Brat Girl - After School Delight

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2010 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: Your favourite Brat girl is back and again suffering from teen rage as she pays back her parents by sexing the hired help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I am very mad at both my parents, collectively and individually.

First they decide they want to paint the whole house with an idea to sell and move and don't even ask my option, hey I live here too.

So my mother picks a really crappy paint scheme of mauve, pink and white for my room.

How can I have any cool cred with a room like that?

Next my father moves furniture in my room while I'm not there and finds my box of "toys", hey where's my privacy.

Now I'm grounded and have to come straight home after school. I have to call my father at work from the house phone so he can see the number with caller ID so he knows I'm there.

As soon as the first can of paint was opened my mother complained of the fumes and promptly took off for Grandma's until the job is finished. With my father leaving early and finishing late it's up to me to pass messages to the painters before I leave for school every morning.

Now the painters, woo who. Matt, the boss, and Jeff his offsider and go-fer are an easy on the eye team. Matt, mid 40's, solid build and nicely tanned. Has a daughter in some of my classes, real snobby bitch called Tanya. Jeff is 18 or 19 and just learning the business so does all the grunt work.

Day 4 of the job and the guys were getting organised while I was upstairs getting dressed for school. I could hear Matt telling Jeff how he was being screwed on this job by my father being so picky about the finish.

I made plenty of noise as I headed for the stairs and went down in a series of bunny hops that had my short skirt flapping about. Matt and Jeff were by the front door and both looked at me as I came down and I could tell from the way Jeff was blushing that he at least had gotten a clear view of my panties with each bounce.

I no sooner reached the bottom of the stairs when I faked forgetting some work and ran back up the stairs giving them a look at my butt. I repeated the whole jumping routine on the way back down. I thanked the guys, wished them a happy day, and left for school.

As it happened I met Jenny at the corner and she asked if I had one of her books, oops left it on my bed. Left my bag with Jenny and ran back for the book. As I came through the front door I could see Jeff out the back shaking off some drop cloths, so no show up the stairs this time.

Matt was in the third bedroom, he had his back to me and had taken off his t-shirt giving me a good look at his muscular back and shoulders. Hmmm. I was about to walk off when he suddenly drops his shorts and is now naked right in front of me. WOW, what a butt. He bent over to pick up a set of disposable coveralls and I caught just a glimpse of his tackle between his legs. Oohh argh. Made me wet on the spot so I snuck off to get the book.

On my way out I overheard Matt and Jeff talking about my backside and Matt had a preference for bending me over and slapping it with his piece of wood. Jeff commented on the fact I was the same age as Tanya and Matt made a similar remark about bending his daughter over and smacking some of her attitude out.

I scuttled away before I was late for the bus but I certainly had food for plenty of naughty thoughts for the day.

The truck was gone when I got home but the door was open so someone was still here. I grabbed the phone as soon as I was in and called my father as I walked up the stairs. I found Matt admiring his work, with the coveralls rolled down to his waist, revealing a sweaty muscular chest and a super set of abs, this guy must really work out.

I held the phone towards Matt and told him to say something nice to my father, he said Something Nice, and turned away. These two had had words over the time it was taking for the job to be finished.

I ended the call and tossed the phone on the bed and quickly stripped off my school clothes. I changed outfits to a black bra, matching panties and a pair of black high heels. Now to attract my prey like a spider.

And a spider it was as I used my best teen slasher flick scream to have Matt running into my room in seconds. I stood like a frightened school girl as Matt raced to wrap me in his arms. Spider I stammered and pointed to the pile of clothes on the floor.

Matt let me go and carefully picked through the clothes, flinging each piece aside as he shook it out in the hunt for the elusive vanishing spider. When he was finished he came back to comfort me, explaining how the spider had probably run off. I just held him extra tight. I told him he was my hero.

We stood in silence holding each other until I detected his hand slowly moving down my back, I mirrored that move. His hand reached the waistband of my panties and as it moved to cover my butt cheek I looked up at Matt who was also looking at me then I kissed him.

And then it was game on.

Matt pushed my body against my newly painted wall while pushing his tongue between my lips. My hands went below the waist of the coveralls and pulled his naked butt closer to me.

We kissed long and hard till I pushed him gently away so I had space to kiss my way down that chiselled chest, kiss those sculptured abs until I pulled the coverall down over his hips to release his cock. It sprung loose and almost poked me in the eye.

I took it to hand and immediately swallowed the head and coated it liberally with saliva. Jerk, twist, lick, suck was the way I performed a BJ and with each repetition I swallowed more and more of his meat.

Matt braced himself against the wall and spread his legs giving me access with my free hand to his ball sack so I was able to fondle his balls while sucking his cock. From on my knees Matt seemed to tower over me as I looked into his eyes as his cockhead left my mouth with an audible plop.

This went on for several minutes as I poked, prodded and pulled his cock and balls. Matt finally wanted more involvement and put his hands on my arms and lifted me from the floor and playfully tossed me on my bed.

He removed the coveralls and stood like a tanned god, cock pointing towards me, flexing with each beat of his heart.

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