into the room, thankfully covered up with a towel around her torso. "Thought I saw something a moment ago, blocking the light behind the door ... thought it might be Jack, just wasn't sure if he was really brazen enough to sit there and spy on me."

"Spy? Spy? Who said I was spying?" I stammered defending myself, trying to sound shocked, angry even at the suggestion.

"Give it up Jack ... you're standing there with a hard on," my wife said, and then burst out laughing, just as her sister did, now looking down and over towards me.

"Oh my ... you really do. And ... you really were spying on me, weren't you?" She accused without really sounding too upset about it.

"Well, you probably were masturbating in there, weren't you?" Chris now boldly and bluntly asked her sister. "Go on, admit it ... you were probably using my shower massage."

"Well of course I was, especially after you told me about how you enjoyed using it, you certainly can't stand there and expect that I wouldn't ... after all."

"No ... but I can't say that I expected you to put on a show for Jack either," she said a bit more seriously, taking the edge off what a moment ago seemed like a bit of harmless ribbing.

"The door was shut."

"Not all the way ... unless Jack," she paused once again looking towards me.

I don't know if Robyn had purposely not closed the door completely shut, or if she'd left it as a temptation for me. There was no real way of knowing. But ... under the circumstances, it was at best circumstantial that she'd done that. And under those same circumstances, unfair to judge her by. I had been the one to push open the door a bit wider than it had been. I had been the one to stand there and observe her, even after I'd realized what she was actually doing.

"It wasn't entirely closed ... but not open enough to see anything either, until I opened it a bit more," I freely confessed, surprising them both. "It really was my intent to ask your sister to hurry things up in there, I just didn't know at the time I attempted to do that ... what things she was currently doing things too," I said trying to lighten the mood a little. "Which honestly honey ... is when you came in."

"So you're telling me ... you already had that when you came up here?" she asked once again nodding her head in the direction of my now ... rapidly deflating member. At least it was doing that.

"He might have," Robyn said coming to my rescue, though that too was quite unexpected in a rather unique sort of way as well. And at first, I wasn't sure if she'd made things better ... or worse in having said that. "He had one when I went out to give him a cup of coffee, just before coming upstairs to shower," she informed her sister. "Maybe ... he was still thinking about yesterday, this morning ... which is why he had one, and still did ... even now."

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