Depression, Obsession, and Possession

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: A guy catches his wife 'in flagrante delicto' with one of her co-workers. After their divorce he goes into a depression. When he finally begins to snap out of it, he realizes how much he had been neglecting his daughter. This story takes a bit of time to develop. For readers who like a quick fix, this might not be for you.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

A special thank you to Nitely for finding those many things that an author often misses even after much scrutinizing. My only concern is that if our mothers were right, he may go blind trying to HANDLE this editing. In addition, it should be noted that this is a massaged version of 'Taking His Daughter's Cherry' once found on the internet. Because the author (Marie Attwood) can't be located, it is hoped that she approves this version, which has a younger girl than hers.

When the end came to their marriage, Spence was devastated. Until he caught her in the act, he didn't have the slightest suspicion that Marge was being unfaithful. Her later revelations to him were even more shocking. Her reason for admitting to it all was to bring the marriage to a complete end. In truth, although it was sex that drove her to cheat, the fact that she did so caused her to initially feel guilt and to eventually hate the marriage itself.

Marge admitted to Spence that she had been with other men frequently during their 14 years together and over the years it was sometimes unbearable to be around him and their 12- year-old daughter Angelina, knowing she was being unfaithful.

After actually seeing Marge with that guy, and then hearing from her how she'd always been oversexed, Spence wondered if there was some point where he should have noticed. Thinking of their years together, he remembered back to those very early times together. Hell, they couldn't have been married even six months when she was gushing to him how much she loved his cock. Marge had been a virgin when they married, but she had become so cock loving for him, that he used to wonder if she had ever had another, would she have felt that way for his. After all, he wasn't overly big, and very early on in their marriage, it seemed as if she couldn't get enough of his cock.

In fact, thinking back, he recalled that it was actually Marge who volunteered to give him blowjobs and have anal sex; he didn't institute those things. He had always thought of such sexual acts as 'not for nice girls' to do, and he was somewhat reluctant to do them with his wife. However, Marge actually insisted that she wanted to, and indeed, it turned out that she loved doing both.

He remembered how she gushed that she now understood why her mom was a slut. At the time, her words shocked him, because he had only known his mother-in-law as an everyday housewife type person. He learned otherwise through Marge, who had spied on her mom many times while growing up. Mrs. Lupino apparently was 'friendly' with a few of the deliverymen, and was a truly good neighbor to a couple of men. And those were the ones that Marge knew about. She told Spence that her mom was like a wild women with those guys, often so loud that Marge was sometimes afraid that her mom would be heard from outside the house. That Marge's dad never found out was a wonder.

After Spence and Marge were married and she was so much into sex herself, she told him about her mom and kept repeating how she now understood why her mom was the way she was.

Spence guessed that his young wife's sexual needs were coming from her genes, but he never thought that just because his wife seemed to be oversexed that she would eventually cheat on him, though in hindsight he most certainly should have been on the lookout. After all, she certainly seemed to have a lust for his cock right from the beginning.

Although Marge had been cheating on him for years, it wasn't until they had been married for 14 years that he found out.

She had been having an affair with a younger man from her office for several months when he stumbled upon the truth. She had called home one evening and left a message on their answering machine saying that she would be about two hours late getting home from work, as there was a project that she almost had finished and wanted to complete before she left.

Spence thought nothing about it. His wife was that way about everything. Once she began something, she would sink her teeth in and finish it as quickly as possible, no matter how long it took.

She had been on the project for a couple of months and he just assumed it was Marge's obsessive nature that was keeping her at the office; spending a lot more time there than at home. He'd be lucky to get a 'Good Morning' and a quick kiss and she would be gone, leaving him to make sure that Angelina got to school, before he himself went to his job.

So it was that on that Friday, Angelina asked him if she could do a stay-over at her girlfriend Jeannie's, her 12-year-old neighbor and classmate. Spence said okay, and when his daughter said that she'd be going to Jeannie's house right after school, he realized he wouldn't have to get home right after work to be with her. He usually had to pick her up at his mother-in-law's house.

Free from any obligation, he decided that he would surprise Marge with dinner in her office. After he was finished at his place, he went for a couple of drinks to kill some time. Then he stopped by their favorite Chinese take-out place and picked up several of the dishes that his wife liked. Trying to time it so she would be about done with the extra work, he got to her office about 7:30 PM and the security guard buzzed him in.

(The funny look the guard gave him as he said good evening didn't register until he thought back on it on the following day.)

Until he drove straight into the wall of reality, Spence never suspected a thing. He had loved his wife and had from the first moment he had met her. He thought that they had a nice marriage and family. Yeah, they had their minor squabbles, and yeah, Marge was often irritable, but things were better than in most other marriages, he thought. They weren't rich, but quite comfortable, and Angelina was a true joy, who'd soon be in high school. The future looked nice with their daughter aiming for college and someday marrying. When Spence thought of such things, he'd smile; joking himself that old age, naps and playing with their grandchildren was just around the corner.

As he rounded the corner in the hall leading to her office he had visions of Marge just wrapping up her work and smiling at him. She'd thank him for dinner and say she was starved and glad he thought to come down. He'd take her in his arms and kiss her with all the stored up passion of the last few months. They'd eat and head for home where he'd run them a bath, light a few candles...

Until that night, he was such an incurable romantic. The events of that night cured that in him forever.

Humming a happy little tune he reached his wife's office and opened the door. It was at that moment that his world exploded into millions of tiny sharp pieces that cut his life apart and lodged in the walls of his heart; ripping it to shreds, etching the scene permanently on the back of his eyelids.

For months afterward, every time he closed his eyes, the scene was replayed in his mind.

Marge was draped over the back of a chair that had been drug into the middle of the room. She was completely nude except for a black lacy garter belt and black stockings that had a line of embroidery up the back. Directly behind her, leaning forward and pressing into her, was a naked man, whose arms were around Marge. He had a firm grip on one of her full breasts that were dangling over the back of the chair; pulling her nipple and twisting it. He was pumping his cock in and out of Marge's willing ass as she gasped and groaned. As the guy grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head back, a loud moan escaped from the delicate curve of her throat as he slammed his cock into her ass again and again.

What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. Spence still remembered it that way. In disbelief, he groaned, "Oh God no," and dropped the bag of food on the floor. He can still clearly see the boxes popping open and the rice spraying into the air and falling grain by grain on the carpet.

At the sound of the crash, Marge turned her head and saw him standing in the doorway. He watched her expression of pure lust change to one of fear and desperation. She pushed away from the back of the chair, throwing the man that had been mounted on her back across her desk. Her laptop computer slid off the edge and several of the keys popped out as it struck the floor on its corner.

Standing there in shock, Spence looked at the man sprawled on her desk; he was trying to recover, his dick sticking straight up in the air like a flagpole, much bigger than his. He couldn't help but to wonder if that was the reason his wife had done this.

As Spence turned, he saw Marge take a step toward him, her breasts jiggling, her nipples hard and red and swollen from the pinching and the sucking they had just received.

He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think, he needed to get out, get fresh air. It seemed like and unreal dream that he would wake from any minute to find his wife asleep, curled warmly against his side. Temporarily mindless, he staggered down the corridor and slammed his hand against the elevator button, and waited, gasping. Just as the doors finally opened, she grabbed his arm.

Anger flared, hurt ripped through him. Without thinking rationally at all, he turned to her, grasping her with all his strength by the arms and shook her. "Don't - ever - touch - me - again - you FUCKING BITCH! Don't come home! Don't call! Don't do anything! Just - get — OUT - of - my — FUCKing - life!"

He was sure that his shouts were heard in the next universe. He flung her from him and stepped into the elevator. The last he saw of his wife was her spread out on the floor, a huge rip in her black stocking and her gaping wet pussy that she had given to another man. He turned away as the doors closed.

The months that followed were dim for Spence. He was numbed; distant to everyone, even his 12-year-old daughter, who herself was having a horrible time understanding everything that was going on in her life. In the main, Angelina was as alone as her father, though they were living under the same roof. Spence should have been more help, but he couldn't seem to get past what had happened, with the incident and in his own life.

Realizing that it would serve no good purpose, Marge never came home. She had been fed up with family life anyway, and this only solidified her thoughts and gave her a way out. She never even called, though she did write Angelina a three-page letter in which she explained to the girl that she should take care of her father because she (Marge) had failed him and her. She quit her job and moved to parts unknown.

In fact, Spence never got to even talk to her until six month later, when they met in her lawyer's office. He even agreed to have lunch with her and it was then that she confessed to her indiscretions of the past.

His return from Hell actually took a couple of years. For months he was rooted in his anger and self-pity. It was about a year later when he finally seemed to be returning to the human race. At home, he seemed to actually feel some regret at how he had been ignoring Angelina, and both father and daughter started to seem to be enjoying being around each other again. At least on the surface Spence almost seemed normal.

In fact, with the help of a couple of friends and his sister-in-law Bev, he met and dated a few women that they introduced him to. However, it was as if he developed a tremendous distrust or dislike for women, as it didn't seem as if he wanted to be around them, even when he was out with one. In his mind, he still saw his wife bent over that chair while that guy fucked her up the ass. And he would wonder if whatever girl he was with at the moment, would end that way as well.

After a half-year or so of this, he gave up on dating; and finally, his friends gave up trying to help out.

It was at his daughter's 14th birthday dinner that he noticed Angelina had grown up. Only recently had he begun to realize that the last couple of years had been just as hard on her as on him.

Now, as he watched her at the head of the table, laughing at something someone had said, he suddenly saw her as a young beautiful woman, and the revelation was an amazing one for him. Intrigued that he had failed to notice her growing up, he now watched the gentle curve of her neck, the soft sweep of her dark hair against her shoulders, and the sparkle of excitement in her crystal blue eyes. His 'little Angel' was going to be a strikingly beautiful woman.

Angelina saw her daddy looking at her; she smiled broadly at him and winked. That did it; that sealed his fate, melted his cold heart and purchased him a special place in Hell.

The next two years he spent every spare moment with his daughter, getting to know her, letting her get to know him as an adult. They liked each other. They went to movies, the theatre, school games and conferences. He thought by doing this he would learn to see her in the proper light a father should see his daughter in. He encouraged her to date, gave her liberal curfews hoping she would find a nice boy.

And all the while he watched her mature, the Demons of Lust lurked in the depths of his brain. He watched as her breasts filled out and firmed up. He loved to watch them softly jiggle as she walked, which in itself was okay, but shamefully he hungered to fondle them, to suck the nipples to erection. He would take her grocery shopping and linger in the frozen food section so he could ogle her nipples through her t-shirt as they puckered and hardened in the cold air. He watched as her legs lengthened and took shape, and oh such a shape they were. He would lie awake at night and fantasize of those legs wrapped around his waist with his cock buried deep in her and he would masturbate and dream those damning dreams.

It could be argued that the trauma he experienced had driven him into a fantasy world, but the truth was that Spence was well aware of what was happening and how wrong it was for a father to be looking at, and fantasizing about having sex with his own daughter. He had countless talks with himself, logical talks, berating himself for such unholy thoughts; sometimes trying to justify that it was because he just hadn't had a woman in so long.

He tried dating again, a few lovely women with intelligence and good looks and sweet bodies. Women any man in his right mind would find desirable. Yet with each good night kiss, a kiss he hoped would break the spell, free him from his demons, he would see his daughter's face, imagine it was her lips he tasted. Instead of getting over this fantasizing, he was becoming worse.

What was wrong with him? How could he get out this pit he had dug for himself? Was there a way out?

Angelina turned sixteen halfway through her sophomore year of high school. They had a 'Sweet-16 Pool Party' for the occasion. His backyard was filled with wet half-naked teenagers romping in the pool. He watched with fascination the energy of them.

He had invited a couple of friends, Rick and his wife June, over to help with the event and to help him stay sane. He was standing just inside the sliding glass door sipping on a soda and watching the kids in the pool when Rick came up beside him.

Rick stood next to him a long while, watching the kids jumping off the diving board. He leaned close to Spence and said in a voice just loud enough for him to hear, he said, "It's amazing that girls today, younger than ours, are actually into sex. I guess it's no surprise, seeing at how they are now maturing and seeing what they are watching on TV."

He was stunned and didn't know what to say. Later Spence could've killed his friend for planting that seed. Rick had just removed the last barrier, kicked open the last gate that had restrained his vivid imaginings from running wild and taking form. Spence turned and looked at his friend in amazement.

Rick shrugged his shoulders and said, "Hey, at least I'm willing to admit I'm a man, and as one, I can't help but admire God's handicrafts." He drained his pop can and set it on the counter and took another look out the window. "Hmmm, mmmm, He does some fine work." He turned back into the house, "Better go see if June needs any help."

He left Spence standing there staring at all the young bodies, and one in particular. Spence found himself staring at his own daughter. The thought that 'younger than ours are actually into sex' was playing over and over in his head and he slid into an even deeper level of hell.

It didn't take long for Spence to then begin to tie in the gene-relationship between Angelina, her mom and even her grandmother. If Marge and Marge's mom loved cock... ?"

Now he knew that his mind was hovering too near the edge of the cliff leading him into disaster. He had to stop fantasizing of his daughter, lest he lose control of himself with her.

The next month he avoided all contact with her. Angelina would hug him good-bye and he would step away quickly. She would come to kiss him good night and he would make it a quick on the cheek, feigning interest in a TV show or some other ruse. He noticed her watching him. He knew his actions confused her. After all, they had come through so much together and had re-bonded, becoming so close again. Still, he couldn't help it. He needed the space to keep any semblance of propriety.

Then came a morning where it took all of his willpower not to react. The night before Angelina had said that she had to have some extra money for school today, and he said he'd give it to her in the morning. However, she hadn't said how much she needed.

His daughter was in the bathroom; he heard the water running and knew she wouldn't hear him if he called to ask how much money she wanted. He had simply assumed that she was just washing her face and he was running late for work. Thus, without thinking, he rushed into the bathroom to say good-bye and give her whatever money she needed.

He gasped in awe and froze, gawking awkwardly. There she stood, totally naked, with all the feminine curves of a mature woman. He hadn't seen her undressed since she was 11 or 12.

Angelina turned to her father, completely unconscious of her nudity, completely unaware of its effect on him and said, "I know, I didn't tell you how much, right? Twenty bucks should do it, Daddy, and thanks. Have a nice day, Pops; I'll see you tonight. Maybe we could do pizza and a movie?"

He couldn't move, couldn't speak, he was frozen in time and space. Finally, he did manage a weak smile and stammered, "Okay, that ... that sounds fine."

He was about to leave when Angelina stepped up to him and put her arms around his neck and gave him a hug, pressing her naked body to his. His reaction was instant; he felt all the blood rush forcefully into his dick and his arms went around her, pulling her even tighter against him. He felt the warmth of her through his clothes, the soft dampness of her skin against his hands. The smell of her hair fresh from the shower filled his mind with smoky images of hot kisses and stoked the fire of his lust.

She kissed him on the cheek and stepped away, glancing down at his crotch. She had to have seen the hard outline of his cock pressed against the tightness of his jeans, he told himself. Yet, she didn't say a word; there was no acknowledgement of it in her eyes or on her face. As she turned back to the mirror and picked up her hairbrush she said, "Leave the money downstairs, okay?"

He took a deep shaky breath and looked at the floor. "Okay, I'll leave it on the kitchen table for you." He hurried out of the bathroom, dropping the money off, and hurried out of the house as fast as he could. When he got into his car, he looked down at his hands and saw how much he was trembling.

All morning at work Spence was distracted and unable to concentrate. The smell of his daughter, warm from the shower, stayed in his nose and tormented his thoughts.

At lunch he raced home, locked himself in the room, and masturbated to the memory of Angelina's skin against his hands; her body as it had molded to his. His vision of his daughter filled his head. As he imagined the taste of the dampness between her legs he came, great shuddering spasms that spewed weeks of pent up semen on to his belly.

Later that night, a Friday, he took her to the movie she had wanted to see. Inside the darkened theater, his hormones raging, he purposely concentrated on her smell as she sat alongside him. He was becoming so irrational that when he saw that she had her hands together on lap, in the vicinity of her crotch, he reached over, ostensibly to hold her hand. She took his in hers and he deviously managed to have his under hers so that his knuckles could put light pressure toward her cunt. Angelina either didn't notice or chose to ignore because he wasn't making any real headway to danger.

Later at home, after she had gone to bed, he relaxed back in his chair, feeling each beat of his heart speed up as he thought again of his daughter. The images of her played in his mind, they mingled with her as a child. Him teaching her how to ride a bike, morphing into her on roller skates, morphing into her in the high school swim team, morphing to her this morning and the way she felt in his arms.

Spence was hard again and as he pumped his cock for a second time that day, he envisioned his daughter under him and how she would feel moving in rhythm to his thrusts. As he came again, the overwhelming feeling of despair washed over him and he wept at the loss of his soul.

He knew the only way to cleanse this from him was to take her, to make love to her, to sate the years of cravings. Spence had now stepped from the world of fantasy and into the world of the damned. He formulated a plan, one of lust and seduction.

In the weeks that followed he completely reversed course. Instead of purposely avoiding being close to Angelina, he dearly wanted to feel her. He touched her as much as possible, hugs and kisses, a swat on the fanny now and then. He complimented her on her hair, her dress, her smile, and her figure. He made subtle innuendos about sex.

Angelina ate it all up. She had been feeling bad that their relationship had seemed to flounder. Now her daddy and her were once again together. If she realized that he was doting, she didn't show any surprise. Indeed, she was full of life around him, seemingly responsive to his attention.

Spence wooed her like any man would a woman he wanted. When guilt would rear its ugly head, he squashed it and sent it sniveling back into the blackest corners of his heart. He was paying more attention to the youngster than he had ever paid to her in her life and she was eating it up.

A couple of times at the pool, he actually asked her to put sunscreen on his back. He reveled in the feel of her hands on him. He'd murmur sounds of pleasure while her hands rubbed him, and she now was beginning to react to all the attention.

Slowly Angelina had begun to respond. Spence would catch her staring at his crotch or his chest. She started volunteering to rub tanning oil on him. She began to make the jokes about sex and then she actually began to compliment him on his body. He worked out regularly and maintained a firm and muscular shape. He arranged for her to see him naked by 'accident' a few times, and saw that strange look in his eyes which he remembered from his wife was a look of lust.

On many nights he stood outside his daughter's door and listened to her quiet moans of pleasure as she masturbated in the solitude of her room and he masturbated to her sounds in the darkened hall outside her door. Was it him his little Angel imagined in those moments of ecstasy? He was more than tempted to go in and finish her himself. But, she would have to come to him; that would be the only way he could ever live with himself afterward.

If his daughter wanted him to make love to her, he had convinced himself, then that would make it be alright. He would be honoring her wishes. Oh how twisted the mind can become with an obsession; bending the rules and morals to angles that allow us to reach that poisonous fruit.

As she passed her daddy's room, the 16 year old heard those familiar sounds from within. For the last two weeks or so, each time she came out of the shower and was heading to her room, she heard them. From the first night, the youngster was guessing what was happening. She knew enough to know that men masturbated and she quickly decided what the murmurings, mutterings, grunts and groans coming from her father's room were. Still, if that was indeed what was happening, why was his door never closed all the way, as she did with hers? Also why did she so often hear her father saying her name?

On a few of those nights she had been tempted to see if she could peek inside his room; now, tonight, her curiosity and concern brought her to the door of his bedroom once again.

Quietly and slowly, she pushed the partially ajar door open and looked in to see if he was all right.

Spence had been waiting for another disappointment. He'd been trying to lure his daughter into the room every night for almost two weeks now. A few times he knew she was outside in the hall and he purposely murmured her name, hoping that would be the hook to bring her in. Each night ended with her walking away and then going into her room and closing her door.

Again, tonight, he heard her pause in the hall. However, instead of her moving on, this time he saw the door begin to open further, enough so that she could enter. He shut his eyes immediately, wanting to act as if he was touching himself and fantasizing in his sleep.

He heard her clothes rustle in the doorway and he opened his closed eyes just a slit, enough to see her standing there, watching him running his hands over his tummy and into his shorts, obviously doing things with his cock.

Angelina stood in the doorway staring at her daddy. She watched as the bulge in her father's shorts grew and hardened and quivered in excitement as his hands rubbed about his stomach and crotch.

Spence allowed a groan to come from his throat. His cock throbbed, realizing his daughter was watching him from the doorway. He slid his hand inside his shorts and ever so gently stroked his cock, feeling the velvet softness of his erection. He pushed his shorts down, just enough to his cock, making it easier to stroke his full erection.

"Ooooo Angel," he muttered in his feigned sleep, hopefully so low that she'd just barely hear his words.

Keeping his eyes open only to slits he looked at his daughter standing back in the doorway. From where she was positioned, he couldn't be sure but it seemed to him that her hand might be rubbing over her crotch.

Anxious now, he slid his shorts all the way down, exposing his cock and balls to his daughter's hungry gaze. If she were anything like her mom and her grandma, her eyes would be riveted to that spot. He raised one foot and pulled them the rest of the way off, and then spread his legs, giving her a better view. Angelina watched in awe; she still didn't know he was aware of her presence.

Spence rubbed his hands over his stomach and stretched out straight, moving them down his thighs, slowly bringing one hand up to grip his balls and squeeze and tug gently on them. Taking his cock in his other hand he felt it harden even more. It felt like it was about to burst; it was so hard it was almost painful.

Letting go of his throbbing prick he reached down and pressed a finger against the vein on the bottom and pulled on his nuts hard enough to stop the orgasm. He groaned and rocked back and forth on the bed. He couldn't cum now, now that he was so close to his desire, so close to fucking her; he had to wait, to keep the opportunity going until the youngster approached the bed. And he knew she would, she was almost there, almost ready.

Releasing the hold on his nuts he rubbed the droplet of moisture around the head as he stroked his hand slowly and firmly the full length of the shaft. When the palm of his hand was wet he returned to massaging his balls, he liked the feel of the slick moisture on the bare skin of his nut sack.

Unable to stand there any longer Angelina came over to the bed and stood watching as her father continued to play with his cock in his sleep. She stared at his pulsing man-flesh as it jerked with each thunderous beat of his heart. Another droplet oozed from the end and as she watched him, she licked her lips again, wondering what the taste of it would be like.

Spence saw the change from curiosity to desire pass over his daughter's face and knew that the time had finally come. He knew that today he would have her at last.

He moaned and with his other hand played with his balls, rolling them between his fingers, tugging on them, stretching them away from his body. He grasped his dick firmly, and with slow, deliberate strokes, he easily masturbated.

Angelina couldn't look away from him. As she watched, her nipples began to swell and she slipped a hand inside her blouse and massaged her breast.

Thinking her father was asleep, young Angelina was thoroughly aroused at what she was seeing. Being now driven by her arousal, she spread her feet wider apart and pulled her skirt up with her other hand.

His daughter's lacy panties damp at the crotch made Spence pump his cock faster and when she pushed her hand inside them and began to finger her wet pussy he almost came.

Through the slit in his almost closed eyes, Spence could see his daughter's breathing increase; hear her heavy intake of breath as she toyed with her nipple. She licked her lips, running her tiny pink tongue over them, moistening them and a thrill went through him. He felt his cock jump, felt the fluid of pre-cum travel to the tip and ooze out.

The rhythmic movements of her fingers inside her panties, matched by the steady movement of her hips as she humped her fingers, told him she was ready for him. He imagined what her fingers must be feeling, the dampness seeping from her hole, the full hard swollen little clit, and the softness of hair at the edges.

He opened his eyes and looked directly at her.

Suddenly, reality struck Angelina. Her father was now awake and he was watching her. After just a moment of thoughtless panic, she quickly shook that away. She flinched when their eyes met but didn't turn away, or run from the room; she stood there a moment, as if assuring herself that this was all mutual.

Finally, she moved again. Spence watched in awe as she then slowly bent over. With a shy finger, his daughter reached out and touched the droplet on the head of his cock. The slight contact with her finger sent a shock through him and he groaned aloud. The teen raised her wet finger to her lips and licked the droplet from the tip of her finger. She drew her tongue back into her mouth and savored the taste, tilting her head back, she moaned and swallowed.

Spence was beyond reality at this point; the fever that burned through him consumed his entire being. All thought, all reason, and all common sense were a wisp of the past. All that remained was an unbelievable hard pounding from his chest up through his brain, and an overwhelming need to have sex with his own daughter.

He rolled toward her and gently took her hand and pulled her down onto the bed. The virginal 16-year-old sat there, unsure what to do. Seeing his daughter's shy hesitance, Spence then took her little hand in his and placed it on the shaft of his penis. The sheer pleasure that raced through him as his own child's fingers curled around him, was indescribable. The sight of her hand grasping his cock was forever branded in his brain. It was what he pictured even when he gripped it himself and masturbated.

With his hand over hers, he guided her in the up and down movements. He felt more pre-cum race up his dick and ooze from the hole in the head.

Angelina stopped the stroking and sat still for a moment. It was then that Spence had his biggest fear, afraid that she had become so scared or ashamed or whatever, and that she was about to up and run away. She slowly looked up from his cock and her eyes sought his, and when they met, he could not make out what her features meant. She licked her lips as if she wanted to say something to him, but didn't. Then to his pleasant surprise, she turned back to look at where her hand continued to hold him, and then slowly began to bend her body toward that point. Spence's cock twitched as he realized that she was lowering herself. He watched entranced as his precious daughter then licked some of the precum from the end.

"Oh God, oh God in heaven, that is so sweet, baby girl!"

His entire body quaked with the sensation. His breathing was ragged and uncontrolled. His heart was beating so hard he wondered if he could be on the verge of a stroke. His daughter opened her mouth and sucked the head into its warmth, running her tongue over the swollen glans, the tip of her tongue exploring the pee hole in the end. He gripped the sheets so hard he could feel his fingernails digging into the palms of his hands through the material.

Slowly Angelina took more and more of her Daddy into her mouth. Spence raised his head so he could see his cock disappearing into the eager mouth of his daughter.

"Ooohh, baby girl, that feels soooo much better than I ever imagined it would," he cried out and filled his hand with the softness of her hair.

The 16-year-old girl felt a flush at the admittance from her father that he fantasized about her. This only encouraged her to continue, knowing that he thought of her as much as she thought of him. She continued to pleasure his manhood. She couldn't take the whole thing in her mouth so she started licking along the shaft and down to his balls, sucking each one into her mouth and rolling it on her tongue, then licking back up to the head. Although she had never done this, she had a good idea what had to be done.

When his little girl sucked the swollen red head into her mouth this time, Spence took her hand and showed her how to stroke it in rhythm to her sucking. There is no drug on the planet that could duplicate that feeling of pure joy he was experiencing, and at that moment, he knew without a doubt that whatever tortures of hell he would have to suffer throughout eternity, it was worth it all.

"Oh God yeah, baby girl. You are SO GOOD!"

Spence realized that if he didn't move on her now, he might just end up with a great blowjob and nothing more, as she might chicken out from doing more. He wanted to feel her, touch her skin with his fingers, so he slid his hand across the bed and onto her ass. He felt its young firmness as he grasped it lightly. He felt the edge of her panties and pushed his fingers under it. He tried to shift his concentration from the sensations in his prick to the ones in his questing fingers. He ran them along the crack of her ass and found his daughter's little asshole. It puckered tighter as he ran the flat pad of his middle finger over it, but he would save that for another time.

As Spence's probing moved farther down, Angelina shifted, giving him better access, which to him meant permission to continue. There would be no stopping now. He had moved beyond control, there was only the driving thirst that would be quenched one way or another. He pushed his fingers lower still and found the opening of his daughter's slit. Angelina's panties were soaked with her excitement; he rubbed her through them, making them wetter. He pushed his finger up into her a little, forcing the saturated cloth with it. She moaned and squirmed, spreading her legs wider, granting her father access to that cherished opening.

He toyed with the bottom of her panties slipping just the tip of his finger under their edge, feeling the heat and dampness of her virgin hole. He eased one finger into the opening just a little way and she stopped dead, his cock still held in her mouth, her heavy breath blowing across his balls. He didn't move, not a hair, and waited for her. Would she run from the room? Would she hate him for doing this? Had she changed her mind?

Finally the youngster wiggled her butt against his hand, her movement drawing his finger in a little deeper. He released the breath he didn't realize he was holding, in a hard gush, and pressed his finger farther into his daughter's hot little hole.

Angelina went back to bobbing up and down on his cock, running her tongue along the ridge of its head, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her father's loins. He worked his finger in and out of his heated teenager, slowly finger fucking her, savoring the feel of her juices as they started to drip down his finger into the palm of his hand. He withdrew his finger from her and raised it to his lips, inhaling her scent as he sucked her flavor from his finger. He held it in his mouth like a good wine, memorizing her fragrance and taste.

Angelina suddenly released her father's cock from the hot wetness of her mouth and sat up. Spence watched in shock as she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. He turned on his side and rested on one arm.

As he traced the lace edge of her bra he watched her eyes darken and turn stormy. With trembling fingers, he pulled the straps down from his daughter's shoulders and pushed his fingers inside the lacy cup, brushing her hard little nipples, sending little thrills straight to her already wet pussy. Angelina reached behind her and unhooked it.

He cupped her firm young breasts in his hand, pushing her bra the rest of the way off her shoulders. He pulled it off and tossed it on the floor next to her rumpled blouse. Gently he pushed her back on the bed all the while waiting for her to resist, hoping she wouldn't. The 16-year-old girl rested on her elbows bringing her nipples to just the level of her father's mouth.

Spence felt his mouth water in anticipation of sucking on one of his daughter's nipples, teasing the tips with his tongue. He had fantasized for this moment and it was here at last. Looking at them so close, seeing their color and texture he was drawn forward. Using his hand, he caressed her breast, squeezing it and pulling the nipple toward his lips. He licked the end and it instantly puckered and grew harder in the coolness left by his saliva. He sucked it into his mouth and Angelina shuddered. The sensation was immediately translated to her pussy, making it warm with anticipation.

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