Cher Horowitz Meets Elle Woods

by Oberon

Copyright© 2010 by Oberon

Erotica Sex Story: Clueless/Legally Blonde crossover

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Violent   .

It was no secret at UCLA that Cher Horowitz and Elle Woods disliked each other. And Andie Anderson hoped to catch the two of them together sometime. Cher and Elle seemingly had been rivals from the moment they entered UCLA as juniors, immediately taking to competing with each other for the unofficial title of campus queen. Both L.A. residents, one from Beverly Hills, the other from Bel Air; they had never become acquainted until their debut here. Their backgrounds were equally well-to-do and reeked of affluence and popularity, but their upbringing and social circles formed their attitudes of the world around them, which was equally instrumental in forming their rivalry as the need to compete over which of them had the most toys in their lives and was thus worthier of becoming the center of attention at college.

Both were involved in campus activities designed to benefit the students at large, but for Elle's part it was about actively recruiting those who shared similar interests, while to Cher it was a means of achieving social status through involvement. This was another source of friction that simmered between them as they doubted the other's reasons for their involvement. The incentive they felt to compete began during a metaphysics class they were both signed up for the first semester they attended, then was reinforced in a fashion design class.

In the former case, a difference of opinion led to a debate between the other students in the room, with the teacher stepping in and directing its course in search of common ground between the two opposing points of view brought up by the classmates from Beverly Hills and Bel Air. The two had clearly different ideas in mind even though the professor recognized they both sought to transcend the boundaries of their public image and prove they could excel at the subject as well as anyone else. But with the debate that took place in light of their disagreement, there were bad vibes over who had more support from the class and ultimately the professor. The actual discussion that happened concerned dualism versus neutral monism, with Cher taking the position that mind and matter are separate and equally real concepts and Elle maintaining that mind and matter spring from the same concept.

The disagreement that bolstered the resolve of both women was far more socially trivial, coming up during fashion design class when they clashed again over whether skirts should end at the mid-thigh or higher up on the hips. It was Cher who then made a disparaging remark about the appeal of Elle's legs (Elle was wearing a pink skirt reaching down to her knees as opposed to Cher's shorter red skirt), to which Elle responded by raising her skirt a bit as if mocking the length of Cher's skirt, but it was obvious between them that Elle did it to show up her rival by showing off her shapely thighs. From then on it had become a may-the-best-woman-win contest between them to see who could become the most popular on campus.

Before long UCLA was abuzz with their rivalry, since they competed over everything at every opportunity. Their popularity and circle of friends, their grade point averages, and the myriad activities they arranged for other students to come and watch, the charities they supported, how much money they raised for said charities, the amount of recognition they received for their efforts. They flaunted their affluence at every opportunity that arose, going on shopping excursions and returning with monstrous amounts of extravagant trinkets to impress the other students. They as often flaunted their sexuality and fancy clothes while on campus, heading to class dressed in ensembles that commanded notice from everyone, designer bags hoisted casually over their shoulders, at times strategically showing skin to win the support of male onlookers as well.

Eventually they joined rival sororities in their bid to outdo one another. Once word was out they sought to join a sorority, every sorority on campus instantly clamored to recruit them, knowing full well their backgrounds and track records. Finally each woman joined two respective sororities, as they had to since it seemed unthinkable what might happen if they were able to join the same house. Their joining two different sororities served to augment their differences and their resentment of the attention the other got from their fan bases. Elle was considered a people's heroine, being much more outgoing and eager to offer advice or pointers to just about everyone who asked, which included many of those people that Cher's close knit circle of friends looked down upon as social misfits. Cher appealed to the bitchier, more stuck-up students on campus who considered themselves better than everyone regardless of the equal time they put into their institution of learning.

Although neither of them ever verbalized their mutual dislike, it became obvious whenever they passed by in the hallways. In the moments of tense silence that seemed to settle around the general area whenever they were in close proximity, the air surrounding them would grow thick with malice that felt tangible but regardless never surfaced outwardly. During these moments they simply flaunted their customary attitudes and moved on without speaking, regarding the other as if she was hopelessly out of her league. Elle beamed a broad smile and Cher rolled her eyes as if she was walking past a bug she'd just narrowly avoided stepping on. That was it between them, but anyone nearby knew they had a bone to pick, and with the joint activities held on campus by two or more fraternities and sororities, it was a matter of time before a confrontation occurred between them. And when it did, it seemed likely their facades would drop and the fur would fly.

Hailing from New York, and not caring much about popularity in the first place, Andie Anderson watched all this from the sidelines, growing increasingly fascinated with the constant competition between them and the animosity-filled vibes they shared when they saw each other. A major in journalism and a minor in anthropology, she had a particular interest in their ever-increasing rivalry to the point where she wondered what would happen if their paths crossed with an opportunity for it to boil over into a verbal conflict, and perhaps something more from the way they occasionally glared at each other. She decided she would have to watch for something like this to happen, since she'd an idea in mind that may prove interesting to both of them. One night alone in her room, she found her thoughts wandering to the possibility of the two rivals taking her up on her offer, and in the midst of her fantasizing she almost didn't notice her hand stealing to her naked crotch and rubbing while her other hand massaged her hardening nipples until her orgasm.

As it turned out, Andie's chance would come within the month. It happened at a wet T-shirt contest that was put on for charity by the rivals' respective sororities, one Andie attended after hearing both women would be competing tonight. She arrived late, without making a grand entrance, so as not to call any attention to herself. It was important for her experiment that it was proposed and carried out in secrecy. When she arrived the contest was already underway, and all eyes were on the women on the stage in bikini bottoms of different colors and a variety of T-shirts with icy cold water being poured on them to accentuate the contestants' nipples through the thin fabric they wore. When she got close enough to the stage to get a better view of what was happening, she saw Elle and Cher up there, being announced as two of the finalists in the contest. They stood a few feet apart from each other, not sharing one word, but Andie picked up on the bad vibes they sent exchanged as they got ready to come forward again.

It was Elle's turn to come to the front of the stage first. Her white cotton T-shirt was cut just enough so the patrons could see the edge of her navel above her pink string bikini as she moved forward, stopping just short of the edge of the stage. But all attention was shortly fixated on the front of her shirt as the water was generously poured over her chest, stiffening her nipples and the surrounding aureole as she squealed in shock at the coldness of the water, her lips hanging open in a smile that was as inviting as it was adorable. Grabbing the lower half of her T-shirt and twisting the excess water from the fabric, Elle flattened the shirt across her pert breasts so everyone could see her nips poking out from under the material as she smiled broadly and playfully bent, writhed and undulated, impressing those who wanted to see her win first prize.

When Cher was called she strutted arrogantly forward, brushing past Elle with a condescending sneer as she immediately set out to do her Bel Air-based rival one better in the seduction department. Her movements were stiff and contrived in comparison to Elle's natural, flowing motions as she posed and preened for her male supporters through the water being poured onto her shorter cutoff T-shirt, squatting and turning around to bend over and show the thong of her red bikini as it disappeared between her ass cheeks. Caressing her slender thighs, Cher moved her hands to her breasts, fondling them through her own white T-shirt, the only thing on her mind being stealing first prize from Elle Woods as she basked in the cheers from all the dudes who wanted her to walk away victorious. Capping off her performance by turning to bend over a second time, she slapped her ass with her left hand, the slap reverberating over the accompanying music.

When this part of the contest was over, the emcee called them both to the foot of the stage, asking the audience to give a cheer as loud as possible for their respective favorites. The camps of patrons who arrived to watch their favorite win was relatively even, and it took the emcee a few tries to encourage the supporters of each contestant to make a louder noise for their favorite. Elle's and Cher's people clamored to be heard as the two finalists onstage goaded them on by swaying and posing seductively for them. Andie just stood and watched in fascination that these two women could inspire such fierce competition with large groups of people. Finally, by just the slightest variance in noise, first prize went to Cher. A mixed reaction came as Elle's fans believed their girl gave a sexier show, but Andie knew Elle wasn't too disappointed by the outcome. From Cher's expression, however, Andie suspected she might rub things in when she and Elle were alone.

Sneaking backstage and coming across the white-shirted rivals, witnessing their animosity boiling over, Andie decided to give them her proposal. They stared each other down, Elle's narrowed eyes looking into Cher's condescending glare. Cher, who stood maybe four inches taller, made an obvious effort to intimidate Elle by trusting her breasts outward as she spoke. Unimpressed, Elle stood her ground, pushing her own breasts outward in response. Before long, they were glaring into each other's eyes as neither was willing to back down. Their breasts, still partly visible through the damp fabric of their T-shirts, strained against their confinement so Andie could perceive the nipples pushing through. What she had in mind would surely come as a surprise to them as she was still a complete stranger at this point, but for some reason she suspected neither of them would want to pass it up. Already she was close enough to hear the words they exchanged.

With each insult they traded, their expressions hardened, with more attitude creeping into their voices.

"Despite that, I won tonight because I showed more skin," Cher sneered haughtily, running her hands along her sides until they reached her hips. "Maybe you should have tried to be more like me, like dress in a thong or something."

"Which would've catered to your ego, huh?" Elle snapped back, slapping her own ass. "I'm Delta Nu, and us Delta Nu's are above showing our butts in thongs. Besides, if this was a Hawaiian Tropics contest I'd have kicked your butt tonight."

"Tell that to the guys who came to see me," Cher retorted hotly, moving a step closer. She grew more condescending and arrogant, hoping to intimidate Elle. "Face it, babe, you were outclassed by a girl who can outclass anyone."

"Named after a diva who can outclass you on a bad day? You flatter yourself," rebounded Elle as she moved a step closer "The day you can outclass me at anything, sweetie, is the day I decide I should get liposuction to be more like you."

"Well, what about you? Named after a magazine I read in high school." Cher pressed her tits into Elle's, her nipples pushing into her from a few inches above. "And girl, you could use liposuction. You hips are wider than my dad's butt."

"That was a real intelligent comeback. My hips are just fine, thank you very much. And like the guys who came to see me thought, my legs happen to be much more inviting than yours." Elle lifted her leg and glided it along Cher's outer thigh.

By this time, Andie reached them. Clearing her throat when she sensed their bad vibes fast reaching a fever pitch and it seemed they'd tear into each other right there, she opted to interject something into this "conversation," wanting to diffuse the situation before it escalated into a knock-down, drag out in lieu of pitching her idea to them.

"Excuse me, but I think I have an idea where this is leading," she announced coyly, with mock nervousness

Facing the newcomer, Cher maintained her condescending demeanor. "What's it to you?" she snapped, the edges of her mouth turning down in disapproval at Andie's arrival. "Mind your own business, mop-head. This is between Elle and me."

"I can see that," Andie replied evenly, unfazed by Cher's remark. "But I'm sure that campus security doesn't want a fight on their hands. Besides, assault charges wouldn't look very good on your resumes."

"What's the point you're trying to make?" Elle asked, knowing Andie had their number but unsure what her stake was.

"If you guys want to fight," Andie offered amiably, smiling to let them know she was no threat, "maybe you can help me out with something. I'm writing a paper on how the competitive spirit pertains to typical university life.

"So?" Cher spewed hotly, but Andie suspected her bravado was cover for her rising interest in this proposal.

"So," Andie explained, "here's the deal; it's a one-time offer. You guys can use my room to have it out if I can use the fight as a reference. I assure you, your names'll be kept in confidence, and there's a hundred bucks in it for the winner."

"Fine with me," Elle agreed, unflinchingly facing Cher as she resumed trying to stare Elle down before she blurted out, "Two hundred bucks!" as if she chose this moment to voice her hidden interest.

Andie smiled at the abrupt outburst of enthusiasm. "One-fifty," she corrected, sealing the bargain. "Now that that's out of the way, let's head back to my room."

They entered Andie's room about half an hour later after Elle and Cher showered and dressed to leave the student center where the wet T-shirt contest was held. There had been little conversation on the way back to Andie's dorm other than an occasional question about how far her living arrangements were and if anyone else would be there when they returned there. For the most part, Elle and Cher ignored each other with the exception of an occasional sidelong glance of ill will and anticipation for the event to come. They discovered there was nothing to concern themselves with when they got back as far as if anyone would be there to see them return. Hardly anyone was in the hallways when they came to Andie's dorm, as tonight was Saturday and most of the residents were still out for the night. This seemed to suit Elle and Cher perfectly, as an unspoken consensus was among the three of them to keep this impromptu get-together a secret among them since that was their post-contest agreement.

When they turned down a hallway on the basement level, walked halfway down and reached her room, Andie pulled her keys from her purse, unlocked the door and walked in first, flipping the light on as she walked toward one corner, throwing her purse next to a chair and sitting down. Elle entered last, following Cher inside and graciously closing the door behind them. Clearing her throat to get Cher's attention, she looked her directly in the eyes as she locked the door, as if saying she was every bit as enthusiastic about their physical contest as Cher was, and she wasn't in slightest intimidated about the prospect of fighting her with no available means of escape. Their eyes met for the first time since they left the wet T-shirt contest, blazing with the dislike that began in metaphysics class; then Cher gave Elle a haughty sniff in response to her confident gesture. Sharply turning her back to Elle with her customary attitude, Cher turned to Andie, breaking the silence that had permeated her dorm room with thick, intensely tangible energy with their entrance.

"So we're here now. What are the rules?" she demanded, her tone of voice suddenly becoming eager and all business.

Andie was getting settled into her room when Cher posed the question, and tilted her head to answer "First," she intoned quietly, "I think you'd both agree we can't have you fighting wearing expensive designer clothes. They would doubtless be reduced to thin, unidentifiable strips of cloth, judging by how you've been looking at each other on the way back." Andie let her expression break into a disarming smile at the mental picture of this happening. "No, I think you ought to have it out in bikinis." Motioning to the dresser a few feet away, she went on. "And I'll tell ya girls what else; I'll even let you pick one out each from what I got in my top drawer. I think you'll both find something you like."

Elle looked around the room at that, eyeing a dressing partition near the closets. "Where can we change?" she asked, already having an idea what the answer would be but wanting to be sure anyway.

Andie's smile broadened as she pointed in the direction Elle had looked by the closet. "Right behind there," she offered. "I won't tell about that either," she promised heartily. "After all, we're all ladies here, right?"

Elle shrugged as she decided to go first. Brushing past Cher, she raised her chin to answer Cher's icy glare, heading for Andie's dresser. Opening the top drawer, she rummaged inside for a few seconds and pulled out a hot pink bikini. Holding it up in the light for a moment, she tossed it casually over a shoulder and headed for the partition, ignoring Cher's arrogant stare as she disappeared behind it and began removing her expensive designer clothes. Sniffing disdainfully again, Cher went through Andie's drawer, looking for a skimpy ensemble she could wear to outdo her rival, finding a red number with a thin strip of thong in the back that much resembled the bikini she wore to the wet T-shirt contest. Elle stepped out from behind the partition soon after, apparently satisfied with the snugness of her bikini, checking the back to see if it covered enough of her derriere. Her nose in the air, Cher brushed past Elle and ducked behind the partition, removing her clothes in quick eagerness to don her bikini. Sliding it on, she anticipated another chance to outdo Elle.

Stepping out when her bikini was on, Cher carried herself with more of her superior attitude, locking eyes with Elle again. For a time they faced each other, staring hard into one another's eyes, each woman sizing up the other's half-naked body, searching for any weaknesses they could exploit. After some tense moments had passed, Elle broke the silence. "As Cher said," she asked Andie, "what are the rules for this little shindig of ours?"

"Just one," Andie explained, "and that is there are no rules. That means anything goes; there'll be no such thing as a dirty tactic. You keep fighting until one of you submits ... or passes out, whichever comes first. You both okay with that?"

Looking around the room again, Elle determined her surroundings were spacious enough so she and Cher wouldn't crash into anything and damage any furniture in the heat of their battle. Only a nearby bed was all that seemed a hindrance. "Sure," Elle conceded, knowing she'd have to fight hard if she wanted to win. At the same time she'd decided she might not mind the prospect once things got underway as she absorbed the sight of Cher's superior expression.

"Agreed!" Cher exclaimed, her intonation as hard as her expression. Straightening her slender body as tall as she could to intimidate Elle, she raised her chin arrogantly, intoning, "I'm looking forward to tearing your ass to shreds, girlfriend!"

"Come and get me, then," Elle challenged her, backing up a step so she could keep an eye on Cher. "Let's see if you fight as well as you run your mouth." Andie settled back in her chair to watch the impending contest, eager for it to start as the two rivals squared off, circling warily. After a few moments of circling, carefully watching every move the other made and taking stock of each other's perceived strengths and weaknesses, Cher stepped briskly forward and shoved Elle, hard, with both hands. Falling back a couple steps, Elle came back and shoved Cher hard enough to knock her off her footing. Stumbling and almost losing her balance, Cher clenched her teeth, stepped up and shoved Elle even harder, her palms slamming into the downward swoop of her breasts. Catching her breath, Elle shoved Cher, ramming her palms into Cher's tits, head on. Cher let out an inadvertent squawk, her hands reflexively reaching up to massage her breasts.

Recovering, Cher loosed a wild scream, bolting toward Elle. Her arms were outstretched, her fingers spread as if going for Elle's hair or perhaps her eyes to start things off. When she came within striking distance, Elle reacted quickly, crouching and using her legs as pistons as she met Cher's charge. She kicked Cher in the ankle to use her own inertia against her. Bending lower as Cher tripped and fell forward, Elle rammed her head into Cher's solar plexus, lifting up and flipping the taller woman over her head and down to the floor.

Cher uttered a loud "UNGGHHH!" and fought to catch breath as Elle straddled her face, twisting the fingers of both hands into claws and plunging them into Cher's soft stomach. Cher grunted and steeled her gut as Elle twisted back and forth in vicious half-circles. Screaming hoarsely, Cher reached up to rake Elle's back starting with the base of her neck, leaving red scratches in their wake. Cher reached to scratch her again when Elle slashed her heel into Cher's chin with a loud CRACK that reverberated in Andie's spacious room.

"UHHHHHHHHH!" exclaimed Cher as her head was knocked against the floor, her mind invaded by chirping blue jays. Seeing Cher dazed by the impact, Elle pressed her advantage, straddling her face again and renewing her efforts to claw at Cher's stomach, causing Cher to reflexively kick her legs, her feet catching Elle's tits through her bikini. Falling back with a long-winded "UNNNNNNNNFFFFFFF!" Elle forced herself to stay upright, fighting the waves of pain caused by Cher's feet slamming her breasts. Feeling Cher's outstretched hands reaching toward her generous blonde tresses, Elle abandoned her efforts to smother and claw Cher, opting to wrap her legs around Cher's throat and lurching forward. Cher gagged as Elle's thighs squeezed her windpipe, kicking her own legs around Elle's upper torso, locking her ankles and kicking out again. Losing her balance, Elle was thrust forward, her head striking the floor with an impact that dazed her as Cher twisted and rolled on top. With a loud "UNNNNNHHHHH!" she strangled Elle, who rolled Cher to the bottom again.

They fought for the dominant position a few seconds before they somehow became entangled from each other. Lying underneath Elle's curvaceous body, her face at level with her crotch, Cher lifted her legs, trying to wrap them around Elle's waist. But Elle sensed it coming and deftly reached behind her to grab Cher's ankles before she could secure them one over the other to complete the maneuver. "Nothing doing, bimbo," Elle growled, turning to glare back at Cher as she sat up, "you're not keeping those legs of yours around me, not that they'd hurt me much anyway."

"I'll show you how bad these can hurt you, slut!" Cher growled back, her eyes blazing with malice as she kicked free of the groping fingers seizing her ankles, slamming her legs around Elle's hourglass figure and pushing outward to propel Elle's face down to the floor. Thinking quickly, Elle broke her fall by stretching her arms outward, steadying herself even as Cher crossed her ankles and kicked out again, expelling a sharp huff of breath from Elle's lungs "UUUHHNNNHHHH!" She gritted her teeth against the compression her waist was being subjected to, expelling another breath as Cher's long legs squeezed her curvaceous midriff, kicking viciously to uproot her from her stubborn position with her palms pressed firmly on the floor. Elle slithered her legs backward as she fought to remain upright, wrapping them around Cher's neck. Elle added to this by pushing her asscheeks into Cher's mouth and windpipe, reducing the screech originating from Cher's esophagus to a muffled rumble as her backside rested snugly over her air passages.

Again Cher extended her legs outward, twisting to the side and rolling over, wrenching her head from Elle's ass although her neck was still caught between her shapely, determined thighs. Elle yelped in surprise as she connected with the floor with a loud WHUD and tried wrenching herself free of Cher's grip when her long legs uncoiled themselves from her waist. Quicker than she could react, Cher's legs slammed around Elle's throat before she could pull away, bending at the knee and crushing her cheeks as they strangled her. They rolled around on the floor some more, taking turns kicking their respective scissor locks tighter until Cher broke the stalemate, leaning forward and sinking her teeth into Elle's right ass cheek. Elle yelped again and lifted up before Cher has a chance to bite harder, rolling on top of the dishwater blonde and pressing the crack of her ass into Cher's nose until the scissors around her waist loosened and finally opened.

The moment of respite that Elle experienced was shortly gone as Cher quickly regained her breath and suddenly jumped her, knocking her to the floor. Moving up quick, looking down on Elle's flushed face, Cher planted her red-thonged ass into her. Elle's face disappeared in between Cher's ass cheeks as the dishwater blonde smirked and began to do a seductive bump and grind, rubbing her backside into Elle's mouth and nasal passages. As the shorter woman kicked out, shapely legs and curvy waist undulating like a maddened snake to get out from underneath Cher's slender frame, Cher positioned herself by placing an open palm on Elle's stomach and lifted up, pressing her crotch into the area where her ass had been rubbing and grinding into her.

"Smell my pussy, bitch," Cher taunted, looking down condescendingly into Elle's narrowed eyes as her crotch pressed harder into her face. "This is what a real woman smells li ... URRRRKKKKKKK!"

Cher's words were rudely cut off as Elle brought her legs up, slamming them as hard as she could around her throat, and using the strength in her soft-looking but muscular thighs to force Cher from her perch and down to the floor. Scrambling to prevent Cher from recovering and mounting another attack, she reared back up on her knees and crawled to the side to watch as Cher forced herself to her own knees. Spinning around as Cher leaped toward her, Elle slammed her back into Cher's chest, flattening Cher's breasts against her back muscles as she reached behind her, grabbing the back of Cher's neck and flipping her over her shoulder and down to the floor. As the dazed Cher felt the waves of her derriere striking the floor, Elle maintained her grip on Cher, applying a sleeper as her curvaceous legs wrapped around Cher's slender waist.

"I wouldn't know 'bout that," Elle growled at her caught rival. "But it seems you're rather familiar!"

"Don't YOU wish, shorty!" snarled Cher with her customary arrogance as she writhed to escape Elle's clutches.

Horowitz' slender limbs flailed uselessly on the floor as Woods' ankles crossed one over the other, and the first waves of the scissors began from behind her, one heel coming to rest just above her crotch. Lowering her head and leaning into the chokehold around Cher's neck, Elle poured energy into the scissors, breathing evenly with each extension of her limbs and tightening of her arm around Cher's windpipe. Secured firmly by her left arm nudging her fist in the crook between her bicep and forearm, the tight grasp Elle established on Cher's throat suppressed the groans wrenched from her gut by the stocky legs sandwiching her midriff. The scissors was all the more painful by Elle's calves pressing into her, supported by her crossed ankles. Seeing the firm grip this established on Cher's body, Elle stretched her legs, releasing a deep breath.

The muscles bulging under Elle's deceptively soft looking skin thrummed hungrily as her legs retracted and stretched out again, crushing Cher's waist as her hips swiveled and twisted for better purchase. Feeling the squeezing pressure mounting around her waist and ribcage, Cher groaned again, bucking and rolling her lower body with renewed fervor in her efforts to wrench herself from the legs coiled around her. Choking for air as Elle's arm retracted and flexed, hindering the flow of oxygen, Cher moved with agonizing slowness, trying to twist her neck to the side so that her open mouth would be on the same plane as Elle's bicep, searching a position to bite her way out. When Cher's teeth brushed along her skin, Elle pulled away and flexed again, re-establishing her advantage and squeezing down hard with her legs.

Cher sputtered as another pulse of Elle's bicep and forearm pulsed around her windpipe. Swiveling her hips as Cher tried to squirm free of the scissor lock, the shorter spitfire curled both her legs at the knee, pressing her inner thighs and calves harder into Cher's sides, suppressing the writhing motions of her lower body. Elle's warm breath flowed onto her temple, heating her skin as she leaned farther into the chokehold, grabbing the back of Cher's head to increase the pressure she exerted. Twisting a handful of dirty blonde hair in her fingers, Elle pushed her throat into the crook of her arm when Cher tried to lower her head to sink her teeth into Elle's forearm again. Turning a shade of red from the lack of oxygen, Cher replaced her sputtering with a long-winded screech of frustration at being firmly trapped in Elle's clutches.

"UUUUURRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH! Can't breathe ... bitch!" Cher screamed through clenched teeth, her crushed waist convulsively bucking and thrusting as if the movement could shake off Elle's encircling legs.

"Stop squirming, you conceited skank, or I'll crush your ribs into sawdust!" Elle admonished from under Cher's thrashing body, flexing her formidable thigh muscles to press them harder into Cher's sides, suppressing another reflexive bucking movement. Alleviating the pressure that her tight scissors put on her, Elle released another long-winded breath that sailed lazily onto the side of Cher's face. On the heels of that expulsion of air came a tighter squeeze of her legs.

"Oh, you like breathing in my ear?" Cher spat, forcing the words through her clenched teeth and Elle's crushing legs as she persisted in struggling despite the dominant Elle's warning. "You must think you're turning me on!"

"It wouldn't surprise me, considering how easily you agreed to this," Elle admitted sardonically, channeling energy into compressing Cher with more leg pulses that punctuated her taunts. "Does THIS turn you on?!"

"I'll rip your legs off an' strangle you with them!" Cher screamed defiantly in between harsh grunts, her waist bucking again to resist the pressure on her ribs. "Then I'll shove 'em sideways up your fat ass!"

Gritting her teeth again as another pulse of the curled legs around her midriff pressed into her sides, crushing her ribcage, Cher halted her frenzied kicking and tried pressing her heels on the floor to give herself leverage. Finding purchase, she pushed upward with her feet, somehow managing to lift Elle's ass off the floor as she maintained the tight scissors around her. Flexing the choke around her throat, she bore down on her trapped rival, stretching so her inner thighs compressed her waist even tighter, her crossed ankles aiding the inertia of the squeezing hold. Cher found her derriere slammed into the floor, legs splaying as Elle redoubled her efforts to crush the life from her. She made another effort to extricate herself, pressing her inner thighs around Elle's crossed ankles while planting her feet back on the floor and pushing up again.

Once more Elle found her delectable ass lifted from the floor as Cher pushed herself up by her feet, arching her back as she leaned back, trying to bear down with her weight and push Elle into the carpet underneath her. The choke around her throat quivered and trembled as Elle's center of gravity was thrown off; she was repositioning her arms when Cher leaned forward to plunge her front teeth into the forearm that had been exerting pressure on her windpipe. Elle let loose a startled "AAAAAHHHHHH!" as Cher's jaws worked the thighs choking the wind from her lungs; encouraged by this Cher pushed herself higher, twisting her body to the left and right against the squeezing pressure on her sides. With a throaty "UNGH!" Elle kicked the scissors around Cher's midriff tight as possible, thrusting the trapped woman down to the floor as she reset her legs and squeezed down tighter. But Cher saw her opportunity to escape as the choke loosened.

Dragging her nails downward along Elle's shapely thighs, Cher squirmed to pull herself from the scissors, stomach and hips bucking and thrashing wildly in her exertions. Her jaws clamped down hard on Elle's forearm as her hands went from clawing Elle's legs to slamming her closed fists into the sensitive tissue surrounding her kneecaps, then digging her fingers into the spaces on either side of the bone. Sensing she was about to lose her advantage, Elle flipped over so that she was on top of her taller rival, but Cher used this momentum to counter flip, ending up atop Elle again. Her struggles growing more fervent, Cher lifted up in the smallish space allowed by the loosening scissors around her and slamming her ass into Elle's groin repeatedly, savoring the groans these movements elicited as she finally opened a wide enough space in the scissors to pull herself from Elle's clutches, but not without a maximum effort as she felt Elle trying to reset her legs.

"Forget that, cunt," Cher snarled, sliding her back to pull her waist out of range of those probing legs. "I won't allow you the carte blanche of squeezing me again! But let's see if I can split you in half!"

"I don't need carte blanche from the likes of you," Elle snapped back as she moved her legs up to where Cher's waist was a few inches higher. "I'm keeping you right where you are"

Feeling Elle's inner thighs gliding along her hipbones and then her ribcage, Cher decided to test what Elle had just said in addition to using her height advantage as she reached behind with her left arm, catching the shorter woman under her in a windpipe-crushing headlock, sliding up just a little to reposition herself and get her right arm involved in the action, securing her left wrist behind her forearm. Leaning into the choke, she flexed her arms around Elle's throat, pressing into her windpipe to prevent air from escaping her as she sat up, yanking Elle with her while her ass was still firmly planted on her crotch. Cher yelled from the strain she threw into her grip as Elle screeched almost in unison with the sound. She tried grabbing for a handful of Cher's long, straight hair, but Cher jerked the choke tighter in response, growing like an enraged lioness as she pressed Elle's face into her side. Although firmly trapped, Elle was not too willing to concede the advantage to her rival. Finding her waist out of range, she coiled her legs around Cher's thighs to prevent them from kicking.

Gaining some momentum from the odd grapevine she now secured on Cher's thighs, Elle reached around the taller body on top of her, clenched her hand into a fist and plowed it home, right into the underside of Cher's gut. Cher grunted as Elle's fist connected, but she refused to relinquish her grasp on Elle's throat, pulling in tighter as if to show Elle that her efforts to retaliate would be fruitless. But it she expected Elle to feel daunted by the maneuver, she would learn otherwise as Elle grew more determined to come out on top. She balled her hand into another fist, slamming it into Cher's stomach harder this time as her legs remained wrapped around Cher's slender thighs to prevent them from propelling Cher into a better position to compound her advantage. Gagging and fighting not to cough as the headlock around her tightened more Elle forced another pained grunt from Cher with a third blow to her gut, but with each passing second she could feel more air being pushed out of her with the ever-tightening headlock, so she opted instead of another punch to fight fire with fire.

Uncoiling her legs from around Cher's thighs, Elle wrapped both arms around her midriff, grabbing her wrist with her other hand and yanking harshly inward with all the upper body strength she could allow herself to muster without being drained by the increasing strength of the grasp on her throat. Lowering her head as far as the choke would allow, she channeled much energy into crushing Cher's slender waist in her grip, her stocky upper body working to pour brute strength into the bearhug. Angered by this sudden turn of events, the taller dishwater blonde lifted up to her knees, pulling Elle with her as she wrenched the headlock with a loud grunt, shifting her body to roll Elle to the floor underneath her. As she executed this movement, Elle pulled in on the bearhug, causing Cher to lose balance and fall on top of her. Elle wrapped her own arm around Cher's throat while her legs managed to find their way around the slim waist they sought to ensnare earlier, applying a bent-at-the-knees scissors with her thighs crushing one ribcage, her calves crushing the other.

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