He Was Just So Cute

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Have you ever seen a guy you just knew you had to have? Even if he was thirteen and you're twenty?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I liked the apartment complex I just moved into, it's amenities were excellent with a nice business office, a beautiful pool and a well-equipped gym. I especially liked the pool, it was summer, and, for some weird reason, it was never very populated.

So, one afternoon, I changed into my bikini, a relatively modest one by today's standards, and headed to the pool and took a chaise near a shady spot. Close by, sunning on a mat, was a young boy, really quite handsome, with long wavy blond hair and a rather-muscled and tanned chest. He looked lovely, there in the sun, just so lovely. I just couldn't take my eyes off him and I knew that I just had to have him.

Well, I'm twenty, this boy, yes, he really was a boy, might be fifteen or so. But he was so pretty there in the warm sun, yes, pretty, like a young Olympian from Sparta. I know it's not nice to lust over some kid who's five years younger but, he did look good.

My experience with guys was pretty minimal. I finally just had to make the move from the small town I grew up in, eager to get away from my overly-strict parents who hovered over me constantly. I made the decision to go out on my own nearly six months ago and it has already led to other decisions since, like going on the pill, for example. Or like my wardrobe.

Oh, I went crazy in the first Victoria's Secret I went into. All that feminine and sexy stuff. I replaced a lot of plain white cotton with silk and lace, I can tell you that. I just love the feel next to my skin. And, my other clothes were replaced as well. No, not with slut clothes but outfits that make me feel like a young woman and not an old maid. So, I was looking at life differently and I was looking at this young man differently, as well.

He seemed to be asleep and after I was there a bit, he rolled over, facing me and opened his eyes.

"Oh, hi, I didn't know anyone was out here. Guess I was asleep," he said groggily.

"Just been here a few minutes. I'm Roxanne, call me Roxy, who are you?"

"Jason, you must be new."

"Yeah, moved in about two weeks ago. Nice place, I really like the pool."

"The pool is the greatest. It's funny, hardly anyone ever uses it. I'm here a lot."

"Great tan, you must be."

"Either here or in the gym. I like to work out, too."

Aha, that's why the muscles. Nice.

"Well, I'm sure we'll see each other out here, I love the pool, too."

There wasn't much more that first day, he left not long after. But, over the next few weeks, I did get to know him much better. He told me that he had moved into the apartments with his mom and that she worked long hours. And that he was just about the only kid his age who lived there and that he missed all his friends from where he used to live.

We often hung out at the pool and, one day, when we were both in swimming, I rose up out of the water next to him, put my arms around him and kissed him softly on the lips.

"It's nice having a good friend like you, Jason."

"Yeah, I really like you, too," he replied as we got out and toweled off.

He was so nice to hold in my arms and I really did like him, so as we sat back down, I asked him, "Would you like to be my boyfriend, Jason?"

"Oh, yes, yes, I really would. You really mean it, Roxy, really?"

"Well, sure, there aren't too many guys breaking down my door these days. Sure."

"Boy, I don't know why they aren't. You are so pretty. And so nice."

"Well, you're very sweet to say so."

"There's only one problem."

"Um, what's that, Jason?"

"Well, I don't really have any money, so I can't take you on dates or anything."

"Oh, that's okay, Jason, really. There is one thing you could do for me."

"Good, what's that?"

Well, not surprisingly, over the last few weeks I had continued to be drawn to this young man, seeing him almost every day, about ninety-percent naked, wondering how he looked one-hundred-percent naked. So, I said what had been on my mind for several days.

"Well, we could have sex together."

His eyes got wide, the only movement he made.

"You ... um, do you mean ... uh, you and me?"

"You and me, Jason. If you want to."

"You really mean it? Really? Me? And you?"

There were no other people within sight so I leaned toward him, put my hands gently on his chest rubbing him up and down and kissed him, offering him my tongue which he eagerly sucked into his mouth.

As we kissed, my right hand took his left and raised it to my breast as my left hand dropped down to the bulge in his trunks.

We kissed for a minute longer, then, he asked, "Could we do it now?"

"Sure," I said as I got up, picked up my towel and bag and, over my shoulder, said, "Just follow me, Jason," and smiled.

He was never more than two paces behind me as I unlocked my door and we went in.

"My bedroom is down here," I said as I walked down the hall and into my room.

"Um, I've never done anything before. Like sex, you know."

"That's okay, Jason. The truth is, neither have I. You'll be my first. And I'll be your first."

"Oh, that sounds nice," and I took him in my arms and we kissed, our hands roaming around each other's mostly-bare skin. Then, after a minute, I turned and asked him, "Would you like to take my top off?"

His eyes got bigger and he soon had me out of my bikini top and was feeling my boobs.

"Oh, wow, this is so great. I've never had a girlfriend before, not a real girlfriend. You know, one that I could kiss and, um, touch, like this."

"Well, Jason, I've never had a boyfriend feel my breasts like this either. I really like it."

"Oh, I do too, you feel so soft and nice. They are really pretty."

"You can kiss them, Jason, I'd like that. And suck my nipples, too," I said as I sat him down on my bed and stood in front of him.

He placed kisses on each nipple, then opened his lips and began sucking one. I don't have huge breasts so I've never sucked my own nipples, I guess some big-breasted girls can, and I've never had a guy do it before, either. So, Jason's were the first lips on my nipples. And, the feelings he was giving me were so hot, so erotic, every pull of his mouth just sent waves of throbbing pleasure through my pussy.

"Oh, Jason, as nice as this is, I want us to take all our clothes off," and I reached down and jerked his trunks off and untied my bottoms, then climbed on the bed and took him in my arms and we kissed.

We were soon feeling each other all over, I had my hand on his dick, it wasn't real big, maybe five inches or so and I realized that I really never knew his exact age, I just figured fifteen or so.

"Um, how old are you Jason? I guess I don't know."

"Oh, um, well, will it make any difference?"

"Well, we're naked and feeling each other up, so, no, I guess it won't."

"Uh, I'm, um, thirteen."

"Uh, thirteen. Well. Um, okay. I actually thought you were a bit older. But, that's okay. Does this feel nice," I asked as I rubbed his thirteen-year old dick up and down.

"Oh, it feels wonderful, lots better than me doing it."

"So, you masturbate?"

"Yeah, every day, well, more than that. Especially after I met you, Roxy."

"You mean you do it while you think of me?"

"Oh, all the time. yeah. I think of you with no clothes on, just naked."

"But you'd never seen me naked."

"I know, I just imagined. But now I've seen you naked."

"Well, you won't have to masturbate, you can just come and have sex with me."

"I just hope I'm big enough, you know, my penis, being just thirteen."

"I'm sure it'll be just fine, Jason. You're really very sweet. Here," and I bent down and took his thirteen-year old penis in my mouth and began sucking him as my other hand rubbed up and down his chest.

"Oh, wow, Roxy, that's awesome. Really good. Oh, wow, I sure love being your boyfriend."

Well, I sucked him a minute more but I didn't want his first ejaculation to be in my mouth, there would be plenty of time for that in the future. His first cum was going to be inside my pussy.

"I'll do more of that some other time, I know you really like that. I'd like for you to do oral sex on me. Have you ever done it before? You know what it is, right?"

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