Be Careful What Your Dreaming

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2010 by Crisscross

Mind Control Sex Story: A story about a dream, A very real dream,One that I had,and how it changed my life. I couldn't figure out why my husband stood by letting his best friend do the things he was doing to me. Then there was the dream that I succomed to his friend John, or did I?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Squirting   Violent   .

Thank you Agena for all of your help, to you I am ever grateful for all of the hard work you put in editing this story and all of the other ways you have helped me.

A large part of this story is true. There is always some truth in all of my stories. This story has quite a lot more, than just a little truth in it. The story actually started the night my husband received a phone call from our long time friends George and Betty they had since moved away but were in the area, and wondered if they were welcome to come visit for awhile. They should have known better than to even call, they should know by now they were always welcome no matter when they showed up. Being it was close to dinner time my husband Alan, invited them to dinner. I was back in my computer room writing a story when he yelled back to me asking If I had anything I could fix for dinner in a hurry. I said, "ask them if there okay with having Spaghetti, if so, I'll get started fixing it right away."

Yelling back to me, "yes honey, they said spaghetti would be great, and that they would be here in a matter of minutes. I had come home from work and changed into my shorts and tank top I hate a bra so was of course bra. less, I do this all the time at home so wasn't even aware of the fact until Alan said, "you might want to cover the twin peaks before company comes." Looking down I saw what he was talking about. I went in slipped out of my tank top and into a bra and blouse.

Dinner with our old friends was really a fun dinner, they had stopped and picked up a couple bottles of red wine, making for a light happy conversation. We hadn't seen much of our friends since they had moved but, before that we had a lot of barbecues and patio parties together, along with Alan's best friend John and his wife Connie.

We visited until close to mid night then invited them to stay over in the guest room with they refused saying, they had already gotten a hotel room. Alan and I both said they should have known they were always welcome to stay with us whenever they were in town. They said they didn't want to impose on us, not knowing what we might have planned for the evening.

As soon as they had left for the hotel, Alan showered and went to bed while I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. That done, I showered and climbed in under the covers. Alan was already asleep when I got into bed, so I cuddled up against him and soon fell asleep. Sometime during the night I started having this weird dream. It was in some kind of store, like about the size of a convenience store, it was well lighted, and there were shelves full of stuff, I had my back to one the first shelves.

My husband was standing away from me on my left some distance away. I stood watching this naked man coming towards me. I looked over at my husband and then at myself and saw we were all three naked. I looked at my husband wondering why he was just standing there watching this naked man come towards me. I shouted no as the man came foreword holding out his hand's out to me. I was backed against the shelf as far back as I could get. I put one hand over my mouth as he took my other hand and pulled me roughly towards him. I awoke startled, gasping for breath. I must have screamed just before waking up, my husband asked, "what is it honey, are you all right?"

I moved over closer to him saying, "yes, I had a bad dream, It was so real it scared me I need you to hold me." The next day the dream kept coming back to me. I tried to think if I knew the man who was reaching out to me even though I was looking right at him he had no face that I could see. He was quite slim but muscular, with Sandy colored hair and about my height, around five eight or so.

I remembered waking up scared to death he was going to get me. Even now as I thought about the dream it sent shivers through me, causing the hair on my arms to stand up. I couldn't understand why Alan had just stood there watching, not doing anything to help or protect me, had he wanted it to happen? Did he know this guy? Was Alan part of what ever the guy was going to do. Why were we all naked? Had I been willing to do whatever it was they were going to do? then decided not to?" These were the thoughts that filled my head the day after the dream.

In a couple of days the dream had went away. It no longer haunted me day and night. It had just been a bad dream, a night mare. It was close to the very night a week later. I had been writing a story until around 1-30 AM when I had called it a night. After taking a shower I crawled into bed snuggling up close to my husband.

I was lying in bed thinking about the story I had been working on when I drifted off to sleep. Once again I was in that same store. It was the second chapter of the same dream. Oh god I was scared, I felt the same terror I had felt the first time. I tried screaming for Alan to please help me, but no sound came out. The same thin, well muscled man was coming towards me. He was getting very close. Suddenly I started laughing hysterically, why I don't know.

As he got closer my laugh changed to crying, I began pleading with him, "no, no please don't do this to me."

The man said, "I know you've wanted me to fuck you for a long time, now I'm going to." I was laughing and crying at the same time. He pushed me back against the shelf and came right up to me.

I pleaded with him saying "no no your wrong, I have never wanted that, I don't even know you." I thought Alan was surely going to stop him before he could guide his long cock into me. He started pushing and I felt what must have been his cock head enter me. I gave one last hard shove and was able to push him back enough to get away.

I started running to my right towards the end of the shelves. I ran around the end of the shelves screaming for help as I ran towards a wide doorway. He was chasing me laughing, saying, I knew you wanted my cock in you I stumbled and started falling. I awoke screaming, "no, no."

Alan sat up grabbing me jn his arms. I tried pushing him away, but his arms were holding me against his chest as I sobbed hysterically. I felt his hand slowly brushing my hair calming me down. When I had finally calmed down he said, "it was a bad dream darling, that's all, just a bad dream, you're alright now."

I sobbed, "why didn't you help me Alan? you let him do it without saying anything, or doing anything, why Alan? Why?"It never entered my mind that Alan didn't have a clue what I was talking about, I hadn't even told him what the dream was about. The rest of the night I slept waking up listening, wondering if it had really been a dream. It had seemed real. I felt him as he began entering me. I remember looking down seeing his cock in his hand as he tried pushing into me. I thought my god its long, why is it so long? on such a thin guy. I started laughing as I watched him trying to get his cock into me. I laughed because I didn't think he would be able to get it in me standing up. Suddenly I felt him enter me, I began struggling with him, giving it everything I had and was able to push him away and start running. The dream ending as I turned the corner at the end of the shelves and started falling.

Like the first time it was all I could think of the next day. Every time I thought about it the hair on my arms stood up. I shivered as goose bumps covered my legs as I thought about him pushing his cock head into me Thinking about it now made my nipples become rock hard.

It was several days before the dream started going away this time. After a couple of weeks I was pretty much over thinking about it except for Once in awhile I would wonder what had caused me to dream such a dream in the first place. Then it would go away for a day or two, until it finally went away for good.

It was a month later. It had been awful hot for the past several days and nights, but this evening there was a somewhat cool breeze blowing, so I decided I was going to open some windows and get some fresh air in the house, it had been closed up and the air conditioning running day and night for over a week. I opened some of the windows in the living room, kitchen, our bedroom and the bedroom where I have my home office set up. I would have liked to leave them open all night, but being Alan was away for a three day seminar, I decided against it.

I worked late into the night on another story trying to get it ready to submit to LT. Finally around midnight or so I finished it. Shortly after, I went in took a shower came out feeling much better, then slipped into one of my very short Teddy's, from Victoria's Secret. I brushed out my hair as I went around closing and locking the windows. I thought the one in the far back bedroom where my office is, felt different when I closed it, but I didn't give it much thought at the time, since it did seem to lock.

I have no idea how long I had been asleep when the dream started, He was coming at me again, only this time I could see his face, it was Alan's best friend John, I was confused. John had never made advances to me, not ever, why is he doing this? I pleaded with him, please John don't do this.

I looked over at Alan. He was standing in the same place he had been the other times not saying anything to stop the assault on me. Again John was able to get the head of his cock into me before I was able to push him away. I was screaming as he ran after me pleading with him. "Please don't do it John. I know your only teasing, but its gone far enough."

I ran around the end of the shelves, when I did I started falling towards the large doorway like had in the dreams before. This time I fell face down and I rolled over onto my back kicking at John as he lunged landing on top of me. I was screaming. "Alan please help me, please, my god Alan, Help me, I'm your wife." But he didn't help me. He stood quietly watching as John guided his long cock with the huge mushroom shaped head between my swollen pussy lips.

I felt John pushing that long strange looking cock into me. I pleaded with him not to do it, saying, "please don't John. He kept smiling at me as he pushed inch after inch of his long cock into my pussy. I had never felt anything so wondrous in my life by now I was hoping it would never end it felt so good. Deeper and deeper it went until I felt it pressing against the bottom of my cunt. Stopping he looked down at me saying, "you like it now don't you Lisa?"

I heard myself say, "yes, my god yes John it feels wonderful. Are you going to fuck me now john? Smiling he started pumping his long cock in and out of me. Suddenly I felt myself curl up with cramps. It started hurting somewhere deep inside. As I began to spasm, my stomach tightened, the pain slowly receded, causing a pleasurable pain like nothing I had ever felt in my life. I woke up screaming in the passionate throes of orgasmic pleasure the likes of which I had never felt before. Throwing back the sheet, I looked down in time to see what was to be the final squirt of my orgasm, I slowly relaxed and felt that the bed had been soaked by my juice's.

I laid down not caring the bed was soaked from an orgasm so intense that it left me totally exhausted. I started sobbing. Part of me saying what the hell is going on with me? Am I losing my mind? The other part saying my god what a wonderful feeling, not caring that in my dream I had cheated on my husband. I looked at the bedside clock radio, it said 4-22am. I laid there staring at the ceiling until it was time to get up. It had been so real, was it a dream? Or? No, that was impossible, I had locked all the windows, besides, I would surely know if I had been fucked, wouldn't I? Could it happen and I wouldn't even know it if I were in a deep sleep? Could someone be putting something in my food or drink? John surely wouldn't do that, he was Alan's best friend, wasn't he?

I called into work telling them I had stomach cramps and wouldn't be coming in. I maybe should have went in to work, if for no other reason to get out of the house. God I wanted Alan to be home. Why had he just stood and watched? Does he really want to watch me with another man? or is it me that wants him to watch me fuck his friend John? No, that can't be it. I have never had feelings for John, besides that, I like his wife Connie to much to ever do that to her

I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when Alan called. He asked me how things were going. I told him everything was fine.

He hesitated then said, "are you sure? you sound different, is everything okay honey?"

"No!!!!!, everything is not okay Alan, you're not here with me, but that damn dream is. Oh god Alan, it was so real, I've been up most of the night. I'm not going into work. I'm a total mess this morning, in more ways than one."

"Lisa, are you going to be okay until I get home? I'll be back tomorrow, If you want I'm sure I can get John to keep an eye on the place if your really that afraid to be alone."

I felt my chest tighten and couldn't breathe at the mention of John's name, finally gasped out. "No, no I don't need John or anyone looking in on me, I promise I'll be okay until you get back."

"Alan said, Just remember darling, it's only a bad dream, it's not real and it's not going to hurt you."

"Yes Alan, that's easy for you to say, your not the one having the dream, but don't worry, I'll be okay until you get back." That ended our conversation.

I finished my coffee, refilled my cup and went back to my office computer room, something caught my attention drawing it to the window, it was open about a half an inch. I woke up on the floor wet from my spilled coffee. I had no idea how long I had lain there.

Looking over at the window and saw it was closed tight. I broke down crying, why are you doing this to me? I know I saw that window open, I know I did. I laid face down on the carpet unable or unwilling to get up. I laid there thinking. The only explanation I could come up with was, I must have been expecting it to be open when I came in. When I looked, my mind expected to find it open, my brain told my eyes it was open. When my eyes looked, they saw it as open. That had to be what happened. Because now it was closed, as it should have been when I came in.

Slowly I got up off the floor and went back into the kitchen. I looked at the clock on the kitchen stove, it was 1-17 pm, my god I had lain on the floor and slept for almost eight hour's from shear exhaustion. I felt like hell. I was dirty, I smelled from laying in my orgasmic juices. I had cum all over myself and the bed, then had laid on it. I didn't feel hungry so decided to shower first, then maybe I would feel like eating.

I sat around the rest of the day unable to stop thinking about the dream and how it had progressed from John almost touching me in the first dream to causing the most dramatic orgasm I had ever had in my life. While my husband stood by watching, not saying or doing anything to try to keep me from being raped by his best friend, I begged had and pleaded with both of them to stop this game but neither had paid any attention to my pleas.

I was able to slowly push it out of mind by watching TV. But it wasn't long until I couldn't find anything I hadn't seen already or was worth watching. I turned it off and went into my home office and got on the computer. Checked my emails, had a chat with a couple of online friends, then decided to work on my stories. I worked on a story I had started writing a week ago. I soon ran into a dead end as I couldn't really concentrate. Something kept gnawing at the back of my mind, not being able to figure out what it was that was bothering me, I decided to go to bed. I shut down the computer, turned out the light and closed the door then went into the kitchen. The clock on the stove said 12-23 AM. I turned out the lights and went into my bed room, I undressed and took another shower, by this time it was almost 1 am. I got under the sheet and soon went to sleep.

I saw myself backing towards the shelves covered with goods. The man was coming towards me again as he had in all the prior dreams. Why were we all naked? where had this started? He was reaching out for me. Suddenly I was awake, not dreaming, or at least I didn't think I was. Had I actually heard something, or had I dreamed it? I sat up in bed listening. There, I did hear something, It sounded like it came from the computer room. I got up and made my way down the hall, When I reached the door I stood listening, not hearing anything, I slowly opened the door looking in. The only light in the room was from a far off street light.

I went in making my way towards the computer. I heard the door shut behind me, I turned and saw someone standing there in the dark. The hair on my neck stood straight up and I felt ice cold. I cried out, "what do you want?" I was now on the verge of crying. Please John, this isn't funny, please don't do this anymore. I was backing towards a far corner, trying to get as far away from John as I could get. The man started walking towards me. I could see in the dim light that he was naked. It was John, his long thin cock sticking straight out with that huge bonnet shaped cock head. He said in a voice much deeper than I remembered him having. "I'm going to fuck you again tonight, in fact I'm going to fuck you anytime I want."

"No John, I can't do this, please don't make me do this. I love Alan, your best friend, why would you want to fuck your best friends wife?

He said, " you stupid bitch don't you realize Alan wants me to fuck you. He's got some bitch he wants to fuck so he wants me to fuck you, by the way I brought a friend with me tonight since Alan couldn't be here."

"No, I don't believe you, Alan would never do this to me." By now I was crowded into the corner. I saw someone come out of the dark corner across the room from me, he was a huge dirty and mean looking man. As he slowly approached I started crying. "Please don't do this I'm begging you please don't hurt me. John grabbed me jerking me out of the corner landing flat on my face, he rolled me over then holding me down, he tore away my Teddy.

I heard myself scream as he he pushed his long cock all the way in hurting me when it hit bottom. He started fucking me hard, deep and fast. It didn't feel good like it had before, it was hurting me bad. I was crying screaming for him to stop to no avail, they were both laughing at the way he was hurting me, making me scream. when I felt his cock jerking inside me I knew he was cumming in me, it was finally over.

He pulled out of me, moving out of the way saying to the other man. "She's all yours, I saw John looking at the other man then laughing. "Damn Billy there ain't nobody gonna want that pussy after you get done with it." Billy laughed getting between my legs he lifted them onto his shoulders and I felt something huge pressing against my pussy. As he started pushing his huge thick cock into me I began screaming, begging him not to. The pain I felt as he pushed into me was like nothing I had ever felt it like a red hot shaft being pushed into me. The last thing I remember hearing was Billy saying, "damn shes tight, but shes tearing, it'll fit good once I get it in her."


Five months later. "I sure like this place, it's always so nice and sunny. I love the big windows so I can look out. It never gets dark in here and I like that, no bad things happen here, not like that other place, bad things happen there, so I like it better here. I really like my nurse, Peggy. She watch's over me, so bad things don't happen again.

"There's a really nice man that comes to see me. I was scared of him at first but he brings me something every time he comes to see me. One time he brought me this doll, she's my best friend now. I never leave her alone, bad things might happen to her if I leave her alone. Bad things happened to me once when I was alone in the dark. But I don't remember that, sometimes I do, but I don't like to think about that, so I hide in my room."

"Here comes nurse Peggy and that nice man, Hi, I like to wave at him. He always smiles and waves back at me."

"Look who's here to see you Nurse Peggy said smiling at me, he came back just like he promised he would. You have a nice visit. And Alan, I'm sure she expects you to stay and have dinner with her."

"Thank you Peggy, tell the cook I'll be staying for dinner with my favorite girl."

"Am I really your favorite girl, your name is Alan Right?"

"Yes I'm Alan, and you are my favorite girl, and you have been for a long time. But I had to leave on business and something bad happened and you had to come here for awhile, but that doesn't mean I don't love you."

I didn't mean to make you cry Alan, I'm sorry, I better go to my room now, I'm sorry."

"No, no, Please don't go to your room, you didn't do anything wrong, I was just feeling sad that's all, but your making me happy now. Do you know It's almost Christmas? do you remember what that is?"

"No I don't think I can remember that, It's not bad is it Alan?"

"Oh no no, it's not bad, its the most fun time of the year, people give you presents, you like presents. And there's lots of good things to eat and see, lots of music, its really fun, would you like me to take you to my house for Christmas?"

"I better think about that, bad things happen."

"If I promise no bad things can happen to you, will you come home with me? It would really make me happy, I would have my favorite girl with me for Christmas. What do you say will you do it, it will be fun, I promise."

She sat looking at me. I could see she was trying so hard to remember who I was and if she should leave her safe haven here at the home.

I said, "you think about it while were having dinner okay. then you can tell me if you want to go." I joined Lisa for dinner and it was fun for her having me stay and eat with her, we played around like two kids, I put chocolate frosting on my finger then told her, "oh there's something on your lips," when I reached out to take it off I smeared the frosting all over her lips. God they felt nice, I wanted to kiss them so bad. I almost stood up screaming give her back to me God. Why are you punishing her for something she didn't do. I couldn't believe how much I still loved her, even in the state she was in, knowing she may never come back to me.

She laughed licking the frosting off her lips saying, "that sure tastes good," we were both laughing as she was trying to lick it off. I stayed until almost 10 pm, visiting hours were over but they always let me stay as long as I wanted.

As I got ready to go she reached out taking my hand, something she had never done before. I closed my hand around her's, now so frail from not being used. I didn't want to leave now, maybe there was a spark of hope. I said, "what did you decide about Christmas, do you want to come and visit me. I'll bring you back anytime you want, you won't have to stay if you don't want to."

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