My Sexy Sister

by werewolf

Copyright© 2010 by werewolf

Incest Sex Story: Our parents leave us alone to go on holiday

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Romantic   Lesbian   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

"Come on you two, come and have a drink with us before we go"

Mum and dad were packed and ready for their holiday in Florida and dad always like a drink or three before flying,

"Wow champagne!" I exclaimed as I joined them in the sun drenched garden closely followed by Kirsty, my fifteen year old sister,

"There you go Kirsty" dad said and handed her a glass of bubbly, "Just the one mind"

"Don't worry dad" I grinned, "I'll make sure she doesn't have any more"

"Creep" she hissed and punched my arm,

"Oh for Gods sake you two, can't you at least pretend to like each other?"

"He loves me really don't you big brother?" she said but stuck her tongue out just as the taxi arrived.

"Remember" dad warned as they got in, "No wild parties and don't forget to lock up at night"

We stood waving as the taxi went down the long driveway, well at least I was waving with one hand, the other being up underneath the back of my sister's short skirt stroking her lovely little bottom through the gossamer thin material of her panties,

With one last wave we closed the door and she turned to face me leaning back against the door,

"Why have we still got our clothes on?"

"Why indeed?" I laughed and found her mouth with my own, she responded immediately wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing herself against my fully grown erection,

"Bed" she hissed into my mouth, "We've only got three weeks"

I used both hands to pull her panties down until she could step out of them, she turned to lock the door and squealed as I sank to my knees and kissed her bum,

"Not here" she laughed, "I want you naked in bed" and ran giggling upstairs to our parents' bedroom,

She was naked and ready by the time I got there, she lay on top of the bed, legs wide open and stroking her gorgeous little pussy,

"Come on slow coach, little sister's wet and horny"

I hopped about trying to get my jeans off, but my fully erect prick kept getting in the way, finally I kicked them off and fell on my beautiful sister,

"Oh yes" she sighed as my prick slid straight home, "Oh fucking yes, this is what I want"

She locked her ankles around my back and heaved herself up at me as I began fucking her with long, deep strokes, her cunt felt like a swamp, wet and clingy, just how I like it, we shared the same breath and sucked each others tongue, I felt her fingers digging into my back, scratching and tearing, I cupped her buttocks and drove myself harder, I prodded a finger against her tiny puckered hole and she made a funny little whimpering noise in the back of her throat,

"Fuck me Danny" she moaned into my mouth, "Fuck me darling, I love your cock, I fucking love it"

I pushed my probing finger in up to the knuckle and she squealed,

"Fuck yes, Jenny does that"

My prick instantly seemed to get harder,

"Let me watch you"

"Only if you promise not to tell anyone and I mean it"

"Of course"

"I'll phone her and see if she can stay for a couple of days"

"Does she know about us two?"

"Yeah, I told her last year after we first did it, she fancies you"

I felt my prick jerk at her words and she gripped me tighter,

"Ooh yes that's nice"

"It's always nice with you, you're the sexiest girl I know"

"You always know just what to say" she giggled, "Now shut up and fuck me, I'm nearly there"

We settled into a rhythm born out of long hours of practise, Kirsty meeting my thrusts with her own, her mouth on mine and her long finger nails digging into my buttocks, I wiggled the finger in her anus and she moaned again into my mouth,

"I'm coming Danny, fuck yes, I'm coming"

I powered into her clinging sex even harder and she squealed,

"Yes, Danny that's it, OH FUCK DANNY, I'M COMMMINGGGGG"

She arched her back as she came, her eyes as wide as saucers, I felt my sperm rising and suddenly I came with her, I was still, only my prick pumping sperm into her writhing body, her mouth was still on mine, her lips puffy and bruised, she smiled as we came down from our high and lay together still locked in our incestuous coupling.

"If you fuck her like that" she said softly, "I'll have a fight on my hands to keep you"

"No you won't, you're the only girl for me kid, I won't even fuck her if you don't want me to"

"Believe me Danny, if she wants you to fuck her, you'll do it, trust me"

She got up then telling me she was going to shower and then walk over to Jenny's house about a mile away, I had a couple of chores to do anyway so I told her I'd probably be down on the beach when she got back.

Our house was quite large, ok, it was fucking huge, with a long rolling garden that only ended where the beach began, dad had bought it when he and mum were first married, they'd struggled for years with the mortgage, but dad had fought his way to the very top in his company and he'd reaped the rewards, the house was long since paid for and he'd refused several offers from the borough council to buy back the only section of private beach on the whole sea front.

It wasn't fenced off but only because it wasn't necessary, the rocks at either side of our section of beach did the job for us, if anyone was there when the tide came in, they stayed there or asked to leave through our garden, but several notices informed would be trespassers that it was privately owned and by and large people respected our privacy.

I'd started to build a small wall at the bottom of the garden purely to keep the sand off our lawns, so I spent a couple of hours toiling away under the hot sun before going back up to the house for a cool drink and a shower.

I dressed in shorts and a tee shirt after my shower, made a sandwich and grabbed a book to take out onto the rear lawn, I loved reading and I'd just picked up the new James Patterson.

"I thought you'd be on the beach?" Kirsty said from behind me,

"Hi" I grinned, "I was just going to read for a while then go down for a dip later"

She was hand in hand with Jenny another very pretty fifteen year old who'd been her best friend since they started junior school together,

"Besides" I added, "I've been working on the wall, I figured I'd take it easy for a while"

"Saving your energy Danny?" Jenny grinned and I felt myself blushing,

"We're going to put our new bikinis on and then we're going to catch us some rays, come on Jenny"

I smiled at Jenny and returned to my book, Alex Cross was involved with the deadly Gary Soneji again and I was already hooked, but as two almost naked fifteen year old nymphs strolled past arm in arm again, the book went down and my libido went up along with my prick,

"Like 'em?" Kirsty asked as they turned round and posed in front of me,

"Like what?" I grinned, "Oh those three bits of cloth you're both nearly wearing? Yeah they're ok I suppose, but they don't hide much do they?"

"Pick the book up Danny" Kirsty said with a grin, but there was no way I was going to let them see the effect they were having on my prick,

I shook my head and they laughed,

"Bring some champagne down when you come" my sister shouted as I watched two barely clad and very curvy little bottoms jiggling their way to the beach.

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