Charlene: a 36th (Dirty Sexed) Precinct Tale

by The Purvv

Copyright© 2010 by The Purvv

Erotica Sex Story: A white detective takes advantage of a 14-year-old black girl.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Blackmail   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


The 36th Precinct, affectionately known as the 'Dirty Sexed Precinct' to the officers assigned to it, was a collection of misfits, recruits, and a smattering of regulars. It was a combination of good guys and bad, mostly good. The bad consisted mostly of those officers who were charged and/or investigated of crimes, usually of a sexual nature, sometimes proven, mostly not. It was a 'dumping ground' where the department was able to keep a tighter lid on potentially troubled officers.

Where I fit into those categories is not important. For purposes of reader understanding, I offer these comments. I was assigned to the 36th for fifteen years and during that time, I heard some of the most outlandish tales, most of them true. Yet, because I was not actually present and sometimes heard these tales third and fourth hand, I freely admit that almost all of the dialect in these tales was invented in my imagination to meet the known facts. The thoughts and the 'ooooo's and ahhhh's' are almost exclusively mine, but they were not the product of whole cloth. They were added to the known facts, which are the basis for these tales, and only added for the reader's enjoyment.

The detective in this tale was only with us for about six months before he passed on. He was transferred to our precinct after telling this story to fellow officers in his prior assignment. He was never charged nor, to my knowledge, was he even investigated.

Part 1

Charlene was panic-stricken. The 14-year-old girl had been unhurt in a car accident. Her mother, who had been driving, was apparently going to be treated and kept overnight in the hospital.

The policeman at the scene had written down all of the information about the accident, but now the young girl was in the police station and was being questioned by Detective Mark Bovier. Although his questions seemed gentle enough, the youngster was sure that she knew what he was doing. As usual, her mother had been on 'coke' and Charlene knew that that was the reason for the accident. However, she didn't dare tell the detective, even though she was pretty sure that he already knew. She was afraid that her mom would be put away as her father had been, and that she would be left alone. The teen was afraid for herself.

All during his gentle questioning, the young girl sobbed and cried. Mark was sure that he knew what had happened. He had seen the same story played out with different characters countless times.

"Is Momma gonna go to jail?" the youngster sobbed.

Mark could tell how much of a panic that the young girl was in and he knew why. He knew that her father was already in jail and, even though it hadn't been confirmed, he also knew that the girl's mother had been under the influence. He was the one that was going to put the girl's mother away and the youngster seemed to have a sense about that.

"Easy girl ... Calm down..." he spoke gently.

Mark watched the teen as her shoulders shook. For at least the 10th time that night his eyes again dropped and looked at the flesh of the youngster's thighs, which were so exposed in the ultra-short skirt. He had never experienced anything like this before. He was actually desirous of this young black girl and he didn't have the slightest idea why. He tore his eyes away from her legs and tried to reason with himself.

Sure, she was without a doubt the prettiest black girl that he had ever seen but ... JUST THAT! She was black and she was a girl ... a child, actually. Was he honestly thinking about fucking her? And if so, why? He really had no answer. He only knew that the youngster turned him on. He had never before had any desire to fuck a black and never before had a desire to fuck any girl so young. Yet, here he was contemplating the forbidden.

Mark knew that he had Charlene's mother's future under his control. The only questions remaining were did the youngster realize that he had the power and was she frightened enough for her own self to allow him to have his way? Throughout the hour of questioning Mark continued to hint to the youngster that he was probably going to be forced to put her mother away and he left the girl in doubt as to what might happen with her.

"Please mister, don't put Momma in jail," she pleaded.

It was getting close to midnight. He had to make a decision and go on from there. By this time he had looked over the teen's body so hard and so many times that the decision was almost an afterthought.

"Well, I'll sleep on it girl. We both know that your mother should be put away, but tonight she'll be in the hospital anyway, so I won't have to decide until the morning," he lied.

"Please no mister, please."

"I'm not going to promise you anything because I don't think I'm going to change my mind. But I like you honey, so I'll at least think about it."

Mark finished his paperwork, which covered up the fact that Charlene's mother had been doing drugs. However, he didn't tell the girl what he had done. He gave his replacement a briefing on the night. Without going into detail he told him that the girl in the chair had been in an accident and being that he was now going off duty and her house was on his way home, he would drop her off.

Five minutes later, he walked back over to the young girl and said, "C'mon girl, I'll take you home," and he extended his hand.

"But..." she said as she gave him her hand and stood up.

Mark cut her off quickly so that she didn't say anything that might get his replacement suspicious, "Just c'mon kid, we'll talk on the way."

His heart was pounding. He could not only lose his job, he could most assuredly go to jail if he went through with his thoughts. Mark was now on dangerous ground. Charlene was still sniffling and the detective put a comforting arm around her, leading her out to his car.

She sat in the passenger seat and because of the shortness of her skirt, Mark was again afforded a full view of the Charlene's legs as she sat alongside him. After starting the Acura RL, he drove out of the parking lot, turning right onto the road, his eyes flashing down to the youngster's legs, which could barely be seen in the darkness of the night.

Mark was driving in the direction of his house. Charlene's house was actually in the opposite direction of his. He had to make a final decision.

Another sob came from her throat and tears began to flow down her cheeks anew. Her shoulders twitched with her sobs. Mark nervously took his hand away from the steering wheel and slowly lowered it. Gently he placed it on the flesh of the upper part of the girl's leg, about six inches above her knee. His cock became enlarged.

"Calm down girl. It's not the end of the world," he said softly.

He could feel the heat from her leg within the palm of his hand, which was now slightly sweating. He squeezed her gently and his cock twitched inside of his pants.

Suddenly Charlene's mind began to focus. She was street smart. She realized that this man's hand was on her leg. She knew that she was a pretty girl and she remembered all of those times that she had heard that 'whitey' only wanted one thing from the sisters.

Could it be? Was this detective... ? A thousand things flashed through her young mind and she quickly calculated what was what.

"It ... It will be if ... if Momma goes to jail," she said.

"Well, you know hon," he whispered, as he squeezed her leg again, "I said I'd sleep on it. I haven't made up my mind yet."

The girl was frightened. She was sure what was happening, but she wasn't sure how she should react, "Do ... do you think you'll, er, change your mind?" she asked, nervously.

Mark's hard-on was raging. The thought of fucking this young beauty had him already past the point of no return. He allowed his hand to fall onto the flesh of her soft inner thigh, which was radiating heat. The skin was as smooth as a baby's.

Reacting in fright, her legs closed and tightened on his hand.

"Would you want me to, er, change my mind?" he asked softly.

Charlene felt the heat from his strong fingers on her flesh. She knew for sure now what he wanted to do. It was only a matter of her agreeing to go along and getting some assurance from this pig that he'd let her mother come home.

"Yes," she responded, her tone non-committal.

"You want me to do you that favor?"


"Is there any reason that I should?" he whispered.

The frightened teen made her final decision. Slowly, Mark felt the pressure from her closed thighs ease up on his hand as she relaxed her legs and parted them ever so slightly.

Mark's cock twitched furiously and as he squirmed he suddenly felt a liberal amount of wetness within his shorts.

"Are ... Are you sure that Momma won't go to jail?"

Mark was beside himself. Until now, he hadn't been sure whether the girl understood. Now he was 95% positive. Only one more thing to confirm, "You wanna stay at my house for the night... ?"

He turned and looked at her. In the darkness, the whiteness of her eyes was prominent. She nodded her assent. His hand began rubbing the girl's soft thigh.

"You promise -- Momma -- You can do it, right?"

He was driving at a quicker speed toward his house now. Then a thought came to him. She was going this far, so...

"I ... Yeah I can but, er, you understand, it all depends, right?"


"It all depends on you," he emphasized.

"I know..." she said, almost ashamedly.

"I mean this, er, what we're gonna do, er ... Let me ask hon. Are you a virgin?"

The youngster hesitated a moment, before she then shook her head faintly.

"Good," he said, "I was afraid that you wouldn't understand. This isn't just for a night's regular sex."

Charlene stiffened. He felt her muscles tighten under his hand.

"Wh-what do, do you mean?"

He was at his house now and he pulled the car into the driveway, turned off the ignition, and turned to her, "Well, I can get a piece of black pussy anytime. Tonight has to be special. As long as tonight's special I'll make sure that your mother comes home."

The teen's eyes reflected her fright. What did this honky have in mind? "How ... W-what do you mean ... special?"

Mark looked directly into the youngster's scared face. "Special ... Like not only black pussy, but also black mouth. And a nice piece of black ass! And I wanna cum in them all," he said softly.

"NO!" she rebelled. The 14-year-old's horror was obvious. "I ... I can't ... I won't ... No!"

"Well, it's up to you ... if you want I'll, er, take you home," he said, while telling himself, 'LIKE HELL I WILL!'

He never before had such a raging hard-on. Never before had he ever wanted any girl or woman as badly as he wanted this beautiful teen.

"I can't ... I never..." She was almost pleading. It was bad enough to be fucked by a pig, never mind doing those other things. Charlene knew what he wanted but she had a rebellious streak.

"If you want your mother, you're gonna have to sacrifice."

"I'm sorry, I can't..." the panicked girl whispered. "I can't do that ... those ... I can't let you ... I couldn't take that stuff in me ... in my mouth and all ... It would be awful."

"Nah," he made light of the ordeal. "It will taste good ... I promise."

She shook her head and then was suddenly struck with an idea. Belligerently, she said, "If it tastes so good, will you taste it too?"

He looked at her in disbelief. As perverted as this sounded he knew that he could agree and then later refuse to go through with it. Yet, he couldn't help noticing how his prick throbbed at her question and how excited the idea made him.

"Yeah honey, I will ... sure."

Part 2

As Charlene stood by the bed he spoke, "Take off your things, sweetheart."

Mark began stripping off his own clothes from his body and his eyes remained hotly fastened on the youth as she grabbed at the hem of her sweater. She pulled it up slowly, revealing a black bra, which seemed more filled with flesh than he had anticipated. Then she pulled the sweater over her head, letting it drop to the floor.

His eyes were eagerly burning into the teen's body. The smooth black texture was driving him wild. Her eyes watched his and she knew how much she was turning the pig on. She moved her fingers to the side of her skirt. As she pulled down the zipper, she was stepping out of her sandals. Then the short skirt was falling down her young body and his eyes were caressing her long legs.

Mark's mouth was totally dry. He continuously licked at his lips as his eyes moved to the black silk panties that were clinging to the teen's hips and buttocks. He moved his eyes to her crotch. Mark wanted to taste her!

Slowly, almost teasingly, her hands moved to the elastic of her panties as he began removing his shorts.

"Wait!" he commanded her.

He finished removing his shorts and then stood completely naked before her.

Charlene stood there in only her panties. She allowed her eyes to lower themselves, and with fascination, she watched his white cock twitch. It looked strange, but somewhat cute. It was anything but fearsome.

Mark walked next to her. Her young legs were trembling. Their eyes met and he whispered, "Let me..."

Then, to Charlene's surprise, the detective slowly lowered himself and knelt directly in front of her. His face was just panties-level. With an understanding gentleness, his hands reached out and were placed on the teen's waist. The softness of her skin was unbelievable to him. The youngster felt heat inside her as the detective's fingers landed on her skin.

Then, gently and slowly, his hands on either side of her hips moved past the elastic and began guiding the panties off her body. Slowly he guided them off her hips and began pushing them over and down her long black legs. As he directed them downward, his eyes riveted on the mound of pussy that had been hidden underneath the black silk.

As the garment reached the youngster's feet, she stepped out of them, leaving her legs slightly apart. Mark's hands then moved around the young girl's ankles. While his hands slowly began moving upward on her skin, he moved his mouth into the girl's mound. The aroma emanating from this area was awesome to him.

Charlene gasped as she felt the man's hot breath upon her body. She then felt his hands pushing at her hips, assisting her backward to the bed. Feeling the mattress at the back of her knees, she lowered her backside down on the side of the bed. His hands moved back down quickly inside of her thighs, directing them to part. He stayed kneeling, and moved in toward her. His face was between her legs and his eyes were only inches from the mouth of his desire. He moved his hands to the young girl's pussy. Gently, his thumbs parted the cunt lips.

"Nnnnnnggggg," she moaned at his touch.

Mark was utterly fascinated in seeing the bright pink inner lips and inner flesh of the youngster's cunt nestled within the brown thighs. The aroma was like a magnet, drawing his nose into her. He had to taste her ... smell her ... eat her!

As he pushed his face into her, Charlene's hands reached down and clasped the detective's head, pulling him into her. His nose moved in first. He wanted to bury himself in the powerful aphrodisiastic aroma. His nose pushed in forcefully, and as it penetrated into the hole, he sucked in air.

"Nnnnnmmmmnnnngggg, oooooo..." Charlene squeezed his head with all of her power as a tremendous shudder of excitable pleasure shot through her whole being. The sensations going through her were indescribable.

Mark pulled his nose back and allowed his tongue to patrol the slickened slit. The girl's body was self-lubricating and the wonderful flavors of her cunt intoxicated him.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Charlene cried as a spasm overtook her. Unable to control her movements, the pleasures running wild within her body forced her legs to rise and instinctively move over his shoulders. Then her heels were digging into his back and her hot inner thighs were squeezing on his ears. She continued to clutch at his head with clenched fingers, not allowing him the luxury to stop to catch his breath.

"Ohhh, ohhh..." The youth was bucking her cunt into his wildly sucking, licking mouth. Mark was as wild as the girl was. He wanted to taste every drop of stickiness that was within the delicious pussy and his tongue worked in and out of her seeping hole, and around and around her reverberating clitoris. All the while, she was fucking up into his mouth.

Mark couldn't wait any longer. He forced his mouth and head away and moved her legs off his shoulders. He slowly rose upward and stood momentarily between her spread legs, which were over the side of the bed, her feet on the floor. He lowered himself onto the hot nakedness of the girl. He slid eagerly upward and in a matter of seconds, his cock was moving into the target area. His body lay above hers and he looked down upon the 14-year-old.

Charlene was overcome with desire. This young black girl in heat was the most fascinating sight that he had ever seen. She had lust written all over her face. She was now living for only one thing ... cock!

Mark drove his body down, pushing his prick into the youth.

"OHHHHHHH! OHHH!" she bucked up wildly to engage him fully. Her legs wrapped expertly around his body as she felt his cock fill up the emptiness within her, "Fuck me ... ooohh ... fuck meeeeee!"

There was a sound of urgency coming from the young girl that he didn't know existed. Charlene was twisting and bucking wildly under him. Mark pushed inside and thrilled at the tight moist tunnel, first sucking him into her and then squeezing him back. Then repeating the procedure.

"OHHH FUCK ME OHHH," she continued crying out.

This was the best fuck that Mark had ever had in his life. He was pounding fiercely into the teen and apparently, it was furious enough for her because she continued to wildly push back and gyrate against him with tremendous force. Sweat was pouring off both of their thrusting, writhing, bodies.

"Oh girl ... I'm gonna cum ... I'm gonna make a ba ... BABEEEEE ... ooooo, mmmmm."

He was shooting his white juices deep into the black teen's cunt and Charlene was so far-gone she wanted him to do it. She was clutching fiercely at him, pulling him tightly against her with all of her strength.

"Yes, yes, do it, ooo, yesssssss," she cried, as her final spasm drove her hips up and held them suspended in mid-air as her juices flowed around his cock which had forced out its last drops.

She shuddered and wrenched her hips twice more and then she too was finished. Then they both finally collapsed.

Mark stayed on top of the youngster's body for almost a minute as they both caught their breath. At last, he stood and bent down. He lifted her legs onto the bed.

"Moochie over," he whispered to her.

Charlene had never heard that word but she understood. She moved up totally onto the bed, making room for him next to her. Mark slid alongside, looking down at the teen who was now lying on her back. They were only now regaining a normal breathing pattern.

"That ... You sweetheart, are some lover," he said, admiringly.

She smiled up at him and he was taken aback. He knew how cute she had seemed, but this was the first real smile that he had seen on her face and to say that she had a winning smile would be a total injustice. Her smile was infectious, breathtaking. Her flawless black skin highlighted her white teeth.

"I didn't think ... I didn't ... but ... it ... it was good," she whispered in acknowledgment.

"Do you ... Did you... ?" He didn't know how to phrase the question, but Charlene was wise beyond her years. She knew just what he wanted to know and she decided to be honest.

"Only my father," she whispered.

He stared at her in shock, which almost immediately turned to sorrow and then anger.

"He ... he did it a lot ... but it was only him," she said.

After about 30 seconds of silence, he muttered, "Son of a bitch!"

"He ... I'm kinda glad he's in jail. He always did me. That's why I ... I didn't want you to do those things. He used to hurt me so much..." Her eyes were filled with tears from the memory.

"You mean he did all of that?" He was bewildered.

Charlene nodded. "Yeah ... well, for most of the time it was only, you know, fucking," she said, and although he knew that she was a street-smart girl, he was still surprised by her language; until then she hadn't used any street words.

"It was only during the last year that he started doing the other things," she continued in a whisper. "And he hurt so much ... he's so big -- A LOT BIGGER than you! That's for sure!"

Mark contemplated everything that the pretty young black girl was saying and reality was beginning to set in. "When ... How old were you ... when it started?"

Charlene thought back and then said, "I guess I was about eight or maybe nine, the first time. I was taken to the hospital. Momma and Daddy made me say that a stranger attacked me. I never ... I never told anyone. I ... I really hate him!"

Mark had never felt so sad in his life. "The bastard," he muttered.

He continued studying the youth. She was beautiful. He suddenly brought his own deed into his thinking and his guilt immediately filled up inside.

"Charlene ... about us ... what happened, you know ... I, I'm sorry sweetheart. I ... I'm just as much a creep as your father is. I'm truly sorry hon," he said, dejectedly.

The youngster looked at him in disbelief. "Why ... What ... It was good! And you didn't make me and you didn't hurt me ... It's okay ... You, you were nice with me ... I ... I wish ... I wish you were my Daddy!"

Tears began rolling down the teen's cheeks. Mark reached around and brought her into his waiting arms and then the girl began crying in earnest. He held her tight and comforted her, until she finally stopped. Then he moved back from her and rested alongside, on his back. Within minutes, Mark was asleep.

Part 3

Mark was only asleep for a few minutes when he felt a stirring in his crotch. Charlene had been innocently rolling his shrunken penis in her fingers when she decided to make him happy. It must have been something that he wanted because he asked for it earlier. Besides, he had been so nice to her. She had been expecting the worse but he surprised her with his gentleness. In addition, he was NOT going to put her mother away.

She remembered how her father's hugeness had filled her and gagged her. However, this guy was small and his cock was cute.

As he slept, she turned herself on the bed and crept down. She fingered his thing, at first squeezing it gently and then releasing the pressure. There was no reaction. Could she get him hard in his sleep, she wondered?

The youngster moved her head over his crotch and looked at the 'tiny tot'. Holding his flesh between her fingers, she fed the tip into her hesitant lips. She sensed a stirring in his prick. She bravely pushed her head down further, taking the whole hunk of man-flesh into her hot wet mouth. At the same time, she moved her hand from his cock, downward, and she then cupped his balls in her hand.

Charlene began sucking and licking as she felt him beginning to swell inside of her mouth. Almost immediately, his balls began to tighten in her softly grasping fingers.

Mark began stirring as the teen sucked gently, moving her young mouth up and down the enlarging shaft. Then he was finally fully awake and trying to imagine what was happening. As soon as he realized that it was the 14-year-old girl, he wanted her to stop. This wasn't fair to her, he swore to himself, but his passions wouldn't allow for him to stop her. He was thrilled by her wet sucking mouth.

"Ommmmmmmm!" Mark squirmed under her expert oral maneuvering.

When she heard him moaning, Charlene, keeping her mouth on him, got up onto her knees, and then moved one leg over his chest. She was now straddling his chest, her back to him, as she continued giving expert head. Once again, she had brought him to complete arousal. His cock was totally engorged as she sucked and licked it. It filled her mouth nicely. She was actually enjoying the power that she had over this man.

The black beauty's pussy was only a few inches from Mark's face. He moved his hands into young girl's crotch and his thumbs separated the lips of her cunt. At the same time he felt her teeth, barely touching his cock-flesh and playfully scraping upward, sending a wild thrill through him.

"Nnnnnnggggg," he uttered between clenched teeth.

Once again, Mark was fascinated by the open pinkness of her inner pussy, surrounded by a bush of black hair and encompassed by the beauty of brown flesh. He felt and saw the juices, which were seeping from her cunt. It was his cum. He moved his face between her burning thighs.

Charlene felt her body again reacting with pleasure and she urgently pushed her cuntal area downward to cover his attacking mouth and to eagerly accept his probing tongue.

"Ohhhhh," she cried, as she pushed her mouth down to get his cock to her throat.

For everything that she hated her father for, she now loved about this detective man.

To his wonderment, Mark felt her begin to fuck his mouth with her pussy. The taste was divine. The smell, exciting. The excitement was tremendous. He reached up his hands and clasped them on the cheeks of the young black girl's buttocks.

They were both muttering and groaning now as the pleasures of mouths upon genitals overwhelmed each of their bodies.

The teen continued grinding her pussy onto his eager mouth as her thighs involuntarily tightened and loosened around his face. Mark's brain was once more consumed with lust. A sudden inspiration of total depravity demanded that he taste the sepia's ass. Licking upward, he ran his tongue inside of the crack while his thumbs parted her ass cheeks for his oral assault. As he reached the youngster's rosebud, he temporarily withdrew his face away and he looked upon her flesh -- at the forbidden orifice -- with a hungry awe.

Charlene's mouth was expertly working on his cock and had him completely out of his senses. Pushing his thumb right to the girl's asshole, he opened her for his plunging mouth and tongue, his nose lodging within the crack.


Mark's mouth was working as if each lick and each suck was his last and he was desperate for it not to end. He wanted to taste and tongue this evil empire which now controlled him; his whole being.

Both the policeman and the teen were grunting, groaning and moaning, as newly discovered pleasures surged through each of them.

As Charlene sucked up and down, Mark felt a final build-up inside of his tightened balls. He was getting ready to pop. He bucked up and down frantically as the 14-year-old squeezed his balls with one hand while her other kneaded his ass cheeks.

"Ohhh girl, oooo, I'm gonna cum ... I'm ... I'm cmmm oooooo cumming, oooo!!!"

The young girl felt the squirts into her mouth. At the initial one, she swallowed the white man's cum into her throat, but with each successive blast, she allowed her mouth to be filled with his juices. At the same time, she was fucking her ass down into his mouth.

Then he was finished. His completion had temporarily drained his passion. He pulled his mouth from her asshole so that he could catch his breath.

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